GH Update Monday 5/4/15

General Hospital Update Monday 5/4/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the Nurse's Ball, Brad surprises Lucas by proposing to him on stage. Brad at first hesitates to answer. He tells Brad he knows he's caught up in the moment so he wants to give him an out. He doesn't want to make a decision that may not be thought out by both of them. Brad then assures Lucas that he has thought it through and knows this is what he wants. In response to that, Lucas takes the microphone to announce to everyone that he will marry Brad. Everybody cheers them on. After Brad's done with his act, Julian comes over to congratulate his son and new son-in-law, jokingly adding that their new “revelation” is going to be very noteworthy in his paper and with the operation of his territory. Lucy reminds them that the Magic Milo act is about to start and Lucas has to go on stage.

Lucy introduces Magic Milo and the Magic Wands. The song New Sensation plays as we see Lucas dressed in his white doctor's coat, wearing glasses and having hospital scrubs underneath the coat. Then we see Felix taking off his nurse's coat Then Michael removes his business suit, throwing money out of a brief case and leaving the stage. Then TJ does his act with NYUPC college jacket coming off. Then we see Nathan's hot body while he pumps iron. Then Milo delivering pizza and stripping. The crowd cheers on all the guys as they go shirtless and go into the audience tables area. Nathan goes to find Ellie and does a dance for her. She smiles. Both Maxie and Spinelli attentively watch their respective ex's interested in each other and both appearing uneasy. After the guys strip down to their undershorts, the crowd cheers and claps. We then see Epiphany go up on stage to stand beside Milo and declare that he is all hers'. They kiss and the crowd cheers and claps

Carly talks to Jake alone after giving Ric and Hayden the “heave ho”. She urges him to believe he can trust people, find happiness have a good life in spite of Hayden and Ric. In response to that, Jake tells her it's not only Ric and Hayden with whom he has issues and concerns. He tells her he's not ok with the way she had to publicly humiliate Elizabeth in order to expose Ric. She protests that Ric has to be stopped. He's a threat to society. People need to see him for who he is. As for Elizabeth, she should have known better than to be with Ric and trust him in the first place.

After the “expose” of Hayden and Ric Lansing, which Carly has presented to all the guests at the nurse's ball. Elizabeth is alone in her dressing room. At first, she is furious and distraught to know that Ric has been pulling a scam on her, his marriage proposal to her was all based on a lie and she fell for it. Nikolas comes into her room to see if she is ok. She tells him she is fine. She's done with Ric, never to believe in him or trust him again. She now knows that Jake is not spoken for. She now remembers that she and Jake have been prevented from moving forward in their relationship, on several occasions. And so far, whenever their chance to explore their future has been interrupted, it's either been by Ric or Hayden. She then declares she can be happy with Jake and that's what she's going to do. She knows they have mutual interest. He's not interested in anyone else nor married and the same is true for her. Nikolas, however, tells her he needs to set her straight. She asks why. He tells her because Jake is really Jason Morgan. Hearing that, Elizabeth demands to know why he just said that, as she reminds Nikolas that Jason Morgan is dead. Hearing that, she demands he shuts up. He's lying, she exclaims. He just doesn't want to see her happily with a new man because he's bitter about their relationship ending. Hearing that, Nikolas admits it's true that he still has feelings for her but that has nothing to do with what he's telling her he knows about Jake being Jason. He protests to Elizabeth that because she is special to him, he believes he owes her the truth about this. He doesn't want to see her getting blind-sided again. When she gets up to leave, he reveals to her that he swears on his son's life that it's a fact that the guy whom she's known all this while, who's been living in her house, is really Jason Morgan. She asks him how he'd know that with certainty. Nikolas replies Helena told him. His grandmother has known who Jake really is from the beginning.

Valerie goes off alone and Dante is again, very mindful and attentive to her while he follows her and they engage in another conversation.

Jake concludes to Carly that he knows her heart was in the right place with what she did, although he wishes she could have gone about it a different way. They both smile while he declares that he is her friend and if it were not for Carly “being Carly”, he'd still be married and Elizabeth would be engaged. At that point, both Jake and Carly laugh and bond as if they've known each other much longer than they have.

Nikolas explains to Elizabeth that Jake had been kept alive, secretly at Creighton Clark, under the direction of Helena. On the night when the clinic blew up and many people were killed, Jason managed to escape but was hit by a car. Hearing that, Elizabeth cries and emotionally confesses that from the moment she met Jake, she felt a connection like she knew that man before yet did not know why. Nikolas tells her that would explain a lot. Elizabeth then recalls when Jake first woke up, he remembered her name. When she asked him his name, he told her Jake. He was remembering their (hers' and Jason's) son. She now confirms with Nikolas that it's true. Jake is really Jason.

When Cameron (Elizabeth's son) and Emma (Patrick and Robin's daughter) are going off alone and ready to do their act at the nurse's ball, Spencer suddenly and unexpectedly appears. Cameron remarks that Spencer is dressed like Zorro with his half mask and a cape. Calling Cameron a townie, Spencer boldly declares that he's the Phantom there to whisk Emma away on a romantic journey to the catacombs of Wyndemere. Emma then declares that she is not going to do what Spencer wants. He asks if she's still “with” Cameron. She tells him no. They are just friends and ready to do an act together. He asks her if she devalues him because of his face. Emma reminds Spencer that she does not think less of him because of his face. She thinks he's still the same, which is the problem with him. He treats her like she's some prize to be won. And that's not who she is. Spencer keeps telling her she's lying and she believes he's hideous because of his face. She tells him no. She is tired of his behavior and refusal to listen, she tells him. She tells Spencer she hopes some day he will be happy and she instructs Cameron to go with her and not listen to Spencer because he's becoming a pain for her.

Lucy announces to the audience that right after introducing hot steaming men, they have to introduce some hot steaming women, as she announces The Haunted Starlets. First we see Sabrina singing and appearing to be a housewife in the 50s ironing and singing a song about future husbands needing to fulfill their wives' needs. Maxie and Ellie join her both dressed as other 50s housewives. Spinelli, Nathan and Michael watch and smile at their respective girlfriends. Sam, Lulu and Valerie join them as Patrick and Dante smile and cheer them on. When the 6 hot young women finish their act, we hear Spinelli and Nathan both tripping over their words when they remark how “great she looks” and not knowing whether both or either should be talking about Maxie or about Ellie.

Next Cameron and Emma do their dance on stage. Everything goes well until we suddenly see bags of sand dropping on the stage. The kids are both alarmed that it could have hit them. Immediately, Anna and Patrick rush Emma off the stage to safety afraid of what or whom might be causing that. A giant video of Spencer on the screen wearing his costume and announcing that he is the Phantom of the Nurses' Ball. He knows they all think of him as a monster. So he is going to give them a monster. Spencer announces that he knows all the people in the audience are afraid of him and see him as a monster and they should be afraid because one never knows when the masked monster appears. He appears on stage. He puts on a thriller theater act on the audience and the adults are not sure how to react. Lulu finds her nephew and asks him why he pulled that stunt of dropping heavy sand bags on the stage where it could have injured Cameron and Emma. Spencer asks his aunt what about what Cameron did to him. Cameron caused the fire that left him hideous.

Not far away, Anna and Patrick gather around Emma who tells her dad and grandma that she tried to tell Spencer she does not think he's hideous because of what happened to his face from the fire. Yet he would not listen. Right then, Lulu leads Spencer to go and find his dad. Patrick wants to take Cameron to find Elizabeth. Yet both single parents are “detained” From behind the curtain, Duke observes with Lucy who tells him it's alright for him to check on Emma even if he's not seeing Anna anymore. She knows he still loves Anna and she urges him to go and fight for her.

Jake jokes with Carly about how she seems to “know” him when she doesn't know him and concludes the next time a woman goes knocking on his door claiming to be his wife, he'll have to have Carly intervene. She tells him he probably won't have to worry since Ric has gotta be the only person they're going to meet slimy enough to hire Jake a false wife. Jake admits to Carly, however, that now that Hayden and Ric are out of the picture, maybe there is chance for him and Elizabeth. He reveals to Carly that right before he and Elizabeth first got interrupted by Ric and then the other time by Hayden, they had something that was real. He finally realizes that and tells Carly he has to go and find Elizabeth and have a future with her. Carly asks him if he's really certain that is what he wants and what is meant for him.

Nikolas confesses to Elizabeth that he has known for months now that Jake is really Jason. Yet he kept it completely to himself. She demands to know why. She reminds him that Jake has the right to his life. He's a father and husband. What about Sam? Danny? Jason's family and friends? Elizabeth urges Nikolas to tell him that his grandmother must have threatened him or Spencer if he revealed the secret. He turns away and admits that he did it on his own. And the reason he did it was because he's been planning on taking over ELQ for months. And if word got out the Jason was alive, it would have ruined everything. He admits he stayed quiet because he chose to. Hearing that, Elizabeth hauls off and slaps him. Nikolas explains that the last 2 years of his life have been a complete disaster with too many people screwing him over, lying to him and jerking him around. So he's re-claiming his life. And, he tells her, he believes that the people who have loved Jason and have accepted his death are now better off. Sam is in love with Patrick who can probably give her a better life as a doctor and responsible father, unlike Jason who chose a different career and never put his wife or child first. He admits he came clean tonight because he could not stand to see her in pain. He knew that if she and Jake, (who is really Jason) became a couple and then the truth came out, it could have been that much more devastating for her. She gets up and tells Nikolas she has to find Jason and tell him the truth.

While Lucy is engaging Duke in a heated conversation urging him not to give up on Anna, she is too distracted to realize that she is scheduled to be up next when the MC announces her and opens the curtain for the audience to see her. She's still dressed in her undergarments while seen talking (and appearing like it might be more than that) with Duke. Anna stares at them coldly while the crowd cheers. Duke seems just as disappointed when he sees her watching him with Lucy. At that point, Lucy announces to the audience that “this is not what it looks like”. She explains she was merely encouraging Mr. Lavery to initiate the tango with Commissioner Devane. Duke then walks over to ask Anna to join him for old time's sake. At first, she appears uneasy but she gets up to join him and they do their dance together. We briefly see a flashback of the two of them back when they were first together in the 80s doing the dance. Then the present. Then the past Duke and Anna going the tango. They both seem to remember. The crowd cheers when they finish.

Jake urges Carly to know that Elizabeth makes him happy. She tells him she understands that. But he still doesn't know anything about the life he might have had before the accident. What if he and Elizabeth got together when he could have a wife or a kid out there and then suddenly he remembers everything. What if his family finds him? Jake then asks her what if those things never happen. Is he supposed to put his life on hold. He admits to Carly that he doesn't expect to suddenly remember anything. If that does happen, he will deal with whatever happens. Right now, however, there is this woman. He likes her and he's pretty sure she likes him too. Carly then smiles, laughs and seems to feel good knowing that Jake is encouraged. Right then Jake leaves to find Elizabeth after talking to Carly. Elizabeth goes to find Jake after talking to Nikolas. When Carly is alone, Lucas finds his sister and informs her that she missed his proposal and engagement.

Lulu, Dante and Valerie take Spencer back to Wyndemere and admit they are concerned about what he's gone through with the fire but also with his state of mind right now. Lulu asks him what if one of those sandbags had hurt Cameron or Emma. He declares he's sorry but could he just be left alone? She wants to wait until Nikolas returns but Spencer tells his aunt that could be hours. Dante then urges his wife to give the kid some space. She gets up to leave but tells her husband she's really not comfortable with this. Dante protests that the kid is mortified and the last thing he needs right now is his aunt and uncle hovering around him. He then asks Valerie if she could watch over Spencer and make sure he's ok, to which she readily agrees. Inside the living room, Spencer is alone lying on the couch with his face buried. Right then, an unseen hand touches him. A woman in a white dress appears. Spencer turns to face her and is startled to see his mother, Courtney, who has been dead since Spencer was an infant.

On the stage, Emma and her dad do a totally cute singing and guitar number to the song "Nothing I Can't Do." Lucy then begins talking but Elizabeth takes the microphone to announce there is something she needs to say.

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