GH Update Friday 5/1/15

General Hospital Update Friday 5/1/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Lucy is getting stressed before the Nurses' Ball while in the dressing room. She knows it's ready to start right away yet she has nothing to wear. Felix urges her to chill and figure out what to wear. He reminds her that the red carpet is about to start within seconds.

All guests enter as the television announcer introduces all the movers and shakers of Port Charles while they make their way down the red carpet.

Lucas arrives by himself hoping that Brad will join him soon. Brad is dressed but seems to clearly prefer to stay home and spend the evening with Britt, watching it from the television just like they did last year.

Olivia and Ned enter together. Watching from the television screen, Britt is really surprised when Brad informs her that Olivia is pregnant, knowing she's a grandmother. Britt remarks that when one lives with an international terrorist, they miss all the “good stuff”. Then Sam enters with Patrick, right behind Olivia and Ned and she is clearly mindfully remembering she has just discovered, by overhearing Olivia admit to Ned, that Olivia is carrying Sam's little brother or sister. She remarks to Patrick she does not know how or if she's going to tell this to her father. Britt is surprised to see Patrick with this woman whom she knows is Nikolas' cousin and for once we see Sam leaving her leather jacket at home.

Nikolas gets dressed and leaves accompanied by Valerie, Lulu and Dante but without Spencer who is refusing to go out in public after what happened to his face. The 4 adults head out together. Yet both Spencer's dad and aunt want to encourage him to reconsider and not miss a night of fun. Spencer is adamant that he is not going to be seen by Emma or anyone else or want any photographers in his face.

Ric is there with Elizabeth suspecting nothing and not having a clue what Carly is ready to uncover about him with the help of Pete (the fake Jake whom Ric paid off). He knows that Hayden will soon be entering with Jake as she knows she won't get his money for the “job” unless she does.

Carly wastes no time pulling Pete into a private room to clarify to him that she is not so interested in pulling Hayden out of the water as she is in going after the “bigger fish” which is Ric Lansing. She knows that Ric is set to perform tonight and she declares she will make sure it will be a performance this town will never forget. She tells him that if she and he play their cards right, all of the “villagers” will take their pitch forks and run Ric out of town once and for all.

Hayden and Jake are riding on the elevator up to the Nurses' Ball and there is obviously tension between them when he realizes that although he has not slept with her, she has been telling Elizabeth and Ric that she and her “husband” have had “marital relations”. He doesn't understand why she is lying to others about what should be their private stuff. She tries to smooth things over about that. As soon as they enter and notice Elizabeth and Ric together, she is ok but Jake is clearly not.

In the apartment, while watching the Nurses' Ball from the television, Brad is fixated when he sees Lucas enter with Felix. The announcer assumes they are there together. However, Felix clarifies that he and Lucas are no longer together. Also, he adds, this man (Lucas) is in love with somebody else. Watching that, Britt reminds Brad that about a year ago at this time, Brad got dumped by both guys. Now he's in a committed relationship with Lucas so he need not be discouraged nor shamed to make an appearance, and so she encourages him to go there without her.

Maxie and Spinelli enter together. The announcer is surprised not to see Maxie with Nathan nor Spinelli with Ellie. We later see Nathan enter with Ellie. Noticing them together, Maxie instantly grows angry and is ready to run out. Yet she falls on the carpet. Spinelli urges her not to run off but he might be as freaked out to see his ex with Maxie's ex as she is. Both Ellie and Nathan notice how “surprised” their respective ex's are to see them together. They notice that they may both be “accomplishing what they want”. As soon as the two of them are alone and out of earshot of Maxie or Spinelli, Nathan reflects that the main purpose for what they are doing is to get Maxie and Spinelli to realizes that they should not be together. They would be with them.

While watching the ball on television with Britt, Brad tells her he'd really like to stay but he has promised Lucas he'd get there. As soon as Britt observes Nikolas enter with Valerie, she is shocked and intently watches while the announcer asks Nikolas why Spencer has not accompanied him. He replies that his son has chosen not to come. At that point, she seem to know exactly where she is wanted or needed.

While Pete (the fake Jake) is behind the scenes to make some things happen, Carly wastes no time finding Ric. She goes over to his table where he sits with Elizabeth. She greets him appearing to be friendly and wishing him well.. As soon as Valerie sits with Dante, Lulu and Nikolas, she is very surprised to see the woman who has been introduced to her (by Nikolas) as Rosalie, his sexual partner. She notices how strange it is that this woman (who is really Hayden) is there with another guy whom is known as Jake and they are introduced as a married couple.

Lucy gets on the microphone to greet the guests and introduce the first act which is the nurse's of General Hospital. All the nurses wearing their hospital scrubs sing their number. Epiphany leads the group in the musical to welcome everybody to the GH Nurses' Ball. Sabrina comes out and sings. Then Felix. Then Elizabeth. And once again, Obrecht crashes their act with her unexpected (and unwelcome) act. She does a number in German wearing a red dress and dancing while she pops red balloons and sings about 99 red balloons while she makes them all disappear. Lucy is getting very annoyed to have her ambiance ruined. Nobody is impressed and there is very minimal clapping.

Spencer watches it on his television depressed and assuming he is alone when Britt comes by to surprise him. He runs over to hug her and reveals how much he's missed her and she-him. He seems happier than he has been since his accident when he gets a surprise visit from someone he really likes and whom he's missed. She asks him why on earth he is staying home and not attending the ball. He tells her he knows that not even the girl he loves can stand the sight of him after what he looks like now. He informs Britt he's watching it from the television, just as she knows she has. He had to find out that the girl he loves is back with that “townie” Cameron Spencer. He's not ok with that and Britt is not ok with letting him feel depressed and discouraged.

When Lucy leads Obrecht off the stage and the guests are distracted, Carly rushes to find Spinelli so that she can have him help her and Pete with something. Molly is getting ready for her dad to propose to Elizabeth. Lucy announces Ric is up next to do his number. He gets on his microphone to make an announcement that after what he has been through in the last year, he now knows he has been given a second chance at life and at love. He has Molly deliver the ring for Elizabeth to open from the table where she sits. Ric sings his proposal song to Elizabeth. It sounds like a very mellow and innocent song. Behind him are large photos of him and Elizabeth. Yet unknown to everyone, Carly has made arrangements for everyone to see a wedding photo of Hayden Barnes and a guy whom she has found out is supposed to be Jake before he lost his memory and had his reconstructive surgery. She surprises everyone with this news as she gets up on stage and introduces the real human being in the picture whom they can clearly see is not Jake. Ric is shocked and horrified that Carly not only prevented him from finishing his song and proposing to Elizabeth. She's actually ready to expose his scam and blow it sky high. Elizabeth and Molly both appear shocked and horrified at what they are seeing. Hayden sits nearby and is clearly not comfortable especially noticing that Jake is sitting right beside her and seeing the whole thing unravel. On the stage with Carly, Pete faces Ric and announces to all that “this guy” paid him off to pose in a wedding photo with Hayden because he wanted everyone to believe that Jake was married to her. Carly concludes to the entire town of Port Charles that Ric was so pathetically jealous of Elizabeth's happiness with Jake that he had to pay a woman to pretend to be Jake's wife as well as paying Pete for the “before pictures”. Elizabeth remembers seeing that very wedding photo. She gets up and runs out of the ballroom. Ric runs after her and urges her to wait. But she only turns to tell him he's a lying bastard and slaps him. Carly then announces to Jake that at least he now knows the truth about the lying bitch that's in his bed. At that point, Hayden walks off. Jake follows her. Ric protests to Elizabeth that he did what he did because he loves her. Hearing that, she demands to know how he could possibly call that love. Love is about honesty, she tells him. Love is about respect. He reminds her that they had a future together until he got framed for a crime he did not commit and everything he fought so hard for was taken away from him. And then, it was taken from him again. She realizes she knows that he is talking about her relationship with Jake. She clearly affirms to Ric that she is not going to let him hurt or scam Jake. She tells him that she have given him way too many chances throughout the time they've known each other. And now it's over, forever, she tells him. She never wants to see him again.

Jake asks Hayden who she really is. She admits that everything she told him about herself is true yet everything she told him about himself is all a lie. Ric enters and they both face him coldly.

Spencer continues to protest to Britt that he is does not want to attend the ball, remembering the previous year when he resorted to the drastic action of secretly hiring a live band to surprise Emma, only to lose her to Cameron again. Hearing that, Britt protests to Spencer that she won't let him give up on what he really wants. She tells him he's just like her. When they (herself and Spencer) get beaten down, they don't let it get them down. They get right back up and fight for what they want.

Lucy introduces Brad to come up on stage. He takes the microphone. At first, he's uneasy but he gets up to sing a song. He sings the same silly song Ric just sang before he was unexpectedly interrupted. Felix rushes into the dressing room to find Lucas, reminds him that Brad needs back-up. A bunch of guys join him. Brad then proposes to Lucas. That inspires Britt to not give up and to encourage Spencer to do the same. Hearing that, the boy's depressed mood is uplifted and he happily tells Britt she is the best. She encourages him to head out to the Nurses' Ball and waste no time so that those people won't know what hit them. Alone in the house, he announces that he's headed to the Nurses' Ball

At the ball, Carly finds Ric and Hayden and tells them they both need to leave immediately and never come back or else she is going to call security and have them both thrown out. Hayden reminds her that all of her stuff is still in her room. Carly reminds Hayden that the room she is staying in is her room (Carly's). And, she tells Hayden, she may pick up her luggage by the curb. She then remembers that Hayden may be needing the ring that Jake has no more use for. She reminds Hayden that she warned her not to screw with her friend, Jake. Alone with Jake, Carly tells him she knows he'd never be married to a bitch like this.

Nikolas finds a distraught Elizabeth in her dressing room. She is very upset and humiliated to find out that Ric has never changed when she trusted and believed in him. She feels like such an idiot to even consider giving him another chance. He has resorted to such drastic measures to lie to her, commit fraud and scam her and he had to drag Jake into his big mess. She concludes that Jake is actually free to her and she wants to move forward with him. Nikolas then firmly lets her know that Jake is not “available” to her. Jake is really Jason Morgan.

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