GH Update Thursday 4/30/15

General Hospital Update Thursday 4/30/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At Wyndemere, Hayden issued a warning to Nikolas. She reminded him that she knew that he knew Jake's true identity. Nik contended that Hayden had a lot more to lose than he did. Hayden argued that Nik couldn't tell on her without outing himself. She predicted that people would bury him alive if they found out he knew who Jake really was. Nik leaned in toward Hayden. She smiled, thinking Nik was about to kiss her, but Nik spun her around and pinned her arm behind her back. “You tell anyone'll be the one who's buried alive,” Nik whispered in her ear. Hayden asked if Nik was threatening to kill her. Nik clarified that he'd just call the police commissioner and have her falsely charged with something, then transferred somewhere where no one would believe her. Hayden asked if he'd really do that. Nik promised that he would, if she kept making threats about Jake. Hayden told Nik that she'd use her mouth for other things instead. She kissed him.

Things started heating up, then the living room doors swung open and Spencer burst in. Spencer apologized for the intrusion. Hayden found Spencer's formality charming. Nik explained that this was his son. Hayden greeted Spencer, then she innocently reached out to touch his mask, while asking what it was. Spencer recoiled, and he ordered her to get away from him. Hayden apologized. Spencer felt that he was the one who should be sorry. He announced that he was wearing the mask to shield everyone from the horrors underneath. Nik corrected Spencer and explained that the mask was for medical precautions. Spencer had heard there was a new house guest, and he assumed that this was Valerie. Hayden told Spencer that she wasn't Valerie, and she told him to ask his father who she was. Nik said that Hayden was an associate, who was just leaving. Nik walked Hayden to the foyer. “What kind of business would that be, father? The kissing kind?,” Spencer called after Nik.

Nik told Hayden not to come back or contact him again, unless she wanted him to go through with the threat he made earlier. “You wouldn't do that. The sex is too good,” Hayden replied. She leaned in to kiss Nik. He was receptive, but she pulled back at the last second and told him she'd make him wait for it. Hayden left. Nik went back inside and told Spencer it was time to get ready for the ball. Spencer was curious about why Nik rushed Hayden out. Spencer also mentioned that he saw them kissing. Nik ignored the talk about Hayden. He urged Spencer to go get dressed. Spencer refused to go. He felt that there was no reason to go to the ball now that he'd lost Emma. “All my dreams have gone up in smoke, along with my face,” Spencer said. According to Nik, Spencer's doctors were optimistic that his face would be just fine. Spencer was skeptical. Nik reminded Spencer that it was what was inside that counted. Spencer was still depressed because Emma didn't want him. Nik agreed to let Spencer stay home, but he said Spencer would have to accept his face and the loss of Emma. Spencer refused. Nik gave Spencer a pep talk and told him that his mother would want and expect him to find the strength to get through this.

Carly was in NYC, at Pete's apartment. Pete said the mastermind who's tricking Jake was scared that someone would find out the truth, and he was paying a lot of money to make sure Jake kept thinking he was married. Carly instantly realized Ric was the culprit and that he was doing this to keep Jake and Elizabeth apart. Carly was appalled that Ric took advantage of Jake's medical condition, but she wasn't surprised that he'd do it. She was thrilled about getting to destroy Ric. Pete wondered why Carly hated Ric. Carly told him about Ric holding her captive and trying to kidnap her baby. Pete pretended not to know who Ric was. Carly didn't buy it. She wondered if Ric was blackmailing Pete. Pete insisted that he was clean. Carly surmised that Pete was blackmailing Ric. Pete still denied it. Carly caressed Pete's face, then she offered to pay him to tell the truth. That was just what Pete wanted to hear. He offered to blow Jake's marriage apart, for the right price. Carly used Pete's laptop to transfer money into Pete's account. Pete told Carly the whole story. Carly asked where Hayden came from. Pete only knew that Hayden was getting paid way more than he was. Carly couldn't believe Ric thought he could get away with this. Pete wanted to get going to his audition. Carly was surprised he was still going after all she'd just paid him. It wasn't about the money for Pete. He wanted to share his talent with the world. Carly convinced Pete to skip the audition and come showcase his talents at the Nurses' Ball.

Jake ran into Elizabeth, who was busy setting things up for the Nurses' Ball. Liz asked if Jake is going to come. Jake replied that Sam invited him. The confused Liz asked Jake if he was Sam's date. Jake clarified that Sam gave him and Hayden some extra tickets. Jake asked if Liz was going with Ric. He added that Carly told him that Liz and Ric were back together. Jake wondered if Liz was happy about that. Liz thought she and Ric could be happy together, since they'd been happy in the past. Liz confessed that it had been hard for her to get over Jake. Liz told Jake how Hayden tracked her down and told her to back off. Liz added that Hayden said that Hayden and Jake reconnected and had sex. Jake was taken aback. He told Liz that he hadn't had sex with Hayden, or reconnected with her in any way. Jake wondered why Hayden would say that. Liz theorized that Hayden was insecure and worried that here was something between Jake and Liz. Jake confessed that he wished there was something between him and Liz. “You're the woman that I remember. The one I miss,” Jake said. Liz admitted she missed Jake too. They stared at each other, caught up in the emotional moment, when Hayden arrived and interrupted them. She wrapped her arm around Jake's arm, while smiling at Liz. Jake told Hayden that they needed to talk.

Ric and Molly were in the ballroom. Ric confided that he was planning to propose to Elizabeth tonight at the ball. Molly didn't look happy, so Ric asked her if she liked Liz. Molly assured him that she was crazy about Liz and thought Liz was the best thing to ever happen to Ric. However, Molly begged Ric not to propose. Ric explained that he loved Liz, so a proposal was the natural next step. Molly maintained that it was way too soon. She pointed out that Ric and Liz hadn't been back together that long and their relationship had been a bit rocky. Molly thought Ric should take things slow, just in case Liz wasn't ready. Ric explained that he'd spent a lot of time thinking while he was in witness protection, and he was certain that he wanted to be with Liz. Ric noted that some mishaps took place, then Liz decided to explore her feelings for Jake. Molly admitted she was concerned that Liz still had feelings for Jake and that Ric was a rebound. Ric felt bad, and Molly clarified that she didn't mean to do that. Molly had observed that Liz had been bouncing back and forth between Ric and Jake since Christmas. Ric pointed out that anything Liz and Jake had ended when his wife came back. Molly thought that it was likely that Liz still had unresolved feelings for Jake. Molly felt that Ric should wait for Liz to get over Jake, so she could love Ric completely, like he deserved. Ric admitted Molly made a compelling argument, but he insisted that Liz was sure of her decision to be with Ric. Ric assured Molly that Jake wasn't an issue. Ric believed that he and Liz would always find their way back to each other. He admitted that they sometimes they loved other people, but he believed that their connection never went away. Molly was convinced. She hugged Ric and told him that he and Liz would be very happy together. Liz went into the ballroom and asked Molly and Ric if she missed anything. Molly knowingly said that Liz missed a lot, but she'd have to wait until tonight to find out what.

Brad was at home, getting dressed, when someone knocked on the door. He answered it was shocked and overjoyed to see his best friend Britt smiling at him. They squealed and hugged. Brad assumed this meant that Nik had dropped the charges against Britt. Britt corrected that she and Faison were still on the run. Britt revealed that she'd grown close to her “Papa.” She conceded that Faison was a dangerous international criminal, but she claimed that he wasn't that bad. Faison had even arranged the secret trip for Britt, so that she wouldn't have to miss the Nurses' Ball. Britt had spotted Lucas leaving the apartment, and she was curious about it. Brad told her that he and Lucas were living together and had exchanged I love yous. Brad grinned and said he'd finally landed the man of his dreams. Britt was very happy for Brad, but she couldn't help noting that she'd lost the man of her dreams. Brad thought Nik was a self-righteous prig, and he advised Britt to stop pining over him. Britt admitted she missed Nik, and she missed Spencer even more. Brad told Britt that Spencer had been injured in a fire. Britt was upset. She wished she could go see Spencer, but she knew she couldn't because Nik would have her arrested. Britt didn't blame Nik for filing the charges against her. Britt really wished she could see the people she loved – Spencer, her brother and even her mom.

At GH, Sam reeled after hearing Ned and Olivia discussing the fact that Julian got Olivia pregnant. Obrecht noticed that Sam was pale, so she walked over and asked if she was okay. Sam replied that she was fine and that she was just waiting for Patrick. Obrecht theorized that Sam was hoping to run into Jake, so she announced that Jake's appointment had been rescheduled. Obrecht hoped that Jake had insurance now that he knew who he was, and that he would be able to pay for his appointment. Obrecht mentioned she heard Jake's wife wrestled him away from all the “vacuous women” who'd flocked to his bedside – Sam, Liz and Carly. Obrecht was contemptuous toward the women because they'd all been so eager to help Jake after all he'd done to the people of Port Charles. Sam countered that Obrecht was in love with Faison. Obrecht argued that Faison was misunderstood. Obrecht theorized that Sam, and the others, had feelings for Jake. She wondered what Patrick would say about that. At that moment, Patrick appeared. He told Obrecht that just because Obrecht's daughter was duplicitous with men, it didn't mean Sam was. Obrecht ordered Patrick to leave Britt out of this. Patrick stated that Sam and Jake were friends, just like Patrick and Liz. Patrick took Obrecht to task for being nosy and giving Sam a hard time. Obrecht got paged, so she walked away in the middle of Patrick's lecture.

Back at Brad's, Britt and Brad were alarmed when Obrecht suddenly knocked on the door and threatened to fire Brad if he didn't let her in. Britt hid. When Brad opened the door, Obrecht barged in. Brad had taken a personal day, but Obrecht ordered him to go to work. Brad started to object, but Obrecht yelled at him, so he ran out of the apartment. Obrecht told Britt to come out. Britt walked out. Obrecht asked if Britt really thought she'd turn her in. Britt didn't think so. Britt explained that she'd been afraid to take the chance that it was a trap, though. Obrecht assured Britt that she'd never let anyone trap her. Britt wondered how Obrecht knew she was back. Faison had alerted Obrecht. Britt admitted she missed Obrecht. They hugged. Britt got emotional because she didn't know when she'd get to see her mother again. Obrecht noted that at the last ball, Obrecht sang Always on my Mind to Britt. Obrecht stated that Britt was still always on her mind. They hugged again and cried. Obrecht pulled back and said they couldn't wallow in sentimentality. Obrecht had to go oversee the final preparations for the ball.

Sam thanked Patrick from interrupting Obrecht's badgering. Patrick sensed that Sam was upset. Sam told Patrick what she'd accidentally overheard Olivia and Ned saying. Sam wasn't sure what to do. She felt that her parents had a right to know about the baby – Julian should know he had another child on the way, and Alexis should know about the potential complication in her relationship. Sam asked for Patrick's advice. Patrick wondered if Olivia was hiding her baby's paternity because Julian was a mob boss. Patrick questioned whether it was Sam's place to tell Olivia's secret. Sam wasn't sure, but she knew that she knew it would be difficult to sit with her parents at the ball tonight without saying anything. Patrick suggested altering the seating arrangements to make things a bit easier. He asked who else was at their table. Sam stated that she gave tickets to Hayden and Jake. Sam asked Patrick if he was upset about that. Patrick sensed that Sam was trying to cause a diversion in order to avoid dealing with Olivia's secret. He told her it wouldn't work. Sam admitted Patrick was right. Sam wasn't sure what to do. Patrick assured her that he'd support her decision no matter what. Patrick thought it would be best if Sam kept the secret to herself until after the ball.

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