GH Update Wednesday 4/29/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/29/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Lucas and Bard awaken in the morning and are ready for the Nurses' Ball. Lucas remarks that he intend sot have a much better time than he had last year. Also, he reminds Brad, he will get a chance to meet Lucas' cousin Valerie. Brad remarks that he is not entirely comfortable with the Nurses' Ball remembering how he and Britt spent it last week. He admits he misses his best friend. He's concerned about Brit having to leave town after Nikolas was ready to file charges against her for kidnapping. Lucas protests that Nikolas had good reason given what happened. Brad asks Lucas if he believes Nikolas has the right to judge Britt, if he's perfect, has never lied, cheated nor pulled the wool over someone's eyes. He reminds Lucas that he and Britt really bonded well together when they were both un-welcomed at the Nurses' Ball and really put everybody in their place, including Lucas and Felix who were together. It motivated him to fight for Lucas and her for Nikolas. Remembering that, Lucas admits to Brad that he was pretty mad at him for what he did to Lulu and Dante.

Lulu wastes no time getting Valerie packed and read to move into Nikolas' home. She walks in with her cousin calling to her brother but he's not there. She reminds Valerie that, as she can see, this is a huge house with plenty of room for guests. Nikolas comes out to meet them. Nikolas remarks that they were going to be moving Valerie in the previous night. Lulu informs him they had a change of plans when Dante's mother was rushed to the hospital for contractions. It seems Nikolas is kind of “luke warm” about her staying there. She tells him she does not want to impose. Yet Lulu continues to attempt to encourage them both into believing this arrangement will be mutually beneficial. She has an obvious reason which she is not admitting to anyone; Valerie and Dante and getting close. Nikolas has previously wanted people to believe he might be dating Rosalie. Lulu wastes no time asking if she's going to be his date to the ball. When he indicates that he's not taking Rosalie, Lulu seems to want to encourage him to consider Valerie.

Olivia awakens in her hospital bed with Ned staying right by her side. He tells her all he cares about is her. He's crazy about her and this baby of her', he tells her, adding “even if it's not his”. Unexpectedly, Dante answers and it sounds just like he can overhear that perfectly. Olivia invites her son inside and they talk about Lulu arranging for Valerie to stay in Wyndemere. She remarks to Dante that Valerie was a Godsend to her when they were at the Metro Court and she (Olivia) started suddenly having these terrible pains. She thought she was going into labor and Valerie got her there promptly. He also agrees that Valerie is a good person and they are fortunate to have her in their lives. However, he reveals to his mom that Lulu might not share those feelings. He theorizes that Valerie blames Luke for her mother's death. Things got a little heated. Dante further informs his mom that there are obvious “other reasons”, admitting that Lulu “keeps walking in on” he and Valerie hugging. The first time, she was missing her mom and they were talking when Lulu returned home. Last night when they found out that Olivia's baby would be ok, Lulu got off the hospital elevator to see them together. Hearing that, Olivia directly asks her son if he believes that Valerie is “hot for him”. She tells her son that she will always be a mom to him and needs to make certain her son's marriage is ok and he's not considering being unfaithful to Lulu and that Valerie doesn't get the idea that he would be.

Sam goes to the hospital and runs into Jake. She tells him she's glad he's there because it gives her an opportunity to properly thank him for finding Jason's ring. She tells him she wanted to express her thanks to him by giving him 2 tickets to the Nurses' Ball.

Outside the Nurses' Ball auditorium, Molly finds Elizabeth and tells her how much it means to her that Elizabeth is giving her dad another chance. She goes on about how happy she knows her father is to be back with Elizabeth and how much she means to him. Not far away, however, Ric unexpectedly runs into Hayden who enters unannounced, tells her cannot be seen by others and demands to know what she is doing there. She replies to him that he owes her money.

Molly admits to Elizabeth that she's heard all about some of the awful things her father used to do years ago. She wants to believe, and have Elizabeth believing that Ric's wrong-doings have been out of love for people who are important to him. Molly also admits to Elizabeth she was afraid if she (Elizabeth) did not take Ric back, he might revert back to his old ways... and maybe “do something desperate”

In the other room, Hayden tells Ric that she's not going to let him avoid her and get out of paying what he owes. She informs him that his little co-conspirator wormed his way into her room and demanded money from her. Ric then explains that he “had to get rid of him” since the guy showed up unexpectedly at Elizabeth's right when Ric was with her. Hayden then informs Ric that his little problem when the guy is taking money from her. Ric reminds her that she currently has a lot of money, yet she reminds him that she is having to put her life on hold pulling off a scam pretending to be married to a stranger so that Ric can scam his girlfriend. So, Hayden reminds him, she has the right to be compensated. She also informs Ric that the guy threatened to expose them both. Since she paid him off so he wouldn't do that and that means that Ric owes her money. It appears that the guy has hit them both up for money. She concludes to Ric that apparently this guy doesn't like being jerked around. However, were it not for her keeping her mouth shut, Hayden reminds him, both Jake and Elizabeth would know the whole story and that would make things even worse for Ric.

Carly goes to find the guy in question. It appears he lives a ways away. She knocks on his door, introduces herself and tells him she'd like to hire him to play the role of a guy named Jake Barnes. It appears he's either an actor or wants people to believe that's what he does for a living. As soon as he hears about getting “hired for a role”, he immediately rushes to open the door. As soon as Carly enters, however, she tells him it appears to be a job he already has. When he hears the name Jake Barnes, he asks her who that is. He informs her he's an actor and has played the roles of many people who's names he may not remember and hasn't a clue what she is talking about. He tells her she better leave. In response to that, Carly firmly asks him if he thinks he's going to have any more acting opportunities when he goes to prison for fraud. When the guy draws a blank, she shows him a picture on her phone of the wedding photo taken of him and Hayden to make it appear he was Jake before the memory loss and plastic surgery.

While talking privately to Hayden, Ric gets spotted by TJ. He calls to his girlfriend's father and is able to clearly see him huddled having a private conversation with a strange woman. Ric then faces his daughter's boyfriend, greets him and dismisses Hayden. She leaves but firmly tells Ric she will “be in touch with him soon”. Hearing that, TJ remarks that sounds kind of like a threat and asks what is up with that. Ric replies that was “just a client.... a very desperate one”.

In the other room, Molly admits to Elizabeth that she really wanted to make efforts to help her dad move on when it appeared Elizabeth moved on and wanted to end her relationship with Ric. Hearing that, Elizabeth asks her how so. Molly replies she went so far as to get him to sign up for an online dating service, set up a profile and everything. Hearing that, Elizabeth asks if Ric “really went through with that”. Molly replies that Ric was very reluctant and only agreed to try it because he was having such a horrible time trying to get over Elizabeth, she tells her. Elizabeth then asks Molly if Ric, did in fact, meet anyone. Molly replies yes and, while she tells Elizabeth she's “never going to believe this”, the person Ric met was married.

When Carly shows the “Jake imposter” a close photo of the wedding picture somebody took of him and Hayden, he tells her that apparently somebody took a picture of him and “super-imposed” it to make it look like he had it taken with that woman, yet he does not know who she is. He continues to bluff that he hasn't a clue what she's talking about when she shows him she was able to find out, from a ring he was wearing, where he went to school and who he is. She happens to know that he legally committed fraud. She knows he posed with Hayden for pictures to have Jake falsely believing he was this guy before the reconstructive surgery. So, Carly tells him, she needs to know why. Why is he scamming Jake and who put him up to it?

Sam is encouraging Jake and his “wife” to attend the Nurses' Ball. She tells him that he has friends who would like him to be there including Elizabeth. Hearing that, it seems to “hit home” for Jake. He admits to Sam that there is real awkwardness involving suddenly finding out he's married and seeing that Elizabeth is now back with Ric. He admits to her that he and Elizabeth got to be really close and it might be hard to “just be friends”. Hearing that, Sam remarks to him that Ric is her half-sister Molly's father. So for Molly's sake, she has to co-exist with Ric. But she will honestly admit, she is not a fan of Ric. Sam further tells Jake that in her opinion, Elizabeth has already given Ric too many chances and she can't understand why Elizabeth would believe that things are going to be any different. They both realize only time will tell if Ric really has changed and Sam remarks to Jake that she still thinks that Elizabeth would have been better off with him instead.

When Lulu and Valerie go to the room Nikolas has prepared for her to stay in and he's alone, out of nowhere, Hayden shows up unexpectedly to find Nikolas.

Molly continues to tell Elizabeth how she believes her dad's life “turned around” after Elizabeth gave him another chance. Ric and TJ enter from the other room and join their respective women.

While with Pete, the “fake Jake”, Carly lays down the law to him that he either tells her everything and comes clean or she is calling the cops.

While Hayden is seducing a reluctant Nikolas in his home, Jake has no clue what is going on nor that he's being scammed. Elizabeth is with Ric suspecting nothing. While with Molly, TJ remarks to her that he ran into her father having a conversation with some “rude client”. Hearing that, Molly asks her boyfriend what he's talking about. She's surprised to hear TJ inform her that he observed Ric with some woman in his face, yet he hadn't a clue who she was nor what they were talking about. However, TJ tells Molly, he could see it was definitely tense and he did hear Ric telling the woman she better leave before “someone sees them together”.

In the other room, Ric is with Elizabeth who still seems to suspect nothing about what he's up to.

At the hospital, Sam urges Jake to not shut Elizabeth out, reveals to him that she does have concerns about Elizabeth getting back with Ric and she somehow knows there's something suspicious going on with Ric, although she has no clue what exactly that is, nor does Jake.. Jake does admit to Sam, just like he's admitted to Carly, that he has no memories whatsoever, of his “wife”. It's like being with a stranger when he's with Hayden. He admits to Sam that he always wonders what he could have had with Elizabeth.

The fake Jake asks Carly who she is. What is her story? Why is she taking such drastic measures just to corner him about this? Why is this so important to her?. She replies Jake is her friend. She does not like her friends being scammed. He asks her why she is so interested in Jake, to which Carly cannot answer.

As soon as Lulu leaves Valerie alone in Nikolas' house, Valerie walks into his living room, assuming there's no reason not to. However, she walks in on him “going at it” with Hayden. She apologizes and assumes this woman “must be Rosalie”.

Dante tells Olivia that he believes that Ned is going to be a great dad to her baby. At first he had his doubts knowing Ned was with Alexis. However, he can now see that Ned is stepping up to be there for his mom and her new baby. And, Dante adds, he's glad she's not with a gangster. Yet, it's obvious that Dante knows that Ned is not the father of his unborn little brother or sister.

While Sam encourages Jake not to give up on Elizabeth while talking at the hospital, the Nurses' Ball is gearing up and Elizabeth is with Ric. In the other room, Molly demands to know what this conversation between her dad and this strange woman was about. TJ admits he hasn't a clue although they both see it as very “noteworthy”. She does not want to believe that her dad has any secrets or is reverting back to his “old ways”.

Carly tells the fake Jake she knows that somebody is putting both him and Hayden up to scamming Jake into believing he's married to Hayden. He admits he does not know who the perpetrator is. All he knows is he needed money for a theater piece he was doing. She tells him she does not care and demands to know who it was that paid them both off.

Lulu goes to find Dante at the hospital and she tells him that she has arranged for Valerie to move out of their house.

When Hayden is seen by Valerie, she introduces herself as Rosalie and they both lie to Valerie about why she's there. Valerie leaves them alone in the room. Hayden then conclude to Nikolas that she has reason to believe that Valerie is staying with him for obvious reasons. He has another lady friend named Rosalie. So how many other women is he sleeping with, as she reminds him that she know that he holds the key to Jake's identity

Carly continues to demand that the fake Jake tell her who is bankrolling both himself and Hayden to set up this fake wife scam. He replies someone who has a lot at stake, who is scared to death of someone finding out and who is very willing to shell out some money in order for Jake to keep believing he has a wife. Hearing that, Carly concludes it must be Ric Lansing.

While preparing for the Nurses' Ball, Molly is beaming from ear to ear to see that her dad is happy to be with Elizabeth and he reveals to her that tonight he is going to ask Elizabeth to marry him. When Elizabeth goes into the other room, Jake comes by after Sam has encouraged him to see her.

Lucas goes alone to the Nurses' Ball when Brad stays home. A visitor appears at the door. When Brad sees the “unseen person”, he is shocked although we don't see who it is.

Ned and Olivia leave the hospital together very well assured that their secret is safe. Unaware that Sam is nearby, unseen by them, they overhear Olivia admitting to Ned that Julian Jerome is her baby's father.

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