GH Update Tuesday 4/28/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/28/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Nina entered her suite and caught Franco rifling through her purse. She sarcastically pointed out that the purse wasn't big enough to hold a baby. Nina grabbed her purse and dumped all of its contents onto the floor. Nina accused Franco of thinking she was a liar, in spite of there being no proof that she was a kidnapper. Franco countered that he'd seen proof – video of Nina approaching Avery's hospital room. Franco added that he wouldn't have found this suspicious if Nina had admitted that she'd seen the baby, instead of hiding it from Franco. Nina didn't think it was a big deal that she looked in on Avery to make sure she was okay after the fall. Franco didn't understand why Nina didn't tell him about it. Nina replied that she didn't say anything because she was innocent. Nina decided to move out instead of wasting any more time on their so called friendship. Franco thought Nina was being hasty, but Nina felt that all they did was argue about whether Nina was worthy of Franco's company. Franco explained that he was worried about Nina and what would happen to her if she was guilty. Franco didn't want Nina to go to prison, because then he'd lose her. He begged her to stay. Nina was still planning to leave, so Franco asked where she'd go. Nina decided to move in with Nathan. Franco didn't think Nina would be happy living in a one room flat above a diner. Franco listed all the perks and amenities of hotel living that Nina would be walking away from. Nina was convinced. She decided to stay and kick Franco out. A shocked Franco stammered that he wasn't leaving. Nina insisted that he was too leaving. She argued that Olivia's secret was just as much Nina's as Franco's. Franco countered that Nina only knew because he told her. “Well, you should learn not to trust me. Oh! You already don't,” Nina replied. Franco decided to pack his things, but Nina wanted him out immediately. She promised to have his things forwarded to his new place when he found one. Once Franco was in the hallway, Nina told him that she didn't want to see him again until he figured out whether or not he believed her.

At the Metro Court, Valerie thanked Lulu for taking her out to dinner. Lulu was happy to treat Valerie to a meal to celebrate Valerie's big move to Wyndemere. Valerie wondered if Nikolas would agree to take her in. Lulu was confident that Nik wouldn't refuse a request from his little sister. Lulu called Nik.

At Wyndemere, Nik noticed that Lulu was calling again. He was about to answer when a joyful Rosalie burst in. Rosalie announced that she had news that would help Nik take over ELQ. Rosalie revealed that Ned had given his 11.5% to Franco and Nina. Nik wondered why Ned would do that. Rosalie didn't know. Nik was confident that he'd be able to negotiate with Nina and Franco and get the shares from them.

Since Nik didn't answer the phone, Lulu had to leave a message. Valerie figured that she'd have to stay at the loft for awhile longer, and she promised to stay out of Lulu's way. Lulu frowned. Lulu decided to go to Wyndemere and ask Nik in person. Olivia waked in. Lulu made quick introductions between her mother in law and cousin, then she raced out of the hotel. Olivia had heard about Valerie through Dante. She asked how Valerie was holding up. Valerie had her good days and bad days. Olivia thought it was wonderful that Valerie had been her mom's caretaker. Valerie explained that she and Patricia were very close, since Patricia was a single mom. Olivia noted that Valerie probably got along with Dante so well because they were both only children of single moms. Valerie smiled and replied that this wouldn't be true for long, referring to Olivia's baby bump. They chuckled, and Olivia clarified that she actually had a long ways to go before the baby was born. Olivia suddenly grabbed her abdomen and grimaced in pain. Valerie was about to call 911, but Olivia didn't want to wait for the ambulance. Olivia gave Valerie her keys. Valerie offered Olivia some reassuring words, then she took her to the hospital.

Lulu arrived at Wyndemere and was startled to see Rosalie, whom Lulu recognized as Michael's assistant. Rosalie left. Lulu grinned. She assumed Rosalie and Nik were dating, and she asked why he didn't tell her. Nik let Lulu go on believing that. He told Lulu that he just started seeing Rosalie and that he was waiting to see if it got serious before announcing it. Nik was curious why Lulu had kept calling him. Lulu asked him if Valerie could move in. Lulu explained that she'd been happy to host Valerie, when she thought Valerie was only in town for a short visit, but then Dante convinced Valerie to stay indefinitely. Lulu added that the loft was too small for three adults. Nik sensed that he wasn't getting the full story. Lulu admitted that every time she saw Valerie, she pictured her holding the scalpel to Luke's throat. Nik was shocked that Lulu wanted to move this woman in with him and his son. Lulu assured Nik that Valerie wasn't dangerous. Lulu confessed that she (Lulu) was being unfair by holding Valerie responsible for something Valerie had done while out of her mind with grief. Lulu clarified that she didn't expect Nik to host Valerie indefinitely; just until Valerie got on her feet. Nik pointed out that that could take a long time. Lulu promised Nik that Valerie wouldn't cramp his style with his new girlfriend. Nik didn't say anything, so Lulu proceeded to plead with him until he granted her request. Lulu hugged him and promised that he wouldn't regret this.

At ELQ, Michael told Sabrina that he was grateful she was in his life. Sabrina was grateful for Michael too. They kissed. Sabrina pulled back. She thought that Michael was just reacting out of gratitude to her. Michael assured her that it was more than that, and he kissed her again. Ned walked in on them. When Ned realized he was interrupting, he tried to leave, but Sabrina said she had to go, and she left instead. Michael explained that they were celebrating, then he told Ned about Sabrina figuring out he'd been drugged. Michael preemptively warned Ned that Ned wasn't going to be able to take Michael's job. Ned admitted he was there to confess something, not because of anything Michael did. Ned told Michael about giving Franco his shares. Michael was furious. Michael pointed out that Franco had nearly bankrupted the company a few years ago, when he was thought to be a Quartermaine, and now he was back in, thanks to Ned. Michael demanded to know what the hell Ned was thinking. Ned told Michael that he was trying to get Franco and Olivia to stop causing trouble for Olivia at the hotel. Michael argued that Olivia should just throw them out. Ned replied that that would make things worse. Ned mentioned that Olivia's problems affected the baby. Michael grew concerned and he asked if Franco was threatening the baby. Ned decided to confide the truth in Michael, since they were cousins. Ned asked if Michael could be trusted. Michael pointed out that, at this point, Ned had no choice. Ned was about to tell all, when Olivia called.

Morgan, Kiki, Sonny and Carly were at Silas's. Morgan contended that they should stay quiet about having Avery, so that they didn't lose her to Michael. Carly thought that was an absurd suggestion. Morgan insists that they can't tell Dante. On cue, Dante knocked on the door and called out to Morgan. Sonny had Morgan and Kiki hide Avery. Carly objected, and Sonny argued that they had no way of explaining how they ended up with the baby. Carly wanted to tell the truth. Sonny insisted on handling it, so Carly backed off. Sonny opened the door and asked if Dante had news on the baby. Kiki and Morgan came out of the back room. Dante explained that Michael was accusing Morgan and Kiki of staging the kidnapping. Morgan was adamant that Michael was crazy and that he was trying to shift the blame because he felt bad about drunkenly knocking over Avery's stroller. Dante got things back on track and asked if Avery was at the apartment or not. Morgan and Kiki said no. Dante decided to look around. Sonny asked if Dante had a warrant, or Kiki's permission. Dante looked to Kiki, who didn't respond. Sonny pointed out that Dante had his answer.

Dante noted that he didn't need a warrant to arrest Kiki and Morgan for drugging Michael. He cuffed them both, while an upset Carly and Sonny watched. Morgan grumbled that this was “bull.” Dante advised Morgan to pay special attention to the suggestion about keeping your mouth shut. Dante snapped that Michael had proof. Dante added that this was second degree assault, a Class D felony. Morgan countered that they were innocent until proven guilty. Dante also noted that Morgan and Kiki would go to prison for a long time if it turned out that they kidnapped Avery. “Unfortunately, in the real world, Morgan, you can't whine your way out of the consequences,” Dante said. As Dante lead Morgan and Kiki out, Sonny assured them that a lawyer was on the way. Now, Carly and Sonny were alone. Carly panicked; she knew Morgan was guilty of the drugging, and she figured he probably kidnapped Avery too. Sonny pulled out his phone, and Carly asked him to call Diane instead of Ric. Sonny clarified that he was actually calling his pilot to take Avery out of town. Carly was shocked and upset that Sonny was doing that now, while their son was rotting in jail. Sonny felt that he had to move fast before Dante returned and found Avery and arrested them all for kidnapping. Carly pointed out that Sonny has no legal right to Avery, so if he takes her anywhere, it really will be kidnapping. She begged him not to sacrifice one child for another. Sonny was conflicted; he knew he couldn't let Morgan stay in jail, but he also felt that he couldn't give Avery to Dante. Carly didn't think they had any other choice. Sonny came up with an idea, which he shared off screen. Carly thought it was very drastic. Sonny told her that she didn't have to like it, but it had to work.

Felix was at GH. He talked to Lucy on the phone about the Nurse's Ball. Sabrina walked in, so Felix hung up. Sabrina let Felix know that Morgan and Kiki were behind the pill switch. Felix thought Sabrina deserved a raise from Michael for figuring it out. Sabrina confided that Michael had already shown his gratitude – with a kiss. Felix's face lit up. He wanted to know if it was good. Sabrina looked embarrassed and she refused to rate her her “boss's” kiss. Felix pointed out that he gave Sabrina all the details about his saga with Brad and Lucas. Sabrina suspected that the kiss had been a reaction to the good news, but she admitted that Michael claimed it was more than that. Felix asked Sabrina if she was developing feelings for Michael. Sabrina didn't have a chance to answer because Olivia and Valerie arrived. Felix sprang into action and he asked Sabrina to help. Sabrina declined because she'd been fired, but Felix pointed out that she was still a licensed nurse. Ned came in shortly afterward. Sabrina, Felix, Olivia and Ned all went to a cubicle. Valerie called Dante.

Dante took Morgan and Kiki to an interrogation room at the station. He told them to get comfy. Morgan accused Dante of being an ass. “Do you want a latte, little brother? Want me to get a pillow for your entitled ass?,” Dante sarcastically asked. Morgan demanded to know what Dante's problem was. Dante snapped that his problem was that he'd just arrested one of his brothers for drugging another brother, and that his brother might have kidnapped their little sister. Kiki tried to smooth things over by saying Morgan was sorry. Morgan told her to stop apologizing for him. The exasperated Dante ordered both of them to shut up. Dante got Valerie's call, then he headed to the hospital.

Rosalie returned to ELQ. Michael wondered where she'd been. She said she had an appointment. Michael said that they had an emergency, and he needed all hands on deck. Carly and Sonny arrived. Rosalie offered to call security, but Michael said he could handle it. Rosalie left. Michael asked if Morgan and Kiki had been arrested. Carly cut in and apologized to Michael for thinking he'd drink so much and for not coming to help him when she thought he was in trouble. “I don't need your help. Morgan on the other hand...,” Michael said. Carly assured Michael that she was sickened that Morgan drugged him and that she'd never been so disappointed in someone. Michael accused Morgan and Kiki of staging the kidnapping to frame Michael. “Morgan and Kiki don't have the baby, Michael. I do.” Sonny said. Sonny claimed that his people located Avery a little while ago. Michael asked where Morgan and Kiki had been keeping her. Sonny flashed back to finding Avery with Morgan and Kiki at Silas's. Sonny said he didn't know, and Michael accused him of covering for Morgan and Kiki. Michael felt that Morgan was too stupid to realize how much trouble he was in.

Michael asked how the baby was, and Carly assured him that Avery was fine. Sonny offered to bring Avery to Michael in exchange for Michael dropping the charges against Morgan and Kiki. Michael agreed to do that, only if Sonny withdrew his complaint against Judge Walters and stopped trying to regain custody of Avery. Sonny balked at the suggestion. Michael insisted that one day, Sonny would realize that this is what's best for Avery. Sonny pointed out that he was Avery's father. Michael argued Avery would eventually be returned to Michael, Judge Walters's case would go nowhere, since there was no evidence of wrongdoing, and Morgan would end up in prison. Michael admitted he hated Morgan, right now, but he knew Pentonville was tough. Sonny was silent, and Carly urged him to think about Morgan. Sonny told Michael to make the call. Later, Michael called Sloan, and he dropped the charges. Michael warned Sonny that the charges would be reinstated if Sonny didn't hold up his end of the bargain. Carly walked in carrying Avery, a second later. Michael took her and cooed at her. Michael looked pointedly at Sonny, as he promised Avery that no one would take her away from Michael again.

Olivia, Ned, Felix and Sabrina were now in the exam room at GH. Olivia was still in lots of pain. Ned asked about medication, but Olivia didn't want to take anything because she didn't want to put the baby at risk. Ned asked Felix if he could make an educated guess about what was going on. Felix admitted that he didn't think there was anything to worry about. Olivia and Ned were relieved, and Ned kissed Olivia's cheek. “No more scares, like that, alright?,” Ned told the baby, “Your mom and dad don't have the heart for it.”

Dante arrived at GH. He wanted to see his mom, but Valerie told him that there were a lot of people in the cubicle already. According to Valerie, Ned had promised to return with news, when he got it. Valerie said some comforting things to Dante. Dante was glad that Valerie was there for his mom. Valerie touched Dante's shoulder and assured him that she wasn't going anywhere. Dante wondered why Lulu hadn't answered his text. Sabrina returned and explained that, based on experience, Olivia was experiencing Braxton Hicks. Practice contractions. Dante was relieved that nothing was wrong. He and Valerie hugged, just as Lulu got off the elevator.

Back at the PCPD, Morgan sighed that everything was ruined. Morgan thought that if Avery was found, the fallout would land on his parents. Kiki countered that the fallout would land on her and Morgan, since Avery was found at Kiki's home. Morgan admitted that his plan had managed to screw everyone. Kiki took responsibility for her role in it all. Morgan apologized because he hadn't meant to get Kiki in trouble. Morgan had just wanted his sister to be with her dad. Kiki said she really wanted that too. Kiki and Morgan were shocked when an officer walked in and told them they were free to go.

Rosalie called Nik to check in. Nik told her to call before she came over next time. Nik added that Rosalie would now be posing as his girlfriend, in addition to Michael's assistant.

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