GH Update Monday 4/27/15

General Hospital Update Monday 4/27/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Obrecht is going through files awaiting the Nurse's Ball and not in a good mood. She notices Franco and is elated to see him. She tells him that everyone has missed him. Not only the staff but the patients. She wants him to return to work but he tells her he is not there about a job. He is there about Nina. He does not smile nor appear as friendly to her and she is to him when he informs her that Nina informed him that she went to pay Nina a hostile visit and accused her of taking baby Avery. He informs Obrecht that Nina told him she did not kidnap the baby and there is no evidence that she could have. Hearing that, Obrecht clarifies to Franco that is not entirely true. There is evidence that Nina could have taken the baby. She informs him that her son, Detective Nathan West looked at a hospital surveillance camera. And, she informs Franco, his “little girlfriend is all over it”. Hearing that, Franco boldly defends Nina, telling Obrecht she needs to know that her niece has worked hard at being a better person and she needs to be trusted and respected by others, including family members like her aunt Lisle. Hearing that, Obrecht tells him she never thought she'd witness him being naïve but it appears he is if he trusts Nina. Obrecht then informs him that the hospital security footage does not support the story Nina gives when she's been asked questions about what involvement she may or may not have in kidnapping baby Avery. He asks if she is telling him there is a video of Nina stealing the baby.

Nina sits in the apartment when she gets a visit from her brother, Nathan. He tells her that baby Avery is still missing. He reminds her the cops are pursuing every lead. He tells his sister he realizes Michael Quartermaine is a suspect with means, motives and opportunity to kidnap the little one. Yet, Nathan reminds her, Michael is not the only suspect. She is too. Hearing that, she demands her brother tells her where he got any evidence that she could be a suspect. He replies from his mother, Dr. Obrecht. Hearing that, Nina informs Nathan that his mother did, in fact, pay her a hostile visit not long ago. She was hurling accusations at her about that. And one other very note-worthy thing which his mother (and Nina's aunt) told her was that she new some deep dark secret regarding Nina's past. He asks his sister if that might be a family secret. She tells Nathan, she's not really certain but is concerned what Obrecht might be up to. At that point, Nathan appears torn between whose side and whose word to take; his crazy sister vs. his treacherous mother . He does, however, confirm to his sister that he has a video tape footage from the hospital which nobody, including his mother could have tampered with. He then pulls out a device and tells Nina he'd like to play it for her and let her see it for herself.

Sonny goes to see Carly at The Metro Court. He informs her that he just found out that it is Morgan and Kiki who are responsible for all the things that Michael has done. He just found out they drugged him. She asks how on earth that could happen. He explains that they switched out Michael's pills for something like a roofie that caused a terrible reaction when Michael drank only minimal alcohol. Sabrina Santiago got the drugs analyzed at the hospital to prove it. Hearing that, Carly emotionally reflects that they may thank God for Sabrina Santiago for looking out for their son. They know he is alone. He's shut everybody out. But, she admits, she now has to find Morgan and let him know what he did is unacceptable.

At the ELQ, Michael furiously assesses to Sabrina that he believes his brother and ex girlfriend have kidnapped baby Avery. He immediately calls Dante and tells his brother he wants them arrested. He has proof that they drugged him. Sabrina attests to Dante that she was with Michael and did not notice him drinking enough to cause the behavior that he had when he got in trouble at The Metro Court not long ago. She noticed he was taking what appeared to be his allergy pills but they were not working. So she took the pills in the bottle and had them tested. She confirms that the drug is Alprazolam which is very much like a roofie. Assessing that, Dante offers an apology to his brother for doubting him and suspecting that he would put their little sister in danger. He now knows who is responsible for this. He is ashamed of Morgan for doing that and ashamed of himself for believing Morgan's lies when he was pulling this stunt. Michael tells him that is ok. Dante asks Michael if he wants to press charges. He promptly takes the evidence but realizes he to find their little sister. Michael tells him he might be able to help him with that. He is certain that Morgan and Kiki took her.

Morgan and Kiki return to Silas' home and he tells her if Michael does press charges, he will take the rap. He realizes it was his idea from the beginning to drug Michael. However, before they can continue their conversation, they are immediately distracted to see baby Avery in a playpen in Silas' living room, happy and healthy, as if nothing has happened. Kiki rushes to see her baby sister, elated, so relieved she's back, safe and sound and Kiki does not even question how she got there. While Michael and Dante are wondering if they kidnapped her, they are happy and relieved that she's back and totally ok. Yet they haven't a clue how that could have happened. They are a bit worried that Michael could get them in trouble for drugging him and realize they are not the two most popular people in town right now. But Kiki is happy to be with the little one, as is Morgan. And they have no clue that Michael wants to “prove” that they have Avery with them. He tells Sabrina and tells Dante he believes that Kiki and Morgan could have and might, right now as we speak, be endangering their mutual little sister, as he believes that they are both reckless, irresponsible idiots.

Carly is furious to learn what has happened and departs from the Metro Court to find Morgan and Kiki and give them a piece of her mind for what they did to Morgan. When she gets to the elevator, she runs into Lulu and Valerie yet does not have time for her 2 cousins when they go inside the restaurant to eat. Valerie sounds fascinated when Lulu shows her Carly's ex-husband, (and more important; Dante's biological father) Sonny. She finds it really interesting and note-worthy that her cousin and Sonny have been married and divorced several times. Lulu tells her about Sonny and Carly's long history and about their two sons whom they raised together, Michael and Morgan, who grew up in what appeared to be a war zone. Valerie wants to know all about Dante's father, Sonny. She smiles when she tells Lulu that Dante is so kind and fun to be with, has a great sense of humor and made her feel at ease. Lulu reveals that her reason for taking Valerie to lunch and interacting with her is to “encourage” her to move out of Lulu and Dante's apartment and instead to stay at the bid house on Spoon Island where Nikolas is alone with just his son in a big enormous house with more than enough room for a guest. She also informs Valerie about Lucy Coe's annual nurse's ball coming up soon. She informs her about herself, Maxie and a few other girls doing a number as the “haunted starlets”. Lucy has just informed Lulu that they need one more member in their band, Lulu tells Valerie. Hearing that, Valerie tells her she' be fascinated to fill that spot

Carly and Sonny go to pay Morgan, Kiki and Avery a visit. Carly is ready to angrily confront her son but as soon as Sonny sees the little one, he rushes to pick her up and hold her with Carly adoringly greets the little one with him. It takes Carly only seconds, however, to see that after Avery has clearly been taken and hidden somewhere by “somebody”, it's obvious to see how it happened and just who clearly took her. She tells them they only did it to make Michael look bad and clearly don't care about the baby's safety.. Kiki firmly protests that us not true. Carly reminds Kiki that when she and Morgan slipped that drug without Michael knowing he was taking it, they must have known that Michael was going to be tending to Avery, pushing her stroller, transporting her in his car. Did it ever occur to them that it could endanger her? If anything had happened to the little one after drugging Michael, it would have been their faults. Now she can see that they have kidnapped her. Both Kiki and Morgan are telling the truth when they tell Carly they just found the baby there less than an hour ago, when they walked in the door, without a clue how she got there. Yet, Carly clearly assumes they are lying and does not buy the story for a minute. She reminds them both that their “concerns for the baby's safety” which they brought to CPS's attention was nothing more than a stunt to get Michael in trouble, tear him down. And now they kidnap her. She reminds Morgan that he is his brother and asks Kiki if she was lying when she said she loved Michael. Morgan protests that Michael was going to take Avery away from Sonny only to hurt him so can't they understand that they didn't just do it to hurt Michael. They have good reason not to accept his having custody of the baby. Again he's telling the truth that he and Kiki were as scared and just as much in-the-dark about where Avery was as everyone else, ever since she went missing up until now. Not having a clue what caused Avery to disappear from the hospital when they last saw her nor how she re-appeared out of nowhere in Silas' apartment when they last walked in the door, Morgan honestly expresses his concerns to his mom that they must consider the possibility that “Michael could be behind it”. Right at that point, Kiki tells Morgan and Carly that instead of spending more time arguing, they need to be contacting Dante to let him know they found her and investigate who really took her. He tells her no. If they do that and the cops know that she's there with them, then they will be falsely accused of kidnapping in addition to the consequences for drugging Michael.

Right at that same time, Michael admits to Dante that he has no “proof” that Kiki and Morgan kidnapped baby Avery but he's certain if Dante went to visit them where they are now staying, it could be proven. Having not a clue when or how or if baby Avery can be found, knowing they are running out of time, and knowing how a cop must communicate about that, Dante reminds his brother that they are slowing the investigation by chasing after the “wrong suspects”. Michael protests that Kiki and Morgan have means, motive and opportunity and he reminds Dante that so far, the cops have not come up with any lead anywhere.

Nathan has Nina looking with him at his laptop where she sees footage of her confrontation at the hospital with Kiki, where she reminds her brother, Kiki went off on her and behaved in an irrational manner, whereas she (herself) was the better person. Also, how does that show her kidnapping a baby? Nathan then tells his sister, she needs to look carefully while he shows her something that happened later in the video. Nathan explains to her that Silas got baby Avery checked out before Kiki and Morgan were able to take her home. Silas made some rounds to get some drugs for a patient and was missing for a while. The baby was alone with the CPS social worker. Hearing that, Nina asks her brother what that has to do with herself. He reminds her that while Silas and Kiki were alone and talking, Nathan and Nina were talking. Nina remembers and reminds her brother that she gave him some good advice regarding getting Maxie back, and then she left. Nathan tells his sister he knows she did not “leave”. He shows her that she was clearly sitting by the elevator, fixated and staring at Kiki and Morgan. He then tells her and then shows her that she was seen not leaving but right by baby Avery. We then see Nina with Franco, alone with the baby, telling him that Ava Jerome has no right to take “her" (Nina's) baby.

We then see what appears to be Obrecht showing Franco the same thing on her computer. She assesses to Franco that he can clearly see that Nina was right near the exam room right where the baby was in. It appeared she was “waiting to go home” but did not. Franco somehow knows that the footage has been altered and is false. Yet Obrecht knows he will have a hard time proving that. She also reminds him that he could not account for her whereabouts when they parted that night and Nina clearly did not tell Franco about her “stop” to see the baby before she returned to their hotel room. Nina affirms to Nathan that she did not take the baby. She admits she went to the hospital, after seeing the stroller tipping over on the television, just to make sure that baby was ok. And then she left. She urges Nathan to run the video to see that she did not take the baby out of the hospital exam room. Hearing that, he explains to her that immediately after she was seen there alone outside the room where the baby was, all of a sudden, the tape went completely blank. He tells her that the theory every has for why the video suddenly went blank is that whoever caused it to go blank is the same person who took the baby. He believes that, at the very least, casts suspicion upon Nina. She then asks her brother if he's going to arrest her. He tells her no. He just wanted to give her a heads up with this, let her know that this evidence does not look good for her and he believes she may need to speak to an attorney. She knows it might be a conflict of interests to seek out Alexis since she's representing Michael. He suggests Diane Miller and arranges to pulls strings since he has a great relationship with Diane. Hearing that, Nina tells her brother what is more important than getting legal representation is having her brother believing her. She asks if he does. He replies yes.

While Obrecht talks to Franco after showing him the suspicious footage about Nina, she reminds him he could get himself sent back to Pentonville if he backs Nina, and she asks him if Nina is worth that. Obrecht reiterates to Franco that Nina is unstable and unbalance. She's impossible to save. So, she urges Franco to not let Nina drag him down with her. When he protests he knows that Nina would not do that, he knows she would not do that again, Obrecht tells Franco that if he believes that, then he should prove it to himself. Although he doesn't want to go through Nina's things, Obrecht tells him if Nina is hiding a baby, there would have to be a sign of it somewhere. She then gets a call and is ready to leave. However, Franco asks her the question about how it was that she told him something about Nina's dirty laundry when he heard Nina tell him that Obrecht did confront her about that. He needs to know if it was just a mind game Obrecht was playing, which he assured Nina. Or was there some truth to what Obrecht was saying? She does not give him any specific answer but asks Franco if Nina did not kidnap the baby, then who did?

Valerie wants to be the 6th Haunted Starlet although Lulu tries to convince her that she would not enjoy it. Yet Valerie is very enthused and encourage. She talks about how she has had creativity in her life and has done dancing. Lulu tells her that the 5 of them are amateurs and have memorized the moves with 5. So a 6th one would throw them off. Hearing that, Valerie concludes that Lulu “does not want her”. Yet Lulu wants to prove otherwise to Valerie and is ready to invite her to be the 6th dancer. Valerie tells Lulu there's no reason to “keep trying”. She can see that Lulu is uncomfortable around her. So maybe instead of staying at Nikolas' home, Valerie tells her, she (Valerie) should just move out of town. Lulu tells Valerie that having her sleeping on Lulu's and Dante's couch is not working out. But having Valerie staying at Nikolas' place at Wyndermere, staying in town and being the 6th member of The Haunted Starlets does work out. Lulu gets an incoming call from Lucy, where she tells Valerie it's “too late”. Lucy wants Valerie to perform with the cast of Haunted Starlets. Lulu tells Valerie she can't miss it. She knows that Valerie will enjoy it and she wants her there.

Dante tells Michael he's going to investigate the drugging and make Kiki and Morgan responsible. He also informs him he will stop by Silas Clay's apartment on the way home. He also warns his brother about how he's cast suspicion upon himself by not letting the cops search his home and reminds Michael that they also have to see him as a suspect for the kidnapping of baby Avery. He concludes to Michael that Morgan will answer for what he did. He intends to bring their little sister back. And he advises Michael to stay way from Morgan and Kiki. If Michael happens to run into them, Dante needs Michael to call him immediately. Michael agrees to do that as Dante has asked. After he leaves Michael alone to talk to Sabrina, she tells Michael maybe before getting on the phone and making all the calls he intends to make, maybe he should just wait and see what Dante might have found.

Franco returns to the hotel room while remember Obrecht urging him to go through Nina's things so that he can get a definitive answer. He sees her purse on the table and goes through it when Nina walks in the door to see him doing that.

Michael tells Sabrina that he's really grateful for all the support she's given him. She was the only person who believed him, knew he was drugged and saved the day. She tells him she's grateful to him for finding her a job and being her friend. He kisses her.

Morgan and Kiki know they are in trouble now that word is out that they drugged Michael. It appears Carly does not believe them for a minute that they did not kidnap Avery. Nor does Sonny. The baby is right there with them. Morgan concludes he's not certain exactly what to do now, but he knows he's got to make sure that Dante never finds out that the baby is with him and Kiki. Dante is knocking on the door wanting to talk to Morgan and Kiki.

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