GH Update Friday 4/24/15

General Hospital Update Friday 4/24/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Nathan is lost in thought at the hospital looking at invitations for the nursing ball. He goes to talk to Silas about what his secret might be regarding his going out of town to treat an anonymous patient.

While Sonny goes to ELQ to find out from Michael what he might know about baby Avery, Sabrina returns after finding out that it appears something has been put in Michael's prescription bottle that are not his allergy pills. He declares to Sonny that he knows he was drugged the night when he lost it at the Metro Court and subsequently lost custody of the baby. And it had to have been by someone who had access to his pills. Kiki and Morgan enter together suspecting nothing. Michael tells them he is onto them.

Alone at Julian and Carlos' mechanic shop, Jake gets a call telling him what he needs to do in order not to get sent to Pentonville. He declares there's no way he can do it since he does not have a way to do it.

Carlos is alone in Jake's empty hotel room, aiming his shotgun through the window where he can clearly see Duke sitting at a table at the Metro Court restaurant with Shawn. TJ happily engages with Shawn and Duke and thanks Duke for helping him with his tuition. Duke obviously has “ulterior motives” for doing that.

At the same time, Duke's body guard, Bruce hides unseen with a gun spying upon Jordan while she talks to Anna on the docks. While Jordan discusses with Anna how they haven't a clue who the “culprit” in the organization is, the guy fires a shot. Anna notices it and pushes Jordan out of the way knowing what is going on. Jordan gets out of the way in time although her ankle is injured and she has trouble walking. Both Jordan and Anna fire shots at the shooters.

When Shawn and TJ depart and Duke is alone, Carlos finally has a perfect shot at him. However, he is startled when the door opens and Hayden returns. She is startled to see a strange man with a gun in her room and she's ready to call the police. However, he informs her he's a friend of her husband, Jake.

While Jake is alone on the phone at the garage, he becomes stressed at the demands made of him to take Julian down and/or kill him. He right then throws something against the wall when Carly enters.

Michael declares to Sonny, Morgan and Kiki that he and Sabrina know the truth. Morgan asks if he means that he (Michael) is completely out of control. Michael tells Morgan no. He knows Morgan is capable of a lot of things but he's completely out-done himself here, Michael tells him. Kiki then remembers telling Morgan that maybe they can “undo” what they just did by getting a hold of the pills they gave to Michael and swapping them out with the real allergy pills, yet realizing they were unable to do that, she then replies to Michael that she and Morgan just came by to see if there was any news about baby Avery yet found out there was nothing. Sonny tells Morgan he needs to know what he and Kiki are doing there. Michael then holds out the bottle and informs his dad it's simple. Morgan and Kiki drugged him with what is in this bottle.

At the hospital, Nathan tells Silas he realizes he needs to protect the privacy of his patient at the out-of-town clinic. But he needs Silas to know the reason why this patient is such an important priority. Silas then remember when last spoke to Ava, she asked him to promise her that when he returns to her he will have something to make all her pain go away. He replies to Nathan that he has a patient who is a close friend to him who has just died. Hearing that, Nathan tells him he realizes it can't be easy to lose a patient especially when it's a friend and he's sorry for Silas loss. Nathan remarks that he's in awe of people who do what Silas does regarding cancer patients who may have a death sentence. Silas tells him he just does whatever he can. He then remember Ava urging him to just let her die.

Morgan tells Michael if he's had a bad reaction to his allergy pills, why does he think that has anything to do with Morgan and Kiki? Michael informs him that Sabrina had the pills tested at the lab and found out they are not his prescription pills. They are a drug called alprazolam. And mixed with any amount of alcohol, it causes something just like what happened to him. Hearing that, Morgan tells Michael he needs to take that up with his pharmacy. Michael tells Morgan he's taking it up with him. He tells them all they may forget what he knows. Don't they care about the baby? He could have gotten behind the wheel under the influence of this stuff not knowing it and endangered or killed her. Morgan tells his brother he realizes he's pissed that his pharmacy messed up his medication but he can't take that out on him. Michael tells Morgan he knows what he did. Morgan then faces his dad and urges Sonny to assure him he does not believe this.

TJ is on the phone leaving a message for his mom to call him back ASAP informing her that Duke has really done a great thing for him and Shawn. Duke overhears and hides, ridden with guilt knowing that he's arranging for Jordan to be killed.

Jordan and Anna both continue to dodge bullets on the docks. Yet the shooter disappears. They still haven't a clue who it is or who put them up to it. She realizes that Anna may have saved her life since she was distracted when the shot was fired and Anna pulled her out of the way. She realizes that they could send someone else after her. They assume it must be from Julian and his team.

When Carly comes by to see Jake, he tells her that Julian expects him to dig up information about “something” or do “something” for him. She wants to know the inside story but he wants to keep her out of this. Carly then declares to Jake that he might be very interested in what she has just found out about his “so-called wife”.

When Hayden enters the hotel room to see Carlos with the shooting equipment and hears him tell her he's a friend of Jake's, she does not buy that and knows he still has not told her what he's doing there in her hotel room. He replies to her that housekeeping let him in. She does not buy that that happened when they did not know him and he told them he lost his key. She knows he's lying to her and his story is completely lacking credibility about being friends or business partners with Jake and also why he's snuck into her room. She knows that Jake either does not know him or does not trust him inside the hotel room if they do know each other. She asks him why he brought a gun.

Jake tells Carly he does not have time to hear what she has to tell him about Hayden. Yet she tells him he has to hear this. Right before she has a chance to tell him, however, Anna enters, shows him her badge and needs to talk to him alone. Jake dismisses Carly and Anna asks him what he might know about the shooting that just occurred on the docks, assuming he might know about it since he's now working for Julian Jerome.

While TJ is with Shawn and Duke at The Metro Court, Jordan enters. TJ finds it odd that his mom has not answered his messages, not knowing the reason why she has not. He informs her that Duke has offered to help him with his college tuition. She tells her son that is great and thanks Duke. Shawn, however, can see that something is going on with her and asks if she is alright.

At the hospital, Nathan reminds Silas that the cops have not come up with any leads about the disappearance of baby Avery so they need to explore all possible sources to find out anything that could help them find her before it's too late.

When Morgan urges his dad to assure him that he knows that Michael is making false accusations of him, Sonny admits that he does not know what to think. Morgan boldly protests that it makes no sense for him to do anything to endanger his baby sister. Michael reminds his brother that he knows of Morgan's tendency to act without thinking about the consequences and to expect others to clean up his mess. Sonny concludes it's possible the pharmacy made a mistake with Michael's prescription although Michael tells him no. Morgan and Kiki drugged him. He notices that Kiki is silent and wonders about that. He then concludes that he knows on that day when Morgan came to confront him about having custody Avery, Morgan went upstairs and had access to the pills in the bathroom. Right at that point, Michael noticed that when he started sneezing, he kept taking the pills but they did not help his allergies. Only hours later, he felt really out of it like he was on mind-altering drugs. That night at the Metro Court, he took the pills right before he had his “episode”. And right then and there, Morgan and Kiki just happened to be nearby, rubbing his nose in the fact that they may be getting back together. Morgan reminds his brother that he has no way to prove that. Yet Michael is onto him. Morgan protests to Sonny that he wanted his dad to get Avery back. Sonny tells Morgan that's no excuse and is not justified. Sonny tells Morgan that he has really gone too far putting his little sister in danger. He declares that his little girl is missing and if she's harmed that is on Morgan and Kiki. Morgan protests that they had nothing to do with the kidnapping. Michael then concludes that if Morgan is capable of this, he wouldn't put anything past him. He would not be at all surprised if Morgan is the one who took her.

Hayden pushes a somewhat intimidated Carlos out of her room. He is a bit afraid that she might be onto him.

Anna tells Jake she realizes who shot a member of Duke Lavery's organization not long ago was probably not himself. He wouldn't fail any attempt to kill someone as that shooter obviously did. However she knows that he probably has first-hand knowledge of Julian arranging this hit.

Jordan thanks Duke for his generosity although she does not smile nor seem to “trust” him. He stares coldly back at her and replies your welcome in a robotic manner. TJ then leaves the 3 of them to talk and Shawn asks Jordan where she went and what happened, noticing she's limping. She replies she got shot at by the docks. Both men conclude it's probably one of Julian's guys trying and miserably failing their attempt to kill her. Yet they probably all know otherwise when Bruce appears outside the door and Duke can see him. As soon as Duke is alone and not seen by the others, he pulls Bruce into a room and privately confronts him for how he failed his job. Bruce protests that Jordan was not alone when he found her on the docks. There was someone else. Duke demands to know who. Bruce replies Anna Devane.

At the garage, Jake reminds Anna that he works as a mechanic in an auto shop and not as a hit man. She reminds him even if that is true, it's no accident that Jake would have this unsurpassed skill to perform hits and commit perfect crimes and that he now just got hired by Julian Jerome. Jake replies that it was Julian's daughter, Sam who arranged for him to work for Julian. He concludes to her if she really wants to know the nature of his employment with Julian, perhaps she should ask Julian. She informs Jake she will be talking to Julian and to him again and she leaves. Carlos enters. Jake informs him that the former commissioner asked about the shooting (which he assumes Carlos is involved in, from Jake's empty bedroom at the Metro Court. Not what Anna and Jordan experienced from Duke's guy Bruce, on the docks). He warns Carlos that Anna knows about his attempt to shoot Duke. Carlos tells Jake he needs to tell him something, to which Jake cuts him off, telling him he doesn't have time to discuss it. Jake has to return home to his wife, he informs Carlos as he goes out the door. Carlos stares at him not knowing what to say or do about the fact that Hayden caught him in the room with the gun. And that's the reason why he failed to kill Duke Lavery as Julian has instructed him.

While talking to Silas at the hospital, Nathan tells him he does realize that not all doctors are sane or incapable of homicide as he knows all to well being the son of Obrecht. Realizing it was non other than his beloved mom who “put him up” to suspecting and questioning Silas. Nathan reminds Silas that his mother wants him to investigate the kidnapping of baby Avery. Silas reminds Nathan that it a major concern for his daughter Kiki and he wants to assure her that the baby will be ok. Yet Silas appears very calm, unworried and not wondering where the baby is.

At the ELQ office, Kiki emotionally confesses and apologizes to Michael and urges him to know that she only did it to protect her baby sister. Hearing that, he asks her if she thinks he's supposed to feel sorry for her, tells her he doesn't want to hear it and asks her to leave. Sonny then humbly tells Michael that he knows that he really lost it at the Metro Court and has been really upset and bitter for a while. He tells Michael he's concerned, has wondered if he's responsible for what has happened to his son and tells Michael that he (himself) will take the blame for it. Hearing that, Michael tells Sonny he does not expect his father to take responsibility for his (Michael's) actions, reminding his dad only Morgan does that. Sonny urges Michael no to get him wrong, informing him he's not happy with Morgan right now. He tells Michael all he needs is to know that his daughter is ok. Whether she's with him, with Kiki or Morgan or anyone. Sonny leaves.

After Jake leaves Carlos alone in the mechanics shop, he calls Julian to protest that he intended to do what was required of him (killing Duke from the window of Jake and Hayden's room). But when he least expected it, Jake's “wife” walked into the room, saw him in full view and caught him red-handed with the gun.

Jake then returns to Hayden in their room at The Metro Court. She tells him she had to lock the door because she was worried about getting another visit from one more of his “gun toting friends”. Jake needs to know who was in their room with a gun claiming to be Jake's friend. Hayden admits she hasn't a clue whom this guy was or why he was there.

Anna later goes to the docks to investigate who it was that fired a shot at Jordan and what all might be involved in that.

Duke is shocked to hear Bruce inform him that he saw Anna with Jordan on the docks. He makes it clear that he is not ok with that guy endangering Anna when he fired a shot.

Jordan admits that she misses Shawn and he-her. He tells her how it affected him when he thought about how close he came to losing her today. She then departs on the elevator and he goes with her.

Sonny goes to find Carly at the Metro Court. He tells her he needs to talk to her about his recent conversation with Michael and Morgan at ELQ. And it has turned out that everything going on with Michael, Morgan is responsible for.

Sabrina is alone with Michael at the ELQ office. He tells her he feels a lot better and believes she's saved the day for him by proving he was drugged before it was too late. She seems attentive and interested in hearing Michael talking about his history with his brother. He reveals to her that he and Morgan were close and spent all their time together as kids. He remembers the two of them together on Sonny's island. He taught his little brother to swim and surf and read him all the Harry Potter books. Attentively listening to that, Sabrina asks him what happened. Michael tells her he never thought a little brother he loved so much could hate him so much. Hearing that, Sabrina tells Michael from what she saw and heard, it appears that his younger brother is jealous. She assesses that even if Michael does not understand that, in Morgan's mind, he sees his older brother as someone to look up to and believes people see him as a screw up and inferior. So, maybe that is why Morgan is acting out when his older brother has abandoned him. Michael tells her that may be true but does not excuse what Morgan has done. He tells her that although he is not completely ok with Avery being gone, he at least knows who has her. He knows it's Morgan and Kiki.

Morgan and Kiki return to Silas' home, both wondering what they are going to do next. And unexpectedly, she notices baby Avery in a playpen, alive happy, healthy, safe and sound as if nothing happened. They both stare in awe not knowing what to say or do or believe.

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