GH Update Thursday 4/23/15

General Hospital Update Thursday 4/23/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Julian and Jake were at the garage. Jake admitted that he had a confession to make. Jake noted that Carlos suspected that Jake was a spy. Julian, who was on edge after Jake's ominous statement, discreetly reached for his gun. Julian asked if Jake was working for Duke, or for the cops. Jake assured Julian that he wasn't an informant. Jake revealed that he overheard Julian and Carlos planning a hit. Jake explained that it had been his first day, and he hadn't felt comfortable telling Julian that he could hear him talking. Julian strongly recommended that Jake forget what he'd heard, but Jake said he couldn't. Julian wondered if he and Jake were going to have a problem – did Jake have a moral objection to what he'd heard? Jake insisted that he had no issues with Julian's line of work. Jake added that he was willing to take part in all the sides of Julian's business. Jake tried to get Julian to confide in him about the hit. Julian was impressed that Jake came to him and admitted this. Julian promised to consider bringing Jake into the other side of the business, but only after the hit was done. Jake acted like he was okay with that. Julian left, and Jake looked frustrated. Sloane called Jake, but Jake didn't answer.

At GH, Sabrina frowned as she read the newspaper. The front page story was about Michael, and it implied that he kidnapped Avery. Felix walked over, and he noted that Michael had been in the news a lot since “strollergate.” Sabrina still thought there was a chance that wasn't Michael's fault. She asked if the lab had tested Michael's pills yet. Felix explained that most of the non critical tests had been put on hold because everyone was busy preparing for the Nurse's Ball. Felix decided to go back to the lab and press them to run the tests. Before Felix left, he gave Sabrina a package that had been left outside their apartment. It was for Carlos. Felix figured the delivery guy thought Carlos was still crashing on their couch.

Carlos broke into Jake and Hayden's suite at the Metro Court. Carlos flashed back to Julian saying that Jake would be at work and Hayden spent the mornings at the gym. Carlos went out to the terrace, which overlooked the hotel restaurant and bar. Carlos set up a long range rifle. Meanwhile, Duke was downstairs having dinner in the restaurant. Carlos put Duke in the rifle's cross-hairs. Sabrina called Carlos. Carlos answered, and he assumed something was wrong. Sabrina said everything was fine. Carlos confessed he thought she never wanted to talk to him again. Sabrina assured him that wasn't true. Sabrina told Carlos that his lawyer sent package. Carlos asked if he could pick it up after work. Sabrina surmised that Carlos was working for Julian again. Sabrina noted that there was a possibility that Carlos would beat the charges and get another chance. She admitted it was none of her business, but she hoped Carlos was staying out of trouble. Carlos promised that he was. Carlos knew from news reports that Sabrina was working for Michael. Carlos thought Michael was trouble and that Sabrina should steer clear. Sabrina felt that Michael was a great guy and that there was a good chance the stroller incident was a misunderstanding. The call ended.

Felix returned to Sabrina. Felix confessed that he guilted Brad into fast tracking the results by pointing out that Brad and Lucas got together and left Felix out in the cold. Felix admitted to Sabrina that he was actually happy for Brad and Lucas and was just manipulating Brad to help Sabrina. Felix told Sabrina that she was right – Michael was taking the wrong pills.

Spinelli met with Carly at the Metro Court and revealed that they had a break in the case, thanks to Sam. Spinelli had been able to find a picture of the man he saw Hayden with. Spinelli showed it to Carly. She was stunned when she recognized the man as having what was supposed to be Jake's old face. Carly was elated that she could finally prove Hayden was a liar. Spinelli wondered if the man might just resemble Jake, but Carly was adamant that it was the same guy. She decided to take Spinelli upstairs to Hayden and Jake's room and show him the wedding photo.

Shawn had joined Duke at his table. Shawn was curious why Bruce, Duke's bodyguard, had just left. Duke flashed back to sending Bruce to kill Jordan. Duke stated that Bruce had gone to look into some rumors that the Jeromes were planning to retaliate. Shawn replied that he (Shawn) and Jordan could have done that. Shawn couldn't believe he ever thought Jordan was a cop. Shawn confided that he and Jordan had taken their relationship to the next level.

Carlos was off the phone. He heard Carly and Spinelli approaching the room, and he hid. Carly let herself and Spinelli inside, then she showed him the wedding picture. Spinelli agreed that the man in the wedding photo and the man Spinelli saw Hayden with were the same person. Spinelli asked Carly if she'd ever been wrong when she accused a woman of lying. Carly proudly said she hadn't. According to Carly, she'd told enough lies to be able to see through the lies of others. Carly took a picture of the wedding portrait on her phone, as insurance. As Spinelli and Carly were leaving, Spinelli tripped over a duffel bag that Carlos had hidden under the bed. Spinelli picked it up. Carly noted that the last time she saw a black duffel bag, Jake had a gun in it. Carly was sure that Jake wasn't doing anything like that again. Spinelli put the bag down, and they left. Carlos set up his gun again.

Spinelli and Carly went back to the restaurant. Spinelli gave Carly a flash drive that contained all the proof that Hayden was a fraud. Spinelli asked if Carly was going to take the evidence to the police. Carly felt that Jake should be the first to know.

TJ walked over to Shawn and Duke. TJ explained that he'd just gotten finished rehearsing for the Nurse's Ball. TJ was excited about getting to spend the evening of the ball with Jordan and Shawn. TJ noted that last year, when they'd all been together, it almost felt like a family moment. Duke looked uncomfortable as he listened to TJ. TJ explained that he was looking for Jordan right now. TJ's financial aid had been cut, and he was hoping Jordan would be able to help cover the rest of his tuition. TJ didn't really want to ask his mom for help, but Shawn insisted that Jordan could afford it and that she'd be happy to help TJ out. Shawn was also willing to chip in, if necessary. Duke volunteered to cover TJ's tuition. Shawn wanted to discuss Duke's offer in private, but Duke assured them that there were no strings attached. Duke was pleased that TJ had a promising future unrelated to the business Duke and Shawn were in, and Duke wanted to support that. TJ was surprised and grateful. Duke told TJ that he had a wonderful future ahead, no matter what happened. TJ promised not to. TJ hugged Duke, which put TJ in the line of fire, too. Shawn appreciated the way he and Duke had each others backs no matter what.

Jordan had Anna meet her on the pier. Bruce was lurking in the shadows. Jordan announced that she was through with the undercover operation. Jordan explained that she and Shawn said I love you. Jordan didn't want to be the one to put Shawn in prison, but Jordan promised not to stand in Anna's way. Anna asked if Jordan was planning to tell Shawn the truth. Anna warned that this could have catastrophic results. Jordan wasn't sure, but she was considering not telling Shawn the whole truth. Anna pointed out that this wasn't a good way to start a relationship. “Like you and Duke,” Jordan shot back. Anna admitted it was exactly like her and Duke. Anna empathized with Jordan, but Anna didn't think it was possible for Shawn and Jordan to be a couple without one of them getting hurt. Jordan didn't want to hear that. Jordan stated that she and Shawn were finally getting a chance after all they'd been through. Anna asked if Jordan was willing to take that chance at the cost of the operation. Jordan thought she'd given Anna a lot of good intel about the Corinthos organization. Anna revealed that the only crime they could prove was that Shawn tampered with the election. According to Anna, there was no solid evidence against Duke. Jordan pointed out that Shawn was carrying out Duke's orders, but Anna said Duke managed to keep his hands clean. Jordan suspected that Anna had planned all along for Shawn to go down while Duke went scot-free. Anna insisted that Jordan was wrong. Anna added that Duke was in trouble too – the Jeromes were planning to take out a major player in the Corinthos organization. Jordan countered that Duke might not be the target; it could be Sonny, Max, Shawn, or even Jordan.

An exhausted Morgan came to Silas and Kiki's place. Morgan told Kiki that he and Max searched all the places that they thought Michael would have stashed Avery. Kiki mentioned that Nathan had been searching all the places that Nina might have taken the baby. The lack of a ransom demand made Morgan think that whoever had Avery intended to keep her. Kiki was worried that Avery was gone for good, but Morgan urged her to stay positive. Kiki told Morgan that she'd confessed to Julian about drugging Michael. Morgan was angry that Kiki told, so she explained that she was drowning in guilt. Morgan pointed out that if this got out, he and Kiki would lose Avery and go to prison. Kiki was sure her uncle Julian wouldn't tell anyone.

Morgan felt like things were getting out of control. Kiki told Morgan that Michael made another scene at the Metro Court. Morgan understood that this was hard to deal with, but he felt that they'd done what they had to do to get Avery away from Michael. Kiki was concerned about Michael. Morgan maintained that Michael was a big boy who could take care of himself, but Kiki feared that Michael might give his driver the night off and get killed or kill someone else. Kiki wanted to clear her conscience by stealing the pills back. Morgan told her he was banned from the Quartermaine property. Kiki knew that Michael took his pills everywhere. Kiki had already called Rosalie, at ELQ, and tricked her into revealing that Michael was at work. Morgan noted that Kiki really cared about Michael. Kiki readily admitted that she did. Kiki asked Morgan if he cared about Michael. Morgan scoffed. Kiki pointed out that Michael was Morgan's brother. Morgan changed the subject and asked how they were going to get the pills. Kiki wanted to go to ELQ, cause a distraction, and grab the pills. Kiki thought this would work as long as they got there before Michael figured out what they did.

Michael was at work in his office. There was a knock on the door, and someone walked in. Michael didn't look up from his laptop, and he assumed it was Rosalie. Michael stated that Kiki was using Julian's paper to libel him. Michael wanted Rosalie to call Alexis so she could put a stop to it. Michael looked up and realized his visitor was Sonny. Michael started to page Rosalie about letting Sonny in, so Sonny explained that he slipped in while was away from the desk. Sonny announced that he was there about Avery. “A.J.,” Michael corrected. Sonny explained that he was out of his mind with worry over his daughter, and he wanted to know if Michael had her. Michael stood and glared. Sonny maintained that Michael had done the wrong thing in court. Michael insisted that the baby was safe with him, but Sonny countered that CPS took her from Michael for her own protection. Michael was sure Sonny approved of Kiki taking the baby from Michael. Michael noted that now the baby was gone. Sonny revealed that Morgan thought Michael had the baby. Michael asked what Sonny thought. Sonny explained that he loved Michael, so he didn't want to believe it. Michael said he didn't take A.J. “It's Avery,” Sonny said. The men argued about the baby's name and about Michael's motives for filing for custody. Michael insisted he was trying to protect the baby, but Sonny thought Michael was trying to punish him. Michael did think Sonny deserved to be punished.

Michael pointed out that Sonny took Michael's father away. Michael thought Sonny should take comfort in knowing the person Sonny lost was still alive. Sonny perked up and he asked how Michael knew the baby was alive. Sonny told Michael that they could fix this before it got ugly. Michael explained that he had to believe the baby was alive, or else he'd fall apart. Michael got choked up and he admitted he was terrified. Michael was adamant that he loved the baby and wanted her back. Sonny believed him. Michael knew Morgan didn't. Michael blamed Morgan and Kiki for Avery going missing. Sonny defended Morgan and pointed out that Michael had been incredibly drunk that day. “That's not what happened,” Sabrina said, as she walked in, carrying the lab results. Sabrina explained that Michael's allergy bottle contained the wrong pills. Pills that made each alcoholic drink five times stronger. “Somebody roofied my son?,” Sonny asked. Sabrina admitted that there could have been a mix up at the pharmacy. Michael was sure that someone switched his pills on purpose. Sonny assumed Michael suspected him. Sonny swore on his own life, and on Avery's life, that he didn't have Michael drugged. Michael didn't think it was Sonny. Michael explained that the people he suspected were at the Metro Court that day and that they goaded him into taking a drink. Just then, Kiki and Morgan walked in.

Carlos had his finger on the trigger. Bruce also had his finger on the trigger, ready to take his shot. The screen went black, then there was a gunshot.

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