GH Update Wednesday 4/22/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/22/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Shawn and Jordan are in bed together both happy. He tells her that he wants them to get back together now that she is “no longer spying upon him”.

Anna runs into Duke at The Metro Court and she tells him she wants to talk to him.

Sam and Patrick are together and he tells her he has the evening free to spend with her. She tells him she'd love to be with him but she has a “hot date” with Spinelli.

Spinelli runs into Jake outside Kelly's and remarks that something about Jake somehow reminds him of Jason (whom he called “Stone Cold”) Jake informs Spinelli he'd like to talk to him regarding the fact that Carly is having him investigate Jake's “wife”. He tells Spinelli he would prefer they both back off in their investigation and their assumption that Hayden is not his wife and is pulling a scam. Spinelli reminds Jake that Carly's instincts on things like that are usually correct. He also suspects Hayden and has proof that something is going on. Yet Jake assures Spinelli that things between him and Hayden are going well.

Sam tells Patrick she has to leave and meet with Spinelli. He needs her help, He did not tell her the specifics about the case but she is headed out the door to meet with him.

At the Metro Court, Anna is ready to talk to Duke about something but she gets a call which Duke can see is from Sloane. He remembers not long ago going to Anna's hotel room and seeing Sloane at her door. At that point, Duke leaves. On the phone, Sloane tells Anna that there is “something else” she needs to know about Duke Lavery.

Shawn concludes to Jordan that apparently Duke “tested” her to find out if she was a cop by asking her to kill someone. If she had said no, it would have confirmed that she could not be a cop. He asks her whom it was Duke asked her to kill. She replies Julian Jerome.

Sam goes to meet with Spinelli at Kelly's. He remarks that he can see that her new relationship with Dr. Drake agrees with her and that she is glowing. She admits that she is happy to be with Patrick. She tells him she heard that he and Maxie are giving it another go and encourages him to pursue his relationship with his baby's mom. He admits to her that there are some complications however involving both of their past relationships. She assures Spinelli that she knows they will figure it out. He then tells her about the business he wants to discuss with her involving somebody they both know.

Sloane finds Jake and demands to know what he's found out about Julian. Julian knows that “someone” is ratting him out and asks Carlos if he is the one. Carlos protests to him that he's always had Julian's back. He tells him the problem he has is that Duke is still alive and he wants to know why. Carlos tells Julian he's trying to do what Julian expects of him. He's been tailing the guy for a long time but it's easier said than done to do the job. Julian asks Carlos why. Carlos replies that Duke always has his “body guard” with him.

While Duke is on the phone to Lucy, the hired body guard, Bruce, is standing behind him. Duke urges Bruce to sit, remarking that it makes him nervous when he's always hovering around. Bruce tells Duke he needs to know if they plan to take Jordan Ashford out or not.

Jordan admits to Shawn that Duke first demanded that she kill Julian. But then suddenly, he left the whole issue alone and didn't pursue it any further as soon as she told him, with certainty that she is ready, willing and able to kill Julian. Shawn asked her what would have happened if Duke had not backed off. She replies if he had not, then Julian would be dead. She tells him she knows that Duke is calling the shots. Whatever the boss wants, he gets.

At Kelly's, Sam is surprised to hear that Spinelli is investigating Jake's alleged “wife” and asks why he's on this. He replies Carly asked him to do it. Sam assesses that although Jake has told Spinelli and Carly he is not questioning that Hayden is his wife nor suspecting anything, Carly believes otherwise. Sam asks Spinelli what his thoughts and feelings are about whether Hayden is legit or not. Spinelli confirms it's his opinion as well as he has proof that Hayden is a fake. Sam then asks Spinelli to reveal to her the specific reason why he believes that. He tells her he was able to find out that right as soon as Hayden appeared in Port Charles, that she received a sudden very large amount of cash. Yet she's having Jake believing she's broke and unemployed. Also, Spinelli tells Sam, he overheard a strange guy coming out of Hayden's hotel room and saying: “A pleasure doing business with you, Mrs. Barnes”. Sam is intrigued to find out that this woman is being somehow paid off to play an amnesiac's wife and realizes they need to know who is behind it and why. She asks Spinelli if he got a description or took a picture of this mysterious man who may be working with Hayden to scam Jake. Spinelli admits he has not yet but that is where Sam could possibly help him.

Sloane tells Jake if he is not comfortable being a rat, that is tough because Julian Jerome is going down. Jake needs to realize that Julian is scum. Jake then reminds Sloane that Julian is also Sam's father. She's done a lot to help get him this job and look how he is repaying her, Jake tells Sloane. Sloane reminds Jake that Julian Jerome has killed people, framed people. He aided and abetted Luke Spencer in his reign of terror, which he reminds Jake, involved him (involved Jake). Jake tells Sloane he knows that Sloane wants to make a name for himself by nabbing the local kingpin. Sloane denies that it's about that. He protests that this matters to other people, for starters, Anna Devane.

Anna comes by Patrick's to see Emma but his daughter is not home. He reflects to his former mother-in-law, that he wonders if Anna and Duke cannot get back together and encourages Anna not to give up on love, as he has not.

Duke tells the body guard, Bruce, that he did have concerns about admitting to Jordan that he wanted her to kill Julian when he knew she was wired. It could have undoubtedly gotten their organization into a lot of trouble. Bruce asks Duke if there is another reason why he is hesitating to take her out. Duke admits that Jordan has a son. He does not relish taking out that boy's mother. Also Shawn cares for Jordan very deeply and he has reservations about doing that to Shawn.

Shawn makes breakfast for Jordan and they relive their old memories that dated back to before TJ was born. They talk about how proud of TJ they are. She reminds Shawn that she's missed out on so much of her son's life. He tells her the knows she's a fine mother and a fine person. She admits that she is not entirely comfortable hearing him admit what she means to him yet he declares to her that he loves her.

Carlos tells Julian that Bruce is guarding Shawn not unlike Shawn guards Sonny and like he guards Julian. So, for that reason, he cannot get close to Duke. Julian then assesses that there has to be another way to be able to accomplish what he wants.

Duke declares to Bruce that he has no choice except to eliminate Jordan.

At Kelly's, Spinelli shows Sam the picture he got of Hayden, on his computer. She carefully looks at Jake's alleged wife but they realize they are at a loss without a picture or description of the strange guy who is probably working with Hayden to pull off the scam. They do, however, notice that Spinelli has gotten an image of a ring the guy wears. He then enlarges it and they can see that it's a class ring of 2001 so they now know when he graduated.

When Julian lays down the law to Carlos that they have to end Duke one way or another, Carlos asks if he's supposed to poison Duke's Earl Gray. Julian tells him no. However, he knows of a way for “someone” to get a clean shot unseen if they plan a shooting through the window to Duke's room at the Metro Court. Carlos, however, realizes that both Olivia Falconeri and Carly are very protective of anybody who's on Sonny's team so there's no way they'd let Carlos into the place to do what he needs to do. Julian, however, tells Carlos he may not have to plan the shooting himself. He knows of somebody who might be able to very effectively assist them with that.

Jake asks Sloane why former Commissioner Anna Devane would want to “team up” with Sloane given that she probably wasn't too happy when Sloane took her job from her. Sloane tells him that he and Anna are adults and put aside their personal issues for this. Also, he knows that Anna has a personal stake in this; Duke Lavery. She needs to make certain that he is ok and not in danger from Julian.

Anna talks to Patrick about her dilemma regarding Duke and the life he chooses in crime. She realizes that if she asked Duke to give that up, it would be like asking him to give up being a man. She knows he believes he's indebted to Sonny and has a need to make Julian pay for what he did to both of them (herself and Duke). She understands why Duke made the choices he has. She just can't live with it.

Duke tells Bruce that he (himself) brought Jordan Ashford, the traitor, into their organization. It was his mistake so it's his job to rectify it. Jordan has to be eliminated he declares. Bruce tells Duke he made the right decision but he needs to know when Duke plans to do what he intends to do. Duke replies right away.

Anna asks Patrick how things are with Sam and Danny moving in. He tells his former mother-in-law that he did want to run it by her first, realizing that he's moving on from her daughter and the mother of their child.

Shawn talks to Jordan about how they have been avoiding each other since TJ's father died. It's taken them so long to find each other after all these years. He has wondered for a long time, if it will be their time. He was a bit concerned when she was working for the Jeromes. He realizes that for so many years they have not been able to act on their feelings. Now, they can get back together without any more secrets. They have TJ's blessing. She declares that she loves him and they are happily in the moment kissing. She then tells him she'd like for them to attend the Nurse's Ball together as a couple. He tells her this is just the beginning and nothing can stop them now. He leaves.

Patrick declares to Anna that he wishes Robin had not left but she did. Anna tells him she believes he has every right to get on with his life. She tells her ex son-in-law that Robin had everything here; a good husband, a beautiful little girl, people who loved her here in Port Charles and she'll never understand how her daughter could give all that up. She tells him that she is sad that Robin is no longer there but she wants Patrick to have a good life and if Sam is the right person for him, that is great. Anna tells Patrick she knows he and Sam have something in common after both losing their respective spouses. Emma likes Sam and is very attentive to Danny and everybody is happy, he tells her. She then asks Patrick if Sam is ready to move on after losing Jason. Patrick replies that the strangest thing happened right in this very living room. They found Jason's wedding ring underneath the couch and haven't a clue how it got there until Nikolas revealed what he knew about it.

Sam and Spinelli are brainstorming to find the information they need about Hayden as well as getting some clues about Jake.

When Sloane hears Jake stalling on taking out Julian, he tells him either he carries out what is needed, or he can say goodbye to this cushy lifestyle he gets to have that he would not have without Sloane pulling strings for him. Jake does not appear afraid of Sloane's threats however and manages to push him out the door telling him that he might just tell Julian that Sloane is putting him up to being Sloane's rat, and he'll just let Sloane deal with it himself. Sloane tells Jake he may do that but he doubts Jake will actually go through with it given all he stands to lose.

Julian tells Carlos that he might want to check out the place where Jake, the new guy, and his wife are staying at the Metro Court. Julian reminds Carlos that Jake will be there any minute. They will both be out of their room. It will be empty. All Carlos has to do is let himself in and take Duke Lavery out.

Duke tells Bruce he needs to make certain that they cover all their bases, realizing that Jordan used to work for the Jeromes and then flipped on them. He tells them that neither Anna nor Shawn can ever find out about this. It's too risky to know that he and Bruce are behind this operation. Bruce promises no one will find out from him. Duke asks him to let him know when it's done. Bruce then gets up to leave. Shawn enters and he asks Duke what “that” was all about.

Now that Anna is aware that Helena had Jason Morgan's ring all this time and she remarks to Patrick that sounds odd and may be noteworthy. Right then her phone rings. It's Jordan who tells Anna she needs to see her right away. It's important. Anna then tells Patrick she has to go and take care of an urgent manner. She tells her former son-in-law it was great to see him. She wants to possibly have a house-warming party for him and Sam. She assures him they are family and departs.

Jake goes to Julian's garage. Right away Julian can see something is on his mind and asks Jake what is up. Jake tells Julian there is something he needs to tell him.

While Sam and Spinelli are on his computer at Kelly's, now that he's found out the ring which Jordan's “co-conspirator” wears, he looks at records until he finds a class picture of a guy named Pete Ross. He recognizes the guy who is working the scam with Hayden Barnes.

Carlos is able to gain access to the empty hotel room where Jake and Hayden are currently staying. He pulls out a shotgun from a large bag and assembles it.

While Jordan is walking through the hallway, she passes by Bruce, the guy who promised Duke he'd kill her as soon as possible. He cocks his gun and follows her.

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