GH Update Tuesday 4/21/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/21/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At Patrick and Sam's, there was talk about Spencer Cassadine having Jason's ring. Jake recognized the last name and realized Spencer must be related to Helena. Sam explained the family connection and added that Nikolas was Spencer's dad. Jake noted that Nikolas paid for Jake's medical bills to make up for what Helena did to Jake. Sam stated that Nik was nothing like Helena; he was kind and reasonable. Sam decided to go to Wyndemere for answers, and she offered to give Jake a ride back to the garage. Just then, Nikolas arrived. Sam introduced Jake and Nik, then Jake thanked Nik for footing his medical bills.

Sam asked Nik how Spencer managed to get Jason's ring – which Jason had been wearing when he was shot. Nik explained that Spencer found the ring in Nik's safe. Sam didn't understand, and Nik spun a story to satisfy her curiosity. Nik said that Helena got the ring while she and Jason were at Creighton-Clark, and she brought it to Wyndemere. Sam asked why Nik hadn't said anything before. Nik told her that he found the ring on the day of Spencer's party, and due to the fire and Spencer's injuries, he'd forgotten to tell Sam about it. Sam bought the story. She remembered that Nik had been planning to tell her something while they were in Boston, but he got interrupted. Sam assumed that Nik was going to tell her about the ring. Nik let her believe that. Nik said he was glad Sam had the ring back. Jake thanked Nik again and told him not to feel responsible for what Helena did. Nik left. Sam slipped Jason's ring on her finger. Jake decided to go. Sam was going to give Jake a ride, but she was still fiddling with the ring. Patrick gave Jake a ride home instead.

Maxie was at her place making dinner for herself and Spinelli, while Spinelli was in the other room with Georgie. Spinelli's phone rang. Maxie ran to get it, while calling out to Spinelli. A picture of Maxie with Nathan caught Maxie's eye when she grabbed the phone. The phone stopped ringing by the time Spinelli entered the room. He played the voicemail for himself and Maxie. The call was from Lucy, who asked Spinelli to do an act at the Nurse's Ball with his “true love,” Ellie. Maxie noted that she told Lucy that she wasn't with Nathan anymore, but she hadn't mentioned that she was back with Spinelli. Spinelli was concerned that Lucy would attempt to cajole him and Ellie to put aside their turmoil for the ball. Maxie understood why Lucy would do that. Maxie thought that Spinelli and Ellie had amazing chemistry, on stage, she added, at the 2013 Ball. Spinelli had a flashback to the skit he and Ellie did, and he noted that the magic of the Nurse's Ball brought him and Ellie together. Spinelli thought that was history, though. Spinelli wanted to take part in the charity event, and he mulled over rejoining the cast of Magic Milo. Maxie let him know that Nathan had taken over Spinelli's role in the group. Spinelli decided not to try and get the role back, out of consideration for Nathan's feelings. Maxie thought there'd be hurt feelings all around – she'd been supposed to walk the red carpet with Nathan. Spinelli put a positive spin on it by pointing out that she'd be walking with the father of her child instead. Spinelli suggested that he and Maxie do an act for the Ball. Maxie didn't think there was enough time to rehearse, and besides, Spinelli was busy with his case. Spinelli admitted that Carly was impatiently waiting for answers. Spinelli told Maxie about the case and his theory that the man Spinelli saw with Hayden (Pete, the model), was the one paying her to pretend to be Jake's wife. Spinelli didn't have a lot to go on; although he took a picture of Hayden and the mystery man, the man's face wasn't in the photo. Maxie suggested that Spinelli ask Sam to help him investigate. Spinelli loved the idea.

Back at Sam and Patrick's, Sam's phone rang. It was Spinelli. He asked if she wanted to help out on a case. Sam said yes, and they decided to meet tomorrow to discuss specifics. Patrick returned. Sam told him she'd gotten the kids to bed. Patrick asked Sam if she was okay. Sam was relieved to have closure. She thought the ring represented proof that Jason really was at the clinic. Later, Sam put the ring in her canister. She told Patrick she was at peace, then she joined him on the couch. Patrick wondered if her feelings had anything to do with her doctor boyfriend, and Sam confirmed that it did. She was happy to be starting a new life with Patrick.

Back at Maxie's, Maxie hoped that Spinelli wouldn't be so busy with his case that he'd leave her stranded at the Ball. Spinelli assured Maxie that nothing would keep him away. He promised that they'd be the hottest couple on the red carpet. They kissed.

Ellie and Nathan were still at Kelly's. Ellie thought it was her fault that she lost Spinelli to Maxie. Nathan blamed himself for walking away from Maxie instead of forcing her to choose. Ellie knew that Nathan had to get back to working on the missing baby case. Ellie admitted that she used to have nightmares that Georgie was missing, and she'd have to go check and make sure she was still in her crib. Nathan recalled that Maxie used to have the same dreams. A somber Ellie noted that she (Ellie) no longer had a place in Georgie's life, now that her parents were back together. Lucy walked into the diner. She spotted Ellie and insisted that Ellie and Spinelli do a skit for the ball. Ellie told Lucy about the break up. Lucy was disappointed, because she thought Ellie and Spinelli fit well together. Lucy wondered what hope there was for everyone else if couples like Ellie and Spinelli and Nathan and Maxie couldn't make it. Lucy cursed the fates for breaking up two good relationships. Nathan and Ellie told Lucy that Spinelli and Maxie were back together. Lucy thought Maxie and Spinelli were better as friends and that they belonged with Nathan and Ellie, respectively. Lucy advised Ellie and Nathan to get back out there and find love again. She had an idea and suggested that Ellie and Nathan date each other. Nathan pointed out that he barely knew Ellie and he was fresh off a break up. Lucy knew what that was like, and she told them she split with Duke because their hears were with other people. Lucy and Duke had been there for each other, though. Lucy suggested that Ellie and Nathan be friends. Ellie and Nathan liked the idea. Lucy went further and wanted them to walk the red carpet at the Ball. Ellie had reservations about that suggestion, but Nathan thought it was a great idea. Lucy left. Ellie was still against the idea. She was concerned that she'd burst into tears at the sight of Spinelli. Nathan theorized that when Spinelli and Maxie saw them together, they'd get jealous and realize what they were missing. Ellie liked Nathan's plan and agreed to go along with it.

Ric and Elizabeth were having dinner at the Metro Court. When Carly came over to see if they needed anything, Liz asked Carly what she'd been accusing Ric of earlier. Carly asked Liz why she was with Ric. Liz wondered why Carly cared. Carly wanted the best for Liz, since Liz gave Carly a gift that could never be repaid (donating Jake's kidney to Josslyn). Carly thought that Liz was too good for Ric. Hayden arrived, and she tried to quickly leave when she saw everyone, but Carly spotted her and insisted that she come over. Carly introduced Hayden and Ric and pointedly asked if they knew each other. Hayden and Ric played it cool and didn't let on that they were working together. Hayden claimed she'd heard about Ric from Jake. Hayden was pleased to see that Liz and Ric had rekindled their relationship, since Jake and Hayden had reconnected. Liz grumbled that she was aware that Hayden and Jake had reconnected multiple times. Carly asked what Liz was talking about. Hayden boasted about having sex with Jake. Carly had a flashback to Jake saying he hadn't slept with Hayden. Liz perked up when Carly announced that Jake said otherwise. Ric asked Carly and Hayden to go somewhere else, but they didn't. Carly wanted Hayden to explain why Jake and Hayden's stories didn't match up. Hayden got mad and told Carly to stay away from Jake. Hayden stormed off, and Carly grinned. Liz asked Carly again what she was accusing Jake of. Carly remembered theorizing that Ric paid Hayden to lie, and Spinelli telling Carly that he saw Hayden making a deal with another man. Carly told Liz that it turned out to be nothing. Carly was unapologetic about accusing Ric, after he... An exasperated Ric interrupted and admitted he locked Carly in a panic room. He asked Carly if she was finished. “For now,” Carly said as she walked away.

Jake arrived at the Metro Court. He told Carly it had been a long day, and he wanted a drink. Carly asked if Jake was sure he didn't want to go upstairs and be with his wife, but Jake asked Carly to please not start with that. Jake noticed Liz and Ric. Carly felt bad that she didn't warn Jake, but Jake admitted Liz told him that she and Ric might try again.

Ric felt that Carly had ruined their night, and he told Liz he was sorry. He suggested that he and Liz go somewhere more civilized. Liz agreed, but it was clear that her thoughts were elsewhere. Ric asked what was going on. Liz admitted she was trying to figure out why Hayden went out of her way to lie to Liz about having sex with Jake. Ric wondered why it mattered. Liz admitted that it didn't really matter, but Liz just hated being lied to. Ric suggested that Hayden was worried about losing Jake again, so she lied to get Liz to back off. Ric admitted he knew what it was like to be afraid to lose someone. Liz knew the feeling too. Ric noted that, no matter what Hayden's motives, Hayden was with Jake, and Ric and Liz were together and in love. Jake watched, from across the room, as Ric kissed Liz.

Carly advised Jake to stop torturing himself by watching Liz and Ric. Jake agreed that Carly was right. Carly predicted that Jake would get another shot with Liz. Jake pointed out that he was married. Carly announced that she had a lot to tell Jake about his so called wife. Jake wasn't interested in what Spinelli had dug up. Jake reminded Carly that, as far as he knew, Hayden was his wife, and he'd asked Carly not to put him in the position of having to defend Hayden. Jake pointed out that he had to try and have some semblance of a marriage with Hayden. Carly explained that she wasn't trying to make things worse for him. Jake softened and he asked what Carly wanted to tell him. Carly replied that Hayden was rude. Jake apologized for Hayden. Now that the tension was gone, Jake went upstairs to go to bed. Carly vowed to uncover the truth about Hayden, the “lying weasel” and tell Jake as soon as she got answers.

At the loft, Valerie cried about her mom, and Dante comforted her with a hug. Lulu and Rocco walked in. It was clear that Lulu was displeased about the embrace. Dante tried to kiss Lulu, but she dodged away and put Rocco in Dante's arms. Lulu announced her plans to make Dante dinner. Dante explained that Valerie already cooked. Valerie hoped she didn't overstep. Lulu wondered if Dante was hugging Valerie to thank her for the meal. Valerie confessed that the truth was more embarrassing. She explained that the dish she cooked reminded her of Pat, and she started crying, so Dante hugged her. Dante didn't think Valerie had anything to be ashamed of. Dante thought Valerie was holding up a lot better than he would be if his mom died. Lulu icily said that Valerie did need time to heal. Lulu noticed that Valerie's things were packed, and she asked if Valerie was leaving. Valerie admitted that she'd been planning to leave, but Dante talked her out of it. Lulu wasn't happy. She took Dante aside and asked for an explanation. Valerie stood a few feet away, looking uncomfortable. Dante explained that he did it for Valerie and for Lulu. Dante had heard about the way Lulu overreacted to seeing Valerie alone with Rocco. Dante was sure that Valerie wouldn't hurt Rocco, and Lulu agreed. Dante felt that Valerie shouldn't be alone right now, and he was confident that Lulu would agree that Valerie should be with family. Lulu turned to Valerie and told her that Dante was right – they were family and they needed to stick together.

Dante assumed Lulu was okay with Valerie staying at the loft for a little longer, but Lulu clarified that she wasn't okay with it. Valerie assured Lulu that she understood and that she didn't mind leaving. Lulu hoped that Valerie would relocate to Port Charles, permanently, so they could get to know each other, but the loft was too small for all of them. Lulu was concerned that they'd soon be at each others throats again, in these cramped quarters. An embarrassed Valerie admitted she wasn't sure she could afford her own place. Lulu thought Valerie should move in with her brother Nikolas, since he had tons of room. Valerie was curious how Nik fit into the family, and Lulu explained that Nik was her mother's son from another relationship. Dante wasn't sure about Valerie staying with Nikolas. He suggested she stay at Carly's. Lulu countered that Carly didn't have a lot of room, with Morgan, Josslyn and Bobbie living there, even though Lucas had moved out of her place and in with Brad. Dante pointed out that Valerie and Nik weren't even related. Lulu said that Valerie and Nik were cousins by marriage. Valerie didn't want to impose, but Lulu thought it would be fine, since Nik and Spencer were all alone on the island. Lulu was sure that Nik wouldn't say no to his little sister.

Nikolas went back to Wyndemere. He had a drink, then he hurled the glass into the flames in the fireplace. A voice noted that Nik was hot when he was angry. Nik turned and saw that it was Hayden. She explained that she'd been bored waiting for Jake to return, so she went to the bar, but left because Liz, Ric and Carly were there. She'd seen the island from the Metro Court and she started wondering if Nik was lonely. Hayden started flirting with Nik, and he seemed captivated. Nik's phone rang (it was Lulu), but he made no attempt to get it. He and Hayden had sex on the living room floor. Afterward, Hayden noted that it was clear that Nik was working off some pent up frustration. Hayden asked Nik what was eating at him. Instead of answering, Nik asked Hayden who put her up to tricking Jake. Hayden got the message. Hayden agreed that it was best for them to keep things simple and not confide in each other. They kissed.

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