GH Update Monday 4/20/15

General Hospital Update Monday 4/20/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

While walking out of Kelly's and texting and carrying a beverage, Ellie Trout is distracted and unable to prevent spilling whipped cream all over Nathan as she passes him. He remembers the same thing happened when he ran into Spinelli not long ago. Not knowing who he is, nor he-her, Ellie apologizes while going into all of her scientific “talking”. Nathan assures her it's no big deal as he lives upstairs and can easily change his shirt. Instantly, Ellie notices how hot his body is. She then learns that he knows her ex-boyfriend, Damien Spinelli. He learns for the first time who she is and she-him.

Maxie gets a call from Lucy reminding her of the up-and-coming nurse's ball. She promises she will not be there but has to inform Lucy that she and Nathan will not be there together. As soon as she's off the phone, Lulu enters with Rocco to visit her while Dante is back at their place with Valerie. Lulu admits she does not think well of her cousin Valerie after she tried to kill Luke. She admits she did not welcome her into the family and made it clear she did not trust her alone with Rocco when she walked in and saw her Valerie alone with her infant son.

Dante gets along really well with Valerie. He's comfortable around her whereas Lulu is not. Dante returns home and wonders why Lulu is out. Valerie tells him she can see that Lulu would rather she not stay there so she informs Dante she has to move out of Port Charles.

Ric and Elizabeth appear at the Metro Court ready for a romantic dinner together Carly coldly asks Ric what he's doing there and she remembers that not long ago, he had failed to win Elizabeth over from Jake. She demands Elizabeth tell her why she is having dinner with Ric and why she's chosen to get back with him.

Nikolas goes into his locked safe looking for the ring but it's nowhere to be found. He searches and gets very stressed and angry wondering where on earth it could be or how it could have vanished from where he knows he put it last under lock and key. He remembers that he found out that he found out that Jake is Jason Morgan. He is alive. That is Jason's ring. And he knows he has to somehow find Jason's wedding ring.

While Jake is at Patrick's house, he knows he dropped his keys underneath the couch. And right when he finds them, he also discovers that very ring.

Lulu fills Maxie in on the details of her cousin Valerie staying in hers' and Dante's apartment. Maxie tells Lulu she wholeheartedly agrees and understands Lulu's reservations to let the woman who tried to kill her father stay there with them and their child and wonders why Dante is so trusting of her. Lulu admits she understands Valerie's justifiable reasons to want Luke dead. He held her at gunpoint, bound, gagged and knocked her out to motivate her to tell him where to find her mother whom he intended to kill. Her mother is now dead because of Luke. Lulu realizes Valerie has good reason to believe that Luke is a dangerous homicidal psycho given what little she knows of him. So, Lulu finds herself in a dilemma,

Dante clearly does not want Valerie to leave or feel unwelcome in his apartment. She tells him that it's clear to see that Lulu does want her there nor trust her with Rocco when Lulu freaked out to walk into the room and see Valerie alone with the little guy not long ago. She is very gracious and grateful to Dante for being so kind to her throughout all that has happened. She gets ready to go out the door but Dante urges her not to leave.

At The Metro Court, Carly hears Ric, very confidently and adamantly “reminding” her the reason why Elizabeth is not with Jake anymore. Jake is married, he affirms, whereas he (Ric) is not. Hearing that and remembering her conversation with Spinelli where they both wondered who would want Jake to falsely believe he's a married man from Beecher's Corners and why, Carly instantly puts two and two together and comes up with the answer to the question. She stares at Ric and declares it was him

At Wyndermere, Nikolas cannot figure out how Jason Morgan's ring has disappeared until Spencer enters, still wearing his half mask and telling his dad his life is over and he's lost everything including Emma

Jake wonders why he would discover a wedding ring under Patrick's couch. Patrick instantly knows it's not his. Sam wonders where on earth that ring would be there, who it belongs to and who put it there.

At Kelly's, while observing Nathan, Ellie “assesses” how it was that her ex-boyfriend, Spinelli kind of gave up on believing he could win Maxie over from this hot guy standing before her. He tells her how he and Maxie were so happy together until Spinelli came and wrecked everything between them. She reflects she and Spinelli were happy also until Maxie came to visit Georgie over Christmas. Nathan concludes this whole thing was her fault. She broke up with Spinelli and put ideas in his head that he and Maxie belong together.

While talking to Maxie, Lulu knows she has reservations about Valerie. Yet she does not believe that her cousin is dangerous to anyone. There's something else going on that she's not ok with. She concludes that she just hopes that Valerie leaves soon and goes back to where she came from.

Dante invites Valerie to sit down at the table with him and have dinner. She relives memories she had of the late Patricia. He listens intently and engages with her. He realizes that he and Lulu have not eaten dinner together for a long time. Dante and Valerie really seem to like each other.

At the Metro Court, while Carly confronts Ric for what she's certain he's done to get Elizabeth back, Spinelli finds her. She tells him she thinks she just found out who it is that's paying Hayden off to pull off this scam that she's Jake's wife. Spinelli reveals to Carly that he saw another guy besides Ric whom he knows worked with Hayden to pull of the scam that she's Jake's wife.

At Patrick's, Sam demands to know how and why a ring that is not his would be found underneath his couch. Jake then notices the inscription of Alan Quartermaine on the ring.

Spencer tells his father that he knows Emma rejected him because of his scarred face. Nikolas firmly tells his son he knows that Emma would not do that for that reason. He knows there must be another reason for Emma to turn his son away. He tells Spencer he needs to be honest about what really happened between the two of them. We then remember Spencer giving Emma the mysterious ring and her not accepting it because she saw it belonged to Alan Quartermaine and was not Spencer's to give to her.

Sam notices that the ring that originally belonged to Alan Quartermaine was the ring she gave to Jason when they got married.

At Kelly's, after Nathan blames Ellie for Spinelli taking Maxie from him, she tells him she thinks it's his fault instead. She happens to know that he broke up with Maxie so that left her free to Spinelli, maybe by default. He admits to Ellie that he started thinking the same things she did about how maybe Maxie and Spinelli share a bond having a child together and they should be together. She concludes that they have to accept that Maxie and Spinelli are together now. Nathan seems surprised when she reveals that is not what she wanted. She admits she made a terrible mistaken

Maxie informs Lulu that she and Spinelli were ready to get back together, due in part to her break-up with Nathan, being no longer “taken”, and the fact that Spinelli is her father's child. How could she turn Spinelli down? But right after she said yes, Nathan came by unexpectedly to tell her he wanted to give them another chance. And to complicate things all the more, Ellie showed up out of nowhere and it appears she wants to get back with Spinelli. Maxie admits she is torn between the two guys.

When Carly hears Spinelli reveal that he spied upon Hayden, he overheard a conversation she had with a guy who was not Ric Lansing who made it very clear that he was somehow pretending to be her husband and they were working together on some sort of “plan”. Yet they cannot figure out whom this other guy would be.

While Ric is at the table with Elizabeth, they both suspect nothing although she wonders what Carly confronted him and what she was accusing him of. Neither seems to have a clue what she and Spinelli are discovering as they speak.

Spencer reveals to his father that he found a ring to give to Emma. Nikolas demands where he found this ring. Spencer replies in the safe. Nikolas demands his son give him back the ring but Spencer realizes it's not there and is probably still at Emma's house.

At Kelly's, Ellie and Nathan find out that they share a common goal regarding not wanting Maxie and Spinelli getting back together. She regrets breaking up with Spinelli and, believing he should be with Maxie, and she wants Spinelli back. Nathan admits he regrets breaking up with Maxie, believing she should be with Spinelli and he wants Maxie back.

Sam is emotional to find the ring that meant so much to her which suddenly disappeared not long ago. Nobody can figure out how it is that it wound in in Patrick's house. Emma comes out and answers that question.

Lulu leaves Maxie's apartment to return home to her husband. However, Dante is really enjoying having dinner alone with Valerie.

At Patrick's, Emma reveals to her dad, to Sam and to Jake that she can identify the ring they found on the floor. She remembers that Alan Quartermaine's name was inscribed on it. Spencer wanted to give it to her as a symbol of their relationship but she did not accept it because she didn't want to take a stolen ring. At that point, remembering that Spencer was in fact in his house to talk to his daughter about that very thing, Patrick knows what happened. Both Sam and Jake are in awe to find out what they have just found out and Sam demands to know how on earth Spencer Cassadine could have had access to Jason's ring.

At the Metro Court, when Carly discovers that Spinelli noticed an unidentified man clearly working with Hayden to scam Jake, she demands that he find a way to figure out who this guy is.

Nikolas knows he needs to get to Patrick's home to find the ring before “somebody else” finds it.

Valerie cries remembering and missing her mom while with Dante. He holds her and she cries on his shoulder. Lulu walks in the door and sees them, wiping the smile off her face.

At Kelly's, both Nathan and Ellie reflect how they each let their respective “loves” get away from them and back to each other, and by the time they realized that, it was too late. She asks if they should now just realize they have to give up and accept that they have lost them. He tells her no.

Spinelli returns to Maxie and she knows not to tell him anything about her mixed feelings on whether to be with him or with Nathan. She has prepared a meal. He goes to check on the little one. She can clearly overhear his voice on the baby monitor, telling baby Georgie about how he always wanted a family as a child to have meals together and now his dreams will come true with the family he now has. She clearly finds herself in a major dilemma now that she knows that Nathan has not given up on her.

Patrick, Jake, and Sam wonder how Jason's ring could be in Nikolas' home and why he'd choose to keep it without telling anyone. Nikolas appears at Patrick's front door.

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