GH Update Friday 4/17/15

General Hospital Update Friday 4/17/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the Quartermaine house, Ned tells Olivia he is hungry and asks her if she wants to eat with him. She angrily demands to know how he can think about food at a time like this after he's just signed over all his ELQ shares to Franco.

Franco then returns to the hotel suite and looks for Nina who is not there. He hasn't a clue where she went.

Ric comes by Elizabeth's house with flowers. She is happy to see him. He tells her he is grateful that she has given him another chance. She asks how he is doing in his efforts to file the appeal for Sonny. He tells her it might go in their favor yet because it appears that Michael may battle given recent occurrences that have happened.

At the Metro Court, Spinelli finds Carly. She asks him if he has good news for her. He tells her that he is getting back with Maxie and they are going to be raising their daughter together. Carly congratulates him and tells him that is great news but reminds him that is not the news she was asking him about. She needs to know if he has dug up dirt on Jake's alleged wife, Hayden or not.

Hayden is alone in the hotel room and gets on her computer to find Nikolas's number. When he answers he is not happy to hear from her. However, she knows that he's a prince with a long name, very rich, might be alone and might want to sleep with her again.

Sam is at Patrick's home while they are sampling muffins. They remark that Emma is learning how to bake and they are alone in the house. The doorbell rings. Sam gets up to get it. It's Jake at the door. She stares at him and he stares at her.

Nina returns to Franco and seems much less enthused than he is that he's acquired ELQ stock. He shows her the stock certificate and declares that Ned would do anything in order to protect his precious Olivia's secret that Julian is the father of her baby.

Olivia expresses to Ned that she is very upset that he has given up his birthright in order to give into Franco's blackmail for her. He tells her he is not worried about the outcome. It has prevented Franco from revealing her secret. Alexis enters unexpectedly..

While Jake goes to Patrick's home and talks to Sam, she thanks him for the motorcycle ride he gave her to Patrick's when her car broke down. He tells her he just wanted to come by and make sure she is ok and is glad she's in a good place. She seems happy to see him. Patrick enters and stares coldly at them, revealing he may not welcome Jake in his house or be ok with his visiting Sam.

Hayden talks to Nikolas on the phone and asks why he is not ok with the fact that they have slept together and are both committing blackmail. He does not like what she is doing to Jake. She reminds him that he is also withholding information from this guy about who he really is. He reminds her that he contacted his grandmother and has confirmed that Hayden is not on her payroll. He doesn't even know where she came from or whom she is working for. He does not trust Hayden and wants nothing more to do with her but she is not worried about that.

Carly talks to Spinelli, at the Metro Court about how she could really understand Jason and he-her. Spinelli remembers that all too well and wholeheartedly agrees that Hayden is scamming Jake about being his wife. Carly asks Spinelli if he has found out any information about Hayden and her scam. Spinelli informs her that in fact he has.

Ric is ready to take Elizabeth out to dinner and she runs upstairs to get ready. There's a knock on her door. While she is unable to get the door, Ric opens the door. It's the guy whom Ric hired to pose for photos with Hayden to pass himself off as Jake before his accident.

Nina remarks to Franco that she thought he'd have a tougher time getting a hold of the shares. He tells her he did but Olivia and Alexis were both right there with Ned and that motivated him to keep the secret at any cost. Nina then remembers that Alexis represented her and helped her get out of ShadyBrook and she is also representing Michael in his custody hearing with baby Avery.

When Alexis enters Ned's home, she wants to discuss how it is that Ned does not have a majority of the shares and even if she contacts Nikolas, he might not be able to help them obtain what Ned needs.

Hayden goes to see Nikolas at Wyndermere, uninvited. He asks her to leave but she seems to get the idea that he will want to see her, reminds him that they are both on the same side, both lying to Jake in order to get what they want. So, she suggests that they have some fun while they are doing it.

When Spinelli reveals to Carly that he did find out about the woman who calls herself Hayden Barnes, she asks if this person does exist. Spinelli does not have a simple answer and leaves Carly in suspense. He tells her that there is an “indication” that Mrs. Barnes is not on the up-and-up because he's heard that she has recently obtained a considerable amount of money.

At Elizabeth's doorstep, the co-conspirator in Ric's scam tells Ric he needs more money. If Ric does not want to do what he asks, then he will have to tell both Elizabeth and Jake what Ric and Hayden have done.

Hayden continues to “work on” Nikolas and tells him she “needs this” and believes he does too. She could see the last time they were together, it appeared he was denying himself the carnal pleasures in life. At first, he resists her but then they end up kissing.

Franco shows Nina the information on the laptop about how they will have more than enough money. He asks her where she was coming back from. She odes not answer and tells him she knows that he is still wondering if she might have stolen the baby and is keeping her somewhere.

After Alexis leaves Ned and Olivia alone in the house, Olivia tells him she is not ok with the fact that she is the reason that he's given up the shares that his grandfather gave to him. She knows that Edward would be rolling around in his grave if he knew that. Ned tells her his grandfather would have done the same thing for his grandmother. There is only one thing that Edward Quartermaine loved more than money was to follow his heart.

While Nikolas is going at it with Hayden on the furniture in his living room, Alexis enters and calls to her nephew.

Carly tells Spinelli that it's too coincidental that Hayden suddenly has a ton of money right before she shows up unexpectedly on Elizabeth’s doorstep. It's obvious that she got that money from whoever paid her off to have Jake believing that she was his wife.

The scam artist “fake Jake” whom Ric hired reminds Ric of what will happen if Elizabeth finds out the truth. Ric realizes that he has no choice except to do what he wants if he does not want to lose Elizabeth and promises the guy he will contact him and provide the cash he needs. Elizabeth appears in her dinner dress, happy to be with Ric. She does inquire, however, whom Ric was talking to, while waiting for her before she came out to the front porch.

While Jake listens to Sam and Patrick talking, he observes a picture that looks all too familiar to him.

At the Metro Court, Carly tells Spinelli she knows that Hayden was lying for money about being Jake's wife. But they still have no clue as to who is putting her up to this for the money. That's what they have yet to find out. What motive would this person have to scam Jake? He has not money to extort and it appears nobody knows anything about him.

Ric goes off on his dinner date with Elizabeth. Yet he cannot reveal to her whom he was just talking to or about what and knows he better make something up.

Alexis continues to call to Nikolas and he persuades Hayden to hide while he talks to his aunt. Alone with Nikolas, Alexis tells her nephew she needs to find out of he knows what happened to the remaining 32% of ELQ shares.

Olivia tells Ned that she is concerned that Edward might not be ok with Ned forking over the family's fortune for a friend in a jam. He assures her she is so much more to him than just a friend and it's taken him this long to realize it.

Nina tells Franco she knows that he suspects that she snapped and took the baby. She tells him she went to take a walk in order to calm down after getting a very stressful visit from her Auntie Lisle. It really gets under her skin when people accuse her of taking the baby. Hearing that, Franco asks how it would get under her skin if she did not kidnap the baby. She tells him she cannot believe she has to defend herself to him. He tells her he just wanted to find out what is going on. She tells him she knows that a baby has been kidnapped. The reason she was stressed when Obrecht questioned her is because she does not like being accused and suspected. He tells her he apologizes if that is what he is doing. She tells him that her Aunt Lisle was not only doing that but also needling her with a secret that she apparently knows about Nina's past. She thought she already knew about all the dirty laundry she had. But what if there is yet another skeleton in her closet that she doesn't even know about herself?

Ned assures Olivia that her friend, Melissa was right when she set him straight that he needs to realize what Olivia means to him. He realizes that whenever he's alone and thinks of her, a smile comes over him and he wants to be with her for a long time coming. He intended to tell her but before he had a chance, she suddenly got news that she was pregnant. She then realizes that she had no clue what he was ready to tell her and is in awe that he has discovered that he's had all these feelings for her before learning she was pregnant. At that moment, he kisses her.

Alexis informs Nikolas that Helena got a hold of a large chunk of ELQ voting stock. He avoids her question and makes sure that the documentation he needs to hide is ready to burn in the fire place. Alexis seems to believe and trust her nephew but wants to know what Helena has put Jake Doe up to and what she might know about Jake. Hearing that, Nikolas knows he has to evade his aunt's inquiry.

Jake notices the picture of Patrick with Robin and knows there is something significant about that and that he knows Patrick's estranged wife.

Carly talks to Spinelli about how he's been kept away from his daughter and knows he could use someone to talk to about his feelings regarding Maxie, Ellie, Nathan, his daughter and the whole thing. She remembers he always had Jason as did she, and how they both miss that and she tells him if he needs to talk to someone, she can be his Jason. They both know that somebody is pulling the strings of this woman who is scamming Jake. She informs Spinelli that she has already gone into the hotel room using her master key yet has found nothing since Hayden knows Carly is onto her and knows how to cover her tracks with that. Carly does tell Spinelli, however, that she would like him to go into Hayden's room and see what he can find out since Hayden does not know him nor suspect him.

The guy Ric hired to help Hayden pull off the scam goes to find Hayden in her hotel room while Ric is alone with Elizabeth. The guy tells Hayden if she and Ric do not want him to blow the whole story sky high, she will give him what he wants. Hayden tells the guy that she knows Ric has already paid him what he's agreed to. The guy tells her that just in case that is not true, he can look all around this room to find out what more he can tell Jake and Elizabeth about her. OR else, maybe she can give him the cash now.

Carly then remembers her conversation with Spinelli and how they both wondered who or what would be a motive to scam Jake into believing he has a wife at Beecher's Corners and why anyone would want to do that. It seems like she might be coming up with an answer to that.

Ric is with Elizabeth who suspects nothing yet he is worried about being found out.

Nina asks Franco if he thinks that Obrecht would know of something from Nina's past that could come back to haunt her. He tells her he knows that Obrecht is similar to him with being a connoisseur of mind games. He tells her that he can go and talk to Obrecht and hopefully get her to back off. Nina asks him if that means that he believes her that she did not take the baby. He assures Nina of course he believes her.

Ned assures Olivia she is not alone with this. She and the baby will always have him. She tells him she just wishes this did not have to come at the expense of ELQ. He tells her he can find a way to get the shares back. But in the meantime, he tells her, he just wants to focus on them.

When Alexis departs from Nikolas' home, he goes looking for “something” in the private safe and it appears he cannot find it.

Sam is ready to put “two and two” together” about Jake when he looks for keys and discovers something underneath Patrick's couch.

Nikolas realizes that somebody has taken Jason's secret wedding ring.

Jake discovers a wedding ring underneath Patrick's couch. It seems to be the one that Spencer found in his dad's safe, attempted to give to Emma and then threw it on the floor when she refused to accept it.

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