GH Update Thursday 4/16/15

General Hospital Update Thursday 4/16/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Kiki and Julian were still having breakfast at the Metro Court. A guilt-ridden Kiki told her uncle that she and Morgan switched out Michael's allergy pills. Julian asked what they gave him. Kiki wasn't sure, because Morgan made the switch, but she explained that the drug acted like a roofie when it was mixed with alcohol and made it seem like Michael was drunk when he wasn't. Julian stated that what Kiki and Morgan had done was assault. Kiki wasn't concerned about the consequences she and Morgan were facing, because she was too worried about Avery. Kiki wished she'd listened to Michael when he said that he was trying to keep Avery safe.

Michael stumbled up to the bar. The server recognized him as Michael Quartermaine and said he couldn't serve Michael. Michael asked for a club soda. Michael spotted Kiki and Julian. He went over and blasted them for being at the restaurant instead of looking for Avery. Michael wondered if Kiki cared. Kiki jumped up and yelled that she did. Michael directed a tirade at Julian over the story Julian printed in his paper that fingered Michael as a suspect in Avery's kidnapping. Julian pointed out that it wasn't Julian's fault the police were looking at Michael. Michael theorized that Morgan and Kiki kidnapped Avery to make him look bad. Julian asked Michael to stop interrupting Julian and Kiki's breakfast. Michael took Julian's desire to get back to his meal as a sign that Julian wasn't worried about the baby. Michael asked Kiki if she was worried. Kiki insisted that she was terrified. Michael said he wasn't surprised by Julian, or by Morgan, because Michael didn't think Julian and Morgan really loved Avery. Michael thought Morgan saw Avery as a trophy to return to Sonny. Michael had assumed that Kiki actually did love Avery, but now he doubted that. Kiki tearfully insisted that she did love Avery. “Then where is she?,” Michael screamed. Michael ripped into Kiki for taking Avery from him then failing to protect her. A server walked up and asked Michael to leave, but Michael refused, even when the man threatened to call security.

Duke and Lucy were in matching robes having breakfast in a suite at the Metro Court. Duke read the paper and was dismayed that Avery was still missing. Duke assumed Michael was the culprit, and he didn't approve. Duke tried to talk to Lucy about Avery, but she was too distracted to hear him. Duke got her attention, and Lucy explained that she was stressed out about planning the Nurses' Ball. Duke assured Lucy that she'd do fine, just like she always did. Lucy told Duke that she was still trying to think of an act for the two of them to perform together. Duke hadn't realized that Lucy expected them to do a number. He told her that he couldn't sing. Lucy pointed out that Duke was a fantastic dancer. Duke explained that he only knew how to do the tango. Lucy announced that they could do that. Duke was hesitant to agree. Lucy remembered that the tango was Duke's thing with Anna, and she told Duke that they could do another dance. Duke realized the Ball was only a couple of weeks away – there wasn't time to learn another dance. He assured Lucy that the tango would be fine. Lucy wasn't sure she remembered how to do it. Duke took her hand to give her a refresher course.

As they danced, Duke froze, and he remembered doing the tango with Anna. Lucy noticed Duke's demeanor, and she told him that it was obvious that he wanted Anna back. Duke insisted that he was with Lucy now. Lucy thought it was time that they admit that Lucy wanted to be with Kevin, and Duke wanted to be with Anna. Duke stated that even if he did want Anna back, Anna didn't want him. He pointed out that Anna was working to get him thrown in prison. Lucy theorized that Anna was investigating Duke as a way to keep Duke a part of her life. Duke didn't see the point in telling Anna how he felt. Lucy reminded Duke about the time she declared her love for Scott. Duke pointed out that when Lucy went to see Scott, she'd found him with Bobbie. Lucy said she wasn't meant to be with Scott, but Duke was meant to be with Anna. She encouraged him to go to Anna. Duke got dressed, and he told Lucy she'd always been there for him. Lucy told him that they'd always be there for each other. Lucy wanted Duke to be happy, so she told him to go find happiness. He left.

Anna was also in her suite at the Metro Court. She had a visitor – she opened her door to find Sloane in the hallway wearing a robe. His shower was on the fritz and he wanted to use Anna's. Sloane was in a hurry because he was due to meet with Mayor Lomax. Anna refused to help Sloane, at first, then she agreed to let him in, on the condition that he give her the name of his Jerome informant. Sloane wasn't willing to compromise his informant or his investigation. He offered to give Anna some information about Duke instead. Sloane told Anna that the Jeromes were planning a hit on a high level Corinthos employee, and they could be targeting Duke. Anna's eyes filled with tears. Sloane saw Anna's worried expression, and he told her it was clear that she still cared about Duke. Anna got defensive and she claimed she was trying to prevent a mob war. Sloane assured Anna, that although he didn't understand why she'd be in love with a criminal, he knew that love didn't have to be logical. Anna thanked him, and she left, leaving him inside to take his shower. Later, Duke arrived and knocked. He was startled when the robe clad Sloane opened the door. Sloane was about to explain things, but Duke left, dejected.

Ned and Olivia tensed when Franco showed up at the Quartermaine mansion. Franco overheard that there was going to be a family meeting about ELQ, and he announced that he should be there for it. Alexis assumed Franco must still be dealing with the side effects of the LSD injection. Alexis told him that he was no longer a Quartermaine, and he didn't own stock in ELQ anymore. Franco revealed that Ned had agreed to give Franco 11.5% of the company. It dawned on Olivia that this must have happened after Ned tried to make Franco stop blackmailing her. Olivia expressed her shock to Ned. Franco admitted he was surprised Ned didn't tell Olivia about this, since it was all about her, and her baby.

Alexis was curious to hear what was going on. Olivia quickly said that she went to visit Franco in ShadyBrook and offered him free room and board at the hotel, as a way to help him out after his ordeal, but now he was taking advantage of it. Olivia swore that was the whole story, but Franco pointed out that Olivia left out the part about the baby. Ned covered and said Franco's antics were stressing Olivia out, and Ned was concerned it would affect the baby. Alexis suggested that Olivia just call the police and have Franco removed from the hotel. Ned came up with the excuse that Olivia didn't want the bad publicity that would come with public finding out she let a reformed serial killer stay at her hotel. Alexis offered to use her legal expertise to get Franco out, but Ned told Alexis that he wanted her to work full time on ELQ business. Just then, Julian called and told Alexis that her client, Michael, was making a scene. Alexis filled Ned in, then she left. Once Alexis was gone, Franco threatened to call Julian if Ned didn't sign over his shares. Olivia was completely against it, but Ned refused to break his promise to protect her and the baby. Ned gave his shares to Franco. Ned suddenly grabbed Franco by the shirt and threatened to rip his heart out if he didn't leave Olivia alone. Franco agreed. Ned kicked Franco out.

Alexis arrived at the Metro Court and found the belligerent Michael arguing with security. Alexis tried to defuse the situation, and she promised that Michael would leave quietly. Michael called Alexis a traitor who was trying to make him lose his job. Alexis hissed that Michael would lose more than his job if he didn't leave right now. Michael agreed to leave. Alexis told Michael to have his driver take him home, and she'd meet him there. Michael spat that he'd go wherever the hell he wanted. He left.

Dr. Obrecht showed up at Nina's suite, just as Nina was about to leave. Nina assumed her aunt came looking for Franco, and she explained that he was at the Quartermaine's. Obrecht assumed that Nina kidnapped Avery and that Franco had gone to the mansion to do damage control. Nina denied taking Avery. Obrecht noted that she'd talked to Nathan about the case earlier, and Nathan wanted to believe Nina. Obrecht thought that Nathan was blinded by his love for Nina and that he saw her as helpless. Obrecht pointed out that Nina had come to town and fooled Silas into thinking she was helpless. Nina explained that she'd been in a bad place after she woke up from a twenty year coma. Obrecht believed that Nina was doing the same thing to Franco that she'd done to Silas. Obrecht considered Franco a good friend, and she didn't want Nina to drag him down. Nina argued that she wasn't dragging Franco down, but Obrecht stated that Franco never would have gone to Pentonville or ShadyBrook, if it weren't for Nina. Nina maintained that Franco could take care of himself. Obrecht felt that Franco was a sensitive genius who needed to be protected from people who'd take advantage.

Nina surmised that Obrecht had a crush on Franco. Obrecht insisted that she only had eyes for Cesar. Nina countered that Obrecht once had a thing with Victor. Obrecht insisted that she never reciprocated Victor's feelings for her. Nina asked how Obrecht had a baby with him. Obrecht tried to talk her way out of it, but Nina was skeptical. Nina wondered if Obrecht even had sex with Victor. Obrecht pointed out that if she'd never had sex with Victor, he never would have believed Nathan was his son. Obrecht revealed that she told Victor he was Nathan's father just before she killed Victor. Nina wasn't convinced and she threatened to call Nathan and tell him her suspicions. Obrecht threatened to dig up Nina's secrets if Nina didn't mind her own business. Nina wasn't worried because she wasn't hiding anything. Obrecht cryptically said that Nina had some dirty laundry that Nina had forgotten. Nina was startled and concerned, but Obrecht sweetly told Nina not to worry about it. “There's no reason to dredge up ancient family history. I just wanted you to know that it's in your best interests to keep your crazy theories about Nathan's father to yourself,” Obrecht stated. Obrecht added that if Nina had the baby, she should return her before it was too late. Obrecht left.

Silas was in NYC with Ava in her hospital room. Ava weakly thanked Silas for his help and assured him that she was ready to die. Meanwhile, Nathan was at the NYC hospital looking for Silas. He spoke to a nurse, who explained that Silas was with a patient whose identity was confidential. When Nathan told the woman he was there on police business, she told him where to find Silas. Nathan knocked on Ava's door and called out. Ava was alarmed, but Silas shushed her and stepped into the hallway. Nathan explained that he was there because Silas was one of the last people to see Avery before she vanished. Silas asked if he was a suspect. Nathan admitted that Obrecht wanted Silas questioned. Nathan was sure that his mother was only doing this to take the heat off Franco.

Nathan asked Silas if he'd seen Nina, or anyone else hanging around the room. Silas said no, and Nathan left. Silas returned to Ava's side. Ava asked what was going on. Silas explained that Nathan had some questions about Nina, because Nina and Franco were causing trouble at the hotel. Ava admitted those were two people she wouldn't miss. Ava looked at Silas through tears and told him it was time. Silas solemnly prepared a syringe. Ava sensed that Silas was about to get sentimental, and she softly told him not to. Ava explained that his lack of sentimentality was one of the things she loved about him. Ava asked if he ever loved her, all those years ago. Silas supposed that he did, in a way.

Ava assured Silas that this was for the best, but Silas wished there had been another option. Silas promised Ava that he'd keep his word and end her pain. Silas wondered if there was anything he could do? He offered to call Kiki so Ava could hear her voice. Ava said no, because she wasn't sure she'd be able to stay quiet. Ava cried that she wanted the agony to be over, and Silas injected something into her arm. Ava asked Silas to take care of her girls, and he told her he would. Ava admitted she kept wondering what it would have been like if she and Silas had stayed together. She lamented all the mistakes she made and wished she could live her life all over again. Ava smiled and told Silas that he looked just like he did on the day they first met. She closed her eyes and was still. Silas smoothed Ava's hair and kissed her forehead.

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