GH Update Wednesday 4/15/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/15/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the Metro Court, Olivia becomes very stressed when Julian will not leave her alone in a conversation where she assumes he wants her to tell him that he's the father of her baby, when she's already told him Ned is. He tells her he is not there to talk to her about her baby. He needs to talk to her about his sister's baby.

From the hospital, Kiki calls her dad, frantic and very upset that Avery has suddenly disappeared. He is secretly with Ava who overhears the conversation. He assures his daughter that everything will be ok but asks if the police have any leads. She replies that she knows they have questioned Nina. Silas comments to his daughter that he does not believe Nina would have taken baby Avery, as he spoke to Nina not long ago and would like to believe she's healed from her previous state of mind. Kiki comments to her dad that she believes he has a weakness for Nina's tricks and asks Silas if he's sure that Nina would not have scammed him again.

At the hotel room, Nina makes it clear that she is angry with the fact that Franco questions whether she is telling the truth when she tells him she did not kidnap Avery. He wants to forget about that and have a happy interaction with her but she is clearly not ok with the belief that he does not trust her any more than the people she knows have reason to suspect her.

At the hospital, reporters hound Obrecht for how she let a baby get kidnapped from her hospital without anyone knowing. What is wrong with her security and what will be done about that? Nathan stands by the door and tells the reporters that Dr. Obrecht is cooperating with the investigation and then goes with his mom into her office to speak privately to her. She tells her son that those reporters are compromising the quality of care in her hospital with the time they are taking to disrupt her and her staff. Nathan reminds her that they simply want some answers about how it could have happened. She angrily demands that her cop son makes them disappear by finding that baby and getting rid of Luke Spencer.

When Sonny enters Luke's hospital room, Tracy angrily demands he gets out now. She assumes he's only there for revenge however he informs her that he's only there because Luke asked him to pay him a visit. Luke also confirms to Tracy that he'd like to talk to Sonny alone and has cordially invited his friend to his room. Tracy then agrees to leave them alone to talk while she goes to check on her husband's transfer paperwork. She then calmly asks Sonny if there's been any word on his daughter, offers her condolences and comments that Avery is a lovely baby and many people care for her. Sonny admits he does suspect his son of kidnapping his daughter.

At the Quartermaine house, when Alexis questions Michael, he defensively tells her he wishes people would stop making accusations of him. He tells her that as his attorney, she needs to stop questioning him and work with the cops to find his little sister. Ned then takes Michael aside to tell him that he is not helping matters any and his recent behaviors have cost ELQ. He announces that he's arranged for Michael to step down, assuring him it will only be temporary. Alexis informs Michael she has drawn up papers to have someone replace him. He demands to know who that would be. Ned replies he is going to replace Michael as CEO.

Nathan assures Obrecht that Luke Spencer will be out of her hair soon enough as the cops plan to transfer him out of the hospital soon. She then demands that he does something about the fact that those reporters are still milling about. He tells his mom that security is supposed to take action with that yet she tells her son that the police are supposed to do something about those vermin in her hospital. She reminds Nathan that maybe he needs to work to see if he can't find the missing baby. He replies that so far the cops have two prime suspects. She tells him she knows about his recent conversation with Kiki Jerome. Nathan asks Obrecht how she'd know about that. She tells him she knows about his sister Nina being suspected. She reminds him she knows about Nina's history with that very behavior, as she also knows about Franco assisting her with it.

Nina demands to know why Franco did not simply accept her answer that she did not take the baby and why it appears he's not satisfied unless she “confirms” to him that she is a baby snatcher. He protests that he believes her and he can prove to her that he is in her corner.

At The Metro Court, when Julian clarifies to Olivia that he is there to talk to her about his niece, she seems calmer and assures him she is listening. He then tells her that she needs to know that Nina Clay is a prime suspect in the kidnapping, as is Franco. She tells him she completely understands, realizes and that she and Carly have given the cops all the support they can legally give them regarding that. He reminds her that it's obvious to many people that Nina and Franco are far from being rehabilitated. Now that the authorities have failed to protect society from them, he now believes it's his turn. Hearing that, she tells him she does not like the sound of that. He asks her if she likes the sound of what Franco and Nina are doing better, reminds her that they are staying in her hotel. He knows there has to be a reason for that and he reiterates to Olivia that he believes she needs his protection. Olivia then gets up to walk away and tells Julian thanks but no thanks. She already had protection.

Alexis and Ned attempt to convince Michael that having Ned taking over ELQ is only temporary and it's for the best. He reminds them that his sister is missing, to which Ned reminds him that without having to run ELQ, it will give him more time to look for her. Immediately, right then, Michael continues to sneeze and reaches for his bottle of prescription pills (which he assumes are allergy pills). He makes it clear that Ned that he believes Ned is stabbing him in the back while both Ned and Alexis attempt to convince Michael that Ned is merely trying to help him. Yet he clearly does not trust them. Right then, Tracy walks in and is very surprised to hear that Ned is now in charge of the company. Ned reminds his mom she has no say in the company since she has no more shares. Michael reminds Tracy how she allowed Luke and Jerry Jacks to swindle shares from the company and therefore it is now in the hands of Helena Cassadine. Ned reminds Michael that that happened on his (Michael's) watch and that is another reason why Michael needs to step down now. Alexis tells her client (Michael) that unfortunately, she has no power over what Helena has done although she will go and speak to Nikolas. IN the mean time, she tells Michael, she needs him to sign the papers.

While on the phone to Kiki from the place where Ava is secretly staying, Silas tells Kiki he realizes that Nina may be a “wild card” but he does not think he would take Kiki's sister again. She tells her dad perhaps he's right and tells him that Morgan believes that Michael is likely to have taken her. Silas tells his daughter he doubts that with Michael's need to clean up his act to establish custody, it does not seem likely he'd take that risk. Kiki tells her dad she believes that Michael might given the circumstances. He tells Kiki that is for the police to handle. He makes certain he is out of earshot from Ava while on the phone as not to worry or stress her. He does not want her to know that baby Avery is missing. She overhears however and asks Silas what he is talking about.

Sonny talks to Luke privately to ask if Luke sees him as an enemy and wants to hurt him. Luke sincerely tells Sonny he is truly sorry for all he did to him and it was not his intention to work with Julian Jerome to stab him in the back or anything else that has happened. Sonny informs Luke that Dante told him what happened to Luke. Luke tells Sonny he doesn't have to “dance around” answering the question of whether he forgives Luke. Luke comments on how his father and Sonny's step-father had some real power over them, to which Sonny tells him he knows how abuse can poison one over time, admitting that he struggles with it every day. He tells Luke what one needs to do is stare it down and face it and own up to it. Anything less is a betrayal to the kid they both used to be. Hearing that, Luke tells Sonny he respects Sonny saying that to him more than Sonny can know. Sonny admits to Luke he understands all too well the rage and turmoil one has to deal with every day. But, he asks Luke, why did he need to take that out on him?

Obrecht tells Nathan she does not believe that Franco took that baby. He reminds her there are cameras that got turned off. Only someone who possesses the knowledge of the security at this hospital would know how to do that. Nina does not possess that knowledge, he reminds his mom. But Franco used to work at this hospital. Hearing that, Obrecht tells her son he is wasting his time suspecting Franco. She tells Nathan if he'd like a credible lead, she has an employee with means, motive and opportunity to kidnap Ava Jerome's baby. Nathan asks her whom that would be. She replies Silas Clay.

Silas is very calm talking to Kiki on the phone outside of Ava's room when he tells her he needs to go and will call her back. He returns to Ava who asks him what is going on and what he was talking about regarding the police. She asks if it has anything to do with Avery, he assures her he saw her baby with his own eyes and knows she's in perfect health. He shows her a picture on his phone to which she smiles. Ava tells Silas she knows there is something he is not telling her.

Julian continues to probe Olivia to tell him why she is letting Franco and Nina stay in her luxury suite for free. She continues to tell him who she offers charity to is none of his business. He reminds her that they practically stole Ava's baby from her womb. So what is to stop them from coming after Olivia's baby?

Franco tells Nina he has a new idea to share with her. She asks if he's sure he can trust her with this information. He informs her that he had a visit from Olivia's fake baby daddy, Ned Ashton. Nina asks what Ned wanted. Franco informs her Ned wanted to bully him into leaving Olivia alone. He then came up with an idea, realizing if Ned is willing to go so far as to pretend to be the father of her child, there's no telling what he might do for Olivia, he tells Nina, including signing over his shares of ELQ.

Michael is not ok and not trusting of Ned wanting him to step down from CEO of ELQ although Ned assures him he is on his side, reminding him he backed him and gave him the chance to run the company even though he was young and inexperienced. He believed that Michael would be able to see the big picture and do what is right. So, he tells Michael, he needs to do that right now. He tells Michael if he is a professional, he needs to act like one. He gives Michael the paper and demands he signs it. Michael then tears it up and tells him he may screw his agreement. He tells Ned if he wants Michael out, he may come after him.

Sonny and Luke reflect on how they go way back and have been through so much together, have always been friends and there's always been mutual respect between them. Luke tells Sonny that the guy who was there for him, that was the real Luke Spencer. It was the “other side” that wanted to destroy Sonny and everybody else he knew. He reminds Sonny that when Frank Smith died, Sonny ended up with his territory. He resented Sonny and was envious of him. Sonny reminds Luke that he swore to Sonny that he did not want Frank's territory. Luke admits the part of him lied and while watching Sonny go from a night club owner to the prince of the city, that part of him wanted everything that Sonny had. But the choices he made in his life would not allow that. So that dark part of him wanted to ruin Sonny for living his life.

When Julian tells Olivia that he can “take care of” Franco and Nina, she threatens to have her son put him back in prison if he bothers them. Hearing that, he concludes that Franco and Nina must really have her in a “trick bag” although she denies it. Right then, while Franco and Nina are ordering massages on the house, an employee finds Olivia to remind her that her “guest”, Mr. Franco Baldwin ordered the free massage but then canceled it too late for a refund. Hearing that, Olivia replies she's “so sorry to hear that”. He employee confirms with her that she is responsible for the bill. Julian witnesses her complying with letting Franco stick her with the bill and she demands that Julian leaves her alone.

Upstairs in the hotel suite, Franco asks Nina why she is not excited that he may be taking over all of the stock shares of ELQ. She asks what that has to do with trusting her. He tells her that by simply sharing that with her, he could get in major trouble with the SEC. He tells her he wants to partner in on this with her and asks her what she says.

Tracy tells Michael he needs to listen to Ned and to Alexis but he does not. He continues to take the pills and drink. He becomes more agitated and distrusting of all of them and walks out of the room.

When Nathan hears Obrecht tell him she suspects Silas Clay of kidnapping baby Avery, he asks her why on earth she would throw one of her own doctors under the bus just to give Franco the benefit of the doubt. She informs Nathan that Silas was the last person to see the baby and asks if he can find a credible alibi for him or if Dr. Clay can account for his whereabouts when the baby went missing. Nathan replies he has not had a chance to question Silas. Obrecht asks why not. Nathan tells her according to Silas's assistant, he is presently out of town treating a patient. Hearing that, Obrecht smiles and tells her son that is quite a coincidence that the last person who saw the baby cannot be tracked down.

While looking at the picture of baby Avery, Ava asks Silas if he's really telling her the truth that her baby is ok. He promises her that when he last saw her baby, she was happy and healthy. Ava then asks him another question; Did he get the drugs he promised her to help her to die?

Obrecht informs Nathan that Dr. Clay has been suspiciously absent for weeks not telling anyone where he is or whom this mysterious patient is whom he is visiting out of town. Yet Nathan tells her there is no evidence that Silas took the baby. She tells him she knows that Silas is hiding something so, she tells Nathan, he needs to find out what that is.

When Ava asks Silas if he remembered the drugs he promised her when he made his pit stop to GH, from which he has just returned, he realizes he forgot them. He knew to look for them while there. She cries and urges him to please tell her he will still help her. He does not answer her question about the drugs but does promise he has what she needs to take her pain away, confirms he promised her he could help her and he will.

Kiki returns to the Metro Court and talks to Julian who asks if there are any updates. She admits not yet. She admits to her uncle she is trying to keep it together for Avery but is falling apart not knowing what to do or how to find her. He takes his niece's hand and tells her she needs to know that beating herself up over this is not going to help. She tells her uncle if she and Morgan had just left well enough alone, Avery would still be at the Quartermaine's and not out there where nobody knows if they will ever see her again. She might not have liked that arrangement but at least she'd be safe. Julian then reminds Kiki that maybe Avery is not better off with Michael if he has a drinking problem. Hearing that, Kiki reveals to Julian she knows that Michael does not have a drinking problem.

Tracy tells Ned they have to take drastic action and vote Michael out of ELQ. He tells his mom he is not ready to go that far. She protests that Michael is clearly abusing alcohol and completely losing it. They are not certain how Ned's shares will enable him to have that power or how he can get the other shareholders to vote with him. Yet, Ned somehow knows they have to “think of another way”.

Franco is gloating to Nina about how great it will be for the two of them to take over the ELQ shares. She seems less impressed than he is. He tells her he knows she is from nobility but the Quartermaine estate is nothing to sneeze at. Nina seems completely unenclosed and walks out of the room.

Luke reminisces to Sonny about how he lead a similar life as Sonny but then he met Laura who wanted a different life that did not involve violence. He wanted to give her that. He couldn't just use all the things he got from Tim Spencer. So he took that demon away and buried it deep. Yet throughout the years, it started to escape. He watched Sonny rise to power and saw that he had love, admiration and family. And he thought about how Sonny has it both ways. He wanted everything Sonny had so he tried to take it. It's over but it's not done. He knows there are rules to the lives that they have chosen. He knows he can never ask for Sonny's forgiveness because he cannot expect Sonny to give him something he cannot give himself.

Ava holds out her hand to Silas, telling him about all he's done for her and thanks him for coming through for her. She tells him now there is nothing to stand in the way of helping her die.

Outside in the hallway of the private clinic, Nathan finds a nurse and asks if she might be able to help him find a Dr. who works there. His name is Dr. Silas Clay.

When Nina gets ready to go outside the door of the hotel, Obrecht appears and coldly asks her if she is “going somewhere”.

Julian reminds Kiki of how everybody knows that Michael overturned baby Avery's stroller although she protests that she and Morgan “made” him do that. Julian then reminds his niece she has yet to tell him the details of exactly what she and Morgan did. He reminds her that she previously told him he's better off not knowing but he now can see his niece is ridden with guilt. So he needs her to tell him what is going on. She finally admits that she and Morgan drugged Michael.

Tracy reminds Ned that he can outmaneuver Michael and everybody will thank him.

Sonny leaves Luke's room and the two of them affirm they are friends.

While Alexis and Ned are talking. Olivia comes through the door to have an urgent conversation with Ned. Franco then appears out of nowhere and tells them he wants to be part of ELQ votes.

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