GH Update Tuesday 4/14/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/14/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Nathan arrived at Nina and Franco's suite. He questioned Nina about Avery's disappearance. Nina was taken aback when she realized Nathan thought she took the baby. Nathan pointed out that Nina had kidnapped Avery before. Franco reminded Nathan that Nina had been unstable back then, but she was better now. Nathan grumbled that Nina's recovery was no thanks to Franco. Nathan accused Franco of enabling Nina and making things worse for her. Franco admitted that his way of helping was misguided, but he argued that he and Nina were in a better place now that they were out of Shadybrook. Nathan gently asked Nina if she took the child. Nina admitted that she'd loved the baby, but she swore she didn't have her now. Nathan hoped Nina was being honest. Franco told Nathan leave and to direct any other questions to their lawyer. Once Nathan was gone, Franco asked Nina if she took the baby. Nina was offended that Franco thought she was still crazy, and she accused him of being insincere when he apologized for doubting her earlier. Franco told her it would be understandable for her to decide to take the baby after she'd seen her be endangered. Franco stressed that he just wanted to protect Nina, and he urged her to tell him the truth.

Michael and Sabrina were at the Quartermaine mansion. Dante arrived. The news about Avery going missing came out, and Dante gently asked Michael if he took her. Michael suggested that someone probably took Avery to get back at Sonny or to try to collect a ransom from the Corinthoses or the Quartermaines. Dante asked Michael where he'd been all day. Michael revealed that he'd gone for a drive alone. Dante asked if he could search the house. Michael refused since Dante didn't have a warrant. Michael thought that Dante should be out looking for their sister instead of searching the mansion. Dante felt that Michael should consent to the search, so he could be eliminated as a suspect. Michael was offended and angry that Dante didn't take him at his word, since they were brothers. Dante pointed out that, as a cop, he needed proof, but Michael still felt that his word should be enough for Dante, after all they'd been through. Michael ordered Dante to leave and go look for Avery. Dante left.

Sabrina was curious to hear why Michael wouldn't let Dante search. Michael opined that it would be a waste of time that should be spent looking somewhere else. Sabrina pointed out that Michael had raised Dante's suspicions. Michael snapped at Sabrina about what she said. Sabrina bristled, and she decided to go wait for news on Avery at the police station. Michael softened and he said he was sorry. Sabrina was skeptical about Michael's sincerity. She reminded Michael that she loved Avery too, and she was worried about her. Michael admitted he'd given Sabrina plenty of reasons to doubt him in the past 24 hours, but he swore that he only had two drinks and that he didn't kidnap the baby. Michael begged Sabrina to believe him. Michael was near tears. He told Sabrina that when he cut his family off, he swore he didn't care if they hated him, but now he realized that he sort of did care. Michael admitted that he filed for custody of Avery for all the wrong reasons, but the moment Carly placed Avery in his arms, Michael had been overcome with love for his sister, and he'd vowed to protect her. Michael was desperate for someone to believe that he wouldn't kidnap Avery. Sabrina believed Michael. She comforted him with a hug.

When Carly and Sonny learned that Avery was missing, they went to the hospital and met up with Morgan and Kiki. Morgan immediately accused Michael of taking Avery. Morgan felt that Michael didn't even feel bad about knocking over the stroller. Carly disagreed. She was sure that Michael felt guilty and that he just hid his feelings from Morgan. Kiki backed Morgan's position. Carly and Sonny didn't think Michael would kidnap Avery, but Morgan argued that he'd already taken Avery once, in court. Carly countered that Michael wasn't stupid and reckless enough to kidnap a baby from a public place with security cameras. Morgan maintained that Michael had changed and could be capable of anything. Sonny admitted he wasn't sure what to think, but he wasn't ready to blame Michael. Sonny noted that Sonny had lots of enemies who could have taken Avery.

Kiki admitted that Nina could be the culprit. She told everyone about her run in with Nina at GH earlier. Carly decided to go question Nina. Carly mentioned that Franco and Nina were staying at the Metro Court, thanks to Olivia. Sonny was shocked and wondered why Olivia did that. Carly raced off to confront Nina, and Kiki didn't get a chance to say that Nathan had already gone to do that. Later, Nathan came by and told everyone that Nina didn't have Avery. Sonny was unsatisfied with Nina having been questioned by her brother. Nathan assured Sonny that Nathan would open an investigation into Nina's possible involvement.

Carly burst into Nina and Franco's and demanded to know where Avery was. Franco pointed out that the baby wasn't there. Carly theorized that Franco had hidden Avery somewhere else as part of one of his games, or Nina had her, and Franco was protecting Nina again. Franco stuck to his story that they were innocent. Carly warned Franco that Sonny might kill him if he was lying. Franco asked if Carly would cover up his murder too. Carly spat that she looked forward to it. She left. Franco asked Nina again if she took Avery, and he clarified that he didn't necessarily think she did. Nina felt that Franco wouldn't be asking if he really trusted her. She stormed out of the room.

Scott was at the Metro Court restaurant when he got a call about Avery's disappearance. He was about to get to work on that case, when Bobbie accosted him and demanded that they talk about Luke. Bobbie was angry that Scott had pushed for Luke to go to prison. Scott maintained that it was what Luke deserved. Bobbie noted that Scott had sneaked out the back door after the case. She theorized he'd been avoiding her. Scott looked uncomfortable, but he swore he'd been trying to get back to work, not avoiding Bobbie. Scott told Bobbie that he now had a case that involved her grandson, Michael – Avery was missing. Bobbie was concerned about the baby, and Scott assured Bobbie that he would find Avery and punish the person who took her. Scott added that it was his job to lock up criminals, like Luke. This rekindled the debate about whether Luke was responsible for his crimes or not.

Scott refused to let Luke get away with almost killing Bobbie on the Haunted Star. Bobbie asked if this was about her, and Scott said it was about everyone on the boat. Scott also grumbled about Luke biting Scott's ear. Bobbie thought Scott was trying to get back at Luke for taking Laura from Scott all those years ago. Scott insisted that this was about Luke's crimes, not their old grudge. Bobbie begged Scott to have Luke sent to a hospital so he could get the help he needed. She took Scott's hand and asked him to do it for her. Bobbie reminded Scott that even though she cut him off when he tried to send Carly to prison, she'd been there for him when Luke attacked him. Scott was curious if Bobbie meant she was willing to give him another chance. Bobbie said no. Bobbie told Scott that she knew that under his tough exterior, was the compassionate man she'd once fallen in love with and never gotten over.

Carly went back to GH and told Sonny, Morgan, Kiki and Nathan about her talk with Franco and Nina. Dante arrived shortly afterward, and he told everyone that Michael refused to let him search the house.

Luke was in his room at GH. To his horror, his father's tattoo appeared on his arm, and his alter ego, Fluke, appeared in the room. Luke was adamant that he didn't need that side of him, now that he'd faced the truth about killing his parents. Luke insisted that Fluke had no power over him anymore. Fluke disagreed. Fluke pointed out that Luke had inherited his father's violent streak. Fluke maintained that Luke loved terrorizing people. Luke argued that Fluke was the one who did those things, not Luke. Fluke disagreed. Fluke contended that Luke mistreated women, just like his father did. Fluke stated that Luke raped Laura, then sold it as “the greatest love story ever told.” Luke insisted that he never denied what he'd done to Laura. Fluke also pointed out that Luke killed his grandson Jake while Luke was driving drunk. Luke called it an accident, but Fluke thought it was another example of Luke's dark nature.

Fluke encouraged Luke to embrace the dark side and be himself. Luke argued that Tim Spencer was all darkness, but Luke had a good side. Luke pointed out that Luke loved Laura, Tracy, and his children. Fluke countered that Luke tried to hurt them. Luke explained that he was trying to push them away because he thought he didn't deserve them, but Fluke felt that Luke had been trying to get rid of them. Fluke grabbed Luke's tattooed arm and insisted that it was who Luke was. Luke refused to let Fluke win again. “I control you. I control myself!” Luke firmly stated, then he ordered Fluke to leave. Fluke left the room. Luke looked at his arm and was relieved to see that the tattoo was gone. Later, Bobbie stopped by. Luke immediately assured her that he was going to fight to recover and become the brother she deserved to have, again. Bobbie beamed as she told Luke that Scott had agreed to let Luke go to a mental health facility instead of prison. Luke smiled.

Ellie showed up at Maxie's place. Spinelli opened the door and was surprised to see her. Ellie explained that she'd been wanting to come ever since she heard that Georgie had been in the hospital. Ellie hadn't come earlier because she'd been sick with the flu. Spinelli was concerned and wondered why she didn't call, but she assured him that it was a minor case. Ellie stated that she really missed . . . after a pause, she said she missed Georgie. Just then, Maxie walked into the room carrying Georgie. Ellie asked if she could hold the baby, and Maxie let her. Ellie cooed at Georgie and called her a pet name in Latin.

Maxie wondered if Ellie was there because she wanted Spinelli back. Ellie admitted she'd been having second thoughts about her decision to break up with Spinelli and tell him to go explore his feelings for Georgie. Ellie now felt that that was disrespectful to Maxie and Nathan's relationship. Spinelli explained that Maxie left Nathan for Spinelli. Maxie clarified that Nathan broke up with Maxie first. Ellie asked if this meant that Maxie only chose Spinelli because her other option was unavailable. Maxie explained that Georgie brought her and Spinelli together. Ellie pointed out that at Christmas, Maxie gushed about the way Nathan saved Maxie's life and put his career on the line to make sure she got to see her daughter. Maxie and Spinelli maintained that it made sense for them to be together. A disappointed-sounding Ellie agreed.

Ellie decided to go. Spinelli asked her not to leave. Ellie was surprised by that, and Spinelli said that Georgie would miss her. Ellie clarified that she was going to stay in town for a few days to visit friends. Ellie left. Maxie sensed that Spinelli was affected by the visit, and she asked him if he was okay. Spinelli assured Maxie that Spinelli's arrival wasn't an obstacle to their relationship. Spinelli wanted to celebrate their reunion.

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