GH Update Monday 4/13/15

General Hospital Update Monday 4/13/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Maxie gets her door right after confirming to Spinelli that she wants to get back together with him. It's Nathan. He's there unexpectedly and tells her that he has been thinking and now wants to give them another chance and to get back together.

Valerie awakens on Dante's couch. She admits that she almost killed her uncle Luke, Lulu's father.

Lulu is in Luke's hospital room when he awakens and notice his daughter. She tells her dad she did not want to leave him alone. He asks where Tracy is. She informs him his wife is with aunt Bobbie and Diane Miller fighting for his rights. Hearing that, Luke is a bit concerned realizing he may be in serious legal trouble.

In the hospital, Kiki and Morgan are happy when it seems obvious that baby Avery is going to be returning to live with Kiki and away from Michael. Yet, right then, we notice an unseen person walking into the baby's hospital room.

Sabrina notices she cannot find Michael when she enters the living room of the Quartermaine house.

Franco is trying to reach Nina by phone but she's not resending to his phone messages. Right then, unexpectedly, Scott Baldwin enters. When Franco sees his dad, he appears not be disappointed when he expected to see Nina returning.

At the hospital, Kiki and Morgan suspect nothing while they wait for the baby to get ready to come home with them.

In his hospital room, Luke reveals to Lulu that it appears his future is not too bright. H realizes that he may be going back to Pentonville when his daughter reminds him that things have changed. He remembers that he “went all Tyson” on Scott Baldwin. He knows the DA has personal reasons to lock him up in prison. Yet she reminds him that he may be going back to ShadyBrook. She tells her dad he should not believe he is a bad person or a criminal for having a father so abusive. He reminds her that he killed his mother. She assures him that it was an accident. He was a little boy and did not deserve what happened to him.

At Dante and Lulu's apartment, Valerie remind her cousin's husband that she was ready to kill Luke. Maybe she should be happy for her mom who is not suffering anymore and she should respect the choice her mom made to protect her uncle. She realizes the only reason she could not go through with killing Luke was because Dante persuaded her not to.

Meanwhile, Nathan tells Maxie that he regrets turning his back on her and walkies out of the gym. He has no clue that Spinelli is in the apartment and that she has agreed to get back with him when Nathan reminds her all that they have been through together. He tells her that this cannot be the end for them. He knows that he knocked on her door 2 New years' ago for a reason. He knows that they were meant to be together. Yet she urges him to stop. He assumes that she is only raising objections because he previously told her they are though. He clarifies to her that he now believes he was an idiot to have told her that and he want to start again. Right then, Spinelli appears and the conversation stops.

Felix comes by to see Sabrina at the Quartermaine house and tells her maybe she needs to realize that Michael should not have custody of the baby. He reminds her that Michael made a serious stake getting drunk while with the baby in public and causing what he caused. Hearing that, she informs Felix that she is not certain that Michael really was drunk.

When Scott Baldwin goes to see Franco, he tells his son that he wants to know what is going on with him and asks about Nina. Franco admits he likes her a lot but wishes he knew where she was right now.

Right then, in the hospital, Kiki and Morgan walk into the baby's exam room ready to take her home. And we suddenly see that baby Avery is gone.

Luke reminds Lulu that his own sister is dead because of him. She protests that we all understand Valerie's pain but he is not responsible for Patricia's death. She also reminds her father that the guy who has done all the terrible things he's done recently was “not really him”. She tells him that she does not believe that anybody gets to pay him back with a death sentence. So Valerie is not justified to want to kill him.

Valerie tells Dante she is amazed at how he persuaded her to give him the scalpel and prevented her from slicing his father-in-law's throat. He tells her he did not do it for Luke. He reflects he has some things in common with her. He knows all too well what her relationship with a single mom is all about. He tells her about his own relationship with a single mom raising him. He talks about all of the annoying things his mom has done when it was just the two of them when he was growing up but he knows he loves her with all of his heart and soul the same way she loved her mom. They both know that Lulu is spending the night in Luke's room. He tells her he's had his own issues with his own father. He also might want to consider not forgiving his father in law when Luke left him in a basement that almost blew up and killed him. He assures Valerie that she is family and Lulu is not going to hold this against her.

Felix tells Sabrina he finds it hard to believe that Michael only had two drinks. Both being nurses, they observe the bottle with Michael's allergy pills and realize that this prescription does not cause the behavior that came over him the other day at The Metro Court, when combined with minimal alcohol. She then suggests to him that what's actually in this bottle might not be Michael's prescription pills.

We cannot account for Michael's whereabouts. Nor Nina's...when he notice that “somebody” has entered the hospital and baby Avery has disappeared without a trace.

Scott Baldwin talks to Franco about Luke Spencer ready for arraignment and Scott has to decide whether to prosecute him after Luke bit off Scott's ear. Franco informs his dad that he and Nina got to know Luke while at ShadyBrook and he seemed like he might want to help them escape both the institution and prison as he needed to do himself and he almost trusted Luke.

Nathan talks courteously to Spinelli realizing he may owe him an “apology” yet still not realizing what Spinelli and Maxie have discussed. Both guys are gracious to the other and to Maxie when they admit they should not have engaged in the boxing match while seeing her as the prize. Yet Nathan is surprised when he hears Spinelli inform him that he and Maxie agreed to get back together.

Dante engages with his son, talking to him about toy cars and police cars. Valerie smiles observing how good Dante is with his kid. She reminds him that not all people are meant to be fathers. Dante introduces the little guy to his mom's first cousin Valerie. Valerie reflects that it's so weird the way people unexpectedly get reunited with others. She never before had a family except for her mother. Now her mom is gone but things might not be so bad for her now that she's met many people who are part of the family she's never before knew she had.

Lulu talks to Luke about not wanting to return home to her husband and son when he needs her. Yet he assures her he will be fine and that she needs to get back to her boys. He tells her he loves her and she goes out the door. Meanwhile, a guard stands outside Luke's room. As soon as he's alone, Luke notices he is strapped to the bed and has a tattoo on his arm. Right then, it appears he sees himself (or someone outside himself) as the evil sociopath once again.

Franco assures his dad that all the “darkness” is behind Nina. Her breakdown happened a long time ago and she no longer has the issues she had before. Scott then tells his son he might want to be a bit cautious with trusting that Nina is completely ok when Franco has his own issues. Franco assures his dad that he appreciates his concern but Nina is good. They are good. Scott then asks his son if that is true, then where is Nina now? Right then, Nina appears and announces she's right there now.

When Morgan and Kiki are discovering the baby missing, Morgan calls Dante and informs his cop brother that it appears someone took baby Avery. Dante then realizes he needs to get there before Lulu returns home and asks Valerie if she could watch the little guy while he's gone. She happily agrees and engages with baby Rocco.

Felix finds it hard to believe when Sabrina suggests it's entirely possible that somebody switched Michaels' pills with something he should not be taking. But she tells him given what she did to Ava and what many people could very well want to do to Michael in order to get him in trouble, it's entirely possible. He then tells her he can take the pills to the hospital and have Brad inspect them in the lab. Right then, Michael enters and overhears their conversation. He wants to know what they were talking about while he was gone. They seem surprised to see him appear so suddenly when he was previously nowhere to be found.

Nathan gets a call from Nathan and tells Maxie he has to run. When Maxie is alone with Spinelli, her baby's father makes it clear that he is content although she may not be. Spinelli seems to sense that maybe it's only due to “timing” that she's agreed to get back with him, only when she believed Nathan was not willing to reconsider and he wonders what would have happened if Nathan had walked in the door only minutes before they had their conversation where she agreed to get back with Spinelli instead of holding out for Nathan.

Nina enters the hotel room and Scott Baldwin leaves Franco alone with her.

Right then, Lulu returns to Luke and informs her dad right when she got in her car, she got a call from her aunt Bobbie informing her something which causes her grave concern. She tells Luke something horrible has happened to him. He deserves help and not a jail cell. He tells her he may have to pay the consequences but she firmly tells him he is her father and she is not going to give up on him.

When Scott leaves Franco alone to talk to Nina, she admits she almost “feels bad” about that Luke guy. Franco doesn't want her changing the subject and firmly demands to know where she went and why she was nowhere to be found.

When Michael returns to Sabrina while she was talking privately to Felix about him, Felix leaves. She asks Michael how his “hangover” went. She seems to believe that he has nothing to worry about and should not blame himself for the recent circumstances. She does, however, tell him she is a bit surprised that he suddenly “went out” without letting anyone know where he was or what he did.

Maxie assures Spinelli she is not with him due to a technicality. She is with him because she wants to be. She knows that baby Georgie needs two committed parents who are there for her. He does however, ask her if she does not have mixed feelings and if she's really certain she does not want to get back with Nathan.

When Nathan and Dante go to the hospital to speak to Kiki and Morgan about the mysterious disappearance of baby Avery, Kiki makes it very clear that she suspects Nina of taking her baby sister and demands to know what he might know about his sister's whereabouts or what is going on with her.

While Nina evades the question Franco asks her about where she went and why she did not tell him nor answer his calls no matter how many times he called her, Nathan tells Kiki he realized his sister confronted her the other day and has had her issues. But he assures her that he is not making excuses for Nina. Morgan then suggests that it may be someone other than Nina. He suggests Michael might have taken baby Avery.

When Michael returns to Sabrina, he tells her that he knows it might be “up to him” to clear his name and not let anyone take the baby from him. Although she tells him he needs to let Alexis do her job and keep a low profile where he might be seen by the wrong person, given what has already happened when he made a spectacle of himself at the Metro Court, he obviously argues.

Lulu returns home while Dante is out. When she sees Valerie alone in her home with her son, she angrily demands to know what the hell Valerie thinks she's doing.

Maxie admits to Spinelli that she does, in fact, have feelings for Nathan. She realizes that he must still have feelings for Ellie, given that they raised Georgie together and had a long-term relationship. He agrees and she tells him that she's glad they are on the same page with that. She goes to get the baby when she hears Georgie on the baby monitor. Alone in the apartment, Spinelli admits he has confusion. Right then, out of nowhere, Ellie enters.

Nathan goes to find Nina while she's with Franco in the hotel room. She asks what brings her brother there. He replies he's there because the Corinthos-Jerome baby has been kidnapped from the hospital.

Lulu tells Valerie she is not ok to walk into her home and see the woman who tried to kill her father alone with her infant son. Valerie graciously tells her she understands very well what it's like to need to protect one's parent and one's child.

Kiki and Morgan debate whether they should suspect Nina or Michael of kidnapping the baby. She tells him that Nina is crazy and dangerous. Regardless of their issues with Michael, when baby Avery was with him, she was at least safe. They still haven't a clue what happened to Avery or who has her.

Luke is alone when he notices the “demon” (his evil other self) enter his hospital room. He demands to know how this human being got into the room. He's supposed to be gone. The “other Luke” continues to gloat that he is not going anywhere.

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