GH Update Friday 4/10/15

General Hospital Update Friday 4/10/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

While in the apartment with baby Georgie, Maxie and Spinelli observe the television footage of Michael drunk and losing it at the Metro Court and causing baby Avery's stroller to tip over.

A social worker from Child Protective Services wastes no time finding Michael at the Quartermaine house and informing him she is there for his little sister. Morgan and Kiki are right behind her relishing what is about to happen to Michael. Alexis and Sabrina are also present and attempting to help Michael. Michael assures the social worker he will give her his full cooperation but he needs to know what Morgan and Kiki are doing there. Kiki clarifies to him that she did forewarn him that she will get Avery back. And now her little sister is coming home to the Jeromes, where she belongs.

At the Metro Court, Julian finds Olivia and informs her that he overheard Ned assuring her he would help her with something regarding Franco. He'd like to know what is going on and what secrets she is keeping from him.

Franco is in his hotel room noticing that Nina has disappeared when he hears a knock on the door. It's Ned informing him that the two of them need to talk. Ned walks into the room and tells him that because he is a friend of Olivia Falconeri, that makes Franco his enemy.

Olivia asks Julian what he was eavesdropping upon and what he thinks he heard regarding Franco. He tells her he does happen to know that she is letting Franco stay in one of her luxury suite hotel rooms when last he heard, she could not stand the man.

While Franco is alone in the hotel room talking to Ned, Nina goes to the hospital and tells the front desk clerk she is looking for her “husband”, or more accurately her ex-husband, Dr. Silas Clay.

Silas is alone in a room secretly accessing drugs and we remember him telling Ava he might be able to secretly (and illegally) access drugs for her pain. He has apparently lied to the GH staff telling them he would be out of town and not on staff on that day. And right then, unexpectedly, he runs into Nina.

Nathan goes to the hospital and Lucas informs him he is curious to find out why it appears Maxie is no longer with him. He thought he heard that his cousin was getting serious with Nathan. Nathan informs Lucas he thought the same thing but that was before Spinelli showed up.

While Maxie and Spinelli are reflecting what they've just seen on the television news about Michael's current predicament, Alexis introduces herself to the CPS social worker and informs her that she is Michael's attorney. The social worker informs Alexis that the child's welfare is her department's top concern. Alexis then informs her that her client has a full-time nanny named Sabrina Santiago who is a certified nurse. Morgan and Kiki waste no time talking about Michael recently being drunk and endangering the baby. Right then, the social worker informs them that the baby has to be taken from Michael's custody and she's decided to put her in the temporary guardianship of her sister, Kiki Jerome. However, the department can't authorize that until the baby gets checked out at the hospital. Hearing that, Kiki and Morgan demand to know why. The social workers tells them that is their protocol and they go with her to the hospital while Sabrina and Alexis stay behind with Michael.

While with baby Georgie, Maxie and Spinelli talk about both of their on-again, off-again feelings for each other. He tells her that now that Nathan is no longer in the picture, he wants to know if they have a future together.

At the hospital, Nathan informs Lucas that although he and Maxie believed that Spinelli was living in Portland, OR with his girlfriend, they apparently broke up due to realizing Spinelli still had feelings for Maxie. Lucas asks him if that is true and if Maxie might be getting back with Spinelli. Nathan admits he really doesn't know because he has not spoken to Maxie for days. He concludes that he did put forth a lot of effort fighting for Maxie but now sees that maybe she trusts Spinelli more than him. And also, Spinelli is the father of her child. Lucas then concludes to Nathan that although he understands his reasons, he knows that Nathan and Maxie were happy together and he wishes the two of them could find a way to work things out.

Nina is surprised to see that Silas has told the staff he won't be at the hospital yet suddenly shows up unexpectedly. She asks him if he saw the news show on Access Port Charles about what almost happened to Ava's baby. He confirms yes. She then reflects on how things have happened since she came into town, how she wanted him back yet also wanted to punish him. She wanted to make things right but realizes that was no excuse to hurt him. She tells him she wanted to offer him her apology. He tells her he is sorry also and is glad she is moving on with her life. She tells him she is grateful knowing not everybody gets the second chance she has been given and she wants to offer her condolences about Ava.

Ned confronts Franco about his blackmailing Olivia. Franco then tells him he will call Julian to inform him he is the father of Olivia's kid.

At the metro court bar, Julian tells Olivia he finds it very odd that she is offering Franco the luxury room and finds it hard to believe that she simply wants to be generous, feels sorry for the man after he got shot up LSD by his mother and realizes the same thing happened to her. He then asks her if she's ok with Carly having to accept Franco lounging around at her place of employment where she has to see him every day, after he wreaked havoc on her life. She asks him how this is any of his business. Julian replies because of her baby. He asks her if Franco is threatening her baby, to which she does not answer. Julian tells her he has reason to suspect that with Franco's history of kidnapping babies, just like Julian's sister's baby whom he helped kidnap. She firmly tells him Franco is not threatening her baby but if he were, she and Ned would handle this themselves, and, she reiterates to Julian, this has nothing to do with him. Julian tells her that is not necessarily true.

In Franco's hotel room, he admits to Ned that he does know that Olivia is keeping the secret from everyone including Julian that Ned is not the father of her baby and Julian is. He does not consider that his “fault” since she came to visit him at Shadybrook and informed him of that. Ned concludes that Franco's response to that was to blackmail her into comping the hotel suite for him. Ned then firmly tells Franco that his tab there is closed and he will not allow him to bleed Olivia dry. He can clearly see that Franco has no conception of friendship or people caring or wanting to help one another, which, he concludes, seems to explain the reason why Franco's friend Nina has disappeared on him. Ned assumes that anybody who gets to know Franco will be able to see who he really is. Franco then tells Ned he is correct. So, he informs Ned, he will leave Olivia out of this. He will, now, instead, bleed Ned dry.

While with Spinelli after Georgie has gone to sleep, Maxie admits her mixed feelings to her baby's father. They agree that he did not do the right thing to challenge Nathan to a boxing match with her as the prize. He asks her if she is “reluctant to disappoint” him or if she really does have feelings for him, which she does not want to admit to. Hearing that, she tells him she realizes the two of them have made a lot of mistakes together. Now they have Georgie. So they can't afford to make any more. He tells her he agrees but they both know how they both feel about their daughter and how he feels about her. Also, he remembers her admitting, in the gym, that she loves him. However, he wonders if that is really true.

Michael takes Alexis and Sabrina into the room to ask how “this” could have happened. He realizes his behavior the previous day was not ok but it was a one-time incident and AJ (Avery) was not harmed. Even if he was an alcoholic, which he is not, the little one has a full time nanny and is in no danger. Alexis tells him she suspects CPS is simply erring on the side of caution. He tells Alexis he's certain that Morgan and Kiki are up to something and may very well be working with Sonny to get him to lose custody of the baby, given all that has happened. Alexis tells him as much as she'd like to help him, she can't present a case for CPS based upon his assumptions regarding his family's dysfunction. Michael further protests that even if Sonny is appointing Duke Lavery to take over his business, it's just a ploy for him to use in the hearing and completely false. He knows that Sonny's rivals are still at large and if they go after him, they are no less willing and able to use his kids as targets including baby AJ. Kiki refuses to see the danger and Morgan could care less, he tells his lawyer and his nanny. He is the only one who is looking out for the baby's safety. Alexis tells him be that as it may, he was the one to tip over the stroller and the footage has been broadcast in heavy rotation, she reminds him. Sabrina then affirms to Alexis that she was with Michael and he only had one drink which would not have made him intoxicated or a danger to himself or others when the incident occurred. He remembers that he was also taking allergy pills, which Alexis is concerned to hear about. Yet Sabrina tells them she knows that his prescription pills do not have any serious warnings about mixing with alcohol and would not have caused him to behave as he did after drinking.

When Silas is talking to Nina at the hospital, Kiki and Morgan get off the elevator with the baby, accompanied by the social worker and are pleasantly surprised to see him although Kiki is not happy to see Nina. They inform Silas about Michael's “incident” with the baby the previous day. She tells her dad the good news is CPS granted her emergency custody. She does, however, demand to know what “that woman” is doing there. She tells Nina she better stay away from her, reminding everyone that Nina kidnapped and drugged her mother and could have killed her baby. She tells Nina she bets she still has this delusion that she has the right to the baby but she's going to find out who she is dealing with. In response to that, Nina “calmly” tells Kiki she's “sorry” about her mother. But, she tells her, the truth is, Ava was a worthless home-wrecking whore. Hearing that, Kiki lashes out at her, calling her a crazy bitch and is ready to physically attack Nina. The others try to break them up and the commotion immediately attracts the attention of Nathan, down the hallway, who demands to know what the hell is going on. Nina asks her brother to please arrest Kiki for threatening his sister. Kiki reminds them what Nina did to her mother and tells Nathan he needs to do his job and arrest Nina. Silas then tells the detective that his daughter appears to be a bit emotional but he does not think anyone needs to be arrested right now. Nathan tells Kiki he's sorry for her loss but thinks it's best, right now, if she and her father take a walk. Silas then goes off with his daughter. Kiki turns to face Nina and tells her if she ever so much as looks at Kiki's little sister again, she will scratch Nina's psycho eyes out. Alone with Nina, Nathan asks his sister why she has not been returning his calls while with Franco. He thought she was going to be living with him. Nina tells her brother the reason she has not responded to his calls is because she did not think he'd “approve”. He admits he does not.

Ned asks Franco what the hell he wants in order to keep his mouth shut about Olivia's baby. Franco dances around the subject without the answer Ned demands but tells him he thinks that Ned should give him all of his ELQ shares.

Although Olivia continues to maintain to Julian that he has no ties to her baby and is not the father, he tells her that regardless of that, he needs her to know if she needs protection from the local baby-snatcher, the last person she should be relying upon for that is Ned. Although she reminds Julian that Ned is her baby's father, he tells her he realizes Ned is in corporate finance. Maybe Ned can provide a tax shelter, Julian tells her. He, on the other hand, has access to other methods of protection which Ned does not.

While Michael reflects with Sabrina and Alexis about the small amount of alcohol and his allergy prescription which should not be causing side-effects like what happened to him the other night, he concludes he does not get it. What would be causing him to have the episode he had at the Metro Court which caused him to lose control?

At the hospital, there are no doctors available to examine Avery before the social worker can authorize Kiki to take her home. However, Silas enters, informs the social worker that he's a physician and can do it. As soon as he's alone in the room with the little one, he privately tells her about her mommy secretly being alive.. He holds the “illegal” pain meds in his hands and confesses to the little one that he is taking these drastic measures for her mommy.

Spinelli reminds Maxie that they have had a long history and now have a chance to bring their relationship full circle and rekindle what they once had, with Georgie as a family. He knows they have hurt each other in the past and he does not wish to re-visit that pain. She realizes she has conflicting feelings but affirms to him that she loves him and she wants to have a committed relationship with him.

Michael tells Alexis he has to get to the Metro Court and get their staff to confirm that they did not serve him that much alcohol but she firmly tells him the last thing he can afford to do is return to the scene of the crime so she will go there to handle that for him.

Franco reminds Ned that for a very short time, he was going to have access to ELQ. SO he knows the value of the company. What he wants is stocks which keep right on giving. He declares to Ned that he has 24 hours to sign over his shares of ELQ to him or he will tell Julian that he is the father of Olivia's baby.

While Julian tells Olivia that he has “more effective” ways to prevent Franco from committing extortion than what Ned can do, she tells him if she wanted that type of “help”, she'd contact Sonny. If she needed anything of that nature, she tells Julian, he'd be the last person she'd go to. She walks away.

Silas finishes his testing of baby Avery and assures Kiki that more than likely the baby will have a clean bill of health and she will be able to take her home asap. Yet, he tells his daughter, he has to rush off to the city. She seems to know that he hasn't been around much although he does not reveal to her the reason why. She acknowledges that she's lucky to have such a good father and he is the “only parent she has left”.

Not far away, Nina assures Nathan he need not worry about her current living arrangement. Everything is ok. Besides, she tells her brother, he does not need his big sister getting in the way in his tiny place, especially when he may be with his girlfriend. When he tells her that he and Maxie are over, Nina tells him she was hoping they'd have worked out their differences and gotten back together. Nathan admits to his sister he has not seen much of Maxie recently and she is with Spinelli now. He goes off and Nina seems like she might have a secret plan although we don't know what that would be.

Maxie and Spinelli kiss and are mutually satisfied. However, there's a knock on the door. She opens the door to see Nathan. He tells her he made a mistake to conclude they should part company. He wants to give them another chance.

Alexis goes to The Metro Court and runs into Julian, Ned and Olivia..

Franco is on the phone trying to reach Nina although she is nowhere to be found.

Sabrina returns to the living room to talk to Michael but discovers he has suddenly disappeared.

At the hospital, Kiki and Morgan are happy when they believe everything is set into motion to take Avery to live with Kiki. An unseen and unidentified person walks into the hospital and into baby Avery's exam room.

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