GH Update Thursday 4/9/15

General Hospital Update Thursday 4/9/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Several characters were watching Access Port Charles, a tabloid show. The top story was about Michael. The reporter lead with the news that Michael had somehow let a rival take control of 32% of ELQ. The reporter also made some offhand comments about the characters (which will be mentioned below). Next, the reporter showed the video of Michael confronting Sonny, at Metro Court, and accidentally knocking over Avery's stroller with her in it.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Ned watched Access Port Charles. He was upset that the news about the ELQ stocks was out. Michael walked into the room and saw part of the show. Ned snapped that Michael's stunt may have done irreparable damage to the company. Michael explained that the reporter approached Michael about ELQ. Ned assumed that Michael told the reporter about the stocks. Michael insisted that he didn't know how the reporter found out it. The phone rang – it was Alexis, but Ned wouldn't let Michael answer. Ned, who was annoyed that he'd have to clean up this mess, decided to go to the Metro Court and see if Olivia could tell him more about what happened with Michael. Michael was going to go too, but Sabrina came downstairs and suggested that he stay home with the baby. Michael asked about Avery. She was fine. Ned instructed Michael not to talk to anyone and to lay off the booze. Ned grumbled that Michael should have learned some moderation from AJ's example. Ned left. Michael was sorry he missed having breakfast with Avery. Sabrina told him that the baby had kept looking toward the door, wondering if Michael was coming. Michael admitted that he would have killed someone for doing to Avery what he'd done. Michael confessed that he'd been out of control, but he didn't understand how two drinks could have caused it. Sabrina asked Michael if he was sure he didn't drink more than two drinks after Sabrina had left the table. Michael was sure. Sabrina noticed Michael's pill bottle, and she theorized that the alcohol might have reacted with his medication. Michael dismissed the idea since he'd been taking the same prescription allergy pills for a long time. Sabrina agreed that Michael was right – he'd only have a reaction like that if he was taking a different medication.

Olivia was at the Metro Court watching the show on her tablet. The reporter mentioned that the hotel was the site of Connie's murder and that Olivia was the mother to Sonny's child and Ned's unborn child. Carly heard Olivia reacting to the TV show, so she walked over. Carly was horrified when she saw the footage of Michael. Olivia assured Carly that Avery was fine. Carly demanded to know why Olivia hadn't told her about this. Olivia had assumed that Sonny would tell Carly. Carly explained that she hadn't been around because she'd been consoling her mom. Carly insisted that she would have made time for Michael if she'd known about this. Olivia was sure Michael would be fine. Carly was adamant that Michael wasn't fine right now, but she vowed to help him.

Morgan was watching the show at Sonny's. He recalled tipping Access Port Charles off about the stocks. Sonny walked in and saw the show. Sonny was appalled that someone would record their family crisis. He wondered what sort of lowlife would do such a thing. Morgan pretended to have no idea who filmed it. Morgan thought they should forget about that and focus on protecting Avery. Morgan urged Sonny to call Child Protective Services and report Michael. “Over my dead body,” Carly snapped, as she walked in. Carly asked Sonny why he didn't call her. Sonny knew Carly was dealing with other family issues – her aunt Patricia had just died and her uncle Luke was in the hospital. Morgan brought up calling CPS again. Carly was sure Michael must be in terrible pain to lose control like that. She insisted that they should be reaching out to Michael, not attacking him. Morgan maintained that Avery was the one who needed help. Carly stuck to her position, and Morgan said that Michael was acting just like his father, A.J. Carly argued that Michael made a mistake, and Morgan countered that a mistake like that made Jason a robot. Carly snapped that Jason was not a robot and that Morgan's exaggeration wasn't helping. Morgan was adamant that they needed to act, now. Sonny felt that Morgan was right. Sonny stated that he had to save his daughter. Sonny wanted Carly's support. He felt that calling CPS was the right move for both Avery and Michael. Sonny told Carly that they couldn't keep enabling Michael. Carly argued that they didn't even know what happened. Carly thought that she and Sonny should hear Michael's side of the story, instead of condemning him. Sonny contended that it would be best for Michael to know his parents wouldn't give him a free pass on this. Sonny asked Carly to support him.

Morgan claimed he was concerned about Michael's sudden drinking too. Carly pointed out that this didn't happen in a vacuum – Michael's whole family had lied to him. Sonny assured Carly that he was also concerned about Michael, but he felt that he had to put Avery first. Sonny promised that they'd also help Michael, if Michael was willing to accept it. Carly tearfully gave Sonny her support to do what he felt was right.

Franco and Nina were living it up in the hotel suite they'd blackmailed Olivia into giving them. They drank champagne and watched Access Port Charles. Franco found the whole thing hilarious, and he declared that the falling stroller was the best. He watched it over and over again until Nina stopped him. Nina snapped that Jaime could have been killed. The concerned Franco reminded Nina that the baby was named Avery and that this was not Nina's child with Silas. Nina insisted that she knew that and that she just slipped up, but Franco worried that Nina might be losing touch with reality. Nina was offended and decided to leave and go spend time with someone who didn't think she was crazy. Nina added that Franco was the crazy one for laughing at an innocent baby falling, especially a baby that Nina and Franco had taken care of. Franco tried to smooth things over. He explained that he thought falls were funny, but he promised to try not to laugh at things like that anymore.

Franco noted that Nina trusted him, and he felt that he owed the same thing to her. He assured her that he did trust her. He got on his knees and begged her forgiveness. Nina forgave Franco, and they kissed. Things started heating up, but Nina pulled back and told Franco she wanted to take things slow. Franco was okay with that. Nina went into another room in the suite, while Franco watched TV. Franco found a movie Nina would like, and he called her, but she didn't answer. There was a knock at the door. Franco assumed it was Nina, and he opened it. It was Ned.

Julian and Alexis were at the Jerome penthouse, and they were also watching the show. The reporter mentioned that Michael would probably call his lawyer, Alexis. Alexis was shocked when the reporter added that Alexis's primary job was having sex with Julian. After the video aired, Alexis called Michael, but Michael didn't answer (due to Ned). Alexis decided to go to Michael. Alexis grumbled that she didn't know why Michael would do something so reckless. Julian thought Alexis should show some concern for the child Michael victimized. Alexis pointed out that, according to the show, Avery was fine. She also noted that they didn't know the whole story. Julian thought they knew enough. He was confident that Michael would lose custody of Avery. Alexis went to get dressed. Kiki arrived. She pressed Julian to move forward with trying to get custody of Avery. Alexis popped back into the room to ask Julian a question. Kiki was cool toward Alexis, because Alexis was Michael's lawyer. Alexis reminded Kiki Alexis was once Kiki's lawyer too. Alexis left the room again. Kiki was hesitant to discuss Avery and Michael while Alexis was there, but Julian thought Alexis was ethical enough not to eavesdrop. Julian suggested that Michael might not have been at fault for the scene Michael made. Julian reminded Kiki that she'd told Julian that she and Morgan had a plan in the works to cause Michael to lose custody. Kiki confessed that she and Morgan were involved in Michael's meltdown. Julian was upset because Avery could have been hurt. Kiki insisted that she and Morgan hadn't wanted that to happen. Kiki explained that she and Morgan had been desperate. Julian smiled and admitted he was proud that Kiki had inherited Ava's ruthlessness. Julian was sure Ava would be proud too. Alexis entered the room and asked why Julian was proud of Kiki. Julian and Kiki clammed up. Alexis admitted it was none of her business, and she left. Julian warned Kiki that Michael might not lose the baby over this. Morgan called Kiki and told her that Sonny called CPS.

Ned went to the Metro Court and talked to Olivia about Michael. Olivia explained that she'd questioned her server, and the server insisted that Michael only had two drinks. A waitress walked over and told Olivia that some guests were trying to charge a $500 breakfast to Olivia's account. Olivia approved it. Once Ned and Olivia were alone again, Ned asked about it. Olivia confided in Ned about Nina and Franco blackmailing her with the fact that Olivia was carrying Julian's baby. Ned wished Olivia had told Ned about the blackmail before. Olivia felt that Ned had done so much already. Ned vowed to put a stop to the blackmail, and he asked where to find Nina and Franco. Olivia didn't want Ned to go near the pair, but Ned was adamant about protecting Olivia, and Olivia's and Ned's baby. Olivia reluctantly gave Ned the room number. Ned promised that the next time Olivia saw him, she'd be free of Franco and Nina. Olivia thanked Ned, and he left. Julian appeared and he asked Olivia what “St. Ned” had done for her now.

Back at Greystone Manor, Sonny and Carly talked in private about how difficult this was. Sonny admitted that he'd never seen Michael be so out of control. Carly sensed that Sonny thought Michael was acting like AJ, and she insisted that he wasn't. Sonny did think Michael was being a bit like AJ. Carly argued that AJ drank to forget his problems, while Michael faced his issues head on. Sonny didn't know how to make sense of all this. Carly thought that Michael needed them. She felt bad because knew Michael would feel betrayed about Sonny calling CPS. Sonny hoped Carly could see that he had to put baby first. Carly couldn't help but see the injustice. Carly pointed out that she and Sonny had expected Michael to keep their secrets and that they allowed Michael to have a front row seat to all of their terrible fights. “[Michael] knows us at our worst, and then the second that he slips, we just bail on him,” Carly cried. Sonny promised Carly that they would reach Michael and protect him, no matter what. Sonny got a call from Ric – CPS was removing baby from Michael's custody, but Sonny was still considered unfit. Carly asked what would happen to the baby.

Alexis went to the Quartermaine mansion to get Michael's side of the story. Michael wanted to sit down and come up with a strategy to convince Judge Walters to let him keep Avery. Alexis warned Michael that the decision would be out of the judge's hands if CPS got involved. Alexis received a phone call – CPS was coming to get Avery. Just as Alexis told Michael the news, A social worker, Morgan, Kiki, and a police officer arrived to take the baby.

Ava, was watching the show, from her hospital bed in NYC. She was upset when she saw Michael knocking over her baby's stroller. Silas walked in and caught Ava taking out her IV. Ava was determined to go back to Port Charles and get Avery away from Michael. Silas pointed out that Ava would get arrested if she did that, and that she was too weak to even walk. Ava didn't care about herself. She only wanted to protect her baby. Silas was sympathetic, but he told Ava that the report said Avery wasn't hurt. That wasn't good enough for Ava. She asked Silas to go to Port Charles and check the baby out, then come back and tell Ava how she was. Silas told Ava that he couldn't leave in the middle of Ava's treatment. Ava was sure that the treatments weren't working and that she was dying. Ava felt that she could die in peace once she knew her baby was safe. Silas urged Ava to stay optimistic, but Ava was tired, and she didn't want to live in the fog that the chemotherapy was causing anymore.

Ava asked Silas to help her die. Silas refused. He insisted that his job, as a doctor, was to help her fight. Ava was adamant that she needed a friend, not a doctor. Ava felt that she needed the man she fell in love with, the father of her child, to be strong where she couldn't be. Ava begged Silas to help her end her life on her own terms and die with dignity. Silas fought back tears, but he agreed to do it. Silas decided it was best to steal the drugs from GH, instead of NY Methodist. That way no one would connect him to the missing drugs, or to Ava's death.

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