GH Update Wednesday 4/8/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/8/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

In the hallway of The Metro Court, when Michael spots Sonny attempting to convince Sabrina to let him talk to baby Avery, he yells loud enough to attract attention that his “father” better step away from the stroller.

After the reporter has been taping Michael during his drunken tantrum, Morgan is satisfied and hoping that it will accomplish what he and Kiki want in getting Avery away from Michael. Kiki, however, is a bit concerned about Michael being drugged and possibly hurting himself.

Nikolas goes to talk to Hayden after finding out that she's been scamming Jake into believing she is his wife. He somehow believes that his grandmother must have put her up to this and has no clue exactly what has happened. Yet she is intrigued to know that he somehow knows something about Jake's past that nobody else seems to know.

Valerie goes to see Luke while he's in the hospital. She is furious with him although he apologizes and asks her if there is anything he can do for her now that her mother, his sister, has passed away. She tells her uncle she has no interest in anything except to get even. She then pulls out what appears to be a lethal weapon.

Not far away at the hospital, Lulu asks Dante where Valerie went. He realizes that Luke's niece might have a “mission”.

When Valerie pulls the scalpel on Luke while he is in his hospital bed, he apologizes but she tells him she is not concerned about anything except the loss of her mother. She realizes that although nobody can bring her mother back, she can make sure that Patricia gets justice.

In the hospital hallway, Ric finds Elizabeth who still suspects nothing about what he's done nor even questions that Jake is really married to Hayden. She declares to Ric that she is seriously considering giving him another chance. He is delighted to hear that. However, she tells him that she has some very firm conditions. He needs to promise not to pull any more stunts with her and never betray her trust again.

In Hayden's hospital room, when she hears that Nikolas “knows something” about Jake that she does not know, she asks him just who this “stranger” is who shares her bed. He does not answer.

At The Metro Court, Morgan asks Kiki if she might still have feelings for his brother.

Not far away, Michael is intoxicated and agitated when he lashes out at Sonny, telling him that he has no legal rights to baby Avery. Both Sonny and Sabrina are concerned about Michael's current condition when they see him hyperventilating, slurring his speech, losing balance and behaving irrationally. Sonny tells Michael he can't go near the baby until he sobers up. Olivia enters to ask them what is going on. In the struggle, the stroller gets knocked over.

Valerie tells Luke that her mother had nobody except her daughter and she had no one except her mother. It was the two of them against the world. She sobs when she tells Luke that her mom was her life and now she's gone. He admits that it was his fault that her mom is gone. So, he tells her she now has every right to wipe the slate clean. So, he tells her, she needs to do it. She needs to kill him.

At the Metro Court, Sabrina and Olivia manage to prevent Avery from falling and getting hurt. Sonny asks Michael what is going on with him, noticing his son is clearly “not well”. He goes over to make certain baby Avery is alright. Michael notices that nobody trusts him around the baby Olivia and Sabrina go out the door with the baby to make certain she is ok and Michael follows them although nobody wants him driving or near the baby.

Not far away, Morgan tells Kiki that now that they are on the same page with the baby and everything, he was thinking that maybe they can “revisit” what he was talking about. The reporter finds them and gleefully tells them that he just “discovered something” that will be of interest to them.

Luke methodically tells Valerie how she can successfully and efficiently cut his throat. Right when she's ready to do it, Dante walks in and urges her not to go through with it.

Elizabeth tells a silent and somewhat sullen Ric that she deserves his honesty and respect. If they are going to consider getting back together again, she does not think it's unreasonable on her part to expect that he earns her trust. He then admits to her that he will tell her the truth about Jake.

Carly goes to find Jake at the garage and tells him that she is concerned about his working for Julian and having Sloane putting him up to what he is doing. She also tells him that she has been conducting an investigation to dig up dirt on his “wife”. That is her most important objective, she tells him.

Nikolas tells Hayden no matter what she says she may have on him, the last time he was approached by a scammer, he knew how to have her deported out of the country. Yet she is not intimidated by him, reminding him that if he can't tell her what he knows, he obviously must have more to lose than she does. She then attempts to seduce him and he does not stop her when she kisses him. She is ready to undress him and at first tells her she will not use sex to get what she wants. She asks him why not, reminding him that she is stuck with a man she does not want, whom she doesn't want and who won't even put out for her and she can see that Nikolas clearly is just as sexually deprived as she is. He continues what they were doing and they end up in bed together.

Carly talks to Jake about her friend, Spinelli, the guy who knows how to hack a computer. They both remember that Spinelli confused him with Jason and comment on his “weird demeanor”. Carly assures him that Spinelli is a computer genius and she knows that he can uncover any and all information they need in order to prove that Hayden is not his wife. He tells Carly, however, that until it has been proven otherwise, he has reason to believe she is and he needs to fulfill his marital obligations to Hayden.

At the Metro Court, Olivia goes into a room with Sonny and they discuss how it appears Michael is really losing it. Yet neither can figure out how or why.

When the reporter plays the video of Michael causing Avery's stroller to tip over, Morgan is not worried about what almost happened to the little one and is very encouraged that no judge will let his brother keep custody of her after they play this. Yet Kiki is angry with Morgan and the reporter for pulling off their plan to have Michael declared an unfit guardian when it could have endangered her little sister.

Sabrina returns with Michael to the Quartermaine house. He tells her the whole thing occurred in slow motion and believes that he was not himself. He finds himself very drowsy and “under the weather” yet he cannot figure out how he could have gotten so impaired after ingesting just a little alcohol.

Lulu rushes into Luke's room with Dante and urges Valerie not to go through with her plan to kill Luke. Luke tells his daughter that she needs to stay out of this. He remembers the last thing his father said was that his son needs to die after he killed his mother, in order not to be like his father. So, he urges Lulu to let Valerie do what she intends to do so that the curse of Tim Spencer is gone once and for all. Lulu, however, urges Valerie to please not let her father die. She tells Valerie she is begging her. Valerie demands to know why she wants to save this psycho. Her mother was a wonderful person who looked out for Luke and what does he do to repay her? He causes her to die. So, he deserves to die. Dante then demands that Luke stop encouraging her do this. He needs to stand up, be a man instead of a coward and not let his grieving niece go to prison for murder. This is his mess. He needs to fix it and make this right and not take the easy way out. Yet Valerie only wants Luke to die. Dante urges her to know that her mother would not want this for her. She needs to honor her mother's life and death just like her mother has honored her. She cries and admits she does not know how to get on with her life, all alone and live her life without her mother. Dante then promises Valerie that he and Lulu and the others will help her figure that out. They will not let her be alone. They are her family. He then takes the knife out of her hands.

Sonny and Olivia find Morgan and Kiki and ask them if they know what just happened with Michael and the baby. Michael and Kiki pretend they are hearing for the first time that Michael was drunk and that it happened, as Olivia informs them he was staggering, appearing drugged and behaving irrationally around the baby.. Sonny asks if they might know what happened to Michael and how and why it was that he got so plastered.

At the Quartermaine house, Michael realizes that he did not drink that much and something has “happened” to him which he cannot figure out.. This should not be happening to him, he tells Sabrina. He tells She tells her he cannot grasp what suddenly happened to him and he realized when he saw Sonny with AJ, he just snapped and lost control. She assures him it's now over. He asks her what if it is not. What if Sonny has Ric go after him and they take Avery from him in court?

Ric admits to Elizabeth that when she broke up with him and chose Jake over him, he was ready to stop at nothing to get Jake out of her life. But now that his “wife” has appeared, he no longer has to. He assures Elizabeth that it's now over and they can move on together.

At the garage, Carly firmly tells Jake he needs to realize that Hayden is pulling a scam on him. All of what she's told them and has allegedly proven, obviously does not add up. He couldn't have really been married to her. She asks if he actually had sex with Hayden. He hesitates to answer but admits that he could not because he could only perceive her as a stranger.

Nikolas and Hayden are done having sex when she tells him she knows he has a secret he is not revealing about dirty dealings he has going on with his grandmother. She promises to keep his secret for him if he keeps her secret for her. He does not contest that.

At the Metro Court, Morgan replies to Sonny and Olivia that he and Kiki have no idea how or why Michael got so bombed. Kiki then tells them that is not entirely true. He was angry when he found out they were getting back together. They did kind of rub Michael's nose in it to antagonize him. Olivia then tells them she will find out which of her soon-to-be fired employees over-served Michael. Alone with Kiki and Morgan, Sonny tells them he's concerned about Michael but believes he and the baby are in good hands with Sabrina who is a nurse.

Dante leads Valerie out of Luke's hospital room. Alone with her dad, Lulu asks Luke if he really wants to die. He tells her he does not deserve to live. She asks what about her and Rocco and Tracy and his family. Do they deserve to have him taken away from them right after they got him back? He tells her the world would be better off without him. She cries and tells him that is not true. He is the strongest person she knows and she believes he can get through this. He asks her what the point is in living longer if he's just in prison for murder. That won't do her or Tracy or Rocco any good. What is the point?

Outside Luke's room, Valerie admits she does not know what just happened in there. She was ready to kill a man and would have if he had not stopped her. She cries when she tells him he was right. Her mother would not have wanted her to do that. He hugs her and she sobs in his arms.

Ric assures Elizabeth that they can be happy. She just needs to give him another chance. So, he asks her, what does she say? She asks him not to let her regret this. He asks her if that is a yes. She replies yes and announces they should try this again. He kisses her.

Carly takes Jake back to The Metro Court and asks why it is that he is uncomfortable with her very persistent investigation of Hayden. She admits she is not going to let up on this because she knows she can find out the truth about Hayden with the help of Spinelli. Jake departs. When Carly is alone, Nikolas appears. She asks him what brings him to the Metro Court and if he is there for business or pleasure. He hesitates but replies this is for business.

Jake then returns to the hotel room and sees Hayden in the dark in bed. He asks her what is up with that. She says she's tired for some reason and decided to take a nap.

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