GH Update Tuesday 4/7/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/7/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Hayden sipped champagne alone in her suite. She felt entitled to treat herself, on Ric's dime, since Ric had her holed up there pretending to be Jake's wife. Nikolas showed up, and Hayden asked who he was. Nik noted that he could ask her the same thing. Hayden told Nik to leave before her husband returned. Nik pointed out that they both knew Jake wasn't her husband. Hayden tried to slam the door in Nik's face, but he forced his way in. Hayden threatened to call the police, so Nik threatened to get her arrested for fraud. Hayden backed down. Nik introduced himself and told Hayden that he was a friend of Elizabeth. Nik asked Hayden why she was pretending to be Jake's wife. Hayden countered that she had no reason to lie. Nik thought that his grandmother, Helena, paid Hayden to con Jake. Hayden played along and pretended Nik was right. Hayden listened as Nik grumbled about Helena trying to take control again. Nik mentioned that it was important that Jake didn't remember who Jake really was. Nik decided to call Helena and put a stop to this before someone got suspicious and dug into Hayden's story, and figured out Jake's real identity. Hayden stopped Nik and revealed that she had no idea what he was talking about. She explained that she'd been bluffing in hopes that Nik would spill his secret. Hayden smirked and said she now knew that Nik knew who Jake really was.

At GH, Elizabeth smiled as she read the kind texts Ric had sent her. An angry Valerie rushed up to the front desk and asked for Luke's room number. Liz explained that she couldn't give that information to non relatives. Valerie explained that she was a Spencer. Liz stated that Luke was her former father in law, so she knew Valerie wasn't related to him. Valerie snapped that, unfortunately, she was that “psycho's” niece. Valerie accused Luke of killing her mother, and she insisted on confronting him. Liz explained that she couldn't let Valerie confront a patient. Valerie started looking through the charts, trying to find Luke's room number, and Liz threatened to call security. Dante ran up and defused things, then he took Valerie aside. Now that Liz was alone, she took a deep breath, then she texted Ric.

Dante admitted he'd thought Valerie was still with him in the morgue making arrangements for her mother. Valerie explained that she went looking for Luke so she could make him pay. Dante assured Valerie that Luke would answer for his crimes. Dante didn't think that Valerie would feel any better after confronting Luke. Valerie broke down crying, and Dante hugged her. Valerie explained that her parents broke up before she was born, so she'd grown up without a father. Valerie and Patricia had been very close, and Valerie took care of Patricia, until Patricia insisted on going into the convalescent home, so Valerie could have her own life. Valerie felt guilty for leaving Patricia vulnerable to Luke. Dante explained that he could relate because he was raised by a single mother too. Dante didn't know what he'd do if something happened to Olivia. Valerie predicted that he'd want to make the person who hurt her suffer. Dante gently stated that vengeance wouldn't make Valerie feel better. He encouraged her to take comfort in the memories of her mother.

Luke woke up, as Tracy and Lulu looked on. Luke thought he'd had a bad dream until he noticed that he was restrained to the hospital bed. Luke looked somber as he realized he really had killed his parents and hurt lots of other people. Luke wanted to see Patricia, and Tracy broke the news that Patricia was dead – her heart gave out. Luke felt guilty because he assumed that Pat's heart couldn't take the stress he'd put her through. Lulu tried to assure him that there was no way to know that. Luke noted that Patricia had saved his life by covering up what he'd done to their parents, and now there was no way to make things right. Luke explained that he'd blocked out accidentally killing his mother until the day Bill Eckert died. Bill had encouraged Luke to forgive himself for what he'd done to his mother. After that, the memory came flooding back. Luke had tried to bury it again, but about once a year, that memory, and the part of Luke that was like his father, Tim, bubbled up to the surface. When Luke felt the rage and disappointment building inside him, he'd take off and go hang out with people like Faison and Julian. Luke explained that when he worked with those criminals, he always told them that there was a man in Port Charles who looked just like him. “Then I'd take all that darkness and stuff it so deeply inside that it became a different identity,.” Luke said. Luke added that he'd always vowed to make sure that it never affected his family. Lulu realized that this explained why Luke always disappeared when she was young and it meant he was being protective, not neglectful.

Luke theorized that electroshock therapy he'd suffered while Heather was holding him in Miscavige caused his childhood memories to come flooding back. Luke hadn't been able to deal with it, so he'd locked his true self away and let the dark side take over. Luke said he became Tim Spencer, he looked at his arm and saw his father's tattoo for a second, then it disappeared. Luke was afraid that he wouldn't be able get rid of his dark side. Tracy went to go find Luke's doctor. Lulu tried to assure Luke that he'd be able to heal. Lulu left so Luke could get some rest. Lulu ran into Dante in the hallway. She was surprised he wasn't downstairs helping Valerie make arrangements for Patricia. Dante brought Lulu up to speed about Valerie's attempt to confront Luke. Lulu was alarmed and she insisted that Luke was too fragile for that. Dante assured Lulu that he'd convinced Valerie not to go through with it. Dante had left Valerie in the visitor's lounge to get some rest. Valerie appeared in Luke's doorway.

Patrick and Sam waved goodbye as the kids left. Patrick wanted to discuss Sam letting Jake give her a ride home. Sam insisted that it was just a ride. Patrick knew that, but he was worried about Sam, because he wasn't convinced that Jake was safe to be around. Patrick admired that Sam so quickly forgave Jake, but he was concerned because Jake kept popping up in Sam's life. Sam asked Patrick if he trusted her. Patrick did. Sam was adamant that Patrick had nothing to worry about. Patrick asked Sam where the rest of her stuff was, and Sam explained that she had to leave it at the garage, in her car, because she rode home on a motorcycle. Patrick wasn't thrilled that Sam got on a bike with someone who might not know how to use one. Sam insisted that she could tell right away that Jake was an experienced rider. Patrick didn't feel any better. Sam thought Patrick should understand, since Patrick would have jumped at the chance to drive a stock car, if he'd found one in a garage. Sam was happy that she got the chance to ride on the bike. Patrick understood, but he explained that he didn't want anything to happen to Sam. Sam assured him that she was fine. They kissed. Sam noted that they had the place to themselves. Patrick swept Sam into his arms and took her upstairs. The camera panned to Jason's wedding ring, under the couch.

Sonny and Ric ran into each other in the Metro Court lobby. Ric brought Sonny up to speed about the custody case. Ric had just heard back from the judicial review board, and he was optimistic that he'd be able to get another hearing with an unbiased judge. Sonny appreciated it. Sonny was curious why Ric was just standing around, and Ric admitted he was hoping to hear from Liz. Sonny hoped that Liz would kick Jake to the curb. Ric grinned and said that situation took care of itself when Jake's wife showed up. Sonny revealed that Jake was already causing trouble for Sonny. Sonny told Ric about Jake disarming two of Sonny's men and pulling a gun on Shawn. Sonny was convinced that Carly was wrong to trust Jake. Ric was optimistic that Jake would leave town with his wife soon. Ric received Liz's text. She wanted to talk. Ric left.

Ric went to GH and found Liz. Ric asked her if he was right to assume she was willing to give him another chance.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Morgan and Kiki giggled and cuddled at their table. Michael watched Morgan and Kiki's affectionate display in disgust, and he ordered an alcoholic drink. The concerned Sabrina pointed out that it was barely 2:00, but Michael didn't care. Back over at Morgan and Kiki's table, they grinned because their plan to drive Michael to drink was working. The pills that Morgan and Kiki switched with Michael's allergy pills hadn't kicked in and reacted to the alcohol, so Kiki decided to push Michael to order another drink. She told Morgan to kiss her. The kiss prompted Michael to order another drink. Sabrina suggested that she Michael and AJ/Avery leave and go spend the day together. Michael refused to let Morgan and Kiki drive him out of the restaurant. He told Sabrina he had business to take care of. Sabrina decided to take the baby and go. Morgan pulled back from the kiss and reminded Kiki that she'd said that kissing would just complicate things between them. Kiki told Morgan that they were doing this for Avery, then she kissed him again. Morgan told Kiki that they still had chemistry.

Michael drank his other drink, then he went over and loudly confronted Morgan and Kiki. Morgan slyly texted the reporter and told him to start filming. Michael wondered if Kiki had been seeing Morgan on the side, while she was with Michael. Kiki insisted that she'd loved Michael. Michael reminded Kiki that she'd vowed never to forgive Morgan after Morgan almost let Michael drown. Michael accused Kiki of wanting the brother she couldn't have. Morgan defended Kiki. Michael felt that Morgan was a loser whose greatest accomplishment was losing $50,000 in online poker. Morgan and Kiki put on an act; they took Michael to task for being “drunk” and accused him of being a bad guardian to their little sister. Michael seemed upset that Kiki thought so poorly of him. “Kiki, I loved you. Do you get that? Do you understand that?” Michael said. Morgan got up and tried to guide Michael away from the table. Michael took a wild swing at his brother's head and fell. Kiki offered to call Michael a cab, but he spat that he was a Quartermaine and he had a driver. Michael stumbled over to the elevator, and the reporter followed. Kiki was worried that she and Morgan had gone too far and that Michael might hurt himself or someone else. Morgan wasn't concerned since Michael had a driver.

Sabrina was leaving the hotel when she ran into Sonny. She tried to go, but Sonny stopped her and asked for some time with his daughter. Sabrina explained that she was under strict instructions not to allow that. Sonny begged to just have a minute. Sabrina was uneasy, and she told Sonny that she had to go. Sonny knelt down and told Avery that he was going to get her back. Just then, Michael came staggering over. He screamed at Sonny to stay the hell away from Avery.

When Jake returned to the garage, Julian was there. Jake explained that he'd just given Sam a ride home. Julian wondered how Jake managed that, when Jake took the bus to work. Jake admitted he took the motorcycle that was at the shop. Julian was fine with that, but he wondered what Hayden would think if she saw Jake riding around with an attractive woman holding onto him. Jake insisted that he didn't have eyes for Sam, so Hayden and Julian had nothing to worry about. Jake was grateful that Sam helped him make sure the bomb didn't go off on the boat and that she helped him get a job. Jake explained that he only gave Sam a ride on the bike because that was the only mode of transportation Jake had at the garage. Julian assured Jake that Julian wasn't going to be an overprotective father. Julian joked that Sam would probably kill Julian if he did. Jake thought it was good for both of them that Sam wasn't the woman he had his eye on. Julian assumed Jake was talking about Hayden, but Jake had a flashback to kissing Liz.

Julian made sure that Jake still had the guns Jake took off of Sonny's men. Julian instructed Jake to use maximum force to defend the garage. Carlos arrived. Carlos was unhappy to see Jake, and he tried to convince Julian to fire Jake. Julian snapped that Jake got Julian out of the mess that Carlos made. Carlos didn't understand. Julian explained that Shawn came by to beat Julian up for stealing the Corinthos's truck. Except Julian hadn't stolen the truck. Carlos wanted to talk about this in private, but Jake insisted that they could trust him. This wasn't good enough for Carlos, so Jake left the room. Jake hid around a corner and listened in. Julian asked Carlos if Carlos had hijacked the shipment, and Carlos admitted that he had. Julian was furious that Carlos had gone behind Julian's back. Julian was concerned that the Corinthos organization would be on alert, due to the hijack, and that they'd realize that the Jeromes were planning a hit. Carlos apologized for overstepping. Julian changed the subject to the hit they were planning. Julian noted that they were planning to kill a major player. Carlos was confident that the hit would be carried out any day now. Julian felt that it was taking too long. He and Carlos left the garage to go discuss the hit with their crew. Jake emerged from hiding, then he called someone and said he had information on Carlos and Julian.

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