GH Update Monday 4/6/15

General Hospital Update Monday 4/6/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Emma is looking out the window waiting for Sam when her daddy sees her and informs her that Sam was delayed. She had car trouble and is presently at the garage.

Sam enters the shop as Jake is having visions about the symbolic motorcycle (where Sam and Jason first got together)

Morgan and Kiki put their “plan into motion” for Michael to appear like a drunk and drug popper after Morgan has put a foreign drug in his brother's allergy pills. Michael becomes stressed at The Metro Court while on the phone to a contact. Sabrina enters with baby Avery and greets him. He tells her he's glad to see them although he continues to sneeze. He informs her that his allergy medication is not working and on top of that, “somebody” intends to take over ELQ.

Elizabeth updates Nikolas on the most recent news. She's found out that Jake has a wife who just found him after 6 months. Ric and Hayden ride on the elevator out of the hospital together, confident that she may have managed to “soften” Elizabeth up so that she might consider getting back with Ric now that Jake is out of the way.

At the garage, when Jake sees Sam, he assumes she's looking for her dad and she admits she is unaware that Julian owns this place. She observes the mechanic shop and comments that this might be a good fit for him. He asks what she needs. She tells him her car is acting kind of funny but if he's busy, she can come back later. He wants her to stay however, as he knows he had a major flash of “deja vu” of being with her.

Patrick and Emma are awaiting Sam when Spencer enters the house. He excuses himself for having to wear the mask. Patrick asks him how he got there and if his father knows he's there. He has found a way to get his dad out of the hospital while he goes and talks to Emma alone.

While at the hospital, as Nikolas hears Elizabeth tell him the news (which he knows is false) that Jake is married, Jake is with Sam at the garage. Jake tells her that he has had “visions” of being with her. Hearing that, Sam is puzzled and hasn't a clue what type of visions he'd have except the one time he took her hostage. He admits he does not entirely know what the visions were. She tells him she knows all too well when one awakens from a dream and does not remember what it was. He then recalls a dream of himself kissing her the previous night. He remembers it happened right when he was in bed with his “wife” (Hayden)

In her hotel room, Hayden orders champagne and lobster. Ric asks her how she's going to explain that to her husband whom she's having believing she's unemployed and broke. She clarifies she has put it on Ric's tab. He asks her if he does not pay her enough. She tells him this is a celebration for them to both get what they've always wanted.

As Morgan and Kiki talk about a secret they overheard about Michael and ELQ, Michael and Sabrina are with the baby at the Metro Court suspecting nothing. Sabrina asks him what he just heard about ELQ. He explains to her that about a year ago, Tracy and Alice signed over their shares of the company to Jerry Jacks as ransom for Luke. Hearing that, Sabrina inquires, if since Jerry Jacks is a criminal, couldn't they just cancel his shares like one cancels a check? Michael clarifies it doesn't work that way since when one has shares, they are the official bearer. He also realizes his aunt by adoption, Sky Quartermaine traded her shares to Luke. He knows that combined, those other shareholders make up 1/3 of the company. So he's a bit on edge knowing that there's a secret or silent shareholder whom he assumes is one of the Cassadines, he tells her.

Nikolas is with Elizabeth as she tells the story of when she was with Jake ready to take it upstairs and consider having a serious relationship, a woman suddenly showed up on her doorstep informing them she is Hayden Barnes. Hearing that, Nikolas reveals he somehow knows that makes no sense and there must be some “explanation”. Elizabeth asks him how he'd know that. He tells her it's a little odd that it would suddenly happen after 6 months of nobody revealing themselves as knowing Jake. He gets a call from Patrick informing him that Spencer has come by his house to visit Emma. Hearing that, Nikolas admits he did not know that and once again his son has cooked up a plan. Nikolas apologizes to Patrick for the unexpected visit yet Patrick assures him it's ok to have Spencer visit. He gets off the phone and informs Spencer his dad told him he needs to be forewarned of visits in the future. Emma informs Spencer that Sam and Danny are moving in with her and her dad. She tells him she's happy he's back and wanted to welcome him home after he's gotten out of Shriner's Children's Hospital. Hearing that, Spencer asks her if she's absolutely positively certain about that. She asks why she would not be. Spencer replies that he thought perhaps she has decided he's too ugly for her. She assures him she does not think that. Spencer then tells Emma in that case, he wants her to accept a ring he's found for her, as he shows her the ring he took out of his dad's locked safe (the one that Nikolas knows belonged to Jason Morgan).

At the garage, Jake informs Sam that he's found out that he's married. They both know that Ric has been very encouraged to let everyone know as they both suspect Ric. She asks Jake how it has been for him to get re-acquainted with his wife. He replies her name is Hayden. She's very pretty and nice and is trying really hard to assure him she is who she says she is. Sam asks if she had proof, to which Jake replies she did have a marriage certificate, wedding photos, social security cards, and a wedding ring. Hearing that, and remembering a conversation they had about “only one ring”, she tells Jake perhaps that is what he meant when he said that.

When the room service delivers the food and champagne to Hayden's room, Ric hides outside the window. When the door is closed and they are no longer seen, she tells Ric he may not come out of hiding. She is confident that it appears that Elizabeth and Jake believe their scam although Jake could not “consummate” last night. She then tells Ric maybe he could fulfill those needs for her. Ric looks at her puzzled.

Morgan and Kiki are ready to investigate the secret Michael has about the ELQ shares when Michael tells Sabrina his concerns about many others having his shares who should not. He knows some of it is in the hands of Helena Cassadine. Sabrina asks Michael just where he'd find Helena, to which he replies Helena was given a plea deal by the PCPD by doing something Nikolas persuaded her to do. She's free. Last he heard, Helena has left the country. He informs Sabrina, he's tried to find out from her grandson Nikolas but Nikolas has not returned his calls.

At the hospital, after the call from Patrick, Nikolas shares with Elizabeth he'd like to put a stop to Spencer sneaking away. But he knows how Spencer wants to reach out to Emma and see her and he feels if he prevents Spencer from having his way with that, it will only reinforce this belief his son has that he's a “beast and a mutant” whom Emma would not love because of the burn to his face. He asks Elizabeth to tell him more about this supposed “wife” of Jake. Elizabeth tells Nikolas all of the “evidence” Hayden had of not only their marriage, but also the brain scans. Hearing that, Nikolas is intrigued to find out that “allegedly” the brain scans of “Jacob Barnes” were identical to the ones in the hospital record of Jake. Hearing that and knowing otherwise, Nikolas affirms this makes absolutely no sense and there must be “some other explanation”.

At the Metro Court, Michael tells Sabrina that he has to contact Nikolas to find out the unsolved mystery. An unannounced reporter suddenly appears and tells Michael he needs to run a story about how a CEO of ELQ has lost a lot of the company shares. Hearing that, Michael demands to know who the hell gave him that information.

Kiki gives Morgan a high-five, not far away, complimenting him on his brilliant plan to get Michael to lose custody of baby Avery. Aware that Michael is presently feeling the effects of their plan, he concludes to her he believes it's now time for the two of them to “deliver the knock-out punch”, to which she agrees.

At the garage, when Sam recalls Jake saying to her something about “only one ring”, he admits he really has no recollection of saying that or what it meant, as he was just going in for brain surgery and was probably distracted and really out of it at that point and the whole while he did not even remember who he was. She then concludes that she wonders what he might have known about her ring or the ring he now has when he had that vision while breaking into her apartment a while back. She wonders if he might have seen her wedding ring while there. He realizes he has no conscious memory of the ring or much of anything else. She tells him when Jason disappeared, he wore his ring but when he died, the ring was never found. So, she knows wherever Jason is, the ring is with him.

Spencer gives Emma that very ring. Emma wonders where he found it, why his father knows nothing about his taking it from the locked safe, and why it would belong to a man named Alan Quartermaine. Emma then recalls that her mom told her about Alan Quartermaine who was her friend Jason's dad. He died. She asks Spencer why Nikolas would have Alan's ring in his possession. He won't know.

At the hospital, after hearing about this woman alleging she is Jake's wife, Nikolas asks Elizabeth where he might find her.

In Hayden's hotel room, she reminds Ric that she spent the evening with a smoking hot man who was not going to satisfy her needs. As they are both being deprived, she tells him, maybe they can satisfy each other. He asks her if she wants to hop into bed with him and have Jake see them together. Does she jump the bones of every guy who pays her to pull off a scam? In response to that, Hayden remarks that it's completely normal for men to initiate casual sex but completely different when women do it. She reminds him they whole reason they met in the first place was from personal adds dating service, and having her pretending to be Jake's wife came later. Yet he tells her that he does not want to “play”.

When Nikolas asks Elizabeth where he might find Jake's “wife”, she replies that Jake and Hayden are currently staying at the Metro Court. Nikolas cannot reveal to Elizabeth why this situation concerns him and why he knows with certainty that Jake does not have a wife named Hayden.

At the garage, Sam explains to Jake that she just wanted to be able to give the ring to Danny since Jason's father, Alan Quartermaine and his mother Monica gave it to her when she and Jason were engaged so that she could give it to Jason for their wedding. Jake can see how I important that was to her and that she knows Jason would have wanted Danny to have the ring some day.

Spencer admits to Emma he does not know how his dad ended up with Alan Quartermaine's ring. But since the man is dead, he probably won't mind, he tells her. Spencer then asks her to please take this ring as a token of his affection and a symbol of their commitment to each other. She asks what he means by that. He replies it means that he belongs to her and she belongs to him. She tells him she's sorry but she can't accept this ring. He asks her if it's because of how he looks underneath his mask. She tells him no. It's because this ring is not his to give to her and also if they already know they belong to one another, why do they need a ring to prove that? He then angrily concludes that the reason she is not accepting his ring is because she still has feelings for “that townie” Cameron. He knows it was Cameron who made his face defaced although she protests that is not true. He tells her that Cameron burned him on purpose. She protests that the fire was an accident but Spencer tells her he knows she does not like his mask and believes he's horrible and ugly and would rather be with a pretty pyromaniac townie than with a freak like himself. He then takes off the ring and throws it. Patrick enters and asks if everything is ok. The kids do not respond.

While with Sam at the garage, Jake reveals that he knows he must have some sort of mechanic's background and recalls knowing how to hot-wire faulty machinery. She then admits that she is moving in with Patrick and on her way there when she stopped at the shop.

While the reporter corners Michael, he tells him he has no comments. Perfectly “on cue”, Morgan and Kiki walk in. They greet him and engage with their little sister although Michael does not want them speaking to her. They remind him that they have the legal right to speak to their little sister in a public place just like they have the right to order food and sit at the table whether he likes it or not. They gloat to Michael that they came there to celebrate. Michael asks what they intend to celebrate. They reply they are getting back together. Hearing that, he concludes that Kiki lied to him when she assured him she and Morgan were just friends. He asks them when they made this official. Kiki tells him that she knew it was just a matter of time. She listened to her instincts when she knew that Michael was a judgmental jerk and Morgan is the right guy for her. Michael asks her if it does not bother her to be dating a guy who slept with her mother and might have been the father of her baby sister. Morgan tells his brother that maybe Ava is the reason he and Kiki are back together since they both miss her. Michael asks his ex girlfriend if this is really what she wants. She asks why he would care, reminding it was he who broke up with her. Kiki and Morgan then go off together.

At the hospital, Elizabeth wonders why Nikolas has his concerns about Jake being told he is married to Hayden Barnes as he gets on the elevator, headed to the Metro Court to get to the bottom of this.

Ric tells Hayden if she has “needs”, then that is what her fake husband is for. He angrily goes out the door.

At Patrick’s, he asks Spencer and Emma what is going on. Spencer tells Patrick he knows Emma hates him and he's going to have Chandler take him home. He leaves. Alone with Emma, Patrick asks his daughter if she's ok. She tells her dad she doesn’t know why Spencer is so mad at her. She keeps telling him she does not care what his face looks like but he does not believe her. She also informs him that Spencer asked her to be his one true love.

When Sam informs Jake that she and Danny are moving in with Patrick, he tells her if she needs a ride, he can drive her. Knowing that he does not have a license or his own car, she hesitates. He tells her although he does not have a car, he somehow knows that maybe she can ride on the back of the motorcycle. She somehow then knows she should say yes. Sam remembers something from her past. He asks her if she trusts him to get her to Patrick's house. She puts on her helmet and grabs onto him as he fires up the cycle and they are off.

Alone with Kiki, while they watch Michael, Morgan tells her this is a great plan if he does say so himself. When the waitress comes, they order drinks for Michael. While he grimly tells Sabrina all about his bitter break-up and betrayal from Kiki and Morgan, when their waitress visits them, Michael orders a scotch on the rocks.

Sam finally arrives at Patrick's. Emma welcomes her. He asks her if her car is fixed since she's managed to get there. She tells him no. She actually got a ride from Jake.

When Jake returns to the garage on the motorcycle, he is clearly lost in thought remembering something.

While at the hospital, Elizabeth gets a text from Ric asking her to join him for dinner.

While Hayden is alone having dinner alone in the hotel room, she hears a knock on the door. She opens it to see Nikolas and asks who he is. He coldly tells her maybe she can answer that question for him.

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