GH Update Friday 4/3/15

General Hospital Update Friday 4/3/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Spencer returns to Wyndermere with his dad who wants him to feel encouraged to be home. He's wearing a mask to hide one side of his face. As soon as he looks in the mirror and realizes that he will be seen by people he knows, he runs off.

Sam is on the phone with Patrick as she gets ready to move in with him. She remarks that her mother is upstairs talking to her father on the phone and it looks like the two of them are ready to redecorate the entire apartment as soon as she is out.

Julian is on the phone to Alexis, while he's outside the mechanic's garage that Johnny Zacchara used to own. As soon as he enters through the door, he realizes that somebody is there and so he immediately tells her he will have to call her back while he points his gun looking all around the garage to see who might be there.

While at work, Elizabeth remembers hearing Ric talking about wanting her back. She appears depressed as she remembers the encounter. Jake calls to her.

Hayden meets Ric in his motel room and admits that she's in a bad mood. She tried and failed to get Jake to “perform his husbandly duties” last night. She is not comfortable knowing that he refused to have sex with her believing she is a stranger when she knows that is correct. Ric smirks to hear her say it's not ok to be unlaid and unpaid. He tells her he can't help her in the sex department but will pay enough as soon as she can do what he expects which is to convince Jake she is his wife. He further informs her that he could offer her an added bonus if she could “soften the deal” with Elizabeth.

At the hospital, Elizabeth admits to Jake she's surprised to see him asking if he should not be with his “wife” at Beecher's Corners. She does not want to admit that she's had him on the brain the whole while as he has her on the brain. She tells him maybe he should “try not to”. He assures her they are friends and although maybe they cannot go back, he still has feelings for her. He also assures her that he does not intend to go to Beecher's Corners. He only plans to stay right in Port Charles.

Nikolas' employee, Chandler, informs him that he found “something” after the fire in the laundry. Nikolas notices a large ring that he knows would have had to have come form his locked safe and he puts it back. Spencer finds his dad, notices he's hiding something and asks him what's in the safe. It's the ring he got from Helena that says Alan Quartermaine which belonged to Jason Morgan.

At the hospital, Jake informs Elizabeth that he does not have any job at Beecher's Corners. He has a job with Julian, Hayden is unemployed at the moment. They need the money so he is staying in town. They both make it very clear they are not over each other.

In Ric's hotel room, Hayden asks him why he still has not managed to “seal the deal” with his beloved. Ric tells her that his goal in winning Elizabeth over takes a little more “finessing”. She reminds him she's already agreed to go along with his scam of the fake marriage to Jake Doe. He tells her he needs her help in motivating Elizabeth to come to him. She reminds him she did not agree to that and that her services do not come cheap.

Sam tells Patrick she thought maybe she should meet with him and Emma but doesn't want to pressure her if she is not ready, realizing he has yet to tell his daughter that Sam and Danny are moving into the house.

Shawn finds Julian at the mechanic shop and tells him he knows that his guys are responsible for preventing his guys from having their shipments and he tells him if he does not return what is rightfully his, Duke's and Sonny's, he will end Julian. In response to that, Julian pulls his gun on Shawn but Shawn is not afraid, realizing Julian will be when he sees Shawn is not alone. We then see a team of guys surrounding Shawn and ready to overpower Julian.

At Sam's apartment, Alexis comes by and asks her daughter if she needs help moving her boxes. Hearing that, Sam tells her mom if she did not know better, she'd think that her mom is waiting for her to leave. Alexis denies that and tells her she will very much miss having her and Danny living with her.

At Patrick's, he takes Emma aside and tells his daughter that he and Sam have been spending a lot of time together and thought it was silly that they are living in different houses. So they talked about it and thought it would be a really good idea if Sam and Danny moved in with them. Hearing that, Emma does not smile nor seem happy with that news at first.

Nikolas' employee, Chandler, tells him that Spencer has a visitor. Spencer raises an objection and demands no visitors because he does not want to be seen with the mask on his face. Sonny enters and asks his nephew if that includes himself. Spencer then rushes to greet his Uncle Sonny who hugs him and welcomes him back.

As soon as Ric sends Hayden out of his hotel room to accomplish her mission for him, Cameron comes by to visit Ric. Hayden hasn't a clue who he is nor he-her, as she departs and he enters.

At the hospital, Elizabeth informs Jake that it appears that Ric wants her back. In response to that, he asks her what she wants and she hesitates to answer, revealing she may not return Ric's feelings. She reveals to Jake she recently ran into Ric at Kelly's and “informed him” that Jake's wife is back. Little do either of them know about Ric and Jake's alleged “wife”. Elizabeth asks him when he starts his first day working for Julian. He informs her he is going to meet with his new boss as soon as he's done talking to her.

At Wyndermere, Sonny tells Spencer he's happy to see him. Spencer tells his uncle he knows he would not be saying that if he knew about the mask beforehand. Nikolas explains to Sonny that Spencer is only wearing a half mask to cover part of his face during the healing from the burn and is very fortunate to not need a full mask like some of the other kids at the hospital do. Sonny tells his nephew that is great news as he gives his nephew a present to open. Spencer happily opens the box to see another boxing robe, just like the one he attempted to rescue from the fire when he got burned. Sonny tells him it's his under one condition. He needs Spencer to never value any robe or any possession more than his own life. He reminds Spencer that any robe can be replaced but he can't and all that matters is that Spencer is ok. Spencer argues he is not ok. He is permanently disfigured.

After Hayden leaves Ric's hotel room, Cameron asks who that lady was. Ric tells him she was a client. In response to that, Cameron tells Ric he needs Ric he needs to be his client. He needs legal representation from a lawyer in order to protect him from Spencer Cassadine.

At Wyndermere, Spencer tells Sonny and his dad that he knows “that townie”, Cameron tried to kill him because he wants Emma and Emma chose Spencer over him. Nikolas argues that is not what happened. The fire was investigated and ruled an accident. Sonny agrees with that although Spencer reminds them both that it's very coincidental that it happened right after Emma dumped Cameron for him. He is worried that as soon as Emma sees him, she will go right back to Cameron. Nikolas gets a call from his son's plastic surgeon and asks Sonny to see if he can talk some sense into Spencer and urges Spencer to listen to his uncle. Sonny takes his nephew aside and tells him he needs to know that Emma has good reason to value him and not another boy. He's handsome. He won her heart because of who he is inside. He has a good soul and that is why she chose him. Spencer however realizes that Emma has not visited him when she knows he's coming home today.

Patrick tells his daughter that having Sam and Danny living in their home will be fun. She and Sam can do each other's hair and nails and Emma can play with Danny. Emma asks if she will have to share her room. He tells her of course not. Emma asks her dad where Sam will sleep, to which he replies she will be sleeping with him. Emma reminds her dad that is mommy's bed.

Sam informs her mom one good thing about her moving into Patrick's is she won't have any more “Ric run-ins”. She informs her mom that not long ago, Ric was in her apartment, allegedly to see Molly and was all “in her face” about Jake. Alexis asks her daughter why. Sam admits she hasn't a clue except for the fact that he wanted to inform her that Jake now has a wife.

When Ric dismisses, to Cameron, the need to have legal representation when Spencer goes after him, Cameron protests that Spencer knows all about his history with matches. Although Ric assures Cameron that the fire at Wyndermere was deemed an accident, Cameron protests that Spencer does not see it that way. He's coming after him and so he needs Ric's help. Ric assures Cameron no DA would bring charges against him nor would a judge or jury convict him for the fire, given the circumstances, yet Cameron asks how he can be sure, reminding him that Spencer is a Cassadine with money and power. Hearing that, Ric sees the perfect opportunity to assure Cameron he has the best legal representation which is himself, as he plays Cameron's hero. Cameron hugs Ric, praises him and tells him maybe his mom will get back with him yet. Ric tells the boy one never knows.

Hayden goes to find Elizabeth while she's at work at the hospital. Elizabeth does not want to talk to her. Hayden tells her she doesn't want to bother her but needed to inform her that she and Jake are staying in Port Charles. Elizabeth informs her she knows because Jake was just there and they spoke. Hayden then tells Elizabeth for that reason, she has to ask her to stay away from her husband. Elizabeth clearly does not want to hear where this is going while Hayden tells her her “husband” sees Elizabeth as this “lonely little bird” whom he feels an obligation help since she helped him. Yet she and have to repair their marriage without any distraction. Elizabeth tells her she understands. Hayden assures Elizabeth that she and Jake “consummated” their marriage last night, which Elizabeth is not happy to hear.

At the mechanic's garage, right when Shawn and the guys are ready to overpower Julian, Jake comes out of nowhere to save the day and get them all to leave his new boss alone. They all seem to know that Jake is not afraid of being outnumbered and they all promptly leave Jake and Julian alone. Julian admits to his new employee this is a hell of a “first day” and he must say he can already see this arrangement is going to work out just fine, remarking if Jake had not shown up when he did, those guys would have easily assaulted him and had him at their mercy.

Hayden seems to want to gleefully report to Elizabeth how she and Jake are having perfect marital and sexual relations yet can clearly see Elizabeth is not encouraged to hear that. She alludes that she knows that Elizabeth and Jake were having “plans” to do “something” right when she found her long lost husband, to which Elizabeth assures Hayden that that is now over. Hayden tells her she knows she's not the type of woman who'd want another woman's husband and she immediately suggests to Elizabeth that maybe she could get back with “that other guy”. Hearing that, Elizabeth demands to know what she is talking about and why Hayden would know anything about Elizabeth's “ex” who just suddenly came back into town.

Cameron seems to want to encourage Ric to get back with his mom, telling him he should not give up on his mom just like he won't give up on Emma. Ric admits that he is very much on the same page as Cameron and delights in seeing Elizabeth's son warming up to him.

Sonny talks to Spencer about how he should know that Emma is a smart girl who will not lose interest in him because of the burn to his face. Spencer tells his uncle that he wants to give her a secret ring. He tells him he has to get Emma's “commitment” before she changes her mind. He reveals to Sonny that he knows of an engagement ring that his father hides with all of the family jewels. Sonny is able to encourage his nephew to believe that Emma likes the him for who he is and he need not question that.

Emma and her dad talk about how her mom is now living in Paris while they have been living here. Yet she asks why Sam does not have her own bed. Her dad explains to her that when adults grow close and want to share their lives, they many times share a bed together. She then asks her dad if he loves Sam. He replies yes. She further asks him if they are going to get married.

Sam tells her mom she really does not buy the story that Jake would have a wife although Alexis tells her daughter that Jake has suddenly awoken from a coma, has a new face and has no memory so it's understandable that his wife might have had difficulty in tracking him down. Sam also reveals that she persuaded Julian to find Jake a job and would rather not have his “wife” drag him back to Beecher's Corners, where she says they previously lived before the accident. Alexis asks her why she'd care if that were to happen.

When Sonny departs, Nikolas tells his son they need to see the plastic surgeon although Spencer urges his father not to make him go through with it. He just got home. He tells him he does not want to endure the poking and prodding. Yet he clearly has another reason to want to be left alone in the house.

Patrick tells Emma he believes that he and she and Sam and Danny will be a lot stronger and better together than apart, it will be fun and they will make a good family. She asks if he wants to put them all under one roof and see what happens. He replies yes. She tells him she understands that but asks what he will do if it does not work out. He tells her there are no guarantees but he would like to give it a shot. Emma tells her dad she is ok with that.

Alexis tells her daughter that maybe she should not put full trust in Jake nor want or need him to stay in town. He may not be under Helena's influence right now but that does not mean he will never be again. And Sam needs to realize that Jake, whom nobody knows anything about, is experienced with violence. Yet Sam seems to have an intuition about Jake.

While Jake is with Julian who is very impressed and can clearly see his profound skill in holding his own in physical combat, they both know that it may be a waste not to give Jake a job where his skill set can work to Julian's advantage.

Sam hugs her mom and urges her to please take care of her place while she leaves, reminding her that she and Jason spent many good years there. Many good things happened to them. Alexis assures her daughter she will take very good care of it. Sam then departs to go to Patrick's.

Julian tells Jake he was thinking that since the former owner of this place, Johnny Zacchara, is currently on the run, he could put Jake to work running the place. Jake tells Julian he'd be happy to do that and informs Julian (for the first time) that he has a wife to support. Julian is really surprised to hear that and asks how that happened. Jake replies she suddenly found him and is currently unemployed. Julian comments he can see that Jake could probably make more money with a gun than with a monkey wrench and how Jake could be a very valuable asset. Jake then comments that he's not sure if he can tell the difference between a transmission and a carburetor. Julian tells Jake he bets he knows more than he thinks.

At the hospital, Elizabeth demands to know how Hayden would know anything about her previous relationship with Ric. Hayden replies Jake told her about Elizabeth having what appears to be a “pretty good thing going on with this Ric guy”, for a while, so maybe she could revive it. She further tells Elizabeth that just because “her husband” is no longer an option does not mean she should not consider another possibility. She then tells Elizabeth she realizes maybe she needs to stay out of her business, knowing that's how Elizabeth feels, as she had she hopes Elizabeth will “return the favor” and stay out of hers'. Hayden then walks off. She passes Ric in the hallway who sees his “queue” to enter and find Elizabeth. He informs her that Cameron came to see him this morning and he took him to school. She knows the conversation must have been about Cameron's fears that Spencer will get him in trouble for the fire. She thanks Ric for talking to her son and putting his mind at ease. He smiles and assures her that he is there for her and Cameron and is not going anywhere. Yet she is less encouraged than he is.

Julian returns to Alexis after Sam leaves and she wants to know why he terminated their phone conversation so quickly this morning.

Shawn returns to Sonny and informs him that he and the guys had every intention and every confidence that they could easily take down Julian this morning. However, he admits, they got suddenly “interrupted”. Sonny asks by whom. Shawn replies by Jake Doe.

Alone at Johnny's garage, Jake is the phone (probably to Sloane) informing him he just got there in time to prevent Julian from getting taken down by Shawn Butler and he could clearly see Julian was very impressed. He thought he'd use that to work his way into the organization, and, he concludes, maybe in the meantime he can “find something useful” in this garage. He notices a motorcycle and remembers being with Sam as they go on a ride together.

As Nikolas goes to the hospital and talk about their two respective sons and all of Spencer's shenanigans, Spencer is alone in Wyndermere climbing up to the secret locked safe, remembering the combination and opening it to find the mysterious ring. He looks at it and is surprised to see the name Alan Quartermaine encrypted on it.

Sam appears right outside the garage where Jake is fixated upon the motorcycle. She calls Patrick to inform him that she's having car trouble and wants to see if she can find out if someone can look at it before she gets to his house.

At the hospital, Nikolas is surprised to find out that Elizabeth and Ric broke up and she almost got together with Jake. He asks her what happened to prevent her from being with Jake. She replies that Jake suddenly got a blast from his past. Nikolas asks what that would be. She replies Jake's “wife”. And wouldn't you know, she has just shared that with the one person who knows that the only “wife” “Jake” would have is Sam.

Not far away, Ric and Hayden ride in the hospital elevator together. They confirm that she may have been very effective in softening Elizabeth up and he comments he's getting very close to getting her back now that Jake is out of the picture.

As Jake looks intently at the motorcycle, he remembers inviting Sam to go on a motorcycle ride with him, when they were first together. Sam calls out to find out if anyone is there and walks into the garage. They stare intently at each other.

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