GH Update Thursday 4/2/15

General Hospital Update Thursday 4/2/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At GH, Patrick found Elizabeth standing by the memorial wall, looking at a picture of her grandfather, Dr. Steve Hardy. They talked about what a legend Steve was, and what a good team Steve and Nurse Jessie Brewer made. Patrick thought Patrick and Liz were a great team as well. Patrick hadn't seen Liz in awhile, and he was curious to know what she decided to do about Jake. Liz smiled as she told Patrick that she went for it and had been having an amazing date with Jake when his wife arrived. Liz found it surreal that Jake's wife had interrupted their first date. Liz wondered if she'd done something terrible in a past life – she noted that Ric returned just as she got close to Jake, then Ric tried to get Jake sent to prison out of jealousy. Patrick interjected that Ric had a good reason to be jealous. Liz admitted that Ric had sensed that she had feelings for Jake before Liz was ready to acknowledge them. Patrick noted that now Jake was unavailable. “At least his wife came back before things went too far,” Liz said. Liz added that Ric wanted her back. Liz mentioned that she talked with Ric about Jake, and Ric had been really great. Liz wished she'd listened to Ric's warnings about Jake. Although Liz loved Ric, she was afraid that she was only thinking of giving him another chance because Jake was unavailable. Liz admitted that part of her wanted to run into Ric's arms, so she could erase the image of Jake and Hayden. Patrick suggested that Liz forget about Ric and come hang out with Patrick for the night. Liz asked what about Sam, and Patrick explained that Sam was busy packing so they could move in together. Liz was happy for Patrick. Patrick was sure that the same thing would happen for Liz soon. They hugged.

Dante and Lulu were at Oak Hill convalescent home, in Pennsylvania, talking about Luke's secrets. Dante understood why the secret had destroyed Luke. Lulu wanted to be with her father, so they decided to go home. Valerie ran in looking for her mother. Lulu explained that Pat had insisted on going to Port Charles to help Luke. The outraged Valerie felt that her mom was too frail to have gone in search of a “lunatic.” Lulu stressed that Luke was Pat's brother. Valerie griped about the way Lulu kept throwing around family labels as if they meant something. Valerie felt that if Lulu really cared about family, Lulu should have saved Lulu's aunt Pat from Luke. Lulu explained that Tracy had been able to reach the real Luke. Valerie didn't care about Luke's breakthrough; she was only concerned about her mother. Valerie decided to go to Port Charles.

Luke, Tracy, Patricia, and Bobbie were in the old Spencer home. Luke was reeling over the revelation that he'd accidentally killed his mother, Lena, and murdered his father. Luke's family tried to comfort Luke, but Luke asked how he was supposed to live with himself. Luke felt he'd become just like Tim, the abusive father they'd hated. Bobbie insisted that Luke was nothing like Tim, but the guilt-ridden Luke pointed out that Luke had gagged his wheelchair bound sister. Pat blamed herself. She thought that Luke hadn't been able to heal because she covered up what he'd done. Pat explained that Luke had been in shock that night. When Pat realized Luke didn't remember what he'd done, she had Bill help her cover it up. They walled Tim up in the basement, and Pat told everyone Tim ran off. Pat sent Bobbie and Luke to live with their aunt Ruby in Florida. “Did you know she ran a whorehouse?” Luke asked. Pat didn't know, and she was crushed about sending her siblings to that environment. Bobbie and Luke quickly assured Pat that Ruby gave them love and a home. Luke wondered why Pat didn't come with them. Pat explained that she'd been afraid that her presence would trigger Luke's memory. After Pat put her siblings on a bus to Florida, she signed the house over to Bill, then she took the train to Philadelphia.

Pat felt guilty about letting this happen to Luke. Luke was more concerned about their mother, who'd shielded them from their father's violent rages, only to be killed by Luke. Pat pointed out that Luke had been trying to protect Lena from Tim. Pat felt that Tim would have eventually killed one of them if Luke hadn't stepped in. Bobbie hugged Luke and assured him that she loved him for protecting them. Luke didn't understand how Bobbie could love him after he'd tried to kill her and Lucas. Luke added that he'd also tried to blow up the Haunted Star while Luke's loved ones were on board. Pat and Bobbie pointed out that Luke wasn't in his right mind at that time. Tracy was confident that Luke was going to recover. Luke wasn't so sure, but Tracy snapped that Luke owed it to her to be optimistic, after everything he'd put her through. Luke smiled. Tracy promised to help Luke every step of the way, and she told him she loved him. Tracy and Luke were about to leave, but Dante, Lulu and Valerie arrived. Valerie and Pat had a warm reunion. Pat noticed the bandage on Valerie's head. Valerie glared at Luke and revealed that he did it. Valerie apologized for telling Luke where to find Pat, but Pat was glad that Valerie had done so. Pat was adamant that Luke was a good man, and she told Valerie that these people were her family. Valerie angrily told everyone to keep Luke away from her mother. Lulu insisted that Luke was now harmless, but Luke quietly told her not to defend him. Luke apologized to everyone. Tracy told Lulu that Luke remembered everything. Lulu and Luke hugged. Tracy mentioned that she was taking Luke to the hospital, but Dante arrested Luke.

Carly was in the Metro Court restaurant. She left Spinelli a voicemail asking him to help her prove Hayden was lying about being Jake's wife. Lucas walked up, and Carly asked if he'd heard from their mom. Lucas had – he told Carly that Bobbie was in Pennsylvania in search of answers about Luke. Lucas still couldn't believe his uncle Luke had tried to kill him. Lucas assumed that Carly was calling Spinelli to ask him to help research Luke's past. Carly explained that she wanted to have Hayden investigated. She told Lucas about her certainty that Hayden was lying about being Jake's wife. Lucas thought Hayden's story was plausible, and Carly accused him of being too trusting. Lucas wondered why Carly was so invested in Jake's personal life. Carly insisted that she was just looking out for her friend. Lucas theorized that Carly was attracted to Jake. Carly pointed out that she was with Sonny. Lucas assured Carly that it was natural to notice that Jake was hot. Lucas started to tease Carly, then the phone rang – it was Bobbie, calling from the Spencer home.

Back at the Spencer house, Tracy argued that Luke was sick and that he wasn't dangerous anymore, but Dante countered that Luke could be faking his recovery, or suddenly could become dangerous again. Dante insisted that Luke needed to answer for his crimes. Luke agreed. Lulu suggested a compromise – arrest Luke, but take him to the hospital instead of jail. Dante agreed to that. Tracy didn't want Dante to cuff Luke, but Dante, who still remembered Luke hitting him with a crowbar, insisted on using restraints.

Valerie told Pat that Dante and Lulu told her about the secrets. Pat was glad that Valerie now knew about her family. Pat apologized for lying, but Valerie told her not to be sorry.

Lucas and Carly arrived at the Spencer house. Lucas and Pat had a private talk. Lucas thanked Pat, and they said I love you. Valerie had learned that Bobbie was a nurse, and she asked her to look after Pat while Valerie made arrangements to take Pat back to Oak Hill. The three Spencer siblings had a warm moment. Bobbie noted that none of them would be there, if not for Luke saving them. Lulu and Tracy walked over and they both promised to be there for Luke. Luke didn't think he deserved them. Dante told Luke it was time to go. Luke apologized to Lucas. Luke started to cry when he saw Carly, and he told her how much she looked like his mother. After Luke said his goodbyes to everyone, he and Dante left. Bobbie was sobbing and her kids comforted her. Bobbie was about to introduce Lucas and Carly to their aunt, when Valerie started frantically calling her mother. Pat had slumped over in her seat. Lucas rushed to her, but it was too late; Pat was dead. Valerie was devastated; she begged her mom not to leave her alone. Carly comforted Valerie and assured her that she had her family and she wouldn't be alone. Bobbie promised Pat that they would take good care of Valerie.

Jake and Hayden were in bed in their suite at the Metro Court. Hayden stared at the sleeping Jake. Her phone rang – it was Ric, who was at Sam's. Hayden went out to the balcony. She told Ric that Jake had refused to move to Beecher's Corners. Hayden explained that Sam had gotten Jake a job, and Jake didn't want to let Sam down. “Great, so we've got Sam to blame for all of this,” Ric grumbled, just as Sam returned home. Sam wanted to know why Ric was there. Ric explained that he'd just dropped Molly off. Molly had gone up to bed, and Ric had stayed downstairs to take a phone call. Sam was irritated that Ric hadn't taken his call outside. Ric was going to leave, but Sam wanted him to explain what she'd just overheard. Ric admitted he'd been talking about Sam and Jake. Sam was confused. Ric pretended he was upset that Sam had gotten Jake a job with Sonny's enemy, Julian. Sam insisted that she was trying to help Jake out, not antagonize Sonny. Ric said that Jake didn't need help, because he had a wife. Sam wanted to know the whole story, so Ric told her the fake history he'd concocted for Hayden. Sam thought Ric might have a shot with Liz now. Sam kept saying how surprised she was that Jake had a wife. Ric wondered why Sam was so worked up about it. Ric theorized that Sam had a thing for Jake, and he thought it was hilarious. Sam insisted that she was just surprised he was married. Sam snapped that she was glad she'd no longer have to see Ric, since she was moving in with Patrick. Ric flippantly told Sam not to change her life to avoid Ric, but Sam yelled that Patrick had filled the blank space in her heart that Jason left.

While Jake was asleep, a memory of his time as Jason came flooding back – he remembered asking Sam to move into his penthouse and kissing her. Jake woke up, looking startled, just as Hayden came inside. Jake saw her holding her phone and he was curious. Hayden lied and said her sister from L.A. called to check on Hayden and Jake. Hayden asked Jake if he had a bad dream. Jake was hesitant to say anything, but Hayden gently told him to confide in his wife. Jake admitted that he'd dreamed about asking Sam to move in with him. Hayden explained it away as a manifestation of Jake's guilt over taking Sam hostage. Jake was confused because this dream, and another dream he'd had about Liz, had felt like memories. Hayden asked if Jake was saying he remembered Sam and Liz, but not Hayden? Jake wished he could remember Hayden. Hayden told him not to worry about it. She encouraged him to get his sleep so he'd be well rested for his first day of work. Jake was grateful for Hayden's patience. Jake was still worked up over the dream and he didn't think he'd get any sleep. Jake tensed when Hayden massaged his arm and told him she knew of a way to tire him out. Hayden told Jake that, in the past, they'd always felt better after sex, and she suggested they give it a try. Jake wanted to wait until he got to know her. Hayden was very understanding, and she told Jake that they had years and years to get reacquainted. Jake didn't look enthusiastic about that.

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