GH Update Wednesday 4/1/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/1/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At Patricia’s Oak Hill room, Bobbie, Tracy, and Lulu are all wondering where Luke went or what could have happened and they all know that Patricia has to finally tell them what happened in that old house since only she can reveal the secret about Luke's past that made him turn into the person he is now.

Luke finds his way to his old house on Elm Street. He finds the key in his pocket and unlocks the door. He walks inside and sees it's dark and abandoned.

In a black and white scene from the past, Luke sees a teenage boy with an attitude who seems to have an interest in baseball walk in the door. His mom, Lena (played by Laura Wright), is wearing an apron and dressing like the mothers in the 60s, warns her son that being late will make his father angry. Young Luke tells her he knows but he was held up at the game. She tells him luckily his father has been held up at work and won't know. Luke then notices his mom has a bruise which she makes excuses for. Young Patricia comes down the stairs wearing pants. Lena warns her not to be seen in pants because her father will hit the ceiling and asks her if she thinks she's Mary Tyler Moore. Patricia remarks she'd rather not wear one of her many dresses and informs her mom that a neighbor wanted to take a hem in her dresses so that Bobbie could wear them. Realizing Barbara Jean is not there, they go looking and calling for her and find that she's hiding behind the curtain when she announced April Fools. Young Luke grabs and tickles her and they laugh and have fun until their father enters. He angrily tells them to stop the racket and demands to know why there is no dinner on the table. Tony Geary plays his abusive father as Luke remembers his behavior. General Hospital's theme plays just like it did it first started.

Back in Patricia's hospital room, Lulu urges her to tell them what she knows explaining that they think there must be something that happened during Luke's childhood that caused him to break and do the things he's is now doing. Tracy tells her if they're going to help Luke, they need to know exactly what went on in that house. She hesitates but admits the most traumatic things in hers' and Luke's lives happened exactly 52 years ago, April 1, 1963. Bobbie then recalls that's the day their mom died and their dad ran out on them.

We then see the black and white flashback of the Spencer house in 1963 at the dinner table. Their father makes it clear he's racist was he talks about working on the docks with Spics and Japs and hoping Kennedy does not get his way with granting equal working opportunity to non-Caucasians. He seems to believe that an Irish Catholic like himself who fought in WWII should not have to work around immigrants although young Patricia protests that President Kennedy loves everyone. Present Luke observes the memory of his father talking about how his generation had to make sacrifices the way kids nowadays have it too easy, have had no hardship and don't appreciate anything. Young Luke protests that is not true. They appreciate everything. They are grateful for how lucky they are, he says, and he compliments his mom for the good dinner. The father complains that the meat tastes like dog food. He remarks that their mom does not know how to cook or tend house when Patricia protests that maybe he's too drunk to understand. Desperately needing to “diffuse” a confrontation, the mom stops her oldest daughter from saying what she intended and apologies to her husband for overcooking the roast. He then asks his son how the baseball game went and when Luke replies that his team lost, the father asks what is the matter with the team losing in an all-American game to a bunch of foreigners. The father wants to “help” his son with his swing that's not up to par. Luke shows him and his dad tells him no wonder he lost as he swings like a little girl. Patricia then protests to her dad that maybe he should try it, commenting he's an old drunk. He then strikes her and demands she keeps her mouth shut, calling her a little bitch.

In the present, while Patricia tells the story, she remarks she should have known better than to stand up to daddy given what happened when she did. Bobbie admits she did not remember that night in any detail although she knows the father beat their mother. Patricia remembers that they sent Bobbie upstairs while Momma dealt with Daddy.

After Tim strikes young Patricia, the others are trying to diffuse the argument between them. She tells her father he has no right to judge others. She yells that maybe they'll all get lucky and he will fall in the harbor and drown. He demands she apologize but she does not. Patricia runs upstairs while Lena protests that their daughter did not know what she was saying and he just needs to let it go. He accuses Lena of always taking their side and undermining his authority, and he takes it out on her. Young Patricia rushes downstairs, noticing her mom lying unconscious on the floor and bleeding and frantically tells her dad they need to take her to the hospital, but he refuses and continues to drink. Grown Luke in the room observing and remembering the whole thing. Patricia tries to revive her mom and she finally comes to. Patricia insists on taking her mom to the hospital although she tries to assure her daughter she's fine. Tim threatens to make her sorry if she disobeys him. Although he demands nobody drives his car, Luke makes sure he does not prevent her from doing so and wants to come with them. Yet Lena urges Luke to stay in the house with Barbara Jean who was too young to be left alone with her father. She remembers Luke staying behind to risk his own safety to protect the others from their daddy. Bobbie gets a call from Lucas but thinks it can wait.

Young Patricia takes her mom to General Hospital where Dr. Steve Hardy (played by Jason Thompson) and Dr. Phil Brewer (played by Ryan Carnes) work. Lena continues to protest that she's ok and she doesn't need care. Phil notices that she has a nasty cut on her head and asks her how it happened. She lies about accidentally tripping on the stairs while Patricia angrily tells her they all know that's not true. When Dr. Hardy is in the other room, he consults with Nurse Jessie (played by Rebecca Herbst). Mrs. Spencer does not want to tell any of the concerned medical staff the truth and wants them to believe she's ok and can go home. But when she gets up, she gets dizzy and faints. They all rush to put her on a stretcher and wheel her into a room knowing they have to act fast because this is fatal. Alone with Jessie, Dr. Hardy tells her he knows that their patient is Lena Spencer. He knows Lena's husband slaps the family around, so they can't notify him. They need to call Lena's brother, Fred Eckert, who owns a bakery instead, he tells the nurse. Patricia stands outside her mom's hospital room, crying and pleading for her mom to be ok. In the present, Patricia recalls that Dr. Hardy went to treat her mom leaving her behind and back then families were not allowed in treatment areas. She had to wait it out alone, she tells them. A half hour later Steve and Jessie inform Patricia that her mother died from the swelling in her brain. Patricia sobs, devastated while they take her to see her mother.

Presently, Bobbie hears her older sister tell the story and assumes that both Patricia and Luke made things ok although Pat tells Bobbie there is more that she does not know. Bobbie then hears Lucas calling again so she takes the call. He tells his mom he heard that somebody with a key tried to enter the old house which he thought was off limits until the investigation.

Luke is in the old house remembering cleaning up and taking care of things while his mom and oldest sister are at the hospital. The father tells him he's a sissy boy for not knowing how to play baseball so he might as well wash dishes and do women's work. The phone rings and Tim answers in the other room. The then gets off the phone and Luke tells him he is no longer going to drink and smack them all around and get away with what he's been doing. Things are going to change. He either treats their mom with respect or he can get the hell out, young Luke tells him. Tim tells his son that his mom is not coming home. The hospital informed him that she is dead. Yet young Luke does not want to believe it, furiously protests that his dad is lying. He does not believe his mom died. She's alive and going to be alright. Yet the father smugly yells at him that his mother is dead.

When Bobbie finds out from Lucas that they found Luke in the old house, Patricia tells them she knows why her brother went there.

Dr. Hardy urges Patricia to tell him if she knows what really happened to her mother, letting her know it's the only way to stop this from happening to someone else. The Eckerts arrive and Patricia remarks that she has not been allowed to see her mother's family. When she's alone, a guy who looks just like Luke enters. Patricia tells her brother that he has to stay behind with Bobbie. However, the young man tells her he is not Luke. He's her cousin, Bill Eckert.

Young Luke wants to bring flowers up to his mom's bedroom for when she returns from the hospital, although his father yells that she's dead, and he'll have to put them on her grave. Young Bobbie comes downstairs and asks Luke where is Momma and why is he holding these flowers? He lies that Mom and Patricia went for a walk, as he asks Bobbie to go upstairs and get ready for bed. Alone with young Luke, Tim asks him why he did not tell his baby sister that their mom died. He instructs young Luke to go upstairs and tell Bobbie the truth. Luke tells him to shut up but Tim grabs him, taunts him, and tells him all the whining in the world is not going to change it. Luke then furiously tells his dad at least she's rid of him. He lashes out at his father that he's destroyed them all and asks if he's happy now. Present Luke observes the whole thing.

Presently, when Patricia finds out that Luke has gone to the old house, she struggles to get up, telling the others if they don't find her a wheelchair, she will crawl and take a cab and do whatever it takes to prevent what might happen to Luke. However, they want to hear what happened when she encountered the mysterious Bill Eckert, at the hospital, on the night that their mom died.

Young Patricia talks to her cousin Bill Eckert about his family in Port Charles and the fact that he knows that her dad beat her mom. They tried to get Lena away from him but their dad did not want that, he tells his cousin. Patricia then realizes that her younger siblings, Luke and Barbara Jean have been back at the house all the while, alone with their despicable father and she has to get them away from him. He tells her he has to go with her because they are family. We then see Patricia and Bill return to the house to discover their father lying dead on the floor right beside Luke. We see Luke confronting his abusive father who is ready to abandon them and turn them all over to the state after their mom died. And it appears that Luke killed daddy. We then see present Luke in the house, picking up the very baseball bat that he used to kill his father all those years ago, and realizing that, for the first time. He wants to deny that that happened however. He must have ran off, Luke says. The old bastard disappeared and left them, he says. Yet he realizes he can't remember what happened next. Tracy and Bobbie enter with Patricia in the wheelchair. He declares to them he knows he killed the old man but does not remember the rest. He tells his wife he know all about what kind of father his father was and sees himself just like him every day when he looks in the mirror. Yet Tracy tells her husband no. Tim Spencer was a coward who hurt women and children. Luke is the bravest man she knows, she tells him. Brave enough to face this. He asks her what he is facing and what happened that night. Patricia then replies to her brother that she did not want him to have to face what he did or for anyone else to know. So, that night, she tells him “we” stuffed their father's body in a bag in the basement and sealed it up. Hearing her say “we”, Luke asks who it was who helped her that night. Young Bill Eckert helped young Patricia to hide Tim Spencer's dead body in their basement wall. Yet Luke does not understand how that could have happened. He does however remember what happened on the night when Bill Eckert died. Bill took a hold of Luke's hand and told him something. Luke does not want to remember although the others urge him to do what he needs to do in order to bring the Luke they all know and love back. Bobbie tells him she needs her big brother. Patricia protests that she made a mistake that night and needs him to face it so this can all be over. He then remembers that in the attempt to prevent their father from hurting the others, by taking the baseball bat to him, he accidentally hit his mother and killed her. He then remembers his father taunting him by telling him that no matter what he believes of Tim, it was Luke who killed his mother.

Realizing that, Luke falls to the floor, crying hysterically while the others comfort him. Everyone is huddled around Luke in front of the fireplace of the old house on Elm Street.

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