GH Update Tuesday 3/31/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/31/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Sam was at home holding her wedding ring and thinking about Jake's saying that there was only one ring. Julian walked in. Julian hoped that Sam didn't mind that he let himself in. Sam assured him that it was fine, and Julian told her that he didn't want to walk in on anything the way Sam and Patrick had. It was clear that Sam didn't want to discuss having interrupted her parents having sex. Julian revealed that he'd asked Alexis to move in with him, but Alexis turned him down. Sam told Julian that Patrick invited Sam to move in. Sam explained that she wasn't sure whether or not to do it. Julian was curious what was holding Sam back. Sam wasn't sure. She noted that she was crazy about Patrick and wanted to commit to him. Sam liked the idea of her, Patrick and their kids being a family, but she couldn't help remembering that she'd been planning to be a family with Jason. Sam was hurt that Jason never knew Danny was his. Julian was sympathetic, but he told Sam that second chances could be wonderful. As an example, Julian pointed out that he used to think he knew his family and he'd been at odds with them, then he found Alexis, Sam, Lucas and Danny. Sam didn't think the situations were the same. Julian agreed. He understood why a part of Sam mourned the life she and Jason were cheated out of and why she'd been holding her wedding ring. Sam hadn't realized Julian saw her. Julian assured her that it was nothing to be ashamed of. Sam revealed that she was looking at the ring because of Jake, not because of Jason. Sam told Julian what Jake had said about the ring. Sam explained that there was something about Jake that was unsettling. Julian wondered if Sam had changed her mind about wanting him to hire Jake. Sam insisted that she still wanted Julian to give Jake a job.

Patrick and Alexis ran into each other at GH. Alexis was still uncomfortable around Patrick because he'd seen her naked. Alexis decided that they should talk about the incident, and she asked Patrick how much he saw. At first Patrick pretended he didn't know what Alexis was talking about, but then he assured her that, as a doctor, it wasn't a big deal to have seen her in the nude. Patrick told Alexis he'd invited Sam to move in with him in order to avoid more awkward moments like that. Patrick was curious what Alexis thought of his idea. Alexis supported it. Patrick asked if Alexis thought it might be too fast. Alexis didn't. She noted that Sam and Patrick had been through a lot – Patrick lost Robin twice and Sam lost Jason, but now they were coming out the other side, hopefully with starting fresh with each other. Alexis was confident that Sam would agree to move in with Patrick. She assured Patrick that it would all work out. Alexis had to go, so she started to walk away. “From your nips,” Patrick said. Alexis froze. “Lips. Lips, I meant to say Lips!” Patrick said, as Alexis scurried off.

Alexis went home to Sam's penthouse, and Julian was there to welcome her. Things started heating up, and Alexis wanted to take things upstairs, but Julian stopped her and told her that they had the place to themselves – Danny was napping, Molly was out with TJ and Sam had just left. Julian explained that he and Sam had a nice talk and that Sam was on her way to find Sam.

At GH, Sam slipped up behind Patrick and surprised him with a hug. Sam pulled out her Amsterdam key chain and told Patrick that it was a little light – it could use a key to his house on it. Patrick grinned when he realized Sam wanted to move in together. They kissed.


Hayden was in her suite at the Metro Court waiting for Jake to return with her coffee. When Jake didn't come back, a concerned Hayden alerted Ric, who was at Kelly's. Ric was angry that Hayden contacted him. He reminded her that it was her job to take Jake to Beecher's Corners. Ric added that Hayden would have to return the money if she failed. He grumbled that he expected her to get that guy out of his life. Elizabeth walked into Kelly's and overheard the tail end of Ric's rant. Ric's demeanor softened and he hung up on Hayden. Liz had noticed that Ric was upset, and she asked if he was okay. Ric pretended he was working on a legal issue for a client. Liz thought it sounded like the client meant a lot to him. Ric told her he cared about the client very much. Liz told Ric she'd let him get back to work, but he replied that she didn't have to run off just because they broke up. Liz didn't want to make things difficult, but Ric told her that he accepted her decision, even though he disagreed with it. Ric mentioned that he'd signed up for an online dating service. Ric asked Liz how things were going with her and Jake. He pretended to be surprised when Liz told him about Jake's wife. Ric feigned curiosity about why it had taken this woman so long to find and reunite with Jake. The depressed Liz stated that the bottom line was that the relationship between her and Jake was over. Ric comforted Liz. Liz admitted she was surprised Ric wasn't saying I told you so. Liz noted that Ric had warned her about this. “It doesn't give me any joy to be right,” Ric said. He added that he didn't like seeing Liz in pain. Ric told Liz that if she took him back, he'd never hurt her again. Liz sighed and reminded Ric that they already talked about this. Ric pointed out that the situation had changed – Liz broke up with Ric because of her feelings for Jake, but now she couldn't be with Jake. Liz reminded Ric that they also broke up because Ric told Jake to plead guilty. Ric insisted that he'd been trying to protect Liz. He admitted it had been underhanded, but he maintained that his intentions were good. Ric felt that if he could look past Liz's feelings for another man, she should be able to overlook Ric's attempt to keep her safe. Liz thought it was too soon to be discussing this. She noted that she'd just been on a date with Jake. Ric promised to back off, but before he left, he said “Jake cannot make you happy, Elizabeth. I can. And deep down you know I'm right.”

Jake returned with Hayden's coffee. She tasted it and grimaced. Jake apologetically admitted that he didn't know how she liked it. Hayden was curious what took Jake so long. Jake told her about his run in with Carly. Hayden asked if Carly was still accusing her of lying about being married to Jake. Jake was sorry that Carly offended Hayden. “Offended us” Hayden said, correcting Jake. Jake felt that Carly was being a protective friend. He predicted that Hayden would like Carly once she got to know Carly. Hayden had no intention of getting to know Carly. Hayden told Jake that it was time they returned to Beecher's Corners. Jake explained that he couldn't because he'd just gotten hired by Julian. Hayden remembered Ric's warning that the deal was off if she didn't take Jake out of town. She pushed Jake to quit and go “home.” Jake remembered Carly reminding him that if he would go to prison if he didn't work for Julian, like Sloane had ordered Jake to. Jake claimed that he couldn't quit after Sam had gone through the trouble of getting him the job. Hayden recognized Sam's name as being the woman Jake held hostage. Jake felt he owed Sam. “It's not like she's your wife,” Hayden said. Hayden contended that Jake should go back to Beecher's Corners where their home and friends were. Jake was sympathetic to Hayden's position, but he refused to leave. He stated that he didn't remember his old life, but he'd built a new one in Port Charles. Hayden supported Jake's decision, and said, as his wife, she went where he did. Jake thanked Hayden and awkwardly patted her shoulder. Hayden asked where they'd live. Jake wasn't sure, but he told her they'd stay at the hotel for the night. Hayden glanced over to the lone bed in the room. Jake went into the bathroom to change into his pajamas, and Hayden left Ric an urgent message asking him to call back. Jake returned and they both got into bed. Jake moved to the edge of the mattress and turned his back on Hayden.

Olivia, Franco and Nina were also at the Metro Court. Nina and Franco were blackmailing Olivia into giving them hotel perks, including reservations at the table Carly liked to use. Olivia asked how they expected her to explain that to Carly. Just then, Carly walked up and demanded to know why Franco wasn't behind bars. Franco explained that he and Nina were free. Carly ordered them to leave, then she stormed off. Nina, Franco and Olivia followed. Carly threatened to call Sonny and have him rough Franco up. Franco refused to leave such a nice hotel. Nina felt that Carly was overreacting, but Carly snapped that Franco had ruined Carly's life. Franco revealed that Olivia had agreed to let them live there for free. Carly assumed this was a lie, but Olivia quietly admitted that it was true. Carly demanded an explanation. An uncomfortable Olivia claimed that she was doing it because she felt empathy toward them, as fellow victims of Heather Webber. Carly didn't care. Carly told Olivia that she lost her relationship with Michael because of Franco. Franco argued that Carly lost that relationship because she lied to Michael. Carly forbid Olivia from doing this. “With all due respect, Carly, I can do whatever I want,” Olivia said. Carly argued that they were supposed to make big decisions together. Olivia maintained that it was her right to choose who she comped a room. Carly was seething with rage, but she walked away. Franco complimented Olivia on how she handled things and reminded her that if she didn't keep it up, he'd tell Julian that Julian was the father of her baby. Later, after Franco and Nina were gone, Carly returned. She was sure Olivia was hiding something, and she demanded the truth.

Nina and Franco celebrated in their new suite with champagne from the mini bar. “Watch out, Port Charles. We're back.” Franco said.

Luke, Bobbie, Tracy, and Patricia were in Patricia's room at the convalescent home. Luke was preparing to shoot them all when Lulu burst in. Luke wasn't fazed and he decided to kill Lulu too. Lulu revealed that Dante had called the police and they were on their way. Luke was annoyed, but he decided that Dante would suffer when he found out Lulu was dead. Tracy placed herself in front of Lulu and told Luke to shoot Tracy instead of his daughter. Luke vowed to kill all of them. Tracy noted that Luke talked a lot but he hadn't pulled the trigger. Luke insisted that he was planning to, but Tracy was confident that Luke loved them all too much to hurt them. Tracy reminded Luke of the time there was a bomb on the Haunted Star. Tracy theorized that Luke wanted her to follow him off of the boat that night because he hadn't really wanted her to get hurt. Tracy told Luke that they all loved him and that no trauma would ever change that. As Tracy spoke, Luke slowly lowered his gun. He looked confused and quietly asked where he was. Lulu ran over and took the gun. Luke wondered why he had it. Bobbie hugged her brother and welcomed him back. Tracy promised the bewildered Luke that it would be alright, while Bobbie removed the tape from Patricia's mouth.

Luke recognized Patricia immediately, and he seemed happy to see her. Luke asked why they were there. Patricia explained that Luke showed up first and that even though it had been 52 years, she knew who Luke was the moment she saw him. “Because I look just like him?” Luke asked. “Because you're my brother,” Patricia replied. Luke asked if Patricia was sick. Patricia stated that she had multiple sclerosis. Luke gently touched Patricia's face, then he looked concerned and asked if he was the one who gagged her. Patricia told Luke not to worry about it. Tracy told Luke that they tracked Patricia down to get answers about his childhood. The police arrived and knocked on the door. Lulu quickly gave Bobbie the gun, then she and Tracy went into the hallway with the police. The police explained that Dante had called and said Luke was armed and dangerous. Tracy stated that everything was fine and that Luke was not armed or dangerous. The officers wanted to question Luke, but Tracy discouraged it because there was a family discussion going on. The cops asked Lulu if Tracy was right. Lulu backed Tracy up, so the cops left. Tracy thought they were finally about to get answers. When Lulu and Tracy got back into the room, they found the window open and Luke missing. Bobbie explained that they weren't able to stop him.

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