GH Update Monday 3/30/15

General Hospital Update Monday 3/30/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At Volonino's gym, one of Sonny's guards asks Duke why he did not let it be known that Jordan was wired when he knew that. He asks if Duke should not forewarn Shawn that he's sleeping with a woman who is spying upon all of them for the cops. Duke tells him they cannot take that chance precisely because Shawn is seeing her. He could persuade her to run. The guy asks if he believes Shawn will choose a woman over his loyalty to the organization. Duke replies they cannot take that risk. He concludes it’s best that Shawn does not know the truth about Jordan until she's been dealt with. The guy asks him what about eliminating Julian, to which Duke replies although he'd like to see that man dead, that's not currently a major priority for him.

Julian and Alexis are together at the Metro Court when he affirms to her that he realizes and accepts that he is not Olivia's baby's father and he intends to let it go and not question it. Franco and Nina walk into the restaurant arm-in-arm and boldly approach Olivia at the bar. She coldly greets them, commenting that she's just heard the discouraging news that they both got out of ShadyBrook and the courts are dropping charges against them. Franco announces they are there to celebrate and want a bottle of her finest champagne delivered to their luxury suite. Hearing that, she informs them she would not book the two of them in an economy room by the trash compactor. Franco then tells her that she will give them whatever they want or he will inform Julian that Dante's little brother or sister is his.

Patricia's daughter Valerie informs Dante and Lulu that her mother has been sick with MS for a while. She used to live with her daughter in this apartment until Valerie could no longer help her. She now needs 24 hour care and lives at Oak Hill Convalescent Hospital, Valerie tells them. Lulu then realizes that her father now knows where to find Patricia and might be there now, after threatening Valerie at gunpoint, to tell him.

As soon as Tracy and Bobbie rush to find Patricia in her room at Oak Hill, Luke is already in the room and pulls a gun on them. They see that Patricia is in her hospital bed bound and gagged. He instructs his wife and sister to shut the door behind them. Tracy attempts to get her husband “back” but he grimly tells her that she's only dealing with the person he is now so she needs to suck it up and do as she's told. Bobbie then urges her brother to know he does not want to do this. She urges him to know that she and Tracy know more than he realizes and have tracked him down. He tells her he knows they only are there because his big mouth niece told them where to find him.

Dante urges a horrified Valerie to trust that he won't let Luke hurt her mother or anyone else and tell him where to find Patricia.

At Kelly's, Carly urges Jake to know that even if he's had a lapse in memory and does not recall his life before the accident, he knows how to handle guns and explosive and he was subject to extreme mental conditioning by Helena. None of that has anything to do with this Hayden from Beecher's Corners. Carly tells him regarding the “fight” Hayden alleged had with him, she happens to know if he and his “wife” went camping and there was a dispute between them, there's no way he'd have simply stomped off and left her. Nor would he have taken a ring and thrown it. She knows there are many men that do that but Jake is not one of them. She knows that he'd never storm out on his wife. He'd stand there and look at her just like he's looking at Carly now, and he'd hear her out. She knows that is the case because Jake does not “run”. He endures. Carly further tells Jake she is not finished. He needs know he is not the man Hayden alleges he is. Hayden is lying. Jake protests to Carly that Hayden, however, has proof of their marriage and life together, documentation and photos and he has a ring. Also, Elizabeth and Patrick confirmed that the brain scan Hayden knows about matches the medical records they have on him. So he believes Hayden has enough proof although Carly seems to know otherwise. He then admits to Carly she's right that he does not “run”. Hayden is his wife and he's not going to run from this. Carly then asks if Hayden is, in fact his wife, wouldn't he love her, feel something for her, remember something or want to get to know her? He tells her regardless of this, he has proof that he's married to Hayden. She asks if he's going to make himself miserable living with someone he does not remember or have feelings for, leave Port Charles and all his friends and she will never see him again.

When Sloane walks in on Anna and Jordan and informs them he knows that Jordan is an undercover agent working privately with Anna, they ask how he'd know that. He replies that Bob gave him a complete rundown about how she came to Port Charles to take down the Julian Jerome organization and the drug trafficking. When she botched that, the DEA fired her. Anna then protests the Jordan infiltrated the Jerome organization, behaved admirably in what she was doing and all. Sloane reminds them that Jordan came up with zero results yet that did not stop Commissioner Devane from putting her on the PCPD payroll. And since Jordan was being paid with department funds, he should have been briefed. Jordan replies she was not going to trust him with her life, thank you. Anna then asks Jordan if she could tell him how her meeting with Duke went. Sloane is also interesting in hearing about it.

At The Metro Court, Franco tells Olivia he knows she's lying when she tells him if it were any of his business, Ned Ashton is her baby's father. Yet reminds her all about the details which he clearly remembers, of their conversation when she went to visit him at ShadyBrook after his LSD overdose and “confided” in him about that, although she angrily protests that he is delusional. She protests that although he knows all the details about her and Julian mutually jealous of Ned and Alexis on New Years, this cannot be happening, believing Franco was so hopped up on LSD, he could not see straight. He then tells her the thing about that was he was faking it. Nina then informs Olivia that Heather did not inject Franco with the LSD needle. He injected himself so that he could stay at ShadyBrook and be by her side. They confirm that they both made efforts to fake crazy so that they could stay together at ShadyBrook. Now they get to go free together. They also both tell Olivia that if she calls them crazy, the same could be said about her for not only sleeping with Julian, but to confide in Franco about that. She then angrily asks how she could waste one ounce of compassion to go and see Franco after she believed he'd been harmed as she also had by Heather. Franco and Nina continue to gloat and taunt her about all the luxuries they want from her while they stay in The Metro Court in exchange for them not telling Julian and everybody else that she is carrying his child.

Anna informs Sloane that Jordan got an order from Duke to kill Julian Jerome. Jordan admits she wore a wire to meet with Duke and to attempt to get him to incriminate himself. Yet she did not succeed and Duke called off the hit.

At Kelly's, Carly tells Jake regarding Sloane putting him up to doing his dirty work for him in exchange for dropping the charges, she does not trust Sloane. She could have Diane Miller to represent Jake to protect his legal interest. When he tells her he would rather she not help him to fight Sloane, she tells him she can accept his choosing to play ball with Sloane. Even if he is put in danger, it's better than having him going off to Beecher's Corners with this stranger who is clearly scamming him. At least he's nearby, she tells him.

In Patricia's hospital room, Luke holds the gun on Tracy and Bobbie and they demand to know how he got Valerie to give it up to him where to find her mom. He reveals that he was there the whole while they went to visit Valerie and heard the entire conversation.

Valerie becomes agitated and struggles to rush out the door to protect her mom from Luke. Lulu urges her to slow down, reminding her she had a head injury. Dante assures her he will protect her mother if she tells him where he finds the hospital. She protests he's not going anywhere without her. She's the reason that monster knows where her mother is. She tries to move but falls to the floor.

In Patricia's hospital room, Tracy now realizes that the reason Valerie did not want her or Lulu going inside the door of her apartment and the noise they heard which Valerie said was her cat, was him.

Carly continues to tell Jake she's concerned, not only about what Helena has done to him but also what Hayden has done. In response to that, he tells her that he has to make his own decisions. She then asks if he could tell her what he might know about what's going on with Julian. He tells her he starts working for Julian tomorrow and Sloane will want his report by the end of the day. Carly then asks if he intends to do that or be with Hayden. He tells her he can't take his wife on the run or leave her behind so he guesses his only option is to convince Hayden to stay in town with him and report to work.

Anna, Jordan and Sloane listen to the recording of Duke confirming to Jordan that he was not serious when asking her to kill Julian and that it was “only a test” to make sure she was not working for the feds. Sloane reminds her they have no evidence anywhere of Duke asking to have Julian killed. He knows that no court or DA is going to rule that it happened on her word alone. He concludes the only upshot in all of this is that Duke apparently trusts Jordan and believes she's loyal. Anna add unless, of course, Duke is playing them.

At the gym, Duke tells the guy that Jordan has put them in a difficult position and they don't want to act hastily and make matters worse. The guy asks him if he's talked this over with Mr. Corinthos, to which Duke tells him that defeats the entire purpose of his overseeing the organization. They both know that the very reason Sonny has stepped down from his position as head of the organization and let Duke take over his position is because of the custody battle. The very reason why Michael is doing this in the first place and why he's won is because of the charges that Sonny is dangerous and involved in organized crime. Sonny knows his children have been targets before and he does not want to see his infant daughter in danger as the others were. Duke concludes that given the whole situation, Sonny has to have complete “deniability”. So whatever he (Duke) decides to do with Jordan, Sonny can't know anything about it. So, it's on himself as it should be. Duke knows he has to address the problem and if necessary, eliminate it.

Valerie passes out and Dante and Lulu know they cannot leave her. Yet Lulu knows they have to find her father before he finds Patricia.

When Luke has Patricia bound and gagged, he tells Tracy and Bobbie even if they say it's “inhuman”, his sister is a Spencer and is as dangerous and capable of overpowering him as the rest of them. He then tells her he will “do the honors” as he introduces Patricia to his wife and to their baby sister. Bobbie protests to her sister that their brother is sick does not mean any of this. Yet he pulls the gun on her demanding she not take one more step toward Patricia.

At The Metro Court, Olivia reminds Franco and Nina that they are both baby stealers and lunatics why would the people of this town believe a word they say over her word. They remind her they don't need “the people of this town” to believe them. They only need Julian to believe them, and they can clearly see that Julian is “primed to listen”. They then go over to the table where Julian sits with Alexis. He coldly asks if he can “help” them. Franco tells them he doubts it but is pretty certain that he and Nina can help Julian. Alexis asks Nina if her brother was not supposed to pick her up and take her to live with him, where she is supervised by him at his apartment. Nina “calmly” explains as much as she loves her little brother, he has a tiny apartment above Kelly's that smells like bacon and that's not how she wants to spend her first night of freedom. Julian expresses to them that he and Alexis would like to be left alone right when Franco sits down beside them informing them he has something to “share”. Olivia approaches the table to ask Julian and Alexis if these two are bothering them and asks them to leave their table. Yet Nina declares she thinks Franco has something to tell Julian. Julian then replies he'd like to hear it.

Sloane realizes that neither he nor Jordan nor Anna have a clue whether Duke is onto them or not.

Duke assesses to the guys that he knows that if Jordan is a DEA agent and working with Anna, she has resources. Also while with Shawn and working with him and Sonny, she has access to privileged information. The guy asks why, if that is the case, there has not been an arrest. Duke replies if Anna is leading the investigation, it would be very thorough and she would not take any action until they know they have what it takes to do so. The guy asks Duke if he knows how much evidence Jordan could possibly have at this point. Duke replies it's irrelevant. He knows if Sonny is no longer in charge, the target the cops would want to indict would be himself. However, if Jordan is not around to testify, then the whole case would fall apart. They now know they have to make certain that Jordan cannot testify, and removing her is the best way to make certain they are all protected.

Tracy and Bobbie urge Luke to take the gag off of Patricia's mouth but he tells them he will let his sister decided. He then asks Patricia if she'd like him to remove her gag or if he'd prefer he put a bullet in Barbara Jean's (Bobbie) heart, to which Patricia shakes her head as he informs them she's chosen “door number 2”. Tracy urges Luke to stop this. He then ask Patricia what about Tracy. Would she enjoy watching him shoot her? The silent and gagged Patricia shakes her head. He then concludes that they have their answer and they better stop irritating him. Tracy tells him they are trying to help him. He then concludes that the two of them are obstacles that have to be removed. And, he concludes, Patricia is old enough to remember things she shouldn't remember. So, if there is no one left alive to remember an event, did it really happen? He leaves them all wondering what he's going to do next. He continues to taunt all three of them, dismissing and disregarding all of their admonishments that he does not want to do that and to let the Luke they know and love come back. He tells them things are not going to go the way they want.

At Valerie's apartment, Dante urges Lulu not to go and find her father and risk the danger. She protests that he is still her father and she has to save him although Dante reminds his wife of what Luke just did to Valerie. Yet, Lulu goes out the door disregarding her husband's urging her not to go through with this.

Anna tells Sloane that in the interest of Jordan's safety, they cannot confront their adversaries and create any leaks right now. He asks her if she distrusts him. She tells him she knows he only wants to further his career. He tells her he wants to take down the mob just as much as she does. He knows how to run an undercover operation and he informs the two women that their secret is safe with him, as he goes out the door.

At Kelly's, Carly concludes to Jake that he has to make his own decisions. But she is his friend and has the right to give him her honest opinion whether he wants to hear it or not. She has his back and wants to support him in whatever he intends to do. She tells him whatever happens with him working for Julian, catching him or not, being with Elizabeth or not or with anything regarding her life, she would prefer that he stays in Port Charles and does not flee to Beecher's Corners. She promises she is there for him and that's what friends are for as she goes out the door.

Realizing what she is “motivated” to do, with Franco ready to reveal her secret to Julian, Olivia informs Franco and Nina that their champagne and luxury suite is ready and on her. She wants to lead them away from Julian yet he asks them to hold on and to hear what Franco intended to tell him. Franco does not answer but assures Julian that he and Nina are there for him in his time of need as Olivia leads them away from the table. Nina and Franco walk with her into the hallway as he tells her she may consider this first night's accommodations to be only a “down payment” and one of many things she will do in order to make him and Nina happy. Otherwise, he will tell the whole world that Julian Jerome is her baby daddy. She then knows she cannot say no to any of their demands including letting them have breakfast at Carly's favorite table. Hearing that and realizing what will happen with Carly in full view of Franco every morning, at her place of work, Olivia demands to know how she's going to tell this to her business partner. Franco tells Olivia that is not his concern. Carly enters.

After Carly has left Jake alone at Kelly's, Sloane finds him and reminds him of his “bright future” as a free man and asks about his “new job”. Jake wants to express to him some complications but Sloane tells him he knows he can handle it and goes out the door.

Back in the hotel room, Jordan asks Anna if she thinks Duke is onto her. Anna admits she does not know. She knows that Duke realizes that maybe Sonny's organization will be at risk if they kill Julian so he wants to call it off for that reason. Jordan suggests maybe Duke has decided she is a rat. Anna realizes there is no guarantee that is not, in fact, the case. They also know they should not trust Sloane to handle this. All they can hope for is that Duke trusts Jordan.

Duke talks to the guy about how it's not Jordan who has betrayed him. It's Anna. The guy asks if this is “hell hath no fury” on Anna's part. Duke tells him although that's very poetic, he does not see Anna as “a woman scorned”. She's a woman with very strong moral convictions, as she has always been. He know she hated the mob from the day she met him. He tried to turn his back upon that for her sake. But obviously he couldn't. He knows that Sonny trusts him. He won't betray his trusts. He has to deal with Jordan it whatever way is needed. He knows he may have to cross a line which Anna will never understand nor forgive him for. He concludes it's not just Jordan's future he is deciding. It's his own.

While Valerie is lying on the couch in need of medical care, Dante calls for an ambulance and wonders why it hasn't gotten there yet. He attempts to help her and she asks where is Lulu. He replies that his wife is making the biggest mistake of her life.

As Luke is ready to shoot his two sisters and wife in Patricia's room, Lulu walks in and stands in front of her step-mother and aunts. He tells them luckily there are enough bullets for all of them.

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