GH Update Friday 3/27/15

General Hospital Update Friday 3/27/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Anna briefs a worried and scared Jordan on how she might be able to engage Duke in a conversation about his “arrangements” for how she will do what he wants. She suggests maybe Jordan asks him about cash payments he could offer her if she kills Julian for him. She asks Anna what other questions she should incriminate and endanger herself asking Duke of, to reveal all of his suspicions about her and make herself a target. Anna tells her she realizes she is asking a lot. She gets it. But this will be worth it in the end, she tells Jordan. Jordan reminds her how it will affect her if her plan succeeds and she arrests Duke. Anna admits that it would be more complicated than business as usual. However, she admits that this is beyond her previous relationship with Duke. It's about catching a murderer.

At the end of the court hearing, Nina is really happy that the judge has granted her freedom to leave ShadyBrook and dropped all charges against her. Alexis, however, knows that the only reason she wants to go free in the first place is because Franco has also been freed from prison, after Scotty Baldwin pulled strings for him. Alexis tells her client that she will not have the “life” she hopes to have, living wherever she wants, doing whatever she wants and having full access to all of her family's estate money. Nina clearly wants to start a new life and be with Franco and nobody approves of that.

Anna is ready to get Jordan wired so that she can go and talk to Duke and get him to admit that he's asked her to kill Julian Jerome. If she succeeds with that, Duke is likely to go to prison, with Anna being responsible for that. If Jordan fails, she could get killed.

Sonny and Shawn are in the boxing gym sparring while they discuss the likelihood of their new found suspicion that Jordan could be working for the cops.

Julian sits beside Duke at The Metro Court and they feud about who owns the docks and with each warning the other not to cross him. Duke tells Julian his “fun is over” when he invites guys to intimidate and remove Julian from the premises.

Tracy meets with Bobbie at Kelly's and reports the “almost” findings she and Lulu uncovered when they went to find Patricia. She tells her sadly, Bobbie's Aunt Patricia has passed. However, she has a living daughter named Valerie.

Dante and Lulu go to find Valerie after she's been knocked out by “Luke”.

After the court hearing, Nina reminds Alexis that she and Franco got through ShadyBrook together. Where is he going to go now? Alexis replies if she had her way, his permanent address would be Pentonville. She reiterates to Nina that she should not be anywhere near Franco and should be living and watched over by her brother, Detective Nathan West, who, by the way, is happy that his sister is free. Alexis informs Nina that Nathan is, in fact, on his way to pick Nina up and she can wait until he gets there. Nina tells her that will not be necessary. She reminds Alexis she is a free woman now and has to get used to being on her own somehow. Alexis then reminds both Nina and Franco how lucky they are to be given a second chance and warns them not to do anything stupid to get themselves arrested.

Jordan gets ready to carry out her mission while Anna stays behind.

At the Metro Court, Duke reminds Julian that he makes sure that his men back him and remind anyone who might have forgotten that he means business. Olivia enters and asks what is going on now. She tells both guys they are causing a scene in her restaurant and they need to either settle it or she will throw both of their asses out on the street.

Shawn informs Sonny that when he last spoke to Jordan, she was genuinely hurt although Sonny tells him he needs to face facts that it's probable that she is spying for the cops, as Duke is in the process of finding out for them.

Anna is in her room, observing what she will soon be able to see and hear from Jordan's wire, when she goes and talks to Duke. Sloane knocks on her door and informs her he now has a warrant to search her room.

Franco and Nina are on a bench in the courthouse hallway shamelessly kissing and unafraid knowing there are no consequences. She asks him where he plans to live. He tells her his dad is not an option with his tiny apartment. She asks what about Carly letting him stay at the Metro Court since they almost got married. He states he knows that is a no go with how he ended it with Carly. However, he recalls that maybe the Metro Court is not off the table when he recalls how he might be able to “motivate” Olivia to do what he wants, from his most recent conversation with her.

At The Metro Court, Julian calmly apologizes to her for asking to take the liberty of feeling her baby and for badgering her to tell him whether he's the father of her baby. He now knows that Ned is. He accepts that and so does Alexis, he tells her. Alexis is not far away intently observing their conversation.

Sloane enters Anna's hotel room and tells her that there has been suspicion cast upon her and her detectives for the tampering of the ballot box during the mayoral election and it's his turn to get dirt on her. She tells him he may have stolen her commissioner's job when he tampered with that election but he still needs probable cause to search her living quarters. He asks her why she assumes he does not have it. He tells her he'd like to talk about her under cover informant.

Jordan goes to find Duke at The Metro Court. He invites her to sit and join him at his table and have tea with him. She admits that she is kind of nervous about their conversation. He asks why. She replies because she needs to give him a progress report about Julian Jerome. He informs her that he and Julian had words right before she arrived. It was nothing serious, he tells her. Just the usual Jerome posturing. He reminds her, as she can see clearly, Julian is still alive and well. She reminds him that she did also see Julian near a pregnant woman and she wonders if Duke really wants to endanger innocent people. She tells him her point is, since Julian is too close to others in situations like this, it might be easier said than done for her to get a clear shot of him.

Sonny and Shawn discuss Duke's past and present conversations with Jordan to hopefully confirm whether or not she is a cop. Shawn wants to know what may have taken place in the conversation. Sonny tells Shawn all he knows is Duke asked her to do something and she agreed to do it.

At The Metro Court, Jordan states to Duke that he gave her a job to do and she intends to complete it. However, she admits to him, she is taking a substantial risk here. She would be eliminating the head of the Jerome organization. So, she asks Duke, if there is a “reward” in her future. He replies she will be fairly compensated for her efforts but he first needs to know about her plans. She tells him she intends to get Julian alone tonight but she needs confirmation from him about what is in it for her.

At Kelly's, Tracy reports to Bobbie that she and Lulu went to visit Patricia's daughter, Valerie. She informed them not only that her mother was dead. She completely hesitated to tell them about her mother and only stated that Patricia never spoke to her daughter about her family or childhood. She gave them the name of a cemetery. Yet, Tracy informs Bobbie, she searched and did not find any such cemetery anywhere in the state. They both wonder why Valerie would lie to them about the cemetery where her mother, Luke's sister and Lulu's aunt was buried.

Dante and Lulu help Valerie with her injuries and she emotionally admits to them that because of Luke's threats to her, she lied to Lulu and Tracy about her mother. Patricia is, in fact, alive. They assess that if Patricia is alive, that changes everything and obviously the reason she lied to Lulu and Tracy was so that Luke would not find out that Patricia is alive. She admits that she made up a cemetery that does not exist called Oak Hill. There is a place with that name but it's not a cemetery. They then probe her to tell them what Oak Hill is yet she hesitates to answer.

Inside Kelly's, Bobbies goes on her tablet to confirm whether Tracy is correct that there is no Oak Hill Cemetery. It appears there is only an Oak Hill Convalescent Home. It could very well be that Valerie not only lied about the name of the cemetery, Bobbie tells Tracy. She could have lied about her mother being dead all together. Tracy however, informs he sister in law she does not believe the girl was lying. When she told them her mother was dead, there was not an ounce of hesitation in her voice, Tracy tells Bobbie. Tracy somehow has reason to believe Valerie was not lying about that even if she lied about everything else. Bobbie then tells her sister in law she needs to go and find out if they might find Patricia at Oak Hill Convalescent Home.

Sloane firmly reminds Anna that she has an obligation to reveal the identity of her informant. If there is a individual paid for by his department's money, he needs to know who it is and she had an obligation to reveal that information to him when she lost her job as police commissioner. So, he tells her he'd like to get this over and suggests maybe he will start with her laptop (right where she has her view of what Jordan finds out from the wire.

When Jordan continues to probe Duke to “say the word” that he wants her to kill Julian, he evades it.

Shawn continues to express he concerns to Sonny about how Duke has already tested Shawn's loyalty and he clearly indicates he's worried about what might happen to Jordan, whom he still has feelings for. He reminds him that Jordan did help him destroy the ballot box. And they both know that Duke needs to find out whether or not she's willing to do the only thing an under-cover cop cannot do which is kill someone.

At the Metro Court, Olivia rolls her eyes and looks away when Alexis enters and engages in kissing with Julian. She greets Olivia and remarks that she is “glowing” noticing Olivia's expanding belly. Julian also seems very fixated on Olivia's pregnancy. He asks Alexis how Nina's court hearing went. Alexis replies she won and Nina is free. And there is more. They let Franco go also.

Franco suddenly realizes that he need not settle for a room to share with his father at the Metro Court when he can share a luxury suit with Nina. She asks him if he's lost it to believe that she doesn't have to share her brother's room at Kelly's nor he sharing with his father. He tells her that they can have gourmet meals, room service, a hot tub, sleep on million thread-count sheets and live in the lap of luxury at the Metro Court. Nina asks him how he's going to persuade Carly to let him stay there knowing how much she hates him. He tells her he need not rely on Carly. His ticket for the perfect room at the Metro Court is Olivia. They rejoice knowing they can take the world and the Metro Court by storm. She tells him, however, that her brother Nathan (whom she calls Jay) is going to pick her up and she needs to be there. Franco reminds her that she suddenly has her freedom. He promises her they will get things straightened out with her brother. But they have a world waiting for them.

Inside the Metro Court, when Olivia learns that Franco is free, she tells Alexis and Julian she cannot believe that when very recently she went to visit him and he seemed like he was completely out of I. Hearing that, Julian is concerned and wonders why she'd want to visit that psychotic man. She tells him that after hearing Franco got attacked and injected with LSD by Heather, she felt bad for the guy. The same thing happened so she thought if there was anyone else on the planet who'd understand what he went through, it would be herself. Hearing that, Alexis asks Olivia what she and Franco talked about. Olivia is silent when she remembers that visit, hearing Franco babble about all kinds of non-reality-oriented delusions and so she thought her secret would be “safe” with him to tell him she got pregnant by Julian Jerome. Little did she know Franco was fully aware of that and remembers it to this day.

Sloane tells Anna he needs to find out what is on her computer but she knows he cannot do that because it will ruin hers and Jordan's plan. She demands he shows her his warrant.

Inside the restaurant, Duke suddenly tells Jordan he wants to call off the hit on Julian. She asks him why on earth he'd make that decision.

Sonny tells Shawn that it would appear Jordan has no record. She got acquitted for the murder of Mickey Diamond. Commissioner Devane arranged for that. Shawn then remarks to Sonny it sounds like he's already decided. He thinks Jordan is a cop, Shawn tells him. Doesn't he?

Sloane tells Anna that he got all the information he could ever need from their old colleague Bob. He knows the identity of her informant. It's Jordan Ashford.

Duke tells Jordan, he's very impressed by her skill. She thanks him and asks if his asking her to kill Julian was simply a test to find out if she was working for the feds. And if that means that they are now “good” with the trust issues. He affirms to her absolutely. Yet she seems to question his motive to assure her all is good.

Duke then promptly returns to Sonny and Shawn and reports to them they can rest assured that Jordan is not working for Anna Devane.

When Sloane reveals to Anna he knows that her informant is Jordan Ashford, she tells him he doesn't know what he is talking about and knows he just tossed off her name and she assures him that Jordan is not one of the “good guys”. Jordan returns to Anna, revealing to Sloane that they have secret communication and mutual trust. Sloane then reveals that he knows that Jordan is a DEA agent.

Sonny leaves Duke alone to talk to a guy working for them who asks Lavery why he did not tell Mr. Corinthos that Jordan Ashford was wearing a wire.

At The Metro Court, Alexis asks Julian what she interrupted between him and Olivia when she walked in. He admits that he declared to Olivia that he knows he's not her baby's father and he's going to let it go.

At the bar, Franco walks in with Nina and confidently announces to Olivia that they need an executive suite with a whirlpool, sauna, caviar, room service, media on demand, and his own private art studio as well as everything Nina wants, in the finest room she has. Hearing that, she smirks, telling him he must be on LSD. Why would he think she'd offer him a Nina an economy room with rats by the dumpster? He tells her she will give them what they ask or else he will tell Julian Jerome that Olivia is carrying his baby.

Valerie cries as she informs Lulu and Dante that her mother is in a care facility where she needs 24 hour supervision. She's in Oak Hill which is a Convalescent Home. Lulu then realizes very possibly Luke threatened Valerie to tell him where her mother is. Valerie admits he threatened to kill her if she did not and he may very well be there now.

Tracy and Bobbie go to Oak Hill and tell the attendant they want to see Patricia Spencer. The woman asks if they are family. Bobbie replies yes. She is Patricia's sister and Tracy is her sister-in-law. The woman lets them in. They walk into the room and only see Luke holding a gun and greeting them.

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