GH Update Thursday 3/26/15

General Hospital Update Thursday 3/26/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Patrick and Sam were in Sam's bed. As Sam held her wedding ring, she told Patrick that just before Jake's operation, Jake had said that there was only one ring. Sam wondered if Jake had been referring to her ring. She theorized that he might have looked in the canister where she kept her ring, on the night that he broke in. Patrick asked Sam if she thought Jake knew one of the rings was missing and who it belonged to. Sam wasn't sure, but she figured it was possible that Helena could have told Jake about Jason. Patrick wondered why Jake would be talking about that just before he had a risky procedure done. They didn't get a chance to discuss this, because Danny ran into the room and nestled in between them in bed. “Are you my daddy now?,” Danny asked Patrick. Sam and Patrick gently explained that Danny only had one dad, who was in Heaven, but that Patrick and Danny would be friends. Danny was satisfied. Later, Sam returned to the room and told Patrick that Danny was in the kitchen with Molly. Sam complimented Patrick on the way he handled Danny's questions. Due to Patrick's experience with Emma, he knew kids feel like they're going to lose their memories of their parents when someone else comes into the picture. Patrick assumed it was harder for Danny because Danny didn't remember Jason. Patrick promised to do all he could to develop a relationship with Danny that didn't take away from the memory of Jason. Patrick broached the subject of Sam and Danny moving in with him and Emma. Sam wasn't ready to answer yet, but she assured him that she was considering it. They kissed. Patrick had to go to work. Patrick brought up the ring again and noted that Jake could have been talking about any ring. He urged Sam not to let it drive her crazy. After Patrick left, Sam picked up her ring and looked deep in thought.

It was the day of Franco's competency hearing. Franco, Scott, and some court officials were gathered in the court room. Franco launched into an incoherent outburst in an attempt to fool the judge into thinking he was mentally incompetent. The prosecutor revealed that she had a witness who said otherwise. She called Scott to the stand. Franco was so worried about this that he almost blew his cover, but he was able to save things at the last moment. Scott had prepared a statement for the court. He explained that he visited his son yesterday and that Franco had admitted he was faking his condition. Scott revealed that Franco injected himself with LSD in an attempt to avoid getting sent to Pentonville and that he was only pretending to be incompetent. Franco yelled that Scott must be mistaken. Scott argued that it was time for Franco to face the charges against him. Scott stated that while Franco was his son, his duty, as the D.A., was to the citizens. The judge ruled that Franco was competent to stand trial. Scott went back to his seat behind Franco, and the lawyers approached the bench and talked to the judge. Franco grumbled that he'd assumed Scott was his father first and the D.A. second. Franco didn't have faith in his lawyer and he assumed he was going to prison. Scott cryptically explained that Franco's lawyer may have realized that Franco would go free after he stood trial. Scott said he'd heard that Franco's lawyer planned to argue that Heather was the one who kidnapped Shawn and Jordan, Shawn was the one who broke Heather out of Ferncliff and that Franco didn't know Nina kidnapped the baby until after they made it to Canada, which was out of the jurisdiction of the local courts. Scott added that, as the D.A. he'd have to drop the charges against Franco, under those circumstances. Franco realized Scott was the one devised this plan to get him released, and he thanked him. Scott whispered “you're welcome,” and patted Franco's arm.

Meanwhile, Nina's hearing was taking place in another courtroom. The judge felt that there was no evidence that Nina had recovered from her last breakdown. Nina looked panicked when Alexis told the judge that Nina faked the breakdown because Nina wanted to stay in Shadybrook. Nina quietly pointed out that she told Alexis that in confidence. Alexis explained that she was giving Nina the best defense she could. Alexis told the judge that Nina's actions had been a misguided attempt to stand by her friend. Alexis asked that the judge reinstate the original release order. The judge took a moment to review the case. Nina was still unhappy, and she threatened to fake another breakdown in order to get sent back to Shadybrook. Alexis asked if Nina really wanted to throw her life away for Franco. Nina said yes. She took the stand and claimed to think that Avery belonged to her and Silas. Franco walked in and announced that he was a free man. Nina quickly admitted that she knew the baby wasn't hers and she apologized for deceiving the court. The judge did as Alexis asked and released Nina. Nina hugged Alexis and Franco.

Hayden and Jake were in her suite at the Metro Court. She put “Jake's” wedding ring on his finger and pulled him into a kiss, claiming she was trying to jog his memory. Carly and Elizabeth walked in on the moment. Carly introduced herself as the hotel owner. Hayden wondered why Carly just let herself in. Carly spat that she was there because Hayden had shown up out of the blue, claiming to be married to Carly's friend. Carly demanded to know where Hayden had been for the last six months. Jake told Carly that she didn't need to do this, but Carly was adamant that she did. She ordered Hayden to prove that she was married to Jake. Hayden grabbed Jake's hand and held it up to show off the gold band on his finger. It was clear that Liz was uncomfortable, and she explained that this was all Carly's idea. Carly insisted that someone had to stop Hayden from scamming Jake. Carly argued that anyone could figure out someone's ring size and buy a wedding band. Hayden flashed the faked wedding photo. Liz admitted that that wasn't how she imagined Jake's old face would look. Carly wasn't convinced that the man in the picture was Jake. Hayden added that she had more pictures, clothing, and medical records. Liz asked to see the records, and Hayden gave them to her. Meanwhile, Carly bombarded Hayden with more questions – did she have a toothbrush or hairbrush that contained Jake's DNA? Jake asked Carly to stop badgering Hayden. Carly felt that Jake wasn't able to defend himself against Hayden, so Carly was doing it. Jake pointed out that he wasn't a child. Carly agreed; she felt that Jake was a good, honorable man, but she was certain that Hayden was being dishonest.

Carly asked Jake if he remembered Hayden. Jake admitted he didn't. Hayden defended her story, but the irate Carly accused her of lying. Liz interrupted Carly's rant and pointed out the records showed that Jake Barnes had the same brain surgery that Jake Doe did. Jake asked Hayden why he needed surgery. Hayden explained that Jake collapsed at work. Jake asked what he did for a living, and Hayden claimed he did odd jobs and that they were struggling financially. Hayden talked about wanting to make up for lost time with Jake. Liz looked upset and she ran out. Jake followed her into the hallway. He asked if she was going to leave without saying goodbye. Jake assured Liz that he still wanted her to be a part of his life. Liz told Jake that she wasn't the kind of person who could overlook him being married. Liz sensed that Hayden loved Jake and that Jake felt something for Hayden, since he kissed Hayden. Jake clarified that Hayden initiated the kiss. Jake added that he'd wanted to push Hayden away, but he didn't because he didn't think it would be fair to Hayden. Jake insisted that he felt nothing during the kiss, unlike when he kissed Liz. He pulled Liz into a kiss. Jake was adamant that being with Liz felt right. Liz tearfully noted that Jake once loved Hayden enough to marry her. She felt he owed it to himself to rebuild his life with Hayden. Jake kissed Liz again until she pulled back. Jake begged Liz not to do this, but she said goodbye and she left.

Back inside, Carly asked Hayden how she was able to afford the suite, if she was really broke like she claimed. Hayden said her family and friends foot the bill. Carly didn't buy it; she thought Hayden's story was too perfect. Carly vowed to find out what Hayden was really up to.

Dante was about to go inside Kelly's when Lulu called out to him. They hugged and kissed, then Dante asked Lulu to let him know the next time she left town to search for long lost relatives. Lulu apologized and explained that she didn't want to distract Dante from the search for Luke. Dante broke the news that the lead turned out to be a bust – Luke had created a false lead as a distraction.

Ric was inside Kelly's. He was startled and upset when Pete, the model Ric hired to pose as Jake, before the plastic surgery, in pictures with Hayden, joined him. Ric motioned Pete to join him outside, but Pete refused. Ric spotted Dante outside. Ric growled that he couldn't let his nephew see him with Pete. Ric grabbed Pete's arm and dragged him through the back exit and out into the alley. Lulu and Dante walked in, and Lulu wondered if that was Ric she'd just seen rushing out. The couple sat down and talked about Lulu's trip. Lulu was disappointed that her aunt Pat was dead – she was family and she could have held the answers to Luke's past. Lulu added that she discovered that she had a new cousin, Valerie. Lulu thought Valerie was nice, but overwhelmed by Lulu and Tracy's arrival. Lulu added that Tracy sensed that Valerie wasn't being honest with them. Lulu told Dante about the noise at Valerie's that Valerie claimed was her cat and that Tracy didn't believe her. Dante theorized that Luke had gone looking for Pat and that he was the one who made the noise. Lulu realized that would explain why Valerie was tense and reluctant to let Lulu and Tracy in. She called her cousin to check on her.

In the alley, Ric noted that he'd paid Pete a large sum of money to pose in those photos. Pete wanted more money. Ric scoffed and said Pete was out of Pete's league and out of his mind. Pete revealed that he'd figured out Ric was committing identity fraud and tricking someone into thinking they were married to Hayden. Ric asked Pete how much it would take for Pete to leave. “That depends. How much is this Elizabeth woman worth to you?” Pete asked. Pete threatened to track Liz down and tell her about Ric's scheme if Ric didn't pay up. Ric offered Pete another ten grand. Pete accepted. Ric made it clear that he expected Pete to leave town and never come back. “We'll see,” Pete replied, as he walked away.

Luke was still in Pennsylvania at Valerie's. Tears streamed down Valerie's face. She was tied to a chair and her mouth was taped. Luke had made breakfast. He cheerfully rambled to Valerie about the time he used to work for their aunt Ruby as a short order cook. Luke wanted Valerie to keep up her strength so that she'd be able to tell him where Pat was. He ripped the tape off Valerie's mouth and tried to feed her some eggs, but she bit his arm. Luke felt that he'd been trying to be nice, but Valerie spat that he'd been terrorizing her since he got there. Luke told her he wanted her to know what would happen if she didn't tell him where his sister was. Valerie was adamant that Pat was dead, but Luke didn't buy it. Valerie secretly loosened the knots tying her to the chair, while she asked Luke why he was suddenly so interested in the sister he hadn't contacted in 30 years. Luke snarled that it was none of Valerie's business. “She knows something doesn't she? My mother knows something that could hurt you!” Valerie said. Luke got up and loomed over Valerie and asked why she was referring to Pat in the present tense. Valerie admitted that Pat was alive. Luke cheered and asked where she was. Valerie wanted to protect her mom, so she refused to say. Luke was convinced that Valerie, as a Spencer, was so stubborn and defiant that she'd never answer the question. He decided to kill her, since she was no longer of use. Valerie begged Luke not to hurt her. Luke wasn't swayed, and he grabbed his gun. Just then, the phone rang (it was Lulu). Valerie took advantage of the distraction. She jumped up and shoved Luke, which caused him to drop the gun. Valerie grabbed the phone, but Luke had already unplugged it. Luke and Valerie both raced toward the gun,.

Back at the diner, Lulu told Dante that the phone just rang and rang. The concerned couple decided to go to Valerie's. They arrived and knocked on the door, but no one answered. Dante forced his way in. Dante and Lulu saw something shocking.

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