GH Update Wednesday 3/25/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/25/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Patrick and Sam awaken in bed together. She is looking on her computer to notice from her father's paper that it appears that two of her least favorite people are having their day in court; Franco and Nina..

While Nina is outside the courtroom awaiting her hearing, she notices Nathan. She is able to see that her brother might not be “ok” although he denies it. Maxie is not far away.

At Kelly's, Molly finds TJ and comments that she is there to meet with her dad. She appears positive and suspects nothing about her most recent conversation with her father where she encouraged Ric to meet online after finding out that Elizabeth dumped him for Jake.

Right then, Ric meets with Hayden, the woman he met online. And their conversation is not about what Molly hopes and assumes. He tells her he will pay her as long as she breaks up Elizabeth and Jake by having them believing she is Jake's wife.

Right then, Elizabeth is alone in her house having all of the memories and flashbacks of the evening she spend with Jake, where they grew closer and declared wanting to have a relationship, until he got the unexpected visitor who declared she is his wife.

In the room where Hayden is staying at The Metro Court, Ric has all of the documents and instructions for her to carry out his plan. He is confident that they can pull it off, having Jake and Elizabeth believing she's Jake's wife, breaking them up and leaving Elizabeth available and willing to go back to Ric. Right then, unexpectedly, outside the door, Jake calls to Hayden.

Sam tells Patrick she cannot believe that a judge would let either of those two people go free. He tells her he agrees but since he's a doctor and not a lawyer, he cannot answer that question. She tells him that she believes that with what Franco has done to her and so many others as well as his involvement in the baby kidnapping, he deserves to be locked up in prison for life. And Nina deserves to be in a loony bin. He tells her he wholeheartedly agrees but is not concerned about the lives of either of those two people. He only cares about their (his and Sam's) lives.

Outside the courtroom, awaiting the hearing, Nathan admits to Nina that he loves Maxie and yes, she admitted she loves him but also admitted she loves somebody else. Nina smiles and encourages her brother to believe he can be a great father figure to Maxie's baby. Yet he is despondent. She tells him if he wants to give up, walk away and let this loser be in Maxie's life, then he may do that. He tells her it's not what he wants. It's what Maxie wants and it’s complicated.

Maxie runs into Spinelli.outside of Kelly's. He is confident that he will not only be the perfect father to baby Georgie but that he will also win Maxie back. She is not happy however to see him.

Carly goes to see Elizabeth and believes she will be welcome to come inside after she encouraged Jake to consider a relationship with Elizabeth and get Ric out of her life. She sees Elizabeth is not as happy as she appears and asks her where Jake is. Elizabeth replies he's with his wife.

Meanwhile, in a room at The Metro Court, Ric and Hayden are plotting their scam when Jake knocks on the door of where she said he could find her.

While Molly talks to TJ at Kelly's, happily encouraged that her father will find a quality relationship with a woman online, given what a great, upstanding man he is, we see Jake pounding on the door to Hayden's room at the Metro Court and telling her he needs the proof she promised him that they are in fact married. He reminds her that he has completely lost his memory and needs to know this very vital piece of information. Inside the door, Hayden and Ric are panicking knowing he cannot see them together and that they might not be as ready right now to scam him as they will have to be in order to accomplish their goal in this.

Patrick reminds Sam that when they last spoke about the possibility of her moving in with him, he noticed she kind of hesitated and he backed off. He tells her that he couldn't think about anything else and he tells her how happy he would be to wake up with her every day. So what does she say?

Elizabeth informs Carly that she has just found out that Jake is allegedly married. Carly is fascinated and intrigued, not happily, to hear that this woman just came out of nowhere, knocked on Elizabeth's door and knew exactly where to find her long lost husband. She suspects the credibility of it just like Elizabeth did and tells her that she knows something is not right with the story Elizabeth and Jake suddenly heard from this woman.. Elizabeth informs Carly that Jake is now going to find Hayden at the place she's told him where to find her, in order so that she can show him proof that they are married. Carly asks where that might be. Elizabeth replies that Hayden told them she is currently staying at the Metro Court.

Right then, Hayden hesitates to let Jake inside the door of her place. While Ric hides unseen, she takes Jake into the other room to distract him. When Ric sees that the coast is clear to depart unseen, he goes out the door. Hayden then leads Jake into the living room and talks to him about their “history” together. She tells him that it's so strange that he does not have the face she remembered and does not recognize her face. She tells him she realizes that he and Elizabeth needed to see proof and she has it. She shows him the documents that Ric gave her and lists the marriage license, social security card and all “official documents” that Ric manufactured for her.

Outside Kelly's, Spinelli runs into Maxie and can see she is not ok after her ralling out with Nathan the previous night.

Nina talks to Nathan about how she can see he is conflicted about his relationship with Maxie. He tells her that he wants to put aside his personal stuff and focus on her before her hearing. Alexis enters and tells Nina maybe she should listen to her brother. Nina assures her brother that she knows what she needs to do in order not to stay in Shadybrook although that may not be what she really wants when she notices Franco accompanied by a bailiff and ready for his own arraignment hearing to determine where he goes from there.

Ric goes to meet with Molly, apologizing for being late and explaining to his daughter that he was “detained by unforeseeable things”. He greets TJ and talks to them both about what Molly wants to find out has happened after he's taken her advice to participate in online dating. He reports to his excited daughter that he did, in fact, meet one very nice woman. There was one problem, however. She was married.

While Hayden shows Jake the “proof” he's asked for, Carly assesses what Elizabeth has told her about a woman named Hayden who allegedly lives at Beecher's Corners telling Jake his name was Jacob Barnes and the whole shpeel that she told them. Carly asks what she looked like. Elizabeth replies petite with brown hair and brown eyes, pretty and about his age. Carly tells Elizabeth she does not buy for a minute what this woman has told her and Jake and knows it's a scam. Elizabeth seems to agree but is discouraged about attempting to uncover a lie and considers the possibility that Jake is married and if that be the case, she does not want to pursue a relationship with him or interrupt his life.

Franco wastes no time to sit beside Nina outside the courtroom. She privately tells him that she did admit to Alexis that she has been faking the “crazy” act all the while and that she told her lawyer the very reason why.

Outside Kelly's, Spinelli reveals he heard all of the conversation between her and Nathan where she concluded she is not as committed to her boyfriend as he needed her to be, that he doubted her trust and commitment to him and that they really do not know each other very well nor are they right for one another. Spinelli seems confident and tells her that since this has happened, he, Maxie and baby Georgie will have their chance to be together as a family. Yet Maxie tells her daughter's father it's not that simple. She angrily tells him that it's clear that he does not see her as a person. He sees her as nothing more than a prize to win in a boxing competition. She is humiliated and insulted that he'd do that. So why would she want to be with anyone who treats her like that?

Nathan talks privately to Alexis about Nina's prognosis. He has an unanswered question about what his sister might have told her about what was involved in her most recent “break down” and how it happened. Does Nina or does she not understand reality? And if she's sane and reality-oriented, why on earth would she want to return to Shadybrook? Alexis hesitates to answer that. Nina talks privately to Franco about the very thing and how she confided in Alexis knowing she was protected by attorney/client privilege in having her lawyer know what her plans are.

Sam admits to Patrick that she is not focused on them and not ok with the man who terrorized her and the woman who scammed and broke up her and Silas possibly going free. However, right then, she remembers something about her wedding ring and the night when Jake spied upon her and Patrick together in the room she used to share with Jason.

While Ric is talking to Molly and TJ, wanting them both to believe he is on the “up and up” with his prospects from online dating, we see him “getting busy” hiring a guy to pose in a wedding photo with Hayden, taking pictures of them and letting them both know what his plans are in order to scam Jake and Elizabeth with that. They both know that Jake had reconstructive surgery and probably looked very different before his accident that caused him to lose his memory which would make it look credible that he looked just like the guy whom he has hired to play the role of Jake during his wedding to Hayden.

Hayden then shows an uncomfortable and ill-at-ease jake all of the pictures of them together from the time they met, their respective families, the wedding and the whole scam that Ric has orchestrated. Jake seems to know that something is not right, that none of these things really happened or that the guy in the pictures is himself.

Carly demands that Elizabeth not accept what is happening although Elizabeth does not want to be as aggressive in taking drastic action as Carly is. Carly tells her if she cares for Jake, she will come with her to prevent this strange woman from pulling off this scam and ruining Elizabeth's future with Jake. They know they can find Hayden and The Metro Court. So Carly is ready to use her key to intervene before it's too late.

Sam admits to Patrick that she has kept her wedding ring inside a jar, as she and Jason did each night before they went to bed. She has a vision of the ring that Jason should have yet know it's somewhere other than in Jason's possession wherever he is.

Right then, Jake is aware that on the picture Hayden has shown him, he is not wearing the ring he would have worn if what she says is true. He also knows that he must not have worn his ring at the time of the accident because when he checked out of the hospital, they gave him back all of his personal affects yet they did not have it. She has an explanation of that and tells him that they had an argument and he took it off. She then knows that Ric gave her a ring to show Jake and gives it to him. Jake appears not to buy a word of what she is saying regardless of that.

At Kelly's, TJ finds it odd that his girlfriend found a website for her father to explore the possibilities of meeting someone, yet Ric found out right away that the first person he met was married. He does not have an answer as to how that was discovered in his brief meeting with the strange woman who agreed to meet him.

We then see Ric photographing what appears to be Hayden and “Jake” (the guy he hired to play him) on their skiing trip, and remembering to take the ring from the guy's finger to give to Hayden so that she can show to the real Jake.

We then hear both Molly and TJ encouraging Ric not to give up, realize a woman who meets men online and leads them on while still married is not worth it and it's just as well he found out and didn't waste his time with her. They both tell him they are sure the right woman is there for him and he just needs to find her. He replies he's sure he will (clearly only having Elizabeth on the brain)

Meanwhile, at Elizabeth's home, Carly tells her she knows that this hideous woman is scamming Jake and messing with his mind. She is furious and not about to take this sitting down nor allow Elizabeth to miss out on her chance with Jake. She tells Elizabeth she needs to stop distrusting Jake and believing this stranger and she demands that Elizabeth comes with her to take drastic action. She tells her she knows that Jake is an honorable man. He sticks to his commitment. That makes him easy pray for this woman. She tells Elizabeth she's going to the Metro Court to find out what is up with this and she demands Elizabeth goes with her.

Spinelli protests to Maxie that he may have done the wrong thing but she needs to realize he did it for the right reason. He felt he needed to prove to her that he was just as much of a man as Nathan could ever be. She asks him why he feels he needs to prove all of these things to her, as he's taken so much drastic action since he's been back, to win her over. He then realizes that maybe his efforts to get her back have only pushed her away and he urges her to please tell him they are not over and there is still hope.

When Nina finds out that Scotty Baldwin is the district attorney, she assesses that whether he's Franco's father or not, his job is to put criminals away. Franco should not trust him the way she needs to trust Alexis who is her lawyer and it's her job to help keep Nina out of an institution. They are both, however, confident that their respective confidants will not reveal their secrets. When Alexis is done talking to Nathan, he informs Nina her hearing is about to start.

Spinelli tells Maxie he realized he misbehaved but believes they are truly meant to be together. He believes she feels the same way. He can see it in her eyes, he tells her. But she does not want to talk about it and walks away.

Nina is worried about losing Franco although he assures her she will not lose him. Alexis accompanies her into the courtroom. The judge declares they are there to determine the competency of Nina Clay and she lets Alexis speak. Alexis tells her that her client has had a break from reality when she took Ava Jerome's baby. However, Mrs. Clay has now gotten the treatment and regained her sensibility and is now ready to return to society. The judge tells Alexis she happens to know that very recently, Mrs. Clay had a breakdown outside the courtroom, so why should the judge sign off on her competence when she has no proof that anything has changed? Alexis replies because that break-down that Nina had on that day was fake. As soon as she says that, Nina appears shocked and stunned.

Right when Sam recalls Jake saying the strangest thing to her right before he got wheeled in for his most recent surgery, regarding there being “only one ring”, and wondering if he meant Jason's ring, Hayden puts the ring on Jake's finger while he is clearly remembering marrying and having someone else giving him a ring.

Molly and TJ encourage Ric not to give up on finding the right woman. He promises them he will not. They leave to get to school. .Right then, Ric gets visited by someone he did not expect to see and does not appear comfortable seeing. It's the guy he hired to pull off his scam with Hayden. Ric tells the guy he can't be seen there but the guy reminds Ric that he's new in town and needs Ric to buy him lunch.

When Jake is uncertain that Hayden is telling the truth, she tells him she knows she can “make him remember” when she kisses him. Right then, Elizabeth and Carly walk into the room, see them and stare at them in shock.

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