GH Update Tuesday 3/24/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/24/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At Elizabeth's Jake reeled over Hayden's claim that she was his wife. Hayden decided to give Jake some time to digest the news. She kissed his cheek and left. Jake told Liz that he didn't remember Hayden. Meanwhile, Hayden was outside on the porch. She made a phone call. “It's done,” Hayden stated. Hayden was concerned Liz would come outside, so Hayden made plans to meet with the person she was speaking to.

Back inside, Jake was disappointed that seeing his wife didn't jump-start his memory, but he noted that Patrick had said the amnesia might be permanent. Liz was suspicious of Hayden and thought she might be lying. Liz thought it was strange that Jake had gone months without any hint of his old life, then Hayden just showed up out of the blue with all the answers Jake had been looking for. Jake noted that Hayden hadn't been able to explain how she knew he'd be at Liz's. Liz thought Hayden's story was a little too neat. Jake wasn't sure what to think. He asked Liz why anyone would pretend to be his wife. Liz thought that Hayden might be a lonely and unwell person who heard Jake's story and wanted a companion. Jake noted that Hayden claimed she had proof that they were married.

Liz admitted that she didn't want Jake to be married. Jake confessed that he didn't want to be married either. Jake was frustrated that Hayden showed up just after he and Liz finally overcame all the obstacles and started dating. “I wake up every day wanting to know who I am. And finally I have an answer, and I don't want to know it,” Jake stated. Jake noted that he felt nothing for Hayden; he only felt something for Liz. He kissed her. Jake thought being with Liz felt familiar and right. Liz told Jake it wasn't right if he was married. Liz sensed that Jake was the kind of person who'd honor his wedding vows. Liz asked Jake if she was wrong. Jake held Liz's hands and told her he wanted to be with her. Liz wanted that too, but she told Jake that they couldn't right now.

“It's not every day I pretend to be a stranger's wife,” Hayden stated as she walked into a suite, at the Metro Court, and poured herself a drink. Ric walked in. He was pleased when Hayden assured him that Jake and Liz bought her performance. Ric handed Hayden an envelope full of cash. Hayden noticed that the envelope was light, and Ric explained that he'd pay her the rest when Liz had completely given up on Jake. Hayden warned Ric that Liz had the look of a woman in love and that she might not just give up on Jake. Ric told Hayden to focus on her end and let him take care of Liz. Ric assured Hayden that he had faith in Hayden. Hayden pointed out that Ric barely knew her. Hayden added that she'd joined that dating website looking for someone nice, not a pay day. Ric explained that he joined the site at Molly's urging, but he still wasn't ready to give up on Liz. Ric was adamant that he belonged with Liz. Ric felt that Liz was blinded by Jake and that she'd come back to Ric if Hayden did her part.

Hayden asked if Ric expected her to stay fake married to Jake forever. Ric didn't care. He told Hayden she could keep Jake, or dump him as soon as Liz was over Jake. Hayden sarcastically told Ric he had a heart of gold. Ric asked Hayden she wouldn't do whatever it took to keep the one she loved. Hayden revealed that her ex husband was a liar and a cheat who left her high and dry. Ric thought it was a good thing they met. Ric explained that when he went on a date with Hayden, he knew it wasn't a love match, but he thought they could play other roles in each others lives. Hayden admitted it was nice to be able to pay her bills. She decided that the money was worth putting her love life on hold. Ric promised to pay Hayden double if she could get things done in a timely fashion.

Hayden told Ric that Liz and Jake wanted her to prove she was Jake's wife. Hayden sensed that Jake would put her first if he thought she was his wife, but she warned Ric that Liz was suspicious. Ric had already prepared for this – he handed Hayden some fake documents – a marriage certificate, social security card and health insurance card for “Jake Barnes.” Hayden thought they needed more – photographs, a web presence etc. Ric assured her that he was working on it.

Alexis was at Sam's working on something for Nina's case. Julian came by early to surprise Alexis. Alexis was grateful for the distraction. Alexis was about to kiss Julian, but she sensed that something was wrong. Julian told Alexis about his run in with Olivia. Julian was miffed that Olivia wouldn't let him feel the baby kick. Alexis told him he couldn't just go grabbing the stomachs of pregnant women. Julian admitted that at the time, he still thought he might be the baby's father. Julian explained that Olivia had been adamant that Ned was the father. Julian guessed he believed her. Julian changed the subject and decided to focus on Alexis. They began to kiss and undress as they moved over to the couch.

Sam and Patrick arrived and walked in on Alexis and Julian. A horrified Sam screamed and buried her face in Patrick's chest. Julian and Alexis scrambled to get dressed and Alexis explained that she thought Sam was spending the night in Boston. Julian started apologizing, but Sam and Patrick didn't want to talk about the awkward moment. The topic at hand shifted and Sam thanked Julian for hiring Jake. Alexis asked Julian why he'd do that, and he told her that Sam asked him to. Alexis didn't understand why Sam was helping the man who took her hostage and almost killed her. Sam pointed out that it was Helena's fault. Sam added that Alexis, of all people, knew what Helena was capable of. Alexis was unsympathetic to Jake because he'd held a gun on Sam. Sam countered that she and Patrick were alive because Jake resisted Helena's orders to kill them. Sam added that Jake didn't have any friends to help him. Alexis argued that Carly and Liz were taking turns seeing to Jake's every need. Sam explained that she wanted to help Jake because she wished someone had been there to help her when she needed it. Alexis backed off, but she was concerned that Sam's faith in Jake was misplaced. Sam was certain that Jake was a good guy.

Sam and Patrick went up to her bedroom. Sam had checked on Danny and noted that he was fast asleep. Sam climbed onto Patrick's lap and admitted she wasn't sure she'd ever be able to sleep after walking in on her parents in a compromising position. Patrick noted that it was bound to happen, eventually, with so many people living under one roof. He suggested that Sam and Danny move into his place and let Alexis and Molly keep the penthouse. Patrick told the surprised Sam that he and Emma had plenty of room and that, best of all, Patrick would get to see Sam's face first thing every morning. Sam admitted she hadn't given this any thought before. Sam was concerned that Emma might not be ready for something like that. Patrick felt that Emma adored Sam, and he thought Emma would be happy if Sam and Danny moved in. Sam was concerned that Emma wouldn't be comfortable with Sam and Danny moving into the home Patrick and Emma shared with Robin. Patrick thought it was the same thing as him spending time in the house Sam once shared with Jason. Patrick assured Sam that he didn't want to pressure her. Sam decided to take some time to think about it. Sam noted that they hadn't had any alone time since before Boston. They kissed.

Downstairs, Alexis was still mortified about Patrick seeing her partially naked. Julian didn't think it was that bad. Alexis pointed out that she might become Patrick's mother in law one day. “Would you like to see your mother in law's nipples?,” Alexis asked Julian. Julian suggested that Alexis move with him to prevent this from happening again. Alexis asked what about Molly. Julian told her that Molly could have the guest room. Alexis admitted that they'd come a long way, but she was sure that Molly would never agree to that arrangement. Julian suggested that Molly go live with Ric, but Alexis didn't want Molly to get mixed up in Ric's shady dealings. Julian suggested that Alexis buy her own place. Alexis refused, due to the condition of the real estate market. Julian was disappointed because this meant no more livingroom sex for awhile. Alexis noted that they could still have bedroom sex. They raced upstairs.

Ned and Olivia were at Kelly's. Ned left Tracy voicemail. It had been awhile since Ned had heard from Tracy, and Ned was concerned because Luke was on the loose. Ned hung up to the phone and vented to Olivia about Tracy not taking his call. Ned noticed that Olivia was distracted. Olivia grumbled about Julian wanting to feel the baby kicking. She added that Julian asked again if there was a chance he was the father. Olivia explained that was startled by Julian's demeanor. He'd seemed kind and paternal. Olivia almost felt bad for him. Ned was curious if Olivia was having second thought about lying to Julian. Olivia had no intention of telling Julian the truth about the baby, but she still didn't feel comfortable with lying. Ned understood, and he noted that she wasn't lying out of maliciousness. Olivia noted that Julian's son got shot because of Julian's lifestyle. Olivia and Ned both felt that it was best for the baby to be shielded from Julian's business. Olivia wondered if Ned was still comfortable with pretending to be the father for the rest of his life. Ned assured her that he was. Ned added that Tracy, Monica, Michael, Alice and the rest of the staff was looking forward to bringing Olivia and the baby into their lives. Olivia was touched that Ned was doing this for her.

Tracy and Lulu were in Pennsylvania at Valerie's, Pat Spencer's daughter's, apartment. Lulu hoped that Valerie would keep in touch and get to know her relatives. Valerie, who was eager to get her guests to leave, promised to take Lulu up on that some day. Tracy and Lulu were in the hallway when Luke, who was hiding in the closet, made a noise. Tracy asked Valerie if someone else was in the apartment. Valerie thought fast and said it was her cat. Lulu announced that she loved cats and asked to meet it. Valerie claimed the cat wasn't friendly, and she started to close the door. An apologetic Lulu popped back in and asked where Pat was buried. Lulu wanted to pass the information on to Bobbie. Valerie quickly gave them the name of a cemetery. Lulu invited Valerie to come visit. Valerie was noncommittal. She hurriedly shut the door. Luke came out of the closet. He grabbed Valerie by the arm and lead her away from the door. Valerie ordered Luke to take his gun and leave and never come back. Luke refused to go. Valerie tried to appeal to Luke's good side, but he told her that it wasn't working and that she was only making him angrier. Valerie argued that she'd done everything Luke told her to. Luke countered that she still hadn't told him where his sister was. Luke didn't believe Valerie's claim that Pat was dead. Valerie's eyes filled with tears, and she insisted that she was telling the truth. Luke threatened to kill her if she was lying to him.

Lulu and Tracy went to a diner. Lulu was still surprised she had a new cousin. She wondered why Pat never told Valerie about the rest of the Spencers. Tracy noted that Bobbie and Luke never talked about Pat, either. Tracy still wanted answers about what went on in the Pat, Luke and Bobbie's childhood home. Tracy had a feeling that Valerie was hiding something. Lulu pointed out that, from Valerie's perspective, Lulu and Tracy were to strangers who barged into her home. Tracy still thought that Valerie was way too eager to get rid of them. Tracy didn't believe that a cat made the noise. She thought Valerie had someone hidden in the house. Lulu wasn't sure what to think, but they mulled over whether or not Valerie could be hiding Pat from them.

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