GH Update Monday 3/23/15

General Hospital Update Monday 3/23/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Kiki is inside Kelly's looking on her tablet when Julian comes inside. He informs her that he made a decision. He wants to help her fight for Ava's baby.

Ava tells Silas if he wants to help her, he can do that by killing her. He does not want to listen to that. She reminds him that he's just told her that it's unlikely she will survive the cancer. Everyone believes she's dead anyway. So, she tells him, he needs to help her die.

Tracy and Lulu go to find Patricia and see a young woman come to the door who informs them she is Patricia's daughter, Valerie. Tracy does not want to give up on finding out whatever she might know about Luke although does not want to continue the conversation because her mother is dead. However, we notice that there is a guy who looks just like Luke hiding unseen behind the door in her apartment.

When Elizabeth is ready to move to the next level with Jake, a woman suddenly appears at her door and informs Elizabeth she is Jake's wife. Jake comes to the door. He does not remember her but she appears to recognize him.

Maxie walks into the boxing gym right when Nathan is able to (accidentally) land his first punch on Spinelli and knock him down. She rushes to Spinelli and tells both Nathan and Sonny that he needs a doctor. She is angry at Nathan for doing this when he knows that Spinelli would lose and for seeing her as a prize at a carnival for which they compete. He protests to her, however, that she's gotten this all wrong and that this was Spinelli's idea.

Ava reminds Silas that Sonny will finally get his wish if she dies. She tells him at least this will be on her terms. He tells her that he believes it's the chemo talking that's causing her to be depressed and want to die. She keeps reminding him that he's only told her that it's highly unlikely she will live. He tells her it's possible they could still find a donor although he has no specific prospect in mind for that. She then demands to know how long she has to live and he replies 3 months.

At Kelly's, after Julian has announced to Kiki that he is willing to help her get custody of baby Avery and take her from Michael, he wonders why she is not more encouraged to hear that her uncle is willing to do what she's previously asked. She replies that she and Morgan might have come up with “another way”.

Morgan goes to the Quartermaine house and Michael coldly demands how he got in there. Morgan replies The Dominator was very understanding when he told her he wanted to visit his baby sister, Avery. Michael clarifies she is now called AJ and he tells Morgan this will be his last visit. He will no longer be seeing “AJ”. Nor will Kiki. Nor will Sonny. Morgan asks Michael what his problem is with why he keeps behaving this way. Michael asks Morgan what he would do if the positions were reversed and it was AJ who murdered Sonny yet spends less then 3 months in prison. What would Morgan do if his father was killed and the person who killed him got away with it. Would Morgan just “got over it”? Morgan tells Michael he cannot use the baby to settle the score over the fact that the judge granted Sonny the pardon. Michael continues to protest to Morgan if he loves her as he says he does, he'd want her safe also. Morgan continues to tell his brother he wants her with their dad, where she belongs. Michael tells Morgan it's so typical to give Sonny Corinthos what he wants including a baby's life. He further tells Morgan the very reason why he won't see her again is because of this inability he has to see things for what they really are and he asks Morgan if he understands. Morgan replies he understands perfectly. They get into physical combat.

Valerie, Patricia's daughter tells Lulu and Tracy she does not mean to be rude but she can't help them, has no answers for them and is right in the middle of something. Tracy however, tells her she has to have 5 minutes to discuss with her family what they need to find out. Luke stands behind Valerie's door but manages to hide when Lulu and Tracy walk in the door.

Jake notices the unfamiliar woman at Elizabeth's door and asks her if she is his wife. She tells him it's her. She's Hayden. She's read all about the accident and how he had to have reconstructive surgery. It's amazing that he does not look anything like he did. However, she notices it's “really him”. She hugs him and seems to rejoice although he has no memory or feelings about her. She then asks if she can come inside. Elizabeth looks at her suspiciously and asks her how it is that she'd know exactly where to find her “husband” (if he is in fact her husband), reminding the strange woman that this is her house.

Nathan protests to Maxie that Spinelli challenged him to the “duel” which she finds very hard to believe and very uncharacteristic of Spinelli to remotely suggest such a thing. He'd never do anything so stupid. He's a genius. And he'd never initiate that. Nathan tells her she may ask Spinelli herself. She attempts to do so but he appears to be “disoriented” (or so he wants her to believe). She then asks Sonny if what Nathan alleges is true. He confirms that it was in fact Spinelli's idea.

Michael and Morgan engage in physical combat ready to hurt each other until Ned pulls them apart. Michael declares that he's calling the cops. Morgan asks if he intends to tell them that his brother is visiting his sister, and wishes him luck and to tell him how that goes, as Morgan goes up the stairs to see the baby.

At Kelly's, Julian asks Kiki just what type of “plan” she and Morgan cooked up for getting Michael to lose custody of baby Avery, to which she tells her uncle that honestly the less he knows the better. He asks her if it's illegal. She does not answer, revealing that it probably is. He then asks her, in that case, if she's really certain she could not use his help. He grins and tells his niece that whatever she's planning, he bets her mother would be proud.

Ava assesses what Silas told her that it will be 3 months. He tells her he does not believe that's a reason to take her own life. They could very possibly find a donor in that time. Again, she asks where and tells him that's not going to happen. They both know it. What's the point of spending 90 more days in misery and then she dies. Does not matter if she dies in 12 weeks or now. She's never going to see her daughters again, hear their laughter or smell their deliciously perfect skin. And she's gone as far as they are concerned. Silas still tells her he believes she has no reason to give up. She demands to Silas that she wants to die although he angrily tells her he will not hear that. She tells him she just wants to fall asleep and not have to endure any more suffering. She asks how he could want her to go through that.

When Tracy and Lulu force their way into Valerie's apartment. Luke hides in the closet and listens intently to Tracy asking Valerie if she's certain that her mother never said anything about Luke. They both inform Valerie that Luke has had some terrible unexplained mental illness that caused him to do terrible things. He almost blew up a boat full of people. They both tell her about how they know the real Luke is not capable of doing these things. They can only conclude that something during Luke's childhood cause him to have some sort of break. And they her to tell her anything she might have heard her mother say about growing up with Luke. Anything at all.

Ava tells Silas that she does not want to spend the next 3 months of her life sick and not in control of her mental faculties. She wants to die holding onto the feeling she had when she got to hold her little one. He asks her how that can happen. She tells him he can just put her to sleep. He reminds her first of all, what she's asking him to do is illegal. She reminds him he doesn't seem to have any problem harboring a murderer. He tells her that if he kills her, he could never look their daughter in the eye again. She tells him that if she gets to die with dignity and peace, Kiki would want to know that he gave that to her mom. Although Silas tells her she does not know that, Ava says she does and reminds him that assisted suicide is legal in some states and the could just pretend they are in one of those states. Silas tells her that he took an oath to respect life and what she is asking him to do goes against everything he believes in. He tells her he knows of so many patients who would kill to have just one more day no matter how they are suffering. She tells him if she had one more breath, there'd be no one there to hear or feel it. He protests that he would be there. She tells him she does not want to die but she does not want to spend her last days cursing everything and hating him and everyone so she urges him to please let her die on her own terms. He tells her he can't do that. She tells him in that case, she will find someone who will do it for her or better yet, she will do it herself.

At Kelly's when Julian remarks that he admires Kiki for thinking “outside of the box” just like her mother, he tells her if for some reason her plan does not work out, he'd like her to call upon him and she promises he will be her first call if that happens. Julian leaves and Morgan enters. His face is bruised and bloody and he tells Kiki he just had an encounter with Michael that he's very confident will get them what they need in taking Avery from him and proving he's unfit to raise her.

At the Quartermaine house, Ned tells Michael he is very proud of him for taking the baby away from Sonny's and Julian's families and believes his grandfather would be very proud. Michael then acknowledges that he knows that Ned and Olivia are having a baby “the old fashioned way”, to which he notices Ned seems kind of “off” in confirming that.

Olivia runs into Julian outside of Kelly's, reminds him there's a “baby on board” but when she notices him and the “secret”, she is in awe not knowing what to say or do.

Maxie urges Spinelli to please tell her he did not ask Nathan to get into the ring with him and fight. He had to know how this would end. Sonny then interjects to her that if she wants the honest truth, Spinelli was really holding his own in there and it was really amazing. Spinelli admits he thought he could win. She tells him even so, he wanted to have a “duel” to see who “gets her”. Spinelli admits he did not know what else to do when Nathan demanded Spinelli leaves town. Hearing that for the first time, Maxie is shocked and asks Nathan if that is true. He confirms it and tells her he believes he's justified.

The woman who says she's Jake's wife, says they lived in Beecher's Corners and she heard the news. She confirms they have no kids. He has no siblings and his parents were dead. So she was the only person in his life. When she heard and read about the car accident and the tragic brain injury, she had to find out and did in fact confirm that he is her husband. He asks her if his name really is Jake Doe. She tells his name is Jacob Barnes and she confirms he is her husband. Jake then recalls that when he first awoken, as soon as he heard the name Jake, it rung a bell for him. Elizabeth however, declares that something clearly does not add up here. She recalls that all the while he was in the hospital, they searched all police records and ran a missing person's report from one side of the country to the other. And nobody matched his description anywhere. Certainly not anywhere as close as Beecher's Corners. She demands to know where his “wife” has been all this while. This man is her husband yet she never reported him missing as if she was never even looking for Jake.

Silas asks Ava how she plans to do her own suicide. She tells him she can think of many ways. They may not be appealing. But she'll find a way. She tells him she can go out in a kinder and gentler way with a martini, the right type of cocktails and drugs if he would just help her. She envisions having him there with his arms around her and recalls their rare and brief intimate moments together when he was able to sneak away and sleep over. He can give her that again. She cries and tells him he can make “this” tolerable. She urges him to please say he will.

At Kelly's, while Morgan puts ice on his facial wounds, he confidently tells Kiki he had a chance to make things happened when he found Michael's allergy pills in the medicine cabinet and switched them with something more potent. He's confident that it's a “done deal” when Michael has assaulted him and will soon be taking his allergy pills that he needs. Those on top of the alcohol will motivate child services to overrule the judges decision in no time.

When Michael talks to Ned about his and Olivia's “new Quartermaine heir”, Ned hesitates, admitting he'd never thought of it since he and Liv aren't “really together” and did not plan the pregnancy. Michael however, wants to confirm that Ned is in fact the father, to which Ned hesitates to answer.

When Olivia feels her belly and her growing baby, Julian asks if he can feel it.

At the gym, Maxie firmly tells Nathan that he had no right to demand Spinelli pack up and take their daughter back to the west coast. He protests he had every right with all of the things Spinelli has been pulling since he's been in Port Charles. He's pretended to be Nathan's friend while making moves on her behind Nathan's back. Nathan protests at least he, himself, was upfront in telling Spinelli he wanted him out of the way and wants him out of “their” way. Maxie reminds Nathan he did not even discuss it with her and asks what about Georgie. He reminds her that he has been patient for a long time. He's backed off and let her be with her child and the father of her child. He told her he loved her. When she told him she loved him too, he was the happiest man in the world until she admitted that she loved Spinelli also. Spinelli instantly reveals he's completely lucid as soon as he hears that for the first time. Spinelli asks her if that is true. She looks at both of the men in her life and does not know how to answer that or what to do.

Olivia appears “flustered” when Julian asks to feel her belly, revealing that she's keeping a secret from him. He asks her if she really knows there's no chance that this kid could be his.

Ned confirms to Michael of course he's the father of this baby. And he could not be more thrilled. It will give “little AJ” a new friend to play with. Michael then informs Ned that Skye got weaseled out of her ELQ shares, too, but not by Jerry but by Luke.

At Valerie's apartment, while “Luke” hides, Tracy protests that her mother must have said something about her brother Luke. Did she ever hint at anything that happened during Luke's or her childhood. Lulu tells Valerie that even the tiniest detail could be a huge help. Valerie tells them her mother never brought up anything about her childhood. Whenever she brought up the subject, her mother refused to tell her anything except that she was an only child, may have been an orphan without parents. She said nothing even about the town she grew up in. Upstate NY was all she got. Tracy asks her if she's absolutely positive. Valerie replies yes. She tells them she would help them if she could. Lulu then tells her she appreciates her time. Luke listens from inside the closet.

Ned assesses to Michael that Luke, Jerry Jacks and Helena have been working together for some time now. And now Michael is telling him that this “unholier trio” owns over 1/3 of ELQ? Michael tells him he suspects that. He finds himself having allergy symptoms, sneezes, gets watery eyes and knows he needs to take his drugs.

While at Kelly's, Morgan is confident that Michael will clearly appear too wasted and irresponsible for anyone to believe he knows how to take care of Avery. She admits, however, that she's worried. What if something happens? What if Michael runs his car into a tree and endangers their little sister?

Jake's “wife” explains to Elizabeth that the truth is, she and Jake have had issues recently and attempted to get their marriage back on track by going on a camping trip, last fall. She identifies the very place where he was found. She admits they had a falling out. He ran off. She reported him missing but the police did not take it seriously and thought he just walked out. It took her a while to realize she needed to get her husband back. So now, she's been able to find him again. She does not want them to lose their chance to be together again when she thought she'd lost him. Elizabeth tells her that she and Jake both need proof that what she says is true.

Nathan protests to Maxie that he did not mean to hurt anyone by wanting Spinelli gone. He just wanted to have the girl he loves. However, he knows they are not right for each other. She does not trust him and he's afraid that the feelings she has for him are not real. They will never compare to the history she has had with Spinelli. He realizes that he and Maxie barely know each other. So, he declares, he's taking himself out of the race and she is free, to be with the man she really loves.

Valerie gets ready to show Lulu and Tracy out. Lulu tells her she hopes they can, at the very least stay in touch. Even if Valerie's mom died, she has a family in Port Charles. Valerie sounds like she might consider that. Luke is ready to come out of the closet seeing that they are leaving. Tracy then hears a sound and demands to know what that is.

Julian reminds Olivia that it appears her baby was conceived right about New Years Eve when they had their one encounter together, and he tells her he cannot help thinking that is his baby in there. Before she can respond, Ned finds her, puts his arm around her and they talk to Julian about how happy they are to start a family together.

Silas tells Ava he can't do this. He cares about her too much. He can't kill her. She tells him he can. Kiki has been able to make peace with her being gone so he has to do the same. And she urges him to let her go.

Morgan assures Kiki that the pills he gave Michael won't cause any long term damage. They will just work long enough to get baby Avery away from him. He assures her that “operation unfit guardian” is probably happening right now as they speak.

Michael opens his prescription bottle and takes his pills with water.

Maxie tells Nathan he has to stop. He can't make this decision for both of them. He tells her he has to. It's clear that Spinelli can do no wrong in her life. Sonny confirmed what she did not trust him to confirm. He does not want to stand in the way of her and the man she really loves.

Jake's “wife” informs Jake and Elizabeth that she is currently staying at the Metro Court until she gets things all sorted out. She promises to be in touch and tells him how good it is to see him. She goes out the door. As soon as she's out the door, she gets on the phone to confirm to some she's “right outside of Elizabeth's”, confirming “it's done” and “they bought it”.

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