GH Update Friday 3/20/15

General Hospital Update Friday 3/20/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

In her hospital room, Ava sits and watches television and appears weak and pail as he has her on chemo. She asks if the chemo is doing what it is supposed to do and he hesitates to answer.

At Shadybrook, Franco is with Nina while they talk about the terms and conditions of how they can both get out of this institution. He reminds her that if he drops the crazy act, he will go to prison. Whereas if she does the same thing, she can go free. They still wonder how or who might enable them to bust out of there. Right then, Alexis and Scott Baldwin enter the room.

Elizabeth and Jake are kissing and happily together.

At Sonny's gym, Spinelli challenges Nathan to a boxing match. He realizes however, he needs Sonny to first of all show him the ropes. Sonny seems encouraged that Spinelli is “learning” when he has him hit the punching bag and shows him some moves. However when Spinelli asks him if he believes he has what it takes to “win the fight” with Detective West, Sonny hesitates to answer.

Tracy and Lulu are awaiting finding out what they need to find out about Luke from his sister, Patricia, while Dante is talking to Nathan at Kelly's about the same thing.

Silas replies to Ava that it's still too soon to tell whether the chemo will work or not. However, she reminds him that he is not talking to just another patient and he needs to give her an honest answer. She tells him she knows he's run some labs which will tell him she's either getting better or worse and she needs to know which it is.

When Franco sees Scott Baldwin, he answers his dad's question of if he knows him, by identifying Scott as “Mr. Moncheechi” and believes that Alexis is “Mrs. Moncheechi”. Nina clarifies that she knows who they both are. Alexis takes her aside while Scott takes Franco aside to talk about both of their respective futures.

Tracy and Lulu go to find Luke's sister Patricia although they have uncertainty about the outcome. Tracy concludes they better hope that Patricia has the answers they need because nobody else can tell them what they need to know about what happened to Luke that caused him to become what he has now become.

At Kelly's, Dante talks to Nathan about the investigation of what Luke has done in Switzerland. He remembers Luke doing the Dr. Von Schemerman act while there and discusses it with his partner. However, he can see that Nathan is burying himself in work because he has something on his mind that he is not dealing with.

At the gym, Sonny attempts to convince Spinelli that beating Nathan in physical combat may not prove or accomplish anything needed. Yet Spinelli expresses that he believes otherwise. Sonny wants to coach and work with him but they both know how realistic it is that he can physically “out do” Nathan.

Jake tells Elizabeth from the first time he saw her pretty face, he knew he felt a connection. And whatever was going on between her and Ric and all the craziness, she's all he's been thinking about for months. She admits she's felt the same way. He tells her he knows she's just getting out of a relationship and he does not want to come across like a vulcher. She assures him he is not. He tells her he is not certain of many things but he is certain that he wants her. He tells her he realizes it may be too soon for her and if she needs him to back off, he will do so. She tells him she's not just some heartbroken girl on the rebound. The reason they are together is because of the connection they feel. She also tells him she believes they have waited long enough and she wants to be with him too.

Alexis informs Nina that her hearing is tomorrow and reminds her the reason he was postponed in the first place is because of the “issue” she had right outside the courtroom when she saw Ava's baby. Hearing that, Nina tells her there was no “issue” when she saw her daughter, Jamie. Nina wants to elude and evade what Alexis is telling her about how unless Nina realizes that the baby conceived by Sonny and Ava is not hers' with Silas, then the judge will not authorize her release from Shadybrook.

Scott tells Franco if he keeps “this” up, he could be remanded to stay in Shadybrook for the rest of his life.

Ava continues to probe Silas to tell her if he's getting better or worse. He finally replies to her that she is getting worse.

While waiting for Nathan at the gym, Sonny boxes with Spinelli to see how he responds to punches, while he reminds him he has to know that Nathan is a big guy and can take him out. Right when Sonny seems encouraged that Spinelli is getting more confident, he is able to knock him down without even trying. He then asks him if he's ok and it appears Spinelli is disoriented.

Nathan is discussing the same thing with Dante about how Spinelli wants to challenge him to the boxing match. Dante obviously knows that Nathan could easily “win” and maybe he needs to remind Spinelli that he has to back off and leave town. Nathan makes it clear to Dante that he does not want to physically hurt Spinelli but wants to warn him that he is serious when he tells Spinelli he needs to go. They both agree that Maxie should never know about his and Spinelli's “idea”.

Tracy and Lulu are traveling to Switzerland to find out what they might need to know about Luke and they knock on the door of the place where they've heard, from spinelli that they would find Patricia Spencer. Right then, a young woman comes to the door and asks if she can help them with anything.

Elizabeth tells Jake it's obvious that they both want to be together. She tells him she does not want to scare him off but she has something planned. She lights candles and they have dinner.

Scott demands to know if Franco understands what he is saying. He is not getting out of this place. Alexis tells Nina that the judge will review her log and if she has not made any progress she will not be getting out of there. Nina then asks her what if this is all an act. Franco brings up the same thing to Scott.

Ava is horrified to find out that she is getting worse and demands that Silas takes her IV out of her arm since it's not working. He argues but does what she asks. She asks him how much worse. He tells her there are factors they need to take into consideration. He tells her that the cancer is growing but that does not mean they stop fighting.

The woman who answers the door when Lulu and Tracy go to find Patricia tells them she is Patricia's daughter.

Maxie goes to Kelly's with baby Georgie and finds Dante. She knows that Lulu and Tracy are out looking for Luke and she asks Dante if he's seen or heard from Nathan and Dante hesitates to tell her where Nathan is.

Nathan then goes to the gym and tells Spinelli he is ready for their fight unless Spinelli wants to call it all off. Spinelli sounds encouraged and not afraid and asks Nathan if he is ready. Nathan takes off his shirt to reveal his muscular chest and abs. Spinelli does not want to be intimidated but reality is what it is.

Patricia's daughter asks Tracy and Lulu why they are interested in her mother. Lulu informs her that her mother's brother, Luke Spencer is Lulu's father, which makes them cousins.

At Kelly's, Georgie talks to Dante and tells him she does not know how much Nathan might be telling him about his conflict with Spinelli. Dante admits to her that his partner is having a dilemma. She comments that “this will all be settled soon”. Hearing that, Dante assumes that Maxie knows about “the fight”, yet she asks “what fight”.

Meanwhile, Nathan and Spinelli are ready to fight their fight in the boxing ring.

Elizabeth admits to Jake how important he is.

Nina asks Alexis to confirm to her that their conversations are protected by attorney/client privilege and when when Alexis assures her that is true, Nina reveals that she faked her “lapse with reality” so she could stay in Shadybrook. Alexis asks her why on earth she'd want to do that. Nina replies Franco. Alexis asks her if Franco “made her do it”. Nina tells Alexis no. It was her own idea. He is the best friend she's ever had and she does not want to be taken away from him.

Franco reveals the same to his dad. He tells him that although Heather injected him with a lethal dose of LSD, he knows what is going on and has faked his mental delusion because the alternative to having everyone believing he's in the state if mind is being away from Nina or going to prison.

Silas admits to Ava if she continues to take the chemo, it will make her throw up and feel weak, pail and in bad health and spirits. Yet it's unlikely to kill her cancer. She cries and asks why on earth she should keep doing this. He tells her it could save her life. In time, she will rebuild her strength and he wants her to be ready for the “next round” of chemo

Jake asks Elizabeth how he's doing with this “first date”. She replies she's sure he's had others. He tells her he's wanted to ask her questions to attempt to get to know her like her family and her history. She reminds him she told him when he first moved in. He tells her he wishes she could ask him questions and have him give her the answer. She tells him if he is having second thoughts of moving forward when hes not certain of who he is, she will understand.

Maxie admits to Dante that she realizes she has to make a decision between the two men in her life and she's made a decision. He asks her whom she chose. She tells him she loves him but is not going to tell him before she tells them. She asks about the “fight” he's inadvertently revealed to her that Spinelli has challenged Nathan to. When she finds out what the fight is about, she cannot imagine Nathan agreeing to such a thing, knowing that he is a nice guy who does not intend to physically hurt anyone yet is presently not happy with Spinelli and might be ready to “change his tune”. He protests to her that Nathan did not want to go through with this but Spinelli insisted. She then tells Dante she has to get to the gym before Spinelli gets killed.

Right then, we see the two guys in the ring with Nathan throwing punches which Spinelli keeps dodging until Nathan gets tired. Sonny and the referee are spotting them both. It seems Nathan is breaking more of a sweat than Spinelli who is very confident.

Ava tells Silas she needs him to be completely honest. Does he think she stands a chance of getting better? He tells her there is always a chance but statistically the odds are not in his favor.

Alexis tells Nina she has no intention of helping Franco or encouraging Nina to do so. Nina needs to not throw her life away over this criminal, Alexis tells her and asks her if she really believes otherwise. Scott tells his son his advice is that he stays in Shadybrook because it's a lot better than being in prison.

When Patricia's daughter sees Lulu and Tracy, she reveals she knows nothing about Luke's family. Lulu informs her that her mom and Luke have another sister, Bobbie and kids, nieces and nephews and family members. However, she informs them that her mother is dead.

Realizing that both of their respective hearings are coming up the next day, Franco and Nina both want to be together. Yet she would rather stay in Shadybrook with him than exercise her right to get out and get on with her life. He urges her not to throw away her life because of him but she is adamant that she has been abandoned by every person she's ever known in her life except for him and she's not going anywhere without him.

In the boxing ring, Sonny urges Spinelli to keep fighting. For the first time, Nathan punches Spinelli and he falls to the floor. Right then, Maxie walks in to see and is shocked at what she sees.

When Tracy and Lulu find out that Patricia has died, they urge her daughter to let them come inside. Right then, we see Luke (although we don't know which one) hiding behind the door and overhearing them unseen.

Ava tells Silas she knows if he is admitting this much, it's a lot worse than what he is letting on. He tells her there are still more options involving chemo, radiation and possibly finding a donor. Yet she does not want to hear or experience any of that. He protests he is trying to help her. She tells him if he wants to help her, the best way to do that is to kill her.

Jake tells Elizabeth he believes if he was going to remember anything, he would have by now. So he is no longer interested in regaining his memory about anything. She asks him if he does not want to know. He replies that apparently whoever or whatever was in his life before, it was not worth filing a missing person report and he's clearly not someone anyone wants to find. Clearly the life he had before was not great. So why would he waste his time looking back at a blank wall? Maybe it's time to find answers about his future with her, he tells her. And they go upstairs together. Right then, they hear the doorbell ring. They both want to get rid of whoever it is. Elizabeth goes to answer the door. A woman is at the door and asks Elizabeth if she knows of a man known as “Jake Doe”. Elizabeth asks who wants to know. The woman replies she is his wife.

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