GH Update Thursday 3/19/15

General Hospital Update Thursday 3/19/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Kiki and Morgan were back at Kelly's discussing their plan to make Michael look like an unfit parent so he'd lose Avery. Kiki wondered how they'd pull off their scheme to make Michael look like an alcoholic. Morgan wanted to convince Rosalie to get Michael drunk. Kiki hated Rosalie for sleeping with Michael while Michael was still with Kiki. Morgan thought that Michael might be willing to get drunk with Rosalie again, since Michael had done that before. Morgan thought they could pay Rosalie to help them. Kiki didn't think Rosalie needed the money, now that she worked at ELQ. Just then, Sabrina walked in pushing Avery in a stroller. Kiki went over and confronted Sabrina and accused her of trying to kill Avery. Sabrina insisted that she wasn't trying to hurt AJ when she tried to cause Ava to go into premature labor. Kiki was angry that Sabrina called the baby AJ, but Sabrina was determined to call the baby what her guardian wanted her to be called. Sabrina was adamant that she'd never hurt the baby. Kiki argued that Sabrina was a psycho who shouldn't be around the baby. Sabrina decided to leave, but Kiki grabbed the stroller and refused to let Sabrina take Avery with her. Morgan stepped in and advised Kiki not to give Michael ammunition to use against them. Kiki backed off. Sabrina thanked Morgan, and she and Avery left.

Kiki ranted about Sabrina, and Morgan asked her to focus on figuring out how to make Michael look like an alcoholic. Kiki couldn't think about that; she could only think about Sabrina switching out Ava's prescription for pills to make her go into labor. Morgan suggested that they do to Michael what Sabrina did to Ava. He thought they should switch Michael's pills out with something that reacted badly to alcohol, so the next time Michael drank, he'd look unfit and lose custody of the baby. “So basically, you want to drug your brother,” Kiki noted. Morgan conceded that it sounded bad, but he thought it was the best option they had. Kiki had reservations about doing something so drastic. Kiki added that Michael wasn't a pill popper. Morgan assured her that they'd figure something out.

Rosalie was in her office at ELQ, working as Michael's receptionist. She was still spying on the company for the Cassadines. She secretly left Nikolas a voicemail asking what he wanted her to do. Michael arrived and asked who she was talking to. Rosalie lied and said she was talking to I.T getting Michael's phones upgraded. Michael was impressed. Michael had heard that Rosalie worked very late last night, and he asked her what she was working on. Rosalie remembered being on the phone with Nikolas and feeding him information about ELQ's latest projects. Back in the present, she stalled trying to come up with an answer to Michael's questions. Rosalie was saved when Tracy arrived and took Michael to his office for a private chat. Rosalie had Michael's office bugged, and she listened in. Rosalie was worried when she overheard Tracy say that someone was trying to take over ELQ.

Tracy had called Skye to ask if she'd heard from Luke. Skye hadn't, but she mentioned that she gave Luke her shares of ELQ. Since Luke was in league with Helena and Jerry, Tracy was concerned that Luke had combined Skye's shares with the ones Jerry had, giving the Cassadines 32% of the company. Rosalie was alarmed and she called Nik and filled him in. Nik wasn't concerned since there was no way to trace the shares back to him. Nik was glad Rosalie was keeping him up to speed. Rosalie pointed out that Helena blackmailed her into it. Nik noted that this meant Rosalie had as much to lose as Nik did. He told her to keep him posted. “You got it, Boss” Rosalie replied, just as Sabrina and Avery arrived outside Michael's door.

Michael thanked Tracy for coming to him. Tracy reminded him that they were Quartermaines – they would stab each other in the back, but it wasn't tolerated from outsiders. Rosalie left her office and blocked Sabrina's from going into Michael's office. Rosalie made it clear that Sabrina that she couldn't go in while he had a visitor. Just then, Tracy left, and Sabrina went inside. The camera zoomed in on a bottle of aspirin on Michael's desk. Michael got up and reached into the stroller to play with AJ. Sabrina noticed the aspirin and asked if Michael was okay. Michael explained that he had a headache. He admitted Sabrina had been right – he shouldn't have had that second drink last night. Sabrina told Michael that Rosalie had been rude to her. Michael decided to talk to Rosalie about it, then he suggested Rosalie might have been overprotective of her boss. Sabrina added that she'd heard Rosalie call someone else “boss” while she was on the phone. Rosalie eavesdropped on Sabrina and Michael.

Jake showed up at Elizabeth's just as she was about to go somewhere. They went back inside, and Jake sensed that Liz was upset. Liz confessed that Cameron put Spencer in the hospital. Jake was empathetic to Cam, because Jake knew what it was like to cause damage without meaning to. Liz admitted that Cam started another fire, at home, years ago, when he'd been playing with matches. Near tears, she explained that her baby Jake had been trapped inside and that they all could have died. Liz blamed herself, but Jake told her that you couldn't watch kids 24/7. Liz still felt like she had a bad track record. Jake assured her that it wasn't her fault that little Jake ran into traffic, either. Jake felt that Liz was a wonderful mother. Liz was grateful for the pep talk. She wondered why Jake came by. Jake was reluctant to get into it since Liz had a lot on her plate, but Liz insisted. Jake explained that he'd heard Liz broke up with Ric. He asked if she was okay. Liz was sad, but she felt that it was for the best. Liz admitted that part of the reason she broke up with Ric was because she had feelings for Jake. Jake asked if this meant there was a chance for Jake and Liz. Liz hoped so. Jake and Liz stood a few inches apart, and as Jake rubbed her hand, he admitted that this felt familiar. Liz thought so too. Jake reminded her that they'd been in this position on Christmas Eve. They kissed.

Lulu arrived at Maxie's at Maxie's request. Maxie and Lulu talked about the Luke saga. Dante was leading the search for Luke, while Tracy was trying to track down Pat Spencer. Maxie was tense, due to her relationship issues. Maxie confided that she and Nathan had said I love you to each other. Lulu was thrilled, and she didn't understand what the problem was. Maxie admitted that it was Spinelli. Maxie explained that although Mac had been an amazing father, she always missed her real dad, Frisco. Lulu was sure that Spinelli would always be there for Georgie, unlike Frisco. Maxie wondered if it would be best for Georgie to be raised in a home with both her parents. Lulu didn't think Maxie should be with someone she didn't love. “I do love Spinelli” Maxie admitted. Maxie revealed that she told Nathan about her feelings for Spinelli. Lulu was horrified; she felt that Maxie should have lied. Lulu was curious about Nathan's reaction. Maxie explained that Nathan wasn't angry, but he was upset. Maxie hoped Nathan didn't run into Spinelli. Maxie wanted Lulu to come up with a plan to deal with this. Lulu advised Maxie to look into her heart and figure out who she wanted to be with. Maxie felt that her heart was flighty, like her and bad at making decisions. Maxie thought that her heart was better at making decisions when it was BJ's but it had been in Maxie's body for so long that it was confused. Lulu assured Maxie that her heart was bold, confident and wise, just like Maxie. Lulu was confident that Maxie would figure things out. They hugged, and Maxie thanked Lulu. Lulu opened the door to leave, just as Tracy arrived. Tracy explained that she'd heard back from the postmaster general, and he gave her Pat's address.

Nikolas, Sam, Patrick and Emma took an outraged Spencer back to his room. Spencer had just overheard that Cam started the fire. Nik wondered why Spencer was even out of bed. An apologetic Patrick explained that he and Emma decided to take Spencer to the play room for a change of scenery. Nik told Spencer that they didn't know exactly what happened. Spencer grumbled that he was disfigured, for life, thanks to Cam. Nik firmly told him not to talk like that. Nik clarified that Liz said Cam thought he might have accidentally knocked over a candle. Spencer maintained that Cam started the fire on purpose to get Spencer out of the way. Emma was adamant that Cam would never do something like that, but Spencer moaned that Cam was unwilling to let Spencer and Emma be happy. Nik stepped into the hall to take Rosalie's call. Later, Nik returned, and Spencer demanded that Cam be arrested. Nik said no. Spencer wailed that Nik was taking Cam's side. Nik contended that there were no sides and that the fire was an accident. Sam and Patrick urged Spencer to accept what Nik was saying and stop worrying about Cam. Spencer snapped that he wanted that “pyromaniac townie” locked up.

Spinelli, Sonny, and Nathan were at Volonino's Gym. Nathan ordered Spinelli to pack up and leave town. Spinelli argued that Nathan had no right to tell him to leave. Sonny made it clear that he appreciated that Nathan had Dante's back, but Sonny took Spinelli's side. Nathan felt he was within his rights to want Spinelli to go. Nathan explained that Spinelli had interfered in Nathan's relationship with Maxie and confused her. Spinelli noted that Maxie was the mother of his child. Nathan understood that, but he argued that it didn't mean Maxie had to be with Spinelli. Nathan thought that Maxie wanted to be with Nathan, too. Nathan was adamant that, if Spinelli really cared, Spinelli would leave and let Maxie move on. Spinelli challenged Nathan to a boxing match – the loser would let Maxie go and leave town. Nathan was stunned. Sonny thought Spinelli should challenge Nathan to something to a game of trivia or solving puzzles. Spinelli countered that a good boxer needed to be intelligent. Nathan did not want to do fight Spinelli. He argued that Maxie wasn't a prize to be fought over – she was capable of making her own decisions. “Is that why you ordered Spinelli out of town?” Sonny interjected. Nathan added that it wouldn't be a fair fight. “I'm not saying this to put you down,” Nathan clarified. “Look at you and look at me,” Nathan added. Spinelli attempted to goad Nathan into accepting the challenge. Nathan was concerned that Spinelli would get hurt. Spinelli would not let up. He leapt into the ring and made a speech about underdogs winning. “Fine, have it your way, but don't say I didn't warn you,” the exasperated Nathan said. Nathan had to go to the station, but he promised to come back to the gym in an hour. Nathan and Sonny shared a perplexed look, then Nathan left. A now nervous Spinelli walked over to the punching bag and stared at it in confusion. “Can you teach me to box in, say, the next fifty-nine minutes?” Spinelli asked Sonny.

Anna went to the Metro Court and told Olivia she had some questions about a frequent customer. Olivia assumed Anna was referring to Julian, but Anna actually meant Duke. First, Anna made sure that Olivia knew Duke was running the Corinthos organization. Olivia looked uncomfortable with the topic, but she admitted that she did know that. Anna noted that Sonny was trying to look legitimate so that he could get Avery back. Anna was angry that Duke was helping Sonny mislead the court into thinking he was a stable father. Anna pointed out that most of Sonny's children had been hurt by his lifestyle. Anna supported Olivia's decision not to tell Sonny that he was Dante's father. Anna was also in favor of Michael raising Avery. Olivia asked if Anna was really okay with telling lies to keep a baby from its mobster father. Anna felt that any parent should do whatever was necessary to protect their child. Anna explained that Robin was six when she found out Anna was her mother and not a family friend. Anna's job was dangerous and she gave Robin up to protect her. Anna thought that if Sonny really loved Avery, he'd gladly give her to Michael. Olivia admitted that part of her would always love Sonny, but she didn't think that men like Sonny ever realized they were harming their children. “They just feel this need to hang on to whatever's theirs,” Olivia added. Anna thought Olivia must be relieved that her new baby would have a father like Ned. Olivia made it clear that she was very grateful Ned was the father.

Anna asked if Duke always came in twice a week and if he always asked for the tea box. Olivia confirmed that he did, and she wondered why Anna cared. Anna thought Duke was using the tea box as a cash drop. Olivia was annoyed that Duke was using her restaurant as a place to collect mob money. She vowed to ban him from the building. Anna pointed out that banning Duke would make it harder to build a case against him. Olivia wondered if Anna was ready to send the man Anna loved to prison. Olivia knew she could never do that to Sonny. Anna's eyes filled with tears because she'd loved Duke for over half her life, even when she thought he was dead. Anna didn't look forward to telling Emma she arrested the man Emma saw as a second grandfather, but Anna thought it was important to model doing the right thing to Emma.

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