GH Update Wednesday 3/18/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/18/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Spinelli is in Maxie's apartment in no hurry to return home. Maxie notices he's still there and seems very confident that he is welcome there. She attempts to push him out the door when Nathan arrives. Maxie finds herself in a dilemma between the two guys.

At the Metro Court, Carly is happy to see Jake coming to visit her. He tells her he wanted to apologize yesterday and hopes he did not cause any problems between her and Sonny.

Sonny is at the gym, furiously pounding a punching bag to take out his aggression and frustration while he remembers Carly affirming that Jake is staying in her home, Jake informing him that he is working for Julian and Carly's being perfectly ok with that.

Molly goes to Kelly's and sees her dad clearly not ok about something. Ric tells his daughter he's fine and just a bit preoccupied with her uncle Sonny's trial and wanting to appeal the custody decision. She knows there is something of a more personal nature on her dad's mind, however, and ask if he's seen or heard from Elizabeth. He informs her that he and Elizabeth broke up.

Elizabeth is at home when her son expresses he is very disappointed to find out his mom has broken up with Ric.

Nikolas is at Shriners with his recovering son, hoping to get Spencer in good spirits when he shows him balloons, festivities and well wishes. Spencer seems to have recovered physically but asks his dad why it would matter and why he should be happy or want to go out in public when he is hideous and permanently disfigured from the burn injuries. Nikolas tells his son he just flew in this morning and wants to welcome the beautiful Boston morning and let in some sunlight. Yet Spencer tells his dad he does not want to be seen. He tells him he just wants to be put away and hidden. He knows the doctors have tip-toed over admitting the truth to him that he could be forever scarred. He believes he's a monster and a side show and Emma will never love him again. When he returns, she will rush right back into the arms of that jerk, Cameron Spencer, Spencer says

Cameron urges his mom to get back with Ric and realize it was a mistake to break up with him. Yet she tells him that she and Ric have gone their separate ways and are better off apart.

Molly asks the same thing to Ric, telling her dad he can't give up on his future with Elizabeth. They were so good together. He tells her that there is someone else in Elizabeth's life.

Carly informs Jake that Sonny has stepped back from the business and now Julian appears to be ramping up his business. Yet she knows that Jake did not intend to take the job with Julian in order to hurt Sonny and had no choice.

When Sonny is at the gym with the punching bags, Spinelli comes to visit him. Sonny makes a comment about how Spinelli needs to learn how to “speak English” but is happy to see him, asking him how he's been and what has been happening in his life since they last spoke. Spinelli admits that he has Maxie on the brain. He invites Spinelli to put on some boxing gloves and join him to vent his frustrations if needed.

Nathan talks to Maxie about the prognosis after Georgie got taken to the hospital and wastes no time inquiring whether Spinelli was with her the whole while. She assures him that Spinelli stayed overnight on the couch. He asks her why he did not stay elsewhere as they'd previously planned. She tells him that after their daughter became sick, she didn't feel right demanding Spinelli leave her. He admits that he is just not comfortable with her letting Spinelli back into her life.

At the gym, Sonny informs Spinelli that he is upset. This new guy just came into town whom nobody knows anything about and who has no memory of himself or his life before a brain injury. Carly seems to really like and trust this guy even though she's never before met him and he's taken a job with one of Sonny's major enemies. Hearing that, Spinelli asks Sonny if he means the guy known as Jake Doe. He admits to Sonny that they met and he seriously mistook Jake for “Stone Cold”.

Carly talks to Jake at the Metro Court about Sonny's issue and the fact that she's convinced him that she and Jake are just friends. Yet Sonny does not approve of her being seen with anyone who works with his enemies. Jake then tells her that maybe they should give Sonny what he wants. He tells her that maybe they should put an end to their friendship.

Molly demands to know why Elizabeth would dump a wonderful awesome guy like her father for a nasty, horrible human being like Jake with all he's done. What is with all these women and their interest in low life men who aren't worth it? Elizabeth is out of her mind to be making this choice and is as bad as her mom is with Julian. Ric admits to his daughter that he will always be in love with Elizabeth. But she's made the choice she has made and he has to accept that.

At Shriner, Nikolas meets with a nurse and they remark that Spencer is very “dramatic” but they are not worried about his progress. He tells her how grateful he is to all of them and all they have done. She tells him that they are there to help children and she also remarks they would not be able to do what they do without generous donations which enable them to treat all patients regardless of their ability to pay. Sam enters with Patrick and Emma. Nikolas notices Spencer's “prospective” girlfriend, tells her he's happy to see her and glad she's there for his son and he knows that she is the one person who can help Spencer fell better and be encouraged with what has happened to him.

Cameron continues to persist with telling his mom that he can't accept her breaking up with Ric. One reason is he “needs a lawyer”. Hearing that, she asks him what he is talking about.

Molly tells her dad she's not going to let Elizabeth get him down. She needs to get him back on his horse and ride toward a better prospect. She knows he deserves a good woman and knows she's out there. He just has to find her.. While Elizabeth is wasting her time and bail money on Jake Doe, her father can't give up and miss out on finding the right person. Hearing that, Ric asks his daughter where she thinks he's going to find someone. In a bar? She tells him no. The way most people meet their true soul mate nowadays is online. So he needs to use the personal ad services.

Cameron tells his mom that he feels as though what happened to Spencer is his fault.

At Shriner, Nikolas tells his son that “someone” is there to see him. Not knowing who it is, Spencer hides under the bed sheets and demands they go away because he does not want any “caller”. When Emma enters with Patrick, his dad tells him he bets he will change his mind when he sees who the guest is. Emma runs in and smiles to see her friend and it appears he's changed his mind.

Outside, Nikolas talks to Sam who updates him on how things are going in Port Charles. She knows that her father and Sonny are back in their present opposing modes. And this guy, Jake has really warmed up to Carly and is causing a big conflict between not only the two guys but also with Carly now that he's accepted a job working for Julian

At Metro Court, Jake informs Carly that when he went to talk to Julian about the new job, he spoke to that guy Carlos who warned Julian not to trust him and thought that Julian should maybe consider that if Jake is Carly's friend, he might be spying upon Julian's guys for Sonny. One more reason why they cannot be friends, he tells her. Yet she does not accept that and doesn't want him to listen to Carlos whom he was not afraid to confront when he gave her a hard time not long ago.

Spinelli admits to Sonny that when he ran into Jake at the hospital, he saw him from behind yet noticed he appeared to look just like Jason. He bears a striking resemblance to Jason, he tells Sonny although they both know that Jake had very different physical features. Sonny admits to Spinelli that he, has many time thought he'd “seen” Jason and hoped their mutual friend would come back. He admits he'd give his right arm to find out that it was just a nightmare he had that Jason died.

Maxie tells Nathan she wonders what to do when he tells her he loves her. He tells her that they no longer need to worry about it not being the right time or place to bring that up, like it was when he attempted to say that to her at the hospital. He tells her that he really is deeply in love with her and needs her to tell him if she feels the same way about him.

At Shriner's. Patrick talks to Spencer encouraging him to know he will be ok and he looks fine. Spencer reminds Dr. Drake that he does brains and not faces so he may not know the reality that Spencer is permanently disfigured. Emma tells her friend that her dad is right. Yet Spencer tells them he will not be ok until he knows who “started that fire”.

Cameron admits to his mom that it's fault that Spencer got burned. Hearing that, she asks him if he is saying that he started the fire at Wyndermere. He admits he did not but he noticed the paper bags catching on fire with the candles when Spencer was busy with Emma yet he was distracted and said nothing and left with Josslyn without warning anyone about the fire. He's afraid he's going to go to prison and be charged with a crime.

Molly is encouraging her dad to use the mobile apps she has access to and tells him there are ways to have high class meetings with fine upstanding people.

Carly admits to Jake that she does not have many friends and values what they have. Mob war or no mob war, she tells him, they are staying friends. And the friendship is unconditional. He tells her that even if she wants to do that, he does not want to do anything to antagonize Sonny. She tells him that is ok with her and has some more encouraging news for him. He asks what she has found out. She tells him that Ric and Elizabeth have broken up, assuming that it will really make his day.

At Shriner's, Sam talks to Nikolas about the fact that Jake has no memory nor has anyone been notified about him. He could have a family or friends or anyone in his life who hasn't a clue where he is or what happened to him or if he's dead or alive. She can only imagine what they feel, remembering not knowing what happened to Jason and how that affected her. Nikolas remembers working up to tell Sam that he's found out that Jake is actually her deceased husband.

At the gym, Spinelli reminds Sonny that the last time he spoke to Jason, he was able to give him a heart-to heart pet talk about matters of the heart. Hearing that, Sonny asks Spinelli what is he. Chopped liver? He encourages Spinelli to confide in him, reminding him he does his “best work in here" (at the gym). Spinelli then tells Sonny that he wants to be able to win Maxie over yet has his reservations when he compares himself to Nathan West.

Maxie admits to Nathan of course she loves him. She always did after all he did for her and all they went through together. He was there for her while her sociopathic boyfriend was attempting to scam and ruin their lives. And then the big mess with Judge Walters. He was there for her throughout the whole thing. Of course she knows she loves him. However, she admits to Nathan, she also loves Spinelli.

Ric tells his Molly the truth is he is not interested in meeting other women. The only woman he wants is Elizabeth. Hearing that, she asks him what he'd say or do if she and TJ broke up and she told him she could never love again. He admits he'd want her not to believe that, go get over it, and to realize she's a teenager who should look to the future and not dwell on the past. Molly then tells her dad it's obvious he's not a teenager. He's not getting any younger and that's all the more reason why he cannot let his life go by without believing he can find the right person before it's too late.

Elizabeth asks Cameron why he believes the cops will charge him with arson if he did not start the fire. He tells her he and Emma broke up right before the fire started. He left with Josslyn, grabbed his back pack and inadvertently caused some paper items fell into the fire but did not look to see. He knows the news report investigated the fire and believed what caused it was something falling So he believes he needs a lawyer before the cops take him to prison and charge him with starting the fire. She then tells him that it may have been an accident and he did not know that his action of letting the items drop would cause the fire. She promises her son everything will be ok.

While Spencer is in his hospital bed, Emma urges him to spend the day with her. She has missed him and wanted to see him. He admit she really does not know if he wants to go out and about. Yet she is not going to let him give up. He then tells her and tells Patrick he knows the fire marshal believed the fire started when something fell into a candle and he wonders who caused that to happen.

Carly informs Jake that she recently noticed Ric drowning his sorrows after Elizabeth dumped him, admitting she did so because of Jake. So, Carly tells Jake, Florence Nightingale is all his. Jake seems to know that Carly never liked Elizabeth and may not really “want” him to move forward with her. She tells him although that may be true, she hates Ric and wants to see Jake take his woman from him.

Spinelli talks to Sonny about how he's felt threatened by Nathan's hot body, believes that he has to compete with him for Maxie and can't give up on her. Yet Sonny seems to believe otherwise and wonders why he's not still with Ellie.

Nathan concludes to Maxie that he can't be with her until she's made a decision. He can't let her have both himself and Spinelli. She has to make a choice. One or the other, he tells her as he walks out of her apartment.

Sonny tells Spinelli he needs to get back with Ellie. He has tried and failed too many times with Maxie. Ellie is the right person for him. He knows that Spinelli will always have a bond with the mother of his child, just like he has with Carly. Yet he needs to get a hint about the reality regarding Maxie and return to the person who's just like him. Nathan enters. Sonny leaves Spinelli alone to talk to him and tells him, if he needs him, he will be over there. Nathan enters and tells Spinelli he needs to pick up his things and fly back to Portland, OR.

Maxie is on the phone telling someone she's in big trouble and needs their help.

Elizabeth calls Nikolas while he's at Shriner's. She sends Cameron out the door and out of earshot while she attempts to tell Nikolas what she needs to tell him.

At Kelly's, Molly encourages Ric to know that he will find the right person in no time and departs noticing her dad is suddenly up-beat for the first time in a long time.

At Shriner's, when Nikolas gets off the phone with Elizabeth, Sam asks him what happened in their conversation. He admits Elizabeth expressed her “concerns” about Cameron. As soon as Spencer gets wheeled out and is in full earshot to overhear, Nikolas declares that Cameron told his mom he thought he started the fire at Wyndermere.

Elizabeth goes out the door and sees Jake.

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