GH Update Tuesday 3/17/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/17/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Jordan went to Anna's suite and told Anna and Nathan that Duke ordered Jordan to kill Julian. Nathan asked if Jordan was okay. Jordan was still shaken up. She explained that she'd tried to talk Duke out of it, but he'd been so steadfast that she asked him if he was trying to test her loyalty. Jordan felt trapped. She knew that if she didn't kill Julian, Duke would suspect that she was a mole. Anna didn't want to believe that the hit was Duke's idea. Anna hoped that Duke was just passing on Sonny's instructions, but Jordan told Anna that Duke was the one in charge. Anna was surprised and disappointed, but she admitted that it made sense since Duke had wanted to get rid of Julian for years. Jordan said she was sorry. Anna apologized to Jordan for not pulling Jordan out as soon as Jordan felt unsafe. Anna wanted to send Jordan to a safe-house, but Jordan didn't want to vanish and leave TJ.

Nathan had an idea – outfit Jordan with a wire and have her get Duke to repeat the order to kill Julian. Jordan approved, since it would be a way to weaken Sonny's organization. Anna was hesitant to agree to the plan. Anna explained that she'd wanted to dismantle Sonny's whole enterprise, not just take down one man. Nathan sensed that Anna was reluctant to go through with taking Duke down. Jordan was sympathetic and admitted that she'd have second thoughts if this was about Shawn. Jordan reminded Anna that when Jordan and Anna went into this, they knew they'd have to make hard decisions about the men they loved. Nathan didn't trust Sloane enough to involve him in this, so he told Anna that the decision was all hers. Jordan and Nathan stressed that Duke was no longer a figurehead, or the wonderful man that Anna used to love – he was a ruthless mobster willing to kill people, including Jordan. Jordan asked Anna to let Jordan trap Duke. Anna agreed to do it.

At the Metro Court, Duke was on the phone with Sonny. Duke explained that he (Duke) was testing Jordan's loyalty. Michael walked up just as the call ended. He accused Duke of being Sonny's “flunky.” Michael assumed that Sonny was back in charge of the Corinthos organization, now that he'd lost the baby. Duke spat that Sonny only lost his daughter because of Michael's underhandedness. Duke felt that a decent person would return the baby. Michael called Duke a lowlife for giving Sonny a false alibi to help him conceal the fact that he killed AJ. Michael reminded Duke that AJ had given Duke a job when no one else would and that Duke had claimed to be AJ's friend. Michael felt that Duke was a lying hypocrite and not the honorable man he claimed to be. Duke countered that giving a false alibi wasn't comparable to stealing Sonny's baby. Michael argued that it wasn't safe for Avery to be around Sonny.

Lucy cornered Sabrina, at the Metro Court, and asked her to perform in the Nurses' Ball. Sabrina declined, and she revealed that she'd been fired from GH. Lucy noted that Sabrina was still a nurse, so she should still be eligible to perform. Sabrina was hesitant to agree. Lucy reminded Sabrina that Sabrina was the one who almost single-handedly revived the tradition of having the event. Sabrina relented and agreed to perform. Thrilled, Lucy hugged Sabrina. Lucy noticed the tension between Michael and Duke, so she went over and defused the situation. Michael joined Sabrina. He told her he needed a drink, and they went over to the bar. Michael drank as he held Avery and vented to Sabrina about his run in with Duke. Sabrina gently suggested that Michael stop talking about murder around Avery. Michael felt that Sabrina was right.

Michael was going to be meeting with a developer about a possible alternate location for the clinic, so he needed Sabrina to watch the baby. Michael hoped that he wasn't pulling Sabrina away from anything. Sabrina admitted she'd been having an intense conversation with Carlos when Michael called. Michael was sympathetic to Carlos, since Carly and Sonny had let Carlos go to Pentonville for AJ's murder. Sabrina explained that she'd seen Carlos lurking outside of Kelly's. Sabrina explained that Carlos was out on bail, but she didn't think Carlos was trying to stay out of trouble. Michael glanced over at Duke and told Sabrina that the hypocrisy never ended when it came to those thugs. Michael ordered another drink. Sabrina wished him luck with the developer and gently advised him to slow down with the drinking if he wanted his meeting to go well.

Duke and Lucy discussed Michael, then Lucy announced that she'd just confirmed her first act for the Ball. Lucy's thoughts drifted back to last year's Ball, when Kevin caught her kissing Scotty. She couldn't help remembering the look on Kevin's face. Duke looked sad and recalled that he and Anna had been at their happiest around that time. Lucy felt bad that Duke's job had driven Anna away. Duke admitted that he, and not his job, drove Anna away. Duke told Lucy that Lucy had been good to him and good for him. He noted that she hired him an attorney and didn't judge him when he was arrested for giving Sonny a false alibi. Lucy added that Duke helped her when she stole the ballot boxes. Lucy admitted she and Duke were both on the rebound – him from Anna and her from both Scott and Kevin. Although Lucy cared for Duke, she offered to step back and let him try and reconcile with Anna. Duke took Lucy's hand and told her she had a big heart to be willing to let someone else's love flourish. Duke didn't think there was any way for him to reunite with Anna, but he felt that he and Lucy had a chance to move forward and build something.

Sonny and Jake were at Carly's. Sonny had just learned that Jake was planning to work for Julian. Sonny angrily announced that this made Jake Sonny's enemy. Carly walked in and overheard Sonny yelling. Sonny demanded to know why Jake was at Carly's house. Carly explained that Jake didn't have anywhere else to go. Sonny and Carly argued about whether or not Jake was responsible for his crimes. Carly was adamant that Helena made Jake do it. Sonny didn't know Jake well enough to give him the benefit of the doubt. Carly wanted to know why Sonny called Jake his enemy. Sonny told her that Jake had thrown in with Julian. Sonny expected Carly to be upset about this news. He was shocked when he realized she already knew and that she supported Jake. Jake felt bad about the argument. He told Sonny that he wasn't his enemy, then he left. Carly told Sonny that he led her to believe she was okay with her friendship with Jake. Sonny explained that he hadn't wanted to argue with Carly, before, but now that Jake was with the Jeromes, Sonny wondered which side Carly was on. Carly scoffed. Sonny kept grumbling about Jake working for the Jeromes, until Carly blurted out that Jake didn't have a choice. Sonny wanted Carly to explain. Carly remembered that Sloane had recruited Jake to be a mole. She covered and explained that no one besides Julian would hire a man with Jake's reputation and lack of a social security number. Carly took Sonny's hand and told him he knew she'd never betray him. Sonny admitted that Carly was always on his side. Carly changed the subject and asked about Sonny's attempts to get Avery back. Sonny told her that Ric filed an appeal and a formal complaint against Judge Walters because of the judge's personal connection to Monica. Sonny knew he wasn't a favorite at the courthouse, so he worried that it would take a long time to get the new hearing. Sonny was embarrassed that he'd tried to talk Morgan and Kiki into taking Avery to Mexico. He told Carly that he would have felt terrible if he'd gotten them in trouble. Sonny was adamant that it was important for Morgan and Kiki to stay out of this. Carly assured Sonny that they were in this together and that she'd help him get his daughter back. She promised to support Sonny no matter what. They hugged and said I love you to each other.

Carlos went to the Jerome penthouse. Julian asked why Carlos wasn't following Duke and waiting for a chance to kill him. Carlos explained that he backed off because Duke went to the Metro Court. Julian told Carlos that he'd planned to hire Jake Doe. Carlos was completely against it. Carlos reminded Julian that Jake went after Julian's kids. Julian pointed out that Jake wasn't responsible. Carlos asked Julian to consider what Sam and Lucas would think. Julian explained that he was only doing this because Sam asked him to. Carlos kept arguing, and Julian told him to get over it. Carlos didn't like Jake. Carlos explained that he'd gotten into it with Carly because she let Carlos talk the fall for AJ's death, when she knew Sonny was responsible. Jake had jumped to Carly's defense and slammed Carlos into a table. Julian wasn't bothered by Jake's actions, but Carlos was adamant that Jake was out of control and couldn't be trusted.

Jake arrived and thanked Julian for taking a chance on him. Julian noted that Sam had been very persuasive. Jake called Sam generous, and Julian agreed. Julian pointed out that Jake used Sam as a human shield, and the apologetic Jake noted that that wasn't Jake's fault. Julian brought up the issue between Jake and Carlos. Jake swore he didn't have a problem with Carlos, as a person, but Jake didn't like the way Carlos manhandled a woman. Carlos pointed out that they were talking about Sonny's girlfriend. Carlos suggested that Jake might be spying for Sonny. Julian didn't think Sam would put him in jeopardy, but he conceded that Carlos had a point. He questioned Jake. Jake explained that Sonny hated Jake and Jake the feeling was becoming mutual. Jake insisted that he'd never lift a finger to help Sonny. Julian thought that it would work to their advantage to hire someone Sonny hated. Carlos still didn't trust Jake, but Julian didn't care. Julian hired Jake.

Morgan and Kiki were at Kelly's. Kiki confided that she'd asked Julian to help them get Avery away from Michael. Kiki was adamant that they had to get Avery back ASAP. She told Morgan that Michael wanted Sabrina, who'd drugged a pregnant Ava, to be Avery's nanny. Kiki was concerned that Sabrina would hurt Avery. Kiki didn't think that Michael would ever let her or Morgan see Avery. Morgan was optimistic that Sonny would get custody again, but Kiki assumed that Michael would never lose now that he had the judge in his pocket. Morgan suggested that they play dirty, just like Michael had. Morgan thought they should get Michael reported to Child Services, as a way to force Judge Walters to reconsider his decision. Kiki liked the idea, but she didn't know how to make Child Services investigate Michael. Morgan noted that Michael made Sonny look bad by painting him as a criminal. Kiki countered that it wasn't much of a stretch to make Sonny look like a criminal. She noted that Michael didn't do drugs, or anything like that. Morgan felt that they should make Michael look like an alcoholic. Kiki pointed out that Michael wasn't much of a drinker. Morgan felt that it didn't matter if Michael didn't drink much. He told Kiki that alcoholism was a Quartermaine curse. Morgan noted that AJ, Monica and Alan had suffered from substance abuse problems and it would look like Michael inherited his family's issues. “We're gonna make him look like a bigger drunk than his father,” Morgan stated, while Kiki grinned. Morgan vowed to do whatever it took to make sure Michael lost Avery.

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