GH Update Monday 3/16/15

General Hospital Update Monday 3/16/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Duke meets with Jordan at Kelly's right when Anna contacts Nathan to tell him her concerns about what could happen to Jordan, given the most recent event. Duke tells Jordan her task is very simple. He wants her to kill Julian Jerome. She asks him to verify if he is serious. He confirms he wants her to do it as soon as possible. Carlos stands outside the door and observes them unseen.

When Sam meets with Julian and gets him to agree to find a job for Jake, he expresses his concerns to his daughter about Jake's possible history. He admits to her that he's no angel himself but, as her father, he has to ask her if she might have feelings for this guy. In response to that, Sam tells her dad don't be ridiculous, reminding him she is with Patrick.

Patrick and Elizabeth are both at the hospital at work when he can see she has something on her mind and asks her what is wrong. She replies she just broke up with Ric.

Ric is at The Metro Court knowing he needs a drink and demands to know where he can find a bartender. Carly appears ready to relish in the fact that Ric is unhappy and knows the reason why. He admits that “Jake Doe” is the cause of his discontentment.

Jake is at Carly's on the phone with Sloan when her doorbell rings. Jake gets the door and sees it's Sonny. They realize they have not met but know who the other is. Sonny does not look happy to see Jake at Carly's home.

When Carlos observes Duke talking to Jordan inside Kelly's, he comments that he needs to know what Duke is up to, when he cannot hear the conversation. Sabrina appears and demands to know what he is doing, noticing him spying upon them through the window.

Inside, Duke reiterates to Jordan that Julian is a threat to their organization and presently trying to take over their territory. So, what he's asking her to do is not such a far-fetched request, as he asks her if she believes it is. She replies no. However, she asks why he has picked her to kill Julian.

Anna talks to Nathan about her current investigation of Sloane. She informs her detective that she spoke to Sloane recently yet did not reveal the identity of her informant to him. However, Sloan mentioned that he also has an informant and she asks Nathan if he might know anything about that.

When Sonny goes to talk to Jake alone at Carly's house, he tells him he needs to know what Jake is doing there.

Julian tells Sam she is just like her mother by not giving him a direct response when he asks her if she might have feelings for Jake. She assures him she does not and only has eyes for Patrick.

At the hospital, Patrick asks Elizabeth what happened between her and Ric. She tells him that she is having issues which involve the fact that Ric wanted Jake to plead guilty when he represented him as his defense attorney. And, she admits to Patrick, the real reason she and Ric broke up is because she has feelings for Jake.

At the Metro Court, Carly tells Ric that Jake has good reason to be angry at him and not the other way around. She knows he sold Jake out when he represented him and wanted him to plead guilty. She tells Ric she knows he's threatened by Elizabeth's feelings for Jake. She taunts him about how paranoid he must be. He admits to Carly that Elizabeth dumped him because of Jake.

Sonny reminds Jake that he tried to blow up The Haunted Star and wants people to believe it was not his fault because he's under mind control. Jake updates Sonny that Dr. Drake took care of that problem so it won't happen again. He then sincerely acknowledges to Sonny he knows that Sonny risked his own life by rushing to The Haunted Star to take the bomb out of Michael's hands to save the lives of everyone there. He extends his hand to Sonny and tells him he'd like him to accept his apology. However, Sonny does not respond.

When Sabrina asks Carlos what he is doing outside Kelly's spying upon people inside the restaurant, he remembers Julian telling him he needs to kill Duke Lavery. He replies to her that he was just going to get something to eat but then he noticed some of Sonny's men inside so he wanted to wait until they leave before entering. He further tells her he's trying to keep his nose clean with his trial coming up in a short time. She tells him she's happy he made bail and asks him how his case is coming along. He admits he does not know and reveals he still has her on his mind.

Nathan is surprised when Anna informs him that Sloane has a secret confidential informant. She tells him that is not the biggest worry they have right now and she informs Nathan that Jordan could be in danger because she found out that Duke and Shawn may be onto the fact that she's working undercover for the cops to spy upon them.

At Kelly's, Jordan reminds Duke that she's still “the new kid”, here. He tells her he realizes that normally they would have asked Shawn to do the job for Sonny. But the three of them have complications and believe that she is the best person for the job. She still wants to have him believing she agrees that there is the need to do this. He then asks her if he can count on her to take Julian out to which she replies no. She won't do it.

Julian tells Sam that this whole dad thing is new to him so he needs to make sure that there is nothing going on between her and this Jake guy. She admits that she and Silas thought they were in a good place. Then, out of the blue, his ex shows up. She knew she could not accept that and she had to end it with Silas. He then remarks that maybe Silas is the first step in her journey to finding the right person who may be Patrick. She admits it's the craziest thing. She never dreamed that she could ever feel for another man what she felt for Jason.

Elizabeth tells Patrick that she really thought she had a future with Ric and that he truly changed. However, when Ric admitted that he wanted Jake out of the way so that he could have her, it proved he had not changed. Then when Jake had his surgery, it put her in closer proximity with him and brought back feelings she was starting to have for Jake before Ric returned. Patrick then asks her if she plans to pursue a relationship with Jake.

Carly admits to Ric that she is happy to gloat about the fact that Elizabeth dumped him for Jake. He, however, tells Carly that he bets that she might not be “happy” with the fact that Elizabeth might have a relationship with Carly's BFF Jake because she wants Jake for herself.

Sonny tells Jake he heard about what Helena allegedly did to him. However, when he was in Pentonville, he knew that Jake assaulted Sam Morgan, held her hostage, broke into her house and planned to kill her. Sonny informs Jake that Sam is the widow of one of his closest friend's who was like a brother to him. So he's concerned. However, Sonny assesses to Jake, he claims he was not in his right mind. Jake affirms he was not. Sonny then asks him if he was “in his right mind” when he moved in on Carly.

Outside Kelly's, Carlos tells Sabrina that she could affect the outcome of his trial. He reminds her that he admitted to her that he shot Ava. The cops later found him in her apartment. He tried his best to protect her. He reminds her the cops know that she might know things about him that she's keeping a secret currently. They could ask her some questions when the time comes and he asks her when they do, what is she going to tell them? Is she going to tell them that he confessed to killing Ava Jerome?

Nathan admits to Anna he wonders how Sonny, Duke and Shawn would be able to know that Jordan is working for them (the cops) when she's an undercover drug enforcement agent. He asks her if she thinks that Duke would retaliate against Jordan if he knows or suspects what she is doing. Anna admits she has no clue what Duke is capable of. Nathan then suggests that she pulls Jordan out of this in order to keep her safe.

When Duke asks Jordan why she does not want to go through with killing Julian she replies that doing that would be a full-out declaration of war. She reminds Duke he knows the Jerome associates will retaliate and won't stop until Sonny is dead. He tells her he's fully aware of that, reminds her that Sonny is having him run the organization and they are both aware of all of the risks. When she tells him maybe they need to wait before taking such drastic actions, he assures her he and Sonny have considered and discussed everything and are now ready to rid society of Julian Jerome. She asks Duke if he and Sonny also spoke about whether she is a “mole” for the cops.

Sam tells Julian when she looks at Danny, she sees Jason and remembers she never got a chance to tell her husband that Danny was his son. She talks about how she wishes Julian could have known how she and Jason were so good together and even in their hardest times, had this connection. Julian admits he would have complications knowing his son-in-law is Sonny's right-hand man. Hearing that, Sam admits to her dad she bets Jason probably would have hated him with a passion as she knows any enemy of Sonny's would be an even bigger enemy of Jason's.

Sonny talks to Jake about how he knows it's very possible that he'd like to take Sonny's place with Carly. Jake graciously tells him he does like Carly but that's not true. There is actually somebody else he'd like to be with.

Elizabeth tells Patrick that now that she and Ric are no longer together, there might be a chance for herself and Jake. He reminds her that they have been friends for a long time. He intends to support her in anything she wants to do. But he has to urge her to be safe. He did remove the device that Helena put in Jake's brain but there is still no explanation for what he did to Sam before it happened.

Carly tells Ric she does not give a damn if Jake is with Elizabeth. He smirks at her and tells her he knows she does. She then remembers talking to Jake about herself in relationships with men in contrast to Elizabeth, whom it appears enjoys being “unobtainable”. She remembers telling Jake she believes Elizabeth likes having men yearn for her, and listed of all of the men who have competed for Elizabeth throughout history. She tells Ric that Elizabeth is not right for Jake but Jake will soon figure that out. Ric then asks her if she does not mean that she believes she is right for Jake. She tells him that she and Jake are just friends and where did Ric get the idea she has “feelings” for Jake? Ric replies he got it from Sonny.

Jake explains to Sonny that Elizabeth was kind enough to open up her home to him after he got discharged from the hospital, but then out of nowhere “her ex” came back. Sonny clarifies that was his brother Ric, as he tells Jake he did the right thing to leave Elizabeth's home at that point. Sonny is again very adamant in setting Jake straight that he (Jake) does not have a future with Carly.

Anna tells Nathan if she pulls Jordan out of her mission now, it will give Duke all the confirmation he needs that she is working for the cops. That's practically signing her death warrant. He asks if Jordan could not be put into witness protection but Anna reminds him that would take her from her son. He remarks that is just not right and Anna agrees but also reminds him they cannot lose the progress Jordan has made when they are this close to bringing down the Jerome and Corinthos families. And, she tells Nathan, it would be a crime to throw away all of Jordan's efforts when they are so close to getting what they need in order to put Duke away. Nathan then admits to his boss this may be out of line but asks if she might be so angry that Duke chose the mob over her that she's willing to trade Jordan's life to get back at him.

At Kelly's, Jordan informs Duke that Shawn asked her if she was spying upon Sonny's guys for the cops. Duke tells her that he did not hear about that and tells her Shawn's only concerns are about Julian, yet she knows their current issue has nothing to do with Julian. And, she tells Duke, she thinks he's testing her. He reminds her he's asking his associate to do her job. She reminds him when she first came on board, he had her dump that missing ballot box. Now he's taking it to the next level, figuring if she's a cop, then she will not put a bullet in Julian. He reminds her if she is not a cop, then she will have no problem doing what he asks, and he asks her again if she has a problem taking out Julian Jerome.

Sabrina admits to Carlos that she really does not know what she will tell the cops if they ask her what she knows about his involvement in illegal business. He tells her he wants her to tell the truth although she knows they will wonder why she did not come forward sooner. He suggests she tells them he threatened her or whatever she wants and he will back her. She asks him what has happened between him and Julian. He informs her that he and Julian have reconciled their differences.

Julian informs Sam that ironically for a while, there, in Pentonville, he and Sonny almost became friends. They knew they had a common goal regarding both Michael and Lucas being targets for their dad's lives and they both had to protect their sons at any cost. They set aside their differences for that. She asks how things are now that they are both free men. He admits that it's back to business as usual. They talk about Sonny's court battle for custody of Julian's niece (Sam's cousin). She tells Julian she really doesn't know what to make of all that. When Julian affirms that he and Sonny are back on opposing sides, Sam asks him if he plans to take over Sonny's holdings, reminding her dad that Sonny did just save Lucas. Julian affirms to his daughter that he loves her, loves Danny and loves Alexis. But this is his life. It's who he is. So she has to take the good with the bad

Elizabeth admits to Patrick that she heard Jake wanted to work for Julian because his employment options are limited although she wanted to discourage that. Yet Carly was completely on board with that.

Ric reminds Carly that he is looking out for Sonny yet she reminds him that he's lost the custody hearing for Sonny now that it's been decided in Michael's favor. She admits she hates that Sonny lost Avery but loved being able to see her son kick Ric's sorry ass in court. She tells Ric that maybe right now Sonny believes he needs Ric, but he will realize otherwise. She also tells Ric she believes he's just pissed because Elizabeth finally figured out who he really is and got rid of him. And this has nothing to do with Jake. It's all about him.

Sonny tells Jake he's not “telling him” to stay away from Carly. Carly makes her own choices. However, sometimes his ex wife's decision-making skills are not great. So, he tells Jake, if she trusts him and it turns out to be a mistake, Jake is going to answer to him. Jake then tells Sonny if he respects his and Carly's friendship, Jake will respect Sonny's relationship with her. He also informs Sonny he need not worry about his staying in Carly's home or needing her help for much longer. He just found a job, and admits to Sonny it's with Julian Jerome.

Sam tells Julian she's sorry. She did not mean to be giving him a hard time about Sonny. She however, ask Julian, if after hiring Jake, he could not at least try to keep him on the legitimate side of his business, reminding him how Jake just barely escaped prosecution. Julian agrees and Sam hugs her dad in appreciation. He tells his daughter he just wants her to be happy. She tells him she is and she leaves assuming Jake will be contacting him soon.

Outside Kelly's, Sabrina asks Carlos how Julian could be ok with the fact that Carlos killed Julian's sister. He tells her that he and Julian work in a world that operates under very different rules and Julian is not even testifying against him. Carlos admits to her that even if he's likely to go free, none of that means anything to him if she's not in his life. Sabrina gets a call and informs him it's from her new boss. She informs him that Michael hired her to take care of his niece. She departs but tells Carlos she needs him to stay safe because she worries about him. He tells her he needs her to promise him her new job won't get her on the wrong side of Sonny Corinthos. She reminds him she could give him the same advice but knows he would not listen, and she walks away.

When Duke corners Jordan, reminding her that he is her boss, she tells him she agrees to kill Julian.

In response to Nathan's “sensitive” question to Anna, she protests that she is working to keep this city safe. He asks her why, then she is putting Jordan in danger. Anna protests that Jordan knew the risks although Nathan reminds Anna that Jordan wanted out weeks ago yet Anna convinced her to stay. He again tells Anna that she may be inadvertently willing to make her need to take down Duke get Jordan killed. He tells Anna this “isn't her”. She then admits he's right and cries. She tells him she cannot believe that she's put her operative's life at risk like that. She admits she cannot understand how she could let Duke do this to her.

Carly tells Ric his pathetic attempt to get rid of Jake is what drove Elizabeth away. He tells her that Jake is nothing more than an infatuation for Elizabeth. She got over him before and she will do it again, he tells Carly. She shows him that she is very protective of Jake and he remarks to her again that it sounds like Jake is a little more to her than a friend.

At the hospital, Elizabeth and Patrick talk about how Carly is backing Jake working for Julian, whom she knows is Sonny's opposition. Why would she want that kind of trouble for either Sonny or Jake?

When Sonny finds out that Jake is going to be working for Julian, he asks how on earth that could happen. Jake replies that Sam helped pull strings for him. Sonny asks why she'd do that and he replies that Sam wanted for people in this town to give Jake a shot. He tells Sonny he knows there is bad blood between him and Julian but Sonny needs to know that working for him is nothing personal. Yet Sonny affirms it is and tells Jake he just made it personal.

Anna admits to Nathan that Duke has changed and so has she and not for the better. He tells her he's sorry and wishes there was a way to keep Jordan safe while putting Sonny and Duke away but realizes that's easier said than done. Jordan frantically rushes to find Anna and informs her they have a problem. Duke wants her to kill Julian Jerome.

Outside of Kelly's, after Jordan has left, Carlos observes Duke and calls Julian to inform him what he just saw yet could not overhear between them. Julian asks Carlos to follow Duke and if he gets the opportunity to eliminate him, to do so. Duke then leaves Kelly's. Carlos follows him unseen and pulls out his gun.

Alone at The Metro Court, Ric pulls out his phone to see the picture of Elizabeth while he tells her he knows she will come back. He wont' give up on her and knows what may be needed is getting get Jake out of the way.

Back at the hospital, Elizabeth and Patrick talk about Carly encouraging Jake to take the job working for Julian. Yet, she admits she does not know where that leaves her and Jake at this point. Patrick tells her he'd like to discuss this further when they have more time and that he hopes she gets what she wants. When he's alone, Sam finds him and informs him she just talked to her dad. He realizes that Julian is going to hire Jake to work for him. While it's not directly a problem for either of them, he tells her, it's obvious it will cause serious issues between Sonny and Carly.

Sonny tells Julian he saw the footage of Jake's escape at the PCPD. He knows a professional when he sees one and he knows it's “no accident” that he's working for Julian. Carly may buy Jake's “sad story”, Sonny tells him, but he does not. He also does not buy that Jake respects his relationship with Carly. Sonny admits to Jake that he almost trusted and considered giving him the benefit of the doubt for a while, but now they are done. He reminds Jake that Julian is his worst enemy and if Jake is working for him, that makes Jake his enemy. Carly is outside hearing their conversation. She listens in awe and demands to know what is going on.

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