GH Update Friday 3/13/15

General Hospital Update Friday 3/13/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Sam goes to the hospital and appears to be a bit startled to see Ric getting off the elevator. He asks her if she might have seen Elizabeth. Hearing that, Sam appears happy to report to Ric that Elizabeth is with Jake and not thinking about Ric

Not far away, Jake is ready to get discharged and is leaving with Carly while talking to Elizabeth. They are both concerned about where he's going to live, how he's going to make a living and why it is that he has no other options besides working for Julian Jerome.

Julian talks to Carlos about their strategies with bringing down Sonny. Sonny has the same conversation with Duke regarding their enemies and the fact that they suspect that Jordan may be a “rat” who has left them completely unaware all this while that she's spying upon them for the cops.

Jordan goes to Kelly's to see her son and wants to reconnect with him. However, when she mentions she had to take time to visit with her boss, TJ asks her “which one”.

Anna knocks on the door outside Sloane's hotel room telling him he better open up because this is an official visit. He comes to the door after showering, wearing just a towel.

Julian tells Carlos after this most recent altercation with their enemies, it's very obvious they need to take drastic action. Carlos tells him what they need to do is eliminate Duke Lavery. However, Julian has reservations about that knowing that Anna Devane might take action against them whether she says she's done with Duke or not. So they need to wait on that, he tells Carlos.

Sonny asks Duke if he is really ready than to eliminate a traitor if that means that Jordan has been spying upon them. Sonny reminds him they have no choice because when dealing with a rat, it's either taking them out or letting them end you. Duke admits to Sonny he has reservations about that because Jordan is a mother.

Anna enters Sloane's hotel room and tells him she needs to investigate whether he tampered with the mayoral election results. He tells her she won't find anything and if he intended to leave evidence anywhere, it would not be in a local motel room where a maid can come and find it any time. She tells him she realizes that is probably true. She tells him she is pretty confident that she will be able to find out what she needs to find out. He then drops his towel.

At the hospital, Carly reminds Elizabeth that Jake does not have many choices for finding a job given his recent record. Elizabeth however wants him to wait before leaving the hospital and wonders when she will see him again. He admits that he will always appreciate all she has done for him and he guesses he will see her around. He then goes off with Carly. Elizabeth looks worried and disappointed to see him go. She turns around to see Ric and notices he has been observing her interaction with Jake. She turns to see Ric and asks him what he has been up to. He replies he just had a meeting with Sonny to hopefully find a strategy in overturning the ruling of his custody case. She tells him she realizes that there is good reason for the judge and others to have concerns that Sonny’s kids might not be safe around him given his history. He tells her that he intends to keep fighting for his brother just like he intends to keep fighting for her.

Carly brings Jake home to her place and he notices she has a large house. She tells him there is more than enough room for her and he might want to beware of her daughter, given she knows how to install booby traps for strangers whom her mom brings home. However, she tells him that regardless of Josslyn's rough exterior, she does have pretty good instincts, having disliked Franco from the start. Jake then indicates to Carly that Sloane has given him his own phone and what appears to be a tracker. Carly notices what the new police commissioner may want Jake to do for him and she seems to know that it may be cause for suspicion that he wants Jake to spy upon Julian. Immediately Jake gets on the phone to call Sloane right while Sloane is in his hotel room talking to Anna.

Sam goes to visit Julian and tells her father that she needs to talk to him about something. She admits that she wants to ask hi to give someone a job.

Sonny admits to Duke he knows that Jordan has been seeing Shawn. She is also the mom of his niece's (Ric's daughter's) boyfriend. Duke tells her he knows that one has to make difficult choices in matters like that, and if Jordan has made the choice to do what she does, then there are consequences for all involved.

Shawn goes to Kelly's and talks to Jordan and to TJ. He appears to them as though he suspects nothing and is happy that mother and son are finally re-united. TJ affirms to Shawn that he's glad that his mom and Shawn are “on the same side”.

Sloane is on the phone with Jake while Anna admits she has not found anything. He is obviously coming on to her and tells her he knows this whole charade was merely to rattle his cage. He asks her if she should not be focusing her energy on something else, like bringing down a real criminal like her ex boyfriend.

Duke and Sonny admit that Shawn might feel no differently about the three of them having to kill Jordan than they would if it were Anna or Carly. They debate that if Jordan chooses to spy upon them, they have to do what they have to do. However, for all they know she could be 100% loyal so they need to know the accurate truth about that.

At Kelly's, TJ gets a call and leaves Shawn and Jordan alone to talk. Shawn asks her if it really is true that the two of them are on the same side.

When Julian hears Sam ask if he could give Jake Doe a job, he asks his daughter why she would want to help the guy who took her hostage, could have gotten her killed, helped an international terrorist escape the cops and almost blew up the Haunted Star. She reminds her dad that Helena Cassadine programmed him. He tells her regardless of how it happened, the man is dangerous. He reminds her that many people they love and care for were on that boat although she assures Julian that Jake never intended to hurt anyone. He asks her how she would know. Sam replies she was with Jake when he finally “realized” what happened, while at the police interrogation room. She noticed he took drastic action to call Lucas and Michael so that they could remove the bomb before it was too late. She knows he felt terrible and never intended to do what Helena wanted him to do. Julian is kind of considering helping Jake out although he is not completely convinced.

While Jake is at Carly's, wasting no time to call Sloane, Ric is at the hospital talking to Elizabeth and trying to convince her that he realizes he did some wrong things, including selling Jake out when he represented him in court. He tells Elizabeth he wants to move forward with her yet she does not want to discuss that. He reminds her that she has avoided the question when he's asked her if she has feelings for Jake. He asks her what her plans are regarding them both and that he deserves an answer. She admits to Ric he does deserve an answer and it is correct that she has feelings for Jake.

Anna reminds Sloane he may have forgotten that she has extensive experience investigating organized crime.

At Kelly's, Shawn tells TJ he just wants to make certain she does not put herself in a bad position with Duke. She tells him the only way that could happen is if he's shared his suspicions with Duke and asks him if he did that.

Sonny and Duke realize they need to prove whether or not Jordan is a rat and that might involve finding out if she's willing to do something she would never do if she was a cop.

Sloane asks Anna if she might want to reveal to him what she might know abut an outside contact. She make it clear that she will not reveal the identities of the person who might be working undercover. He tells he is not worried about that. He has his own undercover operative.

Sam continues to talk to Julian about possibly helping Jake find work somewhere that is not so illegal and reminds him that he has had access to Derek Wells local newspaper. He then agrees to let Sam tell her friend he has a job.

At Carly's home, she tells Jake she needs to know some things about him. It's obvious that he and Elizabeth might have feelings for each other. They laugh but he wants to avoid the conversation and find his new room. He seems to know that she has an uncanny knack to get the truth from him about many things, including what he revealed to her yesterday about his involvement with Sloane. He then admits to her that when he discusses Elizabeth's relationship with Ric, with her, when he assured her that he is not a “threat” to Ric, she revealed to Jake that maybe he is, Elizabeth may be done with Ric and considering him.

At the hospital, Ric tells Elizabeth he knows she may have feelings for Jake but the two of them have a history and something they can build upon and he does not think this is the end for them. She tells him, however, she thinks that maybe it is. She tells Ric they tried and it just did not work. She does not think she has it in her to try to make it work again. And, to be honest, she tells him, she really does not believe he has changed from the person he used to be. He reminds her if he had not suddenly been forced into witness protection, they would likely be married by now. She tells him regardless, she does not believe they have what it takes for their relationship to go to the distance. Hearing that, Ric concludes that she clearly has feelings for Ric.

Carly talks to Jake, at her home, about how Elizabeth is not her friend although she owes her a debt of gratitude because Elizabeth saved Josslyn's life when Josslyn was a baby with bone marrow transplant. She talks about Elizabeth's ambiguity about her relationship with Ric and many others which is unlike Carly's history with men. Jake gets a call from Sam informing him she spoke to her faster and he agreed to give Jake a job.

Sloane tells Anna that he has to get to the PCPD. She tells him the federal government thanks him for his cooperation. He then reminds her that their “relationship” has been very confusing since he returned to Port Charles. He reminds her that they are both now on the side of the angels and both against the bad guys who are the Jerome's and the Corinthos'. So, he tells her, maybe they need to call a truce, stop this bickering and work together to bring down the criminals.

Alone with Jordan, at Kelly's, Jordan has a question to ask of Shawn but before he can answer, TJ rejoins them and is ready to pick up his car. Shawn offers to take him to pick it up. TJ hugs his mom good bye and goes off with Shawn.

Sonny tells Duke he does not know what kind of test he is planning. He acknowledges that Duke is running the organization until Sonny gets his daughter back and he realizes that he is still merely a civilian. He admits to Duke he has concerns about Carly's new friendship with the guy who intended to blow up The Haunted Star. Sonny admits that from what he's seen, from footage, with how Jake managed to take Sam hostage and help Faison escape and not get caught, and all, makes it very clear to Sonny, that this guy is a professional. It's no accident that he's managed to do what he's done. And the fact that he is “pretending” to be in a weak and vulnerable position and not responsible for his actions, Sonny tells Duke, is what makes Jake very dangerous.

Ric tells Elizabeth if she believes the two of them being together is not in the cards, she needs a new deck. She tells him even if he believes she is making a big mistake, she has to get back to work as she has patients. Ric leaves but vows not to give up and not to hand her over to Jake.

Carly gets ready to leave and get to the Metro Court and tells Jake he may help himself to food in her kitchen. He smirks about what she just revealed to him although she assures him she is not “jealous”.

Anna tells Sloane the bottom line is she does not trust him. He tells her he doe not trust her either but does not believe that should stop them from working together. He remarks to her it does not appear she is very busy with much going on in her professional or personal life. So, he reminds her, if she has a change of heart, she knows where to find him. She leaves.

When Jordan is alone in Kelly's, Duke comes in and greets her. Outside, Carlos observes and spies upon them unseen. Duke sits at the table with Jordan and informs her he wanted to talk to her because he has an important job he'd like for her to handle. It's simple. He would like her to kill Julian Jerome.

Sam hugs her dad after he's agreed to help her by giving her friend a job. He remarks that he would have never been a ruthless crime lord if he knew that he had a daughter like her and he continues to warn her and ask her if she's sure she can trust this guy. am assures her father that Jake is legit. He then asks her if maybe she has “feelings” for Jake, in which case he is concerned. Yet Sam does not respond to that question, clearly not consciously aware of the answer.

Alone in Carly's home, Jake continues his secret phone conversation with Sloane, assuring him that their “plan” has worked. Julian's daughter has persuaded her father to hire him and just called to let him know. Sloane is really happy to hear that Jake is cooperating with his plan and it's going the way he wants. Jake sees that someone is at Carly's door. He opens the door to see a suspicious Sonny at the door. They both stare coldly at each other both knowing of the other's secret agenda.

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