GH Update Thursday 3/12/15

General Hospital Update Thursday 3/12/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At GH, Patrick, Carly, and Elizabeth watched as Jake signed the hospital release forms. Sam and Spinelli were across the room. Jake wasn't sure where to go from here. Liz and Carly promised to help him figure things out. Spinelli saw Jake from behind and recognized him as Jason. “Stone Cold?” Spinelli said, sounding shocked. Spinelli ran over and hugged Jake from behind before Sam could stop him. Jake turned around, and Spinelli realized this man didn't have Jason's old face. Spinelli was apologetic and embarrassed. Jake was polite, but he didn't seem to know what to make of Spinelli's mannerisms. Jake and Spinelli introduced themselves. Spinelli kept talking about how much Jake reminded him of Jason, until Sam stepped in and distracted him. Jake remembered his assignment to infiltrate the Jerome crime family. He asked to talk to Sam alone. Carly had a flashback to a conversation she had with Jake. Jake didn't think he'd be able to convince Sam to ask Julian to hire Jake if Jake was living rent free at the Metro Court. Carly told him that no one would believe she kicked him out. Jake suggested that they blame Carly's partner, Olivia. Carly agreed. In the present, Carly took Spinelli elsewhere, so Jake and Sam could talk in private. Spinelli showed off pictures of Georgie, then he went back to noting the similarities between Jason and Jake. Carly agreed that Jake and Jason had some things in common, but she gently told Spinelli that Jake was not Jason. She added that Jason was gone and he wasn't coming back.

Liz and Patrick watched, from a distance, as Sam and Jake talked. Liz and Patrick wondered that was all about. Sam hoped that Jake was putting his life back together. Jake told Sam that Olivia had kicked him out of the Metro Court and now he was homeless and jobless. Sam was sympathetic and offered to help. Jake asked her to put in a good word for him with her dad. Sam was startled that Jake wanted to work for Julian. Jake explained that he was having a hard time finding work because he didn't have a social security number or a resume. Jake claimed Carly had told Jake that there were certain employers who'd overlook that. Sam admitted she could think of two possibilities. Jake explained that Carly said Sonny didn't like Jake, so Jake decided to approach Julian. Sam was surprised that Jake would want to voluntarily do illegal work after he'd almost gone to prison because of the things Helena made him do. Jake clarified that he didn't want to do anything illegal. He was willing to drive a car or sweep floors until he figured out the next step. Sam understood what it was like to try and make a bit of money to stay afloat. She agreed to talk to Julian. Across the room, Liz took notice when Sam gently touched Jake's arm.

Later, Sam was with Patrick, while Jake was across the room with Carly and Liz. Jake told them Sam was going to help him find a job with Julian. Liz questioned Jake's decision to get involved with Julian. Carly maintained that they should support Jake since his job prospects were limited. Liz agreed, and she wished Jake luck. Meanwhile, Sam asked Patrick out to dinner at Kelly's. Patrick replied that he thought Sam had plans with Jake. Sam explained that Jake just wanted a favor.

On the docks, Shawn asked Jordan why she was late. Jordan claimed she'd been working at the warehouse, but Shawn didn't believe her. He accused her of tipping off Anna about the confrontation going down between Shawn, Duke and Julian. Jordan asked if he thought she'd risk her relationship with TJ by being a mole. Shawn thought there was a chance that she would. Jordan asked if he'd been suspicious of her when he took her to bed, and Shawn told her to stop deflecting. He asked her to explain how she always got out of her legal issues unscathed. Jordan claimed she was lucky, but Shawn didn't believe her. He thought that she'd never really worked for the Jeromes or the Corinthos organization. He accused her of working for the cops all along. Jordan insisted that she wasn't a cop, and Shawn ordered her to prove it. Jordan offered to let him check her phone, but Shawn didn't do it. Jordan pointed out that the business had made money since she'd joined up. Jordan challenged Shawn to take his suspicions to Sonny. She pretended to be confident that Sonny would side with her. Shawn told Jordan that he just might go to Sonny. He walked away, and she looked shaken.

Duke went to Greystone Manor. Sonny was staring pensively at a picture of himself with Michael. Duke sensed that it wasn't a good time, and Sonny explained that Michael “stole” custody of Avery. Sonny vowed to do whatever it took to get her back. Sonny explained that, according to Ric, the public opinion was on Michael's side, right now. Sonny planned to try and convince the public that he (Sonny) was an upstanding citizen. Sonny told Duke how Michael gotten Monica's boyfriend to preside over custody hearing. Duke thought that was grounds for appeal, but Sonny wasn't sure he'd be able to overcome the Quartermaine money and influence. Sonny asked Duke to keep running the organization. Duke agreed, and he told Sonny about the steps he (Duke) had taken to neutralize Julian. Sonny was grateful that Duke was protecting the organization. Sonny also wished he could have been there to see Julian get his butt kicked. Duke explained that Anna had shown up and interrupted them. Duke theorized that someone tipped Anna off. Sonny wondered who the traitor was. Shawn arrived and told them his suspicions. Shawn admitted he'd been suspicious for awhile, but he'd wanted to give Jordan, a chance to clear her name, since she was TJ's mom. Sonny sounded frustrated as he noted that this wasn't the first time Shawn had questioned Jordan's loyalty, and Duke added that Shawn vouched for Jordan to get her hired. “If Jordan's a rat, it's on me. I'll pay the consequences” Shawn stated. Shawn made it clear that he wasn't sure Jordan tipped Anna off, but he felt obligated to share his suspicions with Sonny and Duke. Sonny thanked Shawn, and Shawn left. Duke noted that they'd given Jordan full access and that if she was a cop, she could take them all down.

On the pier, Anna credited Jordan's tip with preventing a lot of bloodshed. Jordan brought Anna up to speed about her confrontation with Shawn. Jordan was scared that Shawn would take his concerns to Sonny or Duke. Jordan insisted that it was time for Anna to end the operation. Anna didn't want to, because Jordan had gotten further into the Corinthos organization than anyone ever had before. Jordan threatened to go to Sonny and Duke and quit. Anna was against that, but Jordan felt like it was the only thing she could do to stay alive. Anna reminded Jordan that Shawn didn't have any proof. Anna thought that if Jordan tried to cut ties with the Corinthos family now, she'd make herself look guilty and Sonny would have her eliminated. Jordan snapped that this could happen regardless. Anna was adamant that they had to play this carefully because tensions were high between the crime families. Jordan snapped that she knew that because she was caught between both sides. Anna was concerned that the wrong move could ignite the bloodiest conflict the city had ever seen.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Sabrina held Avery/AJ. She was shocked when Michael asked her to be the baby's nanny. Michael wished that he'd love to stay with Avery full time, but he had to work. Sabrina was flattered, but she insisted that she was inexperienced. Michael countered that Sabrina had a child of her own and she'd been a mother figure to Emma. Michael explained that he'd contacted an agency to find a nanny, but he decided not to bother with them, since Sabrina was perfect. Michael pointed out that Sabrina needed a job, so this would solve both of their problems. Kiki walked in and overheard Michael's proposal. Kiki was outraged that Michael wanted to hire the woman who tried to kill Avery. Sabrina insisted that she didn't want Avery to die. Kiki countered that Sabrina drugged Ava to send her into premature labor. Michael noted that Ava took credit for the accident that killed Sabrina's son. Sabrina admitted that she wanted Ava to go into premature labor, but she swore she didn't set out to try and kill Avery. Sabrina added that she'd regret what she did for the rest of her life. Kiki didn't not care about Sabrina's remorse.

Michael argued that Sabrina didn't actually hurt Avery. He thought it was hypocritical of Kiki to call Sabrina a killer while giving real killers, like Ava, Sonny, and Franco a pass. Kiki thought there was a possibility that Sabrina still wanted to hurt Avery. Michael noted that he was Avery's guardian and he vowed to keep his sister safe and make sure she was in good hands. Kiki argued that Michael only got custody because he tampered with the proceedings. Kiki refused to let anyone forget that Avery was her sister too. She stormed out. Michael hoped that Kiki's words wouldn't affect Sabrina's decision, but the rattled Sabrina turned down the job. Michael assured Sabrina that he didn't think she'd hurt Avery. Sabrina didn't think that mattered. She still felt horrible about what she'd done. Michael admitted that he'd done things he regretted, and he tried to offset that by doing good things. Michael added that he thought Sabrina would be good for Avery. Sabrina was still upset about what Kiki said, but Michael was adamant that what Kiki said didn't matter.

Michael wondered if Sabrina was uncomfortable with the way Michael obtained custody of Avery. Sabrina asked Michael if he took Avery for revenge. Michael admitted he wanted Sonny to pay for killing AJ, but he insisted that his main concern was ensuring Avery's safety. Michael said he wanted Avery to be free of mob life and of having to grow up and realize that your father killed people for business. Michael said he tried to keep Morgan out of that world. “I talked to my grandmother, and she spoke to her boyfriend, the judge, and now I have custody. And AJ's safe,” Michael stated. Michael felt that Sabrina's experiences made her uniquely qualified to nurture Avery. He added that Sabrina was easy to be around, too. Sabrina stated that children were precious and should be safeguarded at all costs. She agreed to help Michael do that for Avery. Michael told Sabrina that the two of them would make a better life for Avery than the people who made Avery ever could.

At NY Methodist, Ava read the news on her tablet. She learned that Michael got custody of Avery. Silas came in and found Ava distraught over Avery and over her (Ava's) terminal cancer. Silas revealed that there was a chance that Ava could survive. He wanted to check and see if Avery could be a bone marrow donor. Ava was completely against the idea because Avery was a baby who couldn't consent. Silas explained that he'd only have to do a simple blood test. Ava asked what would happen if Avery was a match – could Silas guarantee that the procedure wouldn't be painful for Avery? Silas admitted that there was a small risk. That wasn't acceptable to Ava, and she forbid Silas from doing it. Silas dropped it and asked if Ava would consent to getting chemotherapy. Ava was too worried about Avery to think about that right now. Ava spat that she refused to let Michael and Sonny treat Avery like a trophy in their feud. Silas was stunned when Ava asked him to raise Avery. Ava noted that she'd be gone soon, and she felt that Avery would need a father who could give her what Michael and Sonny couldn't. Silas wanted the best for Avery, but he pointed out that he had no legal grounds to fight for custody. Ava told him to team up with Kiki. Silas pointed out that Kiki already chose not to fight for custody. Ava countered that that was because Kiki had the “crazy” idea that Avery belonged with Sonny. Silas pointed out that he and Kiki didn't have the money and influence that the Quartermaines did. Ava pointed out that Julian did. Silas was willing to support the idea of Kiki getting Avery, but he didn't think Julian was a good choice. Ava argued that Julian was Avery's uncle and that he'd do what was best for her. “Avery is not a Corinthos. She is not a Quartermaine. She is a Jerome. And I will spend my last breath making sure she stays that way” Ava insisted.

Julian entered his penthouse, with Carlos following. Julian was furious about Duke's interference, and he was fed up with trying to coexist with the Corinthos organization. Carlos suggested that they kill Duke. Julian admitted he was thinking of doing something on a smaller scale, like burning down some warehouses. Carlos argued that killing Duke was the way to cripple Sonny. Julian was hesitant because of the risks it would entail. Carlos contended that Julian should kill Duke before Duke killed Julian. The doorbell rang. Julian checked the peephole and saw that it was Kiki. Julian didn't think Kiki would forgive Carlos for shooting Ava, so he told Carlos to hide. Julian let Kiki in. Kiki asked him to help her get Avery back from Michael. She insisted that Avery needed to be with her “real family,” the Jeromes. Kiki stated that Michael was endangering Avery by trying to hire Sabrina as her nanny. Julian understood how Kiki felt, but he wasn't sure they could prove that in court. Julian promised to consider fighting for custody. Kiki was satisfied. She hugged Julian and left. Carlos emerged from hiding and advised Julian not to get involved in the custody fight. Carlos added that Kiki was wrong – Sabrina would never hurt the baby. Julian wanted to table that discussion and focus on bigger things. “We're gonna kill Duke Lavery,” Julian stated.

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