GH Update Wednesday 3/11/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/11/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Michael is trying to “juggle” working, taking many business calls, while with baby Avery . He appears to be getting stressed with all the calls and all the people who want this and that and what he has to tell them. Sabrina enters. She overhears him demanding that someone builds the AJ clinic ASAP. When he sees her, he greets her and invites her inside. Noticing the baby, she remarks it appears he's won custody and that would mean that Sonny lost.

At Sonny's home, Carly is with him after staying overnight. He wants to have breakfast with her. But she's dressed in a lovely dress and tells him she has to get to the hospital to visit Jake.

Patrick and Elizabeth attend to Jake in his room. Patrick tells his patient before he gets the paperwork started, he wants to get some things straight. Jake asks about what. Patrick replies about Sam.

Not far away in the hospital lobby, Sam runs into Spinelli, hugs him and welcomes him into town. She asks how Georgie is. He informs her that is the reason he's at the hospital.

In the hospital exam room, Maxie holds her baby and talks to Lulu. She informs her that she was not alone at the hospital when Lucas recommended she keeps Georgie there overnight. Spinelli was with her and their daughter even after Nathan disappeared.

Nathan and Dante are getting off work while in the PCPD locker room, both frustrated that they've been chasing leads for clues about Luke yet have come up empty-handed.

Anna and Jordan meet secretively on the docks knowing they have to hustle before Duke gets his new shipments in or else it will be a blood bath.

Not far away, Carlos and Julian have guys haul big crates of shipments for them. They seem to want to beat “Sonny's boys” at their own game when they are visited by Duke and Shawn who know what they are up to.

At the Quartermaine house, Sabrina congratulates Michael on his victory and remarks that she is in support of his being a parent to this adorable baby. When she addresses the baby as Avery, Michael informs her his court-awarded child is now called AJ. She asks if Sonny knows about that and also how he is taking that.

When Sonny raises objection for Carly going to see Jake, she protests that he is a good man. He reminds her that she believed the same about Franco. He does not approve but she leaves when Ric enters. He asks his brother if everything is ok between Sonny and his ex. Sonny admits that he has issues regarding Carly's friendship with “this Jake Doe”, to which Ric remarks how Jake has an uncanny knack of coming in between both of their relationships with important women in their lives.

At the hospital, Spinelli gets off of the phone with Ellie who wants to send her love to Georgie. Sam overhears and remarks that she can see Spinelli still loves his ex-girlfriend. She seems surprised to hear that they've broken up and asks why. He replies no matter how hard he tried, he could never shake the hold that Maxie has on him. She reflects how she knows the importance of one's first love. Spinelli admits to Sam that he really believes that he and Maxie are not over.

As Dante expresses to Nathan that they have been awake and working on the dead lead for too long and there's no reason they should not both go home, Nathan expresses he might be somehow “avoiding” going home and facing his personal stuff. He admits to Dante that he and Maxie are having issues involving indications that she may not be over Spinelli.

Sam talks to Spinelli about how and Maxie will always share a bond with the child they had together, not unlike her mom in regards to Julian Jerome.

On the docks, Duke demands to know why Julian and Carlos are unloading some property without clearing it with him. He tells Julian he thought that when he spoke of getting back in the game, that he made it clear to Julian that he cannot not encroach on Duke's territory. Shawn also affirms that he suspects the two of them of underhanded dealings to oppose them and Sonny's territory. Instantly, Julian and Carlos and their guys pull their guns on Duke and Shawn. Yet Duke and Shawn and their guys do not appear to be afraid of them.

Spinelli informs Sam that he heard about her relationship with Dr. Drake through Maxie and he wants to know all about it. She admits to him that she and Patrick are new but it's nice. She tells him that Patrick is very different than the guys she’s used to. She enjoys being with him and she believes she is actually happy. He tells her that's all he has wanted for her; to find some happiness every since “stone cold” (Jason) has left them.

In Jake's hospital room, Patrick needs Jake to tell him how or why he had a “vision” of himself with Sam. Jake assures him that he does not want to threaten Patrick's relationship with her, and he further remarks Sam is “not his type”. Patrick then asks who is. As if “on cue”, Carly walks through the door.

At Sonny's house, Ric informs his brother about how when Jake was discharged from the hospital with no money or anywhere to go, Elizabeth took him into her home, like a lost puppy. Sonny remarks he knows Elizabeth has always had a good heart. Ric also informs Sonny, for the first time, that right as soon as he got back from witness protection and went to find Elizabeth, he saw her in a “close moment” with Jake. Sonny can see that Ric wanted to get rid of Jake yet Ric admits that what he wound up doing was only getting them closer together.

Carly goes to see Jake in his hospital room and is glad that Patrick is ready to discharge him. Carly talks to him alone in his room. Outside the room, Patrick can see that Elizabeth has feelings for Jake and is “not ok” with Jake having interest in Carly or in Sam. He asks her if she is not still with Ric. She replies she was but things got complicated.

Ric admits to Sonny that he is not “complete” with how his relationship with Elizabeth is hanging and knowing Jake is a major reason. He tells him he does not want to get into “this jealousy thing” but there is “something about that guy” that really provokes him. Sonny admits that although he's never actually met Jake, he also does not like him knowing he's pulled the same “wounded and lost” stunt with Carly. The two brothers are both clearly on the same page with their suspicions about Jake and the fact he may not be the person their respective women believe he is.

Carly finds out that Jake is going to work undercover to take down the Jeromes and asks how he plans to pull that off. He admits that it's very complicated to answer that question.

On the docks, Anna and Jordan both reflect how they've seen Julian's tendency to be ruthless yet he may be cornered right now. Both women somehow know that they have to move fast. Anna then decides to make a call but Jordan warns her their issue cannot wait. She has seen what happens in the past when this thing escalates. Innocent people can and will get caught in the cross fire as she's seen that happen before. She tells Anna if they do not move right now, this could be the “first shot” in a major war.

Shawn pulls out his gun while Julian and Carlos' men hold guns on them. Duke tells them they are not about to move their shipments through his docks. Yet Julian and Carlos are not about to comply with what their adversaries wants.

At Sonny's, Ric affirms to his brother the main reason he came there was to assure him that he has not given up on the custody hearing for Avery. Yet Sonny reminds him that Walters was pretty adamant with his ruling. Ric, however informs Sonny not only did he file an appeal on Sonny's behalf, he also filed a complaint against Walters for judicial misconduct. Sonny tells his brother he appreciates his help... but. In response to that, Ric firmly demands that Sonny not argue with him and he promises that he will get Sonny's daughter back.

Michael is holding baby Avery (AJ) while talking to Sabrina about getting the clinic set up. She sees that he is buried in work with his phone ringing off the hook. She then urges Michael to let her hold the little one and take her off his hands. While he's on the phone, she happily interacts with the baby.

In the locker room, Dante asks Nathan if he intends to give up on Maxie and believe that she and Spinelli and the baby are one big happy family.

Lulu can sense that Maxie is having doubts about Nathan's commitment to her although Maxie assures her that it's Nathan's job to help Dante in the search for Luke. She tells her friend when her dad is missing, that takes precedence over other things. Lulu feels bad about taking Nathan away from Maxie when her little one has the flu. Maxie tells her maybe it was a good thing that Nathan was not there with her last night. Lulu can see that Spinelli might have had something to do with that and would like to find out if he does have a chance with Maxie. Maxie admits that Spinelli has recently become very confident, assertive and different than he was before.

In Jake's hospital room, Carly is able to find out from him that Sloan is putting him up to doing Sloane's dirty work for him and she is determined to help him although he does not want her getting involved in his mess. She tells him there's got to be something she can do for him. In response to that, he asks her how well she knows Julian Jerome.

The two opposing teams have a shoot-out on the docks. Again nobody has gotten shot. Except when Julian is unarmed, Duke points a gun on him asking if he's “made his point”. Immediately thereafter, Anna holds a gun on both of them and replies she has gotten the point.

When Michael gets off the phone, he can see how comfortable Sabrina is holding and interacting with the baby and she remarks she remembers taking care of many children while growing up. He tells her he's really sorry the building of the clinic is on hold as he knows she was really looking forward to being a head nurse. She admits she was. It was a great opportunity. He tells her it still is. She admits that she can only wait around so long or else she'll have to look for another job.

Ric admits to Sonny that unfortunately this whole battle he has with Michael will not allow anyone out of this unscathed so he wants to be there for his brother. Sonny tells his brother that despite their history, Ric stepped up with that and he won't forget that. Ric reminds Sonny that he saved Ric's life. So the least he can do is help him get his kid back. They propose a toast to their new brotherly bond. Sonny then tells Ric, for the record, he knows that Ric is the right man for Elizabeth and she should not be with a shady guy who doesn't have a name or a past.

At the hospital, while Elizabeth justifies Jake to Patrick, he reminds her that they still know nothing about Jake's history or what goes on when he's not around them. She asks Patrick if he's ever “just had a feeling” about someone and tells him she knows that Jake is a good person. She just knows it. He tells her he will just say this because she is her friend and urges her to please be careful.

Inside Jake's hospital room, he is really surprised to find out that Carly briefly dated Julian, and concludes that her putting in a good word for him to Julian might not get him anywhere. She agrees however, she tells him, maybe a good word from his daughter could do that.

Sam goes into Maxie's hospital room where Georgie is staying and happily greets her and meets the little one for the first time. She looks at Georgie and remarks she looks just like her mom, as she also remarks her father is handsome too. Lulu then tells them now that she can see Georgie is ok, she wants to find out what Dante may have found out about her dad and she departs.

Dante continues to talk to Nathan, remarking that they both come from dysfunctional families and it obviously affects both of their lives. However, he reminds his partner, the main question he needs to ask himself is if he loves Maxie. Nathan replies he does. Dante concludes to him, in that case, he can't let her get away.

On the docks, Anna finds out she can't take any action against either party when Julian shows her papers to prove that he has the legal right to own fire arms. Duke remarks to her he doesn't see why she believes this is her concern or her jurisdiction as she is no longer the police commissioner. He tells her he'd call this a local dispute. She reminds him this is concerning products from Canada and reminds him that international trafficking is very much her jurisdiction. She tells him if it's all the same to him, she'd really like to hear from Mr. Jerome, as she turns to a silent Julian for an answer.

Carly tells Jake that she knows for a fact that Julian is willing to listen to anything Sam tells him because he has a special need to bond with his daughter and win her over. He asks her why, even if that's true, that Sam would want to help him. Carly tells him that Sam now realizes she was wrong to make false accusations of him being a kidnapper, murderer and an accomplice to an international terrorist. And the way she sees it, Sam owes him for that. He then asks her how Sonny's custody hearing went. She replies there's not much to tell. Sonny lost custody of his baby daughter and he was devastated.

Ric tells Sonny he believes Carly was right that maybe Sonny has to prove to the courts that he is not all about business if he wants his daughter back. He further tells Sonny he can't be hidden in this house with guards all around. It gives Michael's theory validity that he is a mob boss with kids who are targets. He tells Sonny he has to get out and present himself as a fine upstanding member of society. And Sonny he needs to know that right now Michael is leading in the “public image department”.

When Sabrina tells Michael she has to get back to work and earn a paycheck, he tells her maybe he can help her with that.

Carly continues to comfortably confide in Jake about how Sonny is filling an appeal but it's only prolonging the agony, how she hates being in the middle of this. She's siding with Sonny over her son Michael in this is a lose-lose. Hearing that, Jake remarks that he believes if anyone can navigate their way through this, it's her. She then urges him to get dressed and leave with her to go and find Sam.

Nathan returns to Maxie while she's with baby Georgie, Spinelli and Sam. He admits he has not found out anything about Luke but did speak to Dante. Spinelli informs Nathan that he intends to be there until they know that Georgie can go home. Nathan then asks Spinelli if he can speak to him about that.

Anna asks Julian if he would like to file formal charges against Mr. Lavery.

Ric tells Sonny he's really sorry he's going through this now. However, he believes Sonny needs to see the reason Michael is lashing out right now is because he's hurt. Ric admits he remembers feeling that way toward Sonny once. But look where they are now, Ric tells him. Sonny asks Ric if he knows how long it will take for Michael to come around.

Assuming she knows the type of job he's offering her, Sabrina tells Michael she appreciates his offer but she's not certain she's qualified to work in the corporate world unless ELQ needs an in-house nurse. He tells her he was thinking of this house and asks her how she'd like a job as AJ's full time nanny.

On the docks, when Julian, Carlos and Duke all agree that this is nothing more than a business dispute between friends, she advises them to take their business and go somewhere else. Julian then goes off with Carlos and tells him they can discuss what happened back at the gallery how he's afraid Duke will be a problem and they need to address it sooner than later.

Anna tells Duke the next time she runs into a situation like this, she will not be able to look the other way. She reminds him she's been watching him. He tells her he'd expect nothing less, as he walks away smiling and smirking She then runs into Jordan and needs to make it appear that they have nothing to say to each other. Jordan meets up with Shawn and demands to know what the hell Anna Devane was doing there. Shawn replies that's a good question and informs Jordan that clearly Anna must have known they were all there.

At the station, Dante admits to Lulu he has not found out anything but will not rest until he finds out what happened to her father. Hearing that, she tells him he will rest. He's no good to anyone running on empty and needs to get home with her. He admits he just gave Nathan the same advice although he did not take it. He asks her how Georgie is. Lulu replies the little one is great but she has some concerns about Georgie's mommy.

Inside Georgie's room, Sam urges Spinelli to let her buy him a meal at the cafeteria although he does not want to leave Maxie alone in the room with Nathan. After she physically pulls him out of the room, Maxie asks Nathan what he came to talk about. He tells her he's sorry he had to leave and get to work. He tells her he wants to be there for her and for Georgie and he realizes that she and Spinelli have this connection. He affirms to her that he loves her and doesn't want to give up on her.

When Sam goes with Spinelli to the cafeteria, they pass by Jake while he talks to Carly. Spinelli stares at this “stranger” he's never seen before in awe... and he says: “stone cold”, revealing he somehow knows that this man is Jason.

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