GH Update Tuesday 3/10/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/10/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

A depressed Spinelli was at the loft staring at Maxie's picture. He remembered telling Maxie that Ellie broke up with him because she thought he was still in love with Maxie. Dante came home and told Spinelli about Luke's escape. Dante asked about Spinelli's search for Pat. Spinelli explained that he'd found an address and gave it to Lulu and Tracy. Dante decided to go back to ShadyBrook. Spinelli suggested that Dante call Nathan first. Dante was reluctant to call his partner on his day off. Spinelli thought fast and added that Nathan would want to know, since his sister was involved. Dante complimented Spinelli on being kind enough to consider Nathan's feelings, despite everything that was going on between them.

Lucas was at GH. A nurse walked up and told him he had a patient waiting. Lucas was confused, since he wasn't supposed to have a patient, but he made his way to the cubicle. Brad was waiting inside, wearing a hospital gown and lying on a gurney. He pulled Lucas into a kiss. Lucas got into it at first, but he soon put the breaks on and reminded Brad that they would be in trouble if Obrecht found out. Brad reluctantly agreed to tone it down, but he explained that he couldn't focus on anything besides Lucas, ever since Lucas had said I love you. Brad admitted that his little scheme to have sex at work had been a bit over the top. Lucas noted that it was no more dramatic than Lucas's Valentines day gesture. Brad was shocked when Lucas confided that it had been Julian who pushed Lucas to tell Brad how he felt about him. They said I love you to each other and kissed. The nurse interrupted them and told Lucas that he had another patient – a real one, this time.

Maxie and Nathan arrived at her apartment, carrying a bag of groceries. Georgie was with Maxie's parents, and Maxie was excited about getting to spend the night with Nathan. Nathan noted that they hadn't had a chance to do that since Spinelli arrived and messed things up. They shared a meal, and things were a bit tense, at first. Nathan told Maxie that he didn't want to lose her. She felt the same way about him. They decided to argue less and kiss more. They kissed. They finished dinner and things started heating up. They appeared to be on their way to the bedroom when the phone rang – it was Dante. Nathan hung up, then he brought Maxie up to speed. Maxie wondered how ShadyBrook was allowed to keep operating, when people keep escaping. Nathan apologized for having to leave, but Maxie understood that Nathan needed to be there for Nina. Nathan left. Later, Spinelli showed up, claiming to be looking for his flash drive. The annoyed Maxie reluctantly let him in. Spinelli pretended to be surprised that Nathan wasn't there. He tried to help himself to some of the leftovers, but Maxie snapped that she was saving them for Nathan. Felicia called from GH – something was wrong with Georgie.

Maxie and Spinelli raced into the hospital. Felicia explained that Georgie had a fever of 104. Maxie was panicked, and Spinelli assured her that it wasn't necessarily a cause for alarm. Georgie was in the cubicle with Lucas. Maxie rushed in and asked her cousin what was wrong. Spinelli followed. Lucas thought Georgie had the flu. Maxie blamed herself for letting Georgie get sick, but Lucas told Maxie it was impossible to protect Georgie 100% of the time. Spinelli pointed out that Georgie had been vaccinated. Lucas explained that there were several strains of the flu and the vaccine didn't protect against them all. Lucas wanted to keep Georgie overnight, to be safe. He agreed to let Maxie and Spinelli stay with her. Maxie asked if Georgie would be okay. Lucas reminded Maxie that Georgie was a Jones, so she'd be fine. Lucas left. Nathan heard that Georgie was sick, so he went to GH. He walked into the cubicle and saw Maxie and Spinelli huddled together with Georgie between them.

Lucas joined Brad at the nurses' station. Brad praised Lucas for saving Georgie's life. Lucas clarified that Georgie wasn't that sick, but Brad insisted that Lucas was his hero.

At Greystone Manor, Michael cradled Avery in his arms. While Sonny, Carly, Kiki, and Morgan looked on, Michael told Avery Jerome Corinthos that she'd now be known as AJ Quartermaine. Kiki argued that her mom wouldn't have wanted that. Michael clarified that AJ was just a nickname, not her new legal name. Everyone was upset with Michael. Michael accused them of all being more concerned about what Avery was called than whether or not she was safe. Sonny insisted that he (Sonny) was concerned for Avery's safety, but Michael countered that Sonny just wanted to win. Michael argued that if Sonny cared about Avery, he'd give her up, the way Jason did with Jake. Michael reminded everyone that he'd been shot in the head. Carly urged Michael to stop this, but Michael swore he was stopping the cycle of violence. Michael stated that he'd tried his best to protect Morgan, and he promised to do a better job protecting AJ. Morgan accused Michael of trying to annoy Sonny. Michael was adamant that he was taking the baby for her own good, but he conceded that he chose the nickname to needle Sonny. “Me calling her AJ... Me growing up in your world with your name, that was my father's worst nightmare,” Michael stated. “You did that to him, now I'm gonna do it to you,” Michael vowed. Michael pointed out that Sonny killed Michael's father. Sonny swore he'd regret that for the rest of his life. Michael turned to take Avery and leave. Morgan tried to stop him, but Carly and Kiki held him back. Sonny vowed to get both Avery and Michael back into his life. He reminded Michael that this was his family and his home. Sonny admitted he taught Michael how to go for someone's weakness. Sonny warned Michael that he could break Michael. “I may not want to, but I will,” Sonny threatened. Michael disagreed. Michael vowed to raise Avery in the Quartermaine house - something that Sonny had prevented AJ from doing with Michael. Michael declared that justice was finally being served, and he took the baby and left.

Kiki was worried that Sonny was mad at her for refusing to take Avery to the Island. Sonny admitted that he should have never asked her and Morgan to do that. He assured Kiki that this happened because of Michael and not her. Kiki asked for a ride home. Morgan suggested that they stay and order a pizza. Kiki and Sonny weren't hungry. Morgan tried to cut the tension by teasing Sonny about his appetite. Morgan was adamant that they all needed to be together right now after losing Avery. Kiki and Morgan left the room. Sonny was depressed and didn't know if he could do this. Carly gave Sonny some gentle encouragement. She told him that his son was trying to help him. Carly told Sonny that he was a good father and a good father would accept the help. They all ate pizza and played monopoly. Morgan lost several times and wanted a rematch. Sonny joked that it was clear that Morgan was Carly's kid. Morgan promised to come by tomorrow to check on Sonny. Carly quietly thanked Morgan for helping Sonny, then Kiki and Morgan left. Carly thanked Sonny for allowing Morgan to help him. Carly felt that Morgan really needed that. Sonny admitted that he needed it too. Sonny asked Carly to stay the night. She agreed and kissed him.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Lulu told Tracy that Franco and Nina helped Luke escape from ShadyBrook. Tracy was stunned and worried. Lulu was afraid of what Luke would do next. Lulu decided to go find out what was going on. She warned Tracy to call the police if Luke showed up. Lulu left. Tracy heard a noise, and she screamed while brandishing a fireplace poker. It was Michael coming home with the baby. Tracy told the startled Michael about Luke's escape. Tracy was curious why it took Michael so long to get home, so Michael brought her up to speed. Michael speculated that Sonny had attempted to get the baby to the island. Tracy was disgusted that Sonny would rather send Avery into exile than let her live with Michael. Michael announced that he was calling her AJ. Tracy smiled; she thought Alan would be pleased to have another AJ in the house. Michael asked “AJ” if she liked her new name. On cue, AJ started to cry. Michael tried to calm her down, and he guessed he'd gotten rusty since taking care of Josslyn. Tracy took over. Michael marveled as he watched Tracy lovingly cradle little AJ and welcome her into the family. Tracy caught his expression, and Michael admitted that he hadn't ever seen her be quite so affectionate. He thanked Tracy. “Michael, we're Quartermaines, and there's two things we do best. We fight and we stick together,” Tracy said. Tracy watched Michael feeding Avery and told him he was a natural. Tracy admired the baby and looked forward to getting to see her grow up. Tracy left the room. Michael took little AJ over to AJ I's picture. He told his father that the new AJ would live a long and full life. Michael promised the first AJ that he wouldn't let Sonny take anything away from the new AJ.

When Lulu got home, Olivia was there with Rocco. Lulu held the baby, while Olivia told her about Rocco's day. Olivia knew about Lulu's troubles, and she promised to be there for her. Lulu appreciated it. The conversation shifted, and Lulu revealed that she knew Olivia was pregnant. Olivia was worried that Dante was freaked out. Lulu assured her that they were all excited. Olivia was overwhelmed with gratitude and she started to cry. Olivia noted that Lulu already had a mother, and a surrogate mom in Tracy, but... Lulu interjected that she could use all the mothering she could get.

Franco and Nina were sitting on the floor at ShadyBrook, while Nina recovered from getting tased. Franco vowed to get revenge on Luke. Nina loved Franco for sticking up for her, but she didn't think there was anything they could do about Luke, now that he'd escaped. Franco was angry that Luke had tried to snap Nina's neck, gotten her tased, and escaped without them. The guard accused Nina and Franco of helping Luke escape. Franco pretended to be incoherent. The guard placed the pair in a room and left to get the police. An apologetic Franco admitted that Nina was right – they shouldn't have trusted Luke. Nina forgave him because she understood that he was trying to get them out of ShadyBrook. They kissed. Dante, Nathan, and the guard interrupted the moment. Nina and Franco quickly pulled apart. Nathan asked Nina if she helped Luke escape. Franco signaled Nina to lie. Nina told Nathan that she couldn't lie to him. Franco quickly confessed. Nina listened, with amusement, as Franco claimed he'd untied Harry Houdini, not Luke. The skeptical cops asked why Nina had been seen leaving the room with Luke. Franco replied that Nina had been going to get more rope to tie “Harry” up, in order to placate the magical community. Nathan and Dante didn't buy Franco's story, but they wanted to focus on finding Luke right now. Nathan asked Nina if she knew where Luke was. She swore she didn't. The cops left. Nina appreciated that Franco took the rap for her, but she told him he didn't have to. Franco had no regrets. Two guards came in and took Franco and Nina back to their rooms.

Dante went home. He filled Lulu in on what happened and promised that they'd find Luke.

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