GH Update Monday 3/9/15

General Hospital Update Monday 3/9/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Nathan concludes to Maxie that maybe they should call it quits. Maybe it's just not working between them. She asks him if he can declare that he wants out of their relationship just because of one stupid kiss between her and Spinelli that she did not even want. He tells her that when he walked in on her and Spinelli, she did not appear to be “not wanting” it. She asks him if this is really what he wants. Does he really want to break up with her after all they have been through?

Spinelli returns to Tracy and tells her it appears he has tracked down Luke Spencer's sister Patricia who may have the answers they are looking for.

At ShadyBrook, Luke declares to Franco and to Nina that he has the resources to get them all out of there. But, he tells them, if they'd rather stay there, that's up to them. Franco tells Nina that maybe they should consider his offer. Even if she does not trust Luke, he tells her, he is willing to make some sacrifices if they can get out of this place together although, he admits to her, it is entirely her decision whether she wants to go along with this or not. He tells her he will respect whatever her decision is. Hearing that, Nina tells him let's do it. She will agree to this.

At Sonny's home, Michael has CPS accompany him to find Avery and take her to live with him after he's won the custody hearing. Yet they cannot find her after Sonny has made sure they will not and Michael instantly instructs them to arrest this son of a bitch, furiously remarking to his dad this does not surprise him one bit. Sonny is not going to take this lying down, however, any more than Michael is.

Morgan and Kiki are at Delia's restaurant with baby Avery. She tells him she is not ok with his and Sonny's plan to take her to Sonny's island. Also, she tells him, Michael will be on hunting them down. This is not the life she wants for her baby sister and they are not honoring the memory of her mom. Morgan seems ok with this plan and not worried about the outcome, however.

When Silas takes Ava back to the private hospital where he is keeping her hidden, he tells her that she does not have the options that she wants to have. She asks him why. He tells her she is dying. Hearing that, she assumes he must be joking but he does not laugh as he informs her she has cancer.

Maxie tells Nathan she cannot believe what she is hearing. Levi, Judge Walters, getting kidnapped and almost killed together doesn't scare him off but a kiss from Spinelli is all it takes for him to bail on her. Hearing that, he reminds her that she helped Johnny Zacchara escape. She aided and abetted a fugitive and he helped her cover it up. She reminds him that she apologized to him for that. He reminds her that she was not upfront with him about her conversations with Spinelli. He can clearly see that Spinelli has an agenda with her. And he believes that Spinelli is right about her having feelings for him. He realizes she and Spinelli have had a history together. Maybe that is driving a wedge into their relationship. So, he tells her, he will make this easier for her by bowing out so that she cannot be prevented from exploring her future with Spinelli.

When Spinelli goes to see Tracy, Lulu appears and informs him that they have had to take her father to ShadyBrook in a muzzle. Until they find out what is going on with Luke, he won't be going anywhere for a while.

At ShadyBrook, Nina admits to Franco that she has had to do some work to get over her delusions that she has a future with Silas. She has since gotten over her husband and the issues she was facing. She knows that Franco is in her future and she wants to be with him. Hearing that, Luke tells her that is where he comes in. he can help them achieve what they want if they get him out of these restraints.

Morgan asks Kiki what she plans to do. Is she willing to give up on this fight and never see Avery again. If they do not do what his dad wants, he will take Avery himself. Michael will take action against all of them and they may lose her forever.

At Sonny's home, Michael tells both of his parents that Avery belongs with him so they better tell him where she is. The CPS staff affirm that it's their job to do what Michael wants and if he does not comply, he's in violation of a court order. Michael reminds them that Sonny no longer has physical or legal custody. He does. He tells Sonny he will have him sent back to prison and this time the governor won't be able to pardon him. Carly protests that Michael not do this but Michael firmly tells them Sonny will be back in Pentonville the next morning if he does not tell them where Avery is right now.

Ava tells Silas she does not have cancer. She knows her karmic bank account is a little overdrawn but she does not have cancer. There must be a mistake. He tells her that after she was shot and he brought her in, he did blood work and it was confirmed that she has lymphoma. She asks how that could happen. He tells her it could have been from a fever. She laughs and tells him she has had all of that. While in prison, she dealt with conditions that would make one ill but she's gotten through it. He tells her, however, that he found out that she has a tumor. He knows all about the Hodgkin's type of lymphoma. That is what she has. It is malignant and it's advanced.

Maxie admits to Nathan that maybe she still does have feelings for Spinelli. They had a history together, almost got married and that still means something to her. Nathan asks her what about now. She replies that she and Spinelli are parents together and that will always be there. She tells him that regardless of that, she is not choosing Spinelli over him. She does not want to have to choose between them. He asks her if she wants both of them. She tells him of course not. She asks him if he does not understand what it's like to have more than one person in one's history. She's sure she not his first girlfriend. He confirms that's true. She asks if he has not had feelings for someone and a part of him that will always love them even if they are no longer together.

Franco is ready to remove Luke's restraints although Luke does not trust him to be alone in the room together. Yet Franco does not want Luke alone in the room with Nina. Franco agrees to leave the room and tells Nina if Luke so much as looks at her, he will come back and murder him. Nina remarks she likes the fact that Franco is not afraid to express himself and remarks how Silas was just too sullen and unemotional.

After Silas reveals the startling news to Ava, she tells him she now knows the reason he would not let her take Avery is because she will no longer be around to care for her. That's also the reason why he did not turn her in to send her back to prison.

Sonny declares to Michael he'd rather die in prison that hand his daughter over to her. Michael tells him he won't hesitate to have him arrested but he asks the CPS officers to give them a minute and he asks Sonny and Carly to think about what his best for Avery. He reminds Sonny that he still has a visible scar from when he was in a coma. Does Sonny want that to happen to Avery? Does he want her to be at the mercy of a rapist like Joe Scully Jr.? Whether those things were Sonny's fault or not, that is exactly what is in store for Avery if she lives with Sonny, Michael tells him. Michael admits that the Quartermaines are far from perfect. But Avery's safety will not be in danger if she lives in their home. Hearing that, Carly reminds her son that he should think of what Jason would say and do if he were alive today, regarding what it was like to grow up in that house. He knows all too well that growing up there only causes people pain and misery. Michael tells his mom, however, that most of the people who caused these issues are dead now and he's sure that the ones who are still alive will cherish Avery. Sonny tells his son that Monica will poison Avery's mind against him. Michael reminds Sonny that his grandmother has good reason after Sonny murdered her son. Sonny then vows to Michael and to CPS, regardless of everything, he will die before he will let Michael raise his child. So, he tells them all, they may arrest him. Michael tells them after they get done arresting him, he needs them to arrest Carly too.

Maxie tells Nathan he cannot tell her what he would do if a woman from his past walked through the door and into his life unexpectedly. He tells her that is not the point because he was not just kissing his ex. He knows she has her explanations but none of it makes him feel any better about what is going on between her and Spinelli. He tells her it's clear that the only thing left for him to do is let her go. It will be better that way. He knows of no way to fix their issues. She tells him this is completely fixable. Unless, of course, he has lost all faith in her.

After finding out that Spinelli has located Luke's sister Pat, Tracy tells him it's very simple what they do. They go and find her which can be pretty easy to do if she has an address. Spinelli, however, tells her it's not that simple.

Nina somewhat reluctantly unfastens Luke's restraints when he asks her what a goddess like her is doing with that phony artist. Hearing that, she tells him he has to take that back. Otherwise, she will leave him there stranded.

Outside Luke's room, Franco sits on a bench in the hallway, distracting guards, having them believing that he's delusional and having hallucinogenic episodes.

Inside Nina tells Luke he either apologizes for what he said about Franco or they will leave him stuck and escape without him. He then apologizes and she unties him.

In the hallway, Franco distracts the guard. But before he's pulled off his plan, the guard notices Nina and Luke coming out of the room.

Silas admits to Ava a major reason he has not told anyone she's alive is because her memorial was kind of the “real deal” as she admits that she got a sneak peak of her funeral.

Sonny asks Michael why he wants to drag Carly into this along with his father. Michael tells them she is also defying a court order and involved in conspiracy to commit kidnapping although Sonny tells Michael he does not have evidence. Michael tells him she has witnessed Sonny's lies about Avery's whereabouts both in the courtroom and here. So he has every reason to believe she is in on this with him and he concludes that CPS need to take her too. He knows that Carly knows as well as Sonny knows where Avery it. At that point, Sonny concludes that he will tell Michael where Avery is if he agrees not to arrest Carly. Yet Carly tells her son he may arrest her. At that point, Michael tells them he knows all about Sonny's private island in Puerto Rico where he frequently sends his children. Unexpectedly, Morgan and Kiki enter with baby Avery. They all stare speechlessly at each other.

Silas takes Ava's hand and tells her she's sorry. She asks why he is sorry. He's one of the very best Oncologists there are and if anyone can help her beat this, it's him. She asks if there are any blood relations who could donate bone marrow. He confirms that he carefully researched all biological family members for compatibility and none of them are a match

When Michael notices Morgan and Kiki with Avery, he instantly assumes that they are also in on this. They both tell Michael that they are also family members to Avery. They know and love her more than Michael does and they have every right to spend this time with her. And they have more of a right to keep her than Michael does for that reason. Ye he does not listen and demands they hand over “his sister”.

Lulu and Tracy both demand to know why Spinelli cannot give them Pat's address. Yet he tells them that it's not as simple as that. They want to go off and find Pat and have Spinelli return to his computer. Yet he has some “business” to attend to, which may be more of a personal nature, which he admits involves Nathan and Maxie.

Maxie tells Nathan she wants to spend some time together and get back what they had. She wants to cook and hear him speak French to her, tell him about all of her fashion trends. And she wants them to see how good they are for each other.

Spinelli then reveals to Lulu that Nathan walked in on him kissing Maxie. He tells her that he saw some clear indications that Maxie may still have feelings for him. Lulu admits she does not know what to say or do about that. Tracy also engages in that conversation by encouraging Spinelli not to spend any more time in the house talking to them about it. He needs to go and fight for the woman he loves. Hearing that, Spinelli leaves feeling completely encouraged. Alone with Tracy, Lulu asks her if she really believes that Spinelli has a chance with Maxie. Tracy admits to her stepdaughter she just wanted to get rid of him.

When the guards catch Luke out of his restraints, he grabs a hold of Nina and tells them if they get any closer, he will snap her neck. It appears she has passed out while guards go and run after Luke. Franco rushes to see what may have happened to Nina.

Alone with Tracy, Lulu tells her stepmother they need to really think before acting so that they can get the information from Pat without scaring her off. Tracy affirms all she wants is to get Luke back.

Maxie and Nathan look like they are ready to reconcile, kiss and make up, and she affirms he's dead wrong to think that she'd choose him over Spinelli. And right when they kiss, Spinelli walks in on them.

Silas tells Ava he's gone over every option of bone marrow donors for her. Ava still does not want to give up. Yet he tells her he's already looked into every idea she comes up with.

Morgan urges his dad to know that he had every intention of taking the baby with him to Puerto Rico. Sonny asks him why he didn't then. Morgan admits he did not want to involve Kiki, prevent her from being with her baby sister. Plus, he tells Sonny, she brought up a good point. A baby can't live like this. He can't do this to Kiki after she's already lost her mother. Hearing that, Sonny concludes to his son that he should not have asked them to do his dirty work for him and he believes Morgan did what he thought was right. Carly then join her son and ex and assures them they will all get through this. Outside the door, Michael notices Kiki holding the baby and coldly demands that she give him his sister. Yet she attempts to reason with him telling him she realizes he is angry with her and has good reason to. Yet can't he think about Avery. She's already lost her mom. He tells her he knows she does not believe him but he is acting in the interest of what is right for Avery. She tells Michael he's right that she does not believe him. Michael asks her if she'd like to see his scar so he can prove it. Kiki asks what has happened to him. When she first met him and Morgan and there were issues, Michael went of his way to do the right that. That is why she fell in love with him so hard, she tells him. She can't believe that the man she fell in love with cannot see what he is doing is so wrong. Michael tells her it's not wrong to bring Avery to a home where she will be safe. Kiki further tells Michael that Avery is going to need someone to comfort her when she cries and hold her until she falls asleep. She needs someone who will love her unconditionally even when she's sick or cranky or screaming for hours. She asks Michael if he is that person. Michael does not answer and we see Sonny sitting and staring and listening intently to their conversation.

Lulu and Tracy get the word from Dante that Luke escaped from ShadyBrook.

When it appears Nina has been fatally injured by Luke, all Franco cares about is being there for her whenever and wherever.

Spinelli's hopes are shattered when Maxie and Nathan confirm that they are getting back on track after realizing they belong together and are going to go home together. Alone, Spinelli affirms with God as his witness that this is not the end for him and Maxie.

Michael affirms to Kiki, Morgan and his parents that whatever they say, he loves Avery enough to protect her even if they hate him for it. Carly tells her son they love him and he knows that. He faces them all and reminds that that every single one of them has lied to him and betrayed him. Do they want to know why he is “like this”? It's because of them. And, he tells them, Avery deserves better than this. SO, it's time, he declares. He, again, asks Kiki to give him his sister. Instantly, Avery cries. Michael holds her and she calms down. Morgan tells Michael he cannot believe what he is seeing or that his brother is such a heartless son of a bitch. Michael continues to protest that he wants what is best for Avery. Morgan tells him he's got a funny way of showing it by taking her away from her father. Michael does however, promise Kiki that Avery will not forget her deceased mother.


Ava realizes that after all she's overcome, endured and survived that cancer will do her in. She cries in Silas' arms.

Michael talks to Avery, asking her if she reminds him. He tells her that she has been given the name of Corinthos, but he won't give her that name. He then tells all the others that he thinks he will just call her AJ.

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