GH Update Friday 3/6/15

General Hospital Update Friday 3/6/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Tracy is on the phone asking Lulu if she's found out anything about Luke and realizes that no one has a clue what happened to him or what caused his mental breakdown. And so it's best for all that he is locked up in ShadyBrook.

At ShadyBrook, after Luke has just been admitted, the door to his room is unlocked and Franco enters effortless without being seen. Luke seems to know that he is the offspring of Heather Weber and Scott Baldwin. Franco confronts Luke about what Luke did to his father. He tells him he wont' let him get away with assaulting Scott and makes indirect death threats to him. He tells Luke his corpse will be something to behold and maybe his (Franco's) best work ever.

Michael returns to the Quartermaine house after the custody hearing. Tracy asks how it went. he won custody of baby Avery. He assumes she will be surprised and possibly not in a good way that he has won and his baby sister will be coming home within hours

Sonny and Carly return to his home together and she is concerned that he lied to the courts telling Judge Walters that he would comply with the court order by having Avery ready to be taken to Michael. He told Walters that social services could find the infant in Sonny's home. They both know she is not there. She's in New York City at Ava's memorial service with Morgan and Kiki. Sonny tells his ex he's going to make certain that Avery stays in NY and that Michael will not be able to take her.

At Ryan's Bar, Ava is ready to take the same drastic measures with her daughter to take her with her, risking all consequences so that neither Sonny nor Michael can keep Avery from her. Silas and Delia both warn her not to do that. She tells them she has to do this or else she may never see Avery again.

While Dante and Lulu are both out, Spinelli is with Maxie, in the empty apartment telling her he is ready to take the plunge for them to be together and be a family. And, he tells her, he believes so is she, and right then, he kisses her. At that point, to their surprise, Nathan walks in to see them. She asks Nathan what he is doing there. He replies he found out that Spinelli was going to do the leg work on the Luke Spencer case. However, given what he has seen, he assumes that his girlfriend has made her choice about whom she wants to be with.

Tracy tells Michael she overheard Monica talking to Walters and knows that his grandmother was able to pull strings for Michael to win custody of the baby. Hearing that, he replies she was eavesdropping and wants her to believe that she may have heard wrong. Tracy assures him, however, she is completely on board with what he is doing. She wants to congratulate him and understands how Sonny has gotten away with too many crimes. Sonny has been a blight on their family and a greedy arrogant thug. He is a criminal and a threat to society and had no right to steal Michael from his rightful family. She believes that Michael's scheme to prevent Sonny from having the baby was poetic justice.

When Carly expresses her concern to Sonny about taking drastic measures to prevent Michael from having Avery, he tells her he has no choice. Michael is determined to prevent him from ever seeing his daughter again. He knows his son will only poison her mind against her father and he does not want to risk what he knows will happen. She protests however, that she realizes their son is angry but will, in time, come around. Sonny needs to know that Michael is a loving and good man and will do the right thing in the end. Sonny does not believe that however. She reminds him that the social workers are on their way to pick up Avery with Michael. Yet Sonny is determined to make sure they do not do that.

While Ava is ready to take baby Avery, Delia reminds her that Morgan and Kiki are on their way there. What is she going to tell them when they walk in there and see that Avery is gone?

Right outside the door, Kiki tells Morgan that she wonders about her future. She doesn't want to leave New York City and return to Port Charles. Her mom is dead. She wants to be with her family and is so afraid that Sonny won't let her see Avery and it's too painful to deal with. Right then, he gets a call from Sonny urging his son not to return to Port Charles with Avery. Morgan asks why. Sonny tells Morgan he cannot explain the reasons right now but Morgan needs to trust him and do what his dad says.

Luke tells Franco he knows that his father Scott Baldwin is a loser and a parasite on society. He is too much of a coward to defeat Luke so he ends his kid to do what he cannot do. So, he “calmly” tells Franco, Franco may do what he needs to do and he won't prevent Franco from killing him. Franco then grabs a pillow for which to suffocate Luke. Right then, suddenly, Nina walks into the room and tells him he can't go through with that. He tells her that it has to be done. However, she protests that if he does that, he won't get away with it. There are doctors all around that will put him in a straight jacket and he can get charged with murder and sent back to prison. She reminds him that their goal is to get out of this place and be free together. That won't happen if he kills a man. Overhearing that, Luke comments to Franco that if he has to choose between “going away with this goddess” and doing what Scotty Baldwin is too cowardly to do, then he belongs in this place.

Tracy tells Michael she knows all too well that Sonny does not care about his kids. All he cares about is himself, his money and his power and they are all merely trophies to him. She is completely ok with what Michael has done. She wholeheartedly agrees that the baby will be safe and sane with him and he has the right to do what he is doing. She does, however, warn him that Sonny is not going to accept this lying down. He won't let anyone take his property from him, she tells Michael. So he needs to be ready and prepared for a fight that he may not win.

Sonny calls Morgan and tells him he can't return to Port Charles with the baby. The reason is Michael won the custody case. He needs to make certain that Michael cannot get near the baby. He instructs his son to go to JFK airport. There will be a plane chartered for him and they will be ready for Morgan when he arrives. Morgan asks where he is going. Sonny replies somewhere Michael has no power; Sonny's private island

Ava urges her mom and Silas to do whatever they can and make up any story they can to tell Morgan and Kiki for why Avery is gone. Maybe tell them she was kidnapped. Delia tells her daughter she can't make up a story like that. The cops will be on that. Silas tells her her mom is making sense. She can't do that to Kiki and Morgan or to this little one. She can't live a life on the run. Hearing that, Ava angrily tells them both that they don't care about her. She can't trust them. She will do it with or without their help or approval.

Maxie attempts to rationalize to Nathan, telling him when he walked in on her and Spinelli kissing, it was not actually what it looked like. He asks her what it was then. He knows what he saw. She tells him that Spinelli kissed her and it was unexpected and uninvited. At that point, Nathan looks like he might want to physically intimidate Spinelli and goes after him. Spinelli protests that he and Maxie were talking about how the two of them may have possibilities that she may not have with Nathan. Right then, they are interrupted by a hit on Spinelli's computer. They need to find out what that is.

In Luke's hospital room at ShadyBrook, Nina protests to Franco that he could be jeopardizing his freedom and his future if he commits murder. Franco then agrees not to do it but confronts Luke that he better not overstep any of his boundaries with his father, with so much as looking at Nina or messing with him while they are all in this place. He tells him, in the meantime, he and Nina have to focus their time and energies on how they escape this place. Hearing that, Luke tells the two of them he might be of help to them in that department.

At the Quartermaine house, Alice is very excited about getting the place ready for the little one. Tracy also shares with her that it appears there will be another baby in the house since she's heard that Olivia Falconeri is pregnant by Ned. Tracy notices the picture of her deceased father, Edward Quartermaine over the mantelpiece and proudly tells him she wishes he was here. Michael has turned into the Quartermaine his great grandfather always wanted and whom he would be so proud of. They do, however, realize that Sonny is probably not going to accept this and might take the drastic measures they know all too well that Sonny is famous for.

At Delia's restaurant, she urges her daughter to know that she won't lose her baby if she does not take her now. For now, however, she needs to let Avery go.

When Sonny gets off the phone to Morgan, Carly tells him if he does what he intends to do, that is kidnapping and he's making Morgan an accomplice. He tells her it can't be kidnapping when Avery is his daughter and Morgan needs to be protected along with the baby so he needs a safe and secret place to go. She asks how he can say that Morgan or the baby need to be protected from Michael, as she reminds him that Michael is their son. He's going to love her and care for her and Sonny does not need to do this to himself or to Morgan. Yet he tells her he needs to delay Michael long enough so that he cannot go near her. Carly then asks him what if Michael gets here before Sonny can put this plan into motion. What is he going to say or do? Right then, there's a pounding on the door. It's Michael, accompanied by cops and social services, demanding that Sonny opens the door. Sonny tells Carly he won't get her involved in this. Yet she tells him she is in this with him.

Morgan and Kiki enter after Ava has hidden from sight and engage with Delia and baby Avery, suspecting nothing and still completely unaware that Ava is alive. Kiki takes a picture of the little one with a St. Patrick's Day hat.

Ava goes with Silas back to the secret hospital where she's kept incognito. He continues to lecture her on how close they were to getting caught. He tells her she is being selfish and unfair to both of her daughters. She reminds him she has been without her baby since the day she was born and has spent only a very short time being able to hold her. She tells Silas she needs to be with Avery. She did not risk everything for nothing. She breaks down crying as she tells Silas she feels this emptiness and aching in her soul and if she does not get Avery back, she is going to break. Silas holds her while she cries.

Morgan tells Delia he needs to get ready to go and really enjoyed being with her and being part of Ava's memorial service. When they are alone, he informs Kiki that Sonny's phone call was to inform him that Michael won in court. Hearing that, she asks how that could have happened, telling him she thought it was almost impossible for a father to lose a custody case for his child. He replies he does not know the details but they need to take drastic actions to prevent Michael from being able to do what the courts have awarded him the right to do.

Spinelli hears a notification from his computer and explains to Nathan and to Maxie that he is searching a data base for Luke's sister Patricia, and he's very confident that he can succeed where the cops and just about everyone else has failed with finding her. It may lead them to the answer that everyone has been looking for regarding how Luke has been acting so “un Luke-like”.

In Luke's hospital room at ShadyBrook, he tells Franco and Nina that he's very confident that his stay in this place is only temporary. When he leaves, he can take them with him since the three of them have the same goal. For the first time, Franco admits he's listening. Right then, Nina takes Franco aside and demands to know how he can trust a man he was about to kill who tried to kill his father. Luke tells them both that he, like them, is not stupid, knowing how to appear crazy to get put in a loony bin instead of prison. He tells them he has a plan to get all three of them out of there. Franco admits that he believes their best chance of getting out of this place is with him. Yet she reminds them they tried escaping before and where did that get them? Franco reminds her that having the little bundle of joy with them was what made it very difficult. If it's just the two of them, however, they might be able to much more successfully pull it off. Luke affirms to them that he is the “master of disappearance”.

Tracy informs Alice that Luke bit off part of Scott Baldwin's ear and is now in a mental institution. She admits she is very worried and knows that it might be the only place for him right now. She just wishes there was a way to find out what it is that is causing Luke to turn into this hideous person whom she does not know. She admits that right now, her only hope, might be in the hands of a “grade A boob”.

When Spinelli informs Nathan that he may have conclusive information that can give them answers about Luke Spencer, Nathan wants to see it. Spinelli clearly has something to hide from Nathan and from the cops and informs him he has been contracted by Tracy Quartermaine and not by the PCPD. Maxie finds herself in the middle of this and urges Spinelli to share it with Nathan if this is something they all want and need to know. However, Spinelli escapes and goes out the door.

Ava tells Silas she is sorry for falling apart like this. He tells her she does not need to apologize. He knows she must have gone through the wringer in the last few days. She tells him she has to make her next move and knows of somewhere in Port Charles where she can stay hidden. He adamantly tells her she just does not understand that she cannot do that. She protests that she cannot be away from her family or from her baby. Yet he wants to lay down the law to her that what she wants can never happen. When she hears the word never, she asks him why.

At Delia's restaurant, Kiki tells Morgan they can't take Avery to live on Sonny's private island. He asks her if she did not hear that Michael intends to take the baby away from them so that they will never get to see her again. Does she just want to hand Avery over to his brother? Hearing that, she tells him of course not. She realizes she doesn't even know Michael anymore and doesn't want Avery living with him. But doesn't Morgan realize that Michael will find a way to hunt them down and have them taken to prison? And, she admits to him, they would deserve it.

Sonny opens the door for Michael to come in and tries to distract his son by offering him a drink. Michael hastily tells Sonny he only wants his daughter. Sonny tells Michael he will go up and get her. Yet Michael tells the social workers he does not trust Sonny and only wants them to get Avery. Sonny tells Michael that he knows that Avery is not comfortable around strangers. Yet Michael does not trust anything Sonny says or does and instructs the child welfare officers to go up the stairs and find Avery for him.

After Spinelli has left Maxie and Nathan alone in Dante and Lulu's apartment, she tries to distract Nathan telling him they could go to the floating rib to get a bite to eat or back to her apartment. Nathan tells her that he has lost his appetite since he walked in on her kissing Spinelli. No matter what she says, he could tell when he walked in, she did not appear to be in a hurry to stop Spinelli from kissing her. He tells her maybe they need to re-evaluate their relationship and find out if this is really what is right for them.

Tracy admits to Alice that when she saw that very man who was her husband turn into this monster, she did not believe it. She emotionally tells her when she went to see Luke in his jail cell, and for just a fleeting moment, her Luke came back. But then he was gone. Yet she can't give up. She knows he is there somewhere. Alice tells him she knows that Mr. Luke is also there and she won't give up. Right then, Spinelli enters and informs Tracy he thinks he has some information on how they can find Luke's sister.

In Luke's hospital room, Nina tells Franco she does not want to trust this sociopathic criminal who planted a bomb that could have killed people and bit off Scott Baldwin's ear. Yet he tells her that Luke's crimes don't seem so unusual to him so maybe he can be of assistance to them with their plan to flee the law.

Morgan urges Kiki to know that the two of them and Avery can be safe on his dad's island. Yet she tells him this is not about them. This is about Avery. She knows Michael and what he is capable of doing.

At Sonny's house, he tells Michael he does not care about the court order. He won't let Michael take his daughter. When the child welfare people announce they could not find Avery where Sonny said they would find her, Michael declares he knew this would happen and instructs them to arrest this son of a bitch.

Ava vows to Silas that she has beat the odds just like he knows. There has got to be something she can do to save herself and she's got to think of something. He then tells her it would not matter even if she could find a way. Hearing that, she demands Silas tell her what he means by that. He replies she is dying.

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