GH Update Thursday 3/5/15

General Hospital Update Thursday 3/5/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

A trail of reporters followed Tracy into GH. They asked her to comment on what happened at the courthouse. Security threw the reporters out, and Tracy approached Lulu, who was lingering outside a patient room in the ICU, and asked what happened at Luke's arraignment. The story was told in flashbacks that took place at the courthouse – Diane had expedited Luke's arraignment. Bobbie was pleased, hoping that the sooner Luke was tried, the sooner he could get the help he needed. Lulu wasn't sure Diane had made the right move. Bobbie assumed Diane had her client's best interests at heart. Lulu noted that Diane's client was Luke's dark side. Lulu thought that Diane's top priority was getting a paycheck. Luke exited the courtroom, confident that he was going to be released soon. Bobbie told Luke that they were going to get him the help he needed. Scott appeared and vowed to send Luke to Pentonville. Luke roared at everyone to get out of his face. Scott continued to boast, and Bobbie told him it was not the time to gloat. Scott claimed he was only trying to show everyone that he'd been right about Luke all along. Scott spat that Luke was a rapist and a murderer, who deserved to be snuffed out. Scott promised to tell Laura about all this.

Scott added that Luke's insanity plea was a con, and that Luke seemed sane to him. Luke suddenly attacked Scott. Tracy and Lulu felt bad for Scott and they wondered how they'd come back from this. Lulu was worried that Scott would use the incident to destroy Luke instead of allowing him to get treatment. Tracy had talked to Diane, who'd promised to do damage control, but Lulu felt that Diane was the one who got them into this. Lulu thought Scott should have known what he was getting into when he taunted Luke. Tracy pointed out that Luke was the attacker. She hoped Bobbie could work her charms and get Scott to soften up on Luke. Tracy and Lulu hoped Spinelli would find a way to prove something caused Luke's break with reality. Lulu was still shaken up by seeing her father do something so violent. “That being said, it couldn't have happened to a nicer person,” Tracy added.

Bobbie was inside the hospital room, with Scott. Scott was in pain. Bobbie gently asked if he remembered how he got there. Scott spat that Bobbie's “psychotic brother” bit his ear off. Bobbie gently noted that it was just the tip and that the doctors were able to reattach it. Bobbie's clarification didn't calm Scott. She told him how sorry she was that this happened, but Scott snapped that couldn't hear her because her brother bit his ear off. Bobbie hoped Scott now realized that Luke had changed and that something was seriously wrong with him. Scott told Bobbie that she'd said her piece and she didn't have to hang around anymore. Bobbie confessed that she was there partially because she was concerned about Scott. Scott was surprised since he hadn't seen much of Bobbie since she slapped him at Carly's arraignment. Bobbie felt that Scott deserved the slap but not what Luke did to him. Scott was glad Bobbie still cared. Scott felt that Luke was like a rabid dog who needed to be put down, but he was sympathetic to Bobbie. He took her hand. Bobbie admitted that she didn't know how to help Luke.

Franco and Nina were in the common room at Shadybrook, along with another resident. The TV news was on, and the segment covered the incident at Luke's arraignment. Franco switched the TV off before the segment went into detail. He and Nina put on a show and pretended they were out of touch with reality. Nina chattered about her husband and daughter; the other resident tried to set Nina straight, but Nina yelled at her, and the frightened woman ran out of the room. Nina and Franco laughed. Nina congratulated Franco on getting released from his restraints. They resolved to pretend to be crazy enough that they'd be considered unfit to stand trial, and to convince someone that they were sane enough to be released from Shadybrook and back into the public.

Dante and Nathan arrived at Shadybrook, with Luke in tow. Luke was in a straightjacket and a Silence of the Lambs style bite mask. The detectives warned the guard to keep an eye on Luke. Nina spotted her brother and they chatted. Nathan promised for not visiting more often. Nina assured him it was okay, and added that she wished Silas would come. Franco overheard Nathan say Luke attacked Scott Baldwin, and Franco asked what happened to him. Nathan was taken aback because Franco seemed lucid. Franco covered and pretended he thought Scott was part of the Baldwin family of actors. Nathan advised Nina to find friends besides Franco, but Nina insisted that he was harmless.

Dante asked the guards to send him regular updates on Luke. Once Luke had been handed over to the guard and orderly, Dante and Nathan left. Nathan decided to go to the loft to see if Spinelli had tracked down Patricia Spencer. Dante wondered if Nathan was comfortable working with Spinelli, but Nathan was sure that things could be kept professional.

Dante went to GH. He told Lulu and Tracy that Luke had been transferred to Shadybrook and wouldn't be hurting anyone else.

Now that Franco and Nina were alone, Franco was agitated about having to pretend that he wasn't aware that his father had been attacked. Franco told Nina to be the lookout while he went to confront Luke.

The guard and orderly placed Luke in a room and removed his constraints. They left, and Franco arrived a moment later. Luke noted that Franco was “Heather's bastard,” but Franco only wanted to talk about his father. “My name is Franco Baldwin. You hurt my father. Prepare to die,” Franco said.

Maxie went to the loft, hoping to discuss her relationship issues with Lulu. In the hallway, Maxie told herself that Nathan was still her boyfriend and that this was just a normal rough patch. She remembered Nathan telling her that she needed to figure out whether she wanted him or Spinelli. She knocked on the door and was startled when Spinelli answered. Spinelli asked where Georgie was, and Maxie told him that she was with Mac and Felicia. Maxie learned that Spinelli was living at the loft, with the Falconeris. Maxie pointed out that this was a studio apartment. Spinelli claimed he had nowhere else to go, after Maxie threw him out. Maxie argued that Spinelli was being disingenuous, and she added that he had plenty of other options, like Sam's, or a hotel. Spinelli pointed out that it wasn't any of her business where he chose to stay.

Maxie accused Spinelli of making a mess of her life and putting her relationship in crisis. Spinelli felt that Maxie was only worked up about this because she had feelings for him. Maxie changed the subject and asked where Lulu was. Spinelli brought her up to speed on Luke. Maxie wondered how Luke could snap and turn into a monster. Spinelli confided that Lulu and Tracy had hired him to find Patricia Spencer for insight into Luke's past. Maxie asked why Dante wasn't doing it. Spinelli hinted that his search methods weren't exactly legal. Maxie grumbled about being caught between a cop and crook. Spinelli took that as confirmation that Maxie had feelings for him. Maxie snapped that this had nothing to do with her feelings for him, or lack thereof. Maxie felt that Spinelli had dragged her into something illegal; something she was going to have to hide from Nathan. She accused him of doing the same thing Johnny did. Spinelli argued that what he and Maxie had was special, unlike her and Johnny. Maxie wanted Spinelli to stop acting like they were still a thing and the biggest problem they had was planning their non wedding. She reminded him that they didn't go through with their wedding because it would have been a mistake back then. Spinelli added that they had a beautiful daughter now. Maxie agreed, but she wanted Spinelli to stop acting like there was still something between them. Spinelli promised to stop if Maxie would admit she still had feelings for him. Maxie explained that she'd picked up the pieces of her life and built something wonderful with Nathan. Spinelli noted that Maxie didn't answer his question. “I think this is our time,” Spinelli said. He tried to convince Maxie to take a chance and be a family. He kissed her, and Maxie kissed him back. Nathan walked in and saw them.

Silas was went he went back to NY Methodist and discovered that Ava was missing. Silas realized that Ava must have went to Ryan's. He swore and ran out.

Ava entered Ryan's bar and came face to face with her mother, Delia. At first Delia thought she was seeing a ghost, then she was overcome with joy when she realized Ava was alive. Delia told Ava about the memorial service, and Ava confessed that she'd been there. Ava was touched by the things Delia had said, especially the part about wishing she'd raised Ava. Delia assured Ava that she meant every word. Ava thought that should make it easy for Ava to understand why Ava couldn't stay away from Avery. Ava beamed as she picked Avery up and kissed her. Once Delia got over her initial shock, she wanted Ava to explain why she faked her death. Ava explained that she really did come close to death, and someone saved her. Delia asked who. Silas walked in and admitted that it was him. Delia was outraged. She assumed that Ava, Silas, Kiki and Morgan had set out to make a fool of her. Ava and Silas clarified that only Silas knew the truth about Ava. Delia was appalled that Ava would let Kiki suffer. Ava explained that she'd be sent back to prison if anyone knew the truth. Silas took Ava to task for sneaking out and risking his and her freedom. Ava explained that she'd felt compelled to see Avery. Silas wasn't surprised, but he was still upset with her. Ava tearfully admitted Silas was right and that she'd made him an accomplice. Silas added that she'd made Delia an accomplice too. Ava begged Delia to forget she ever saw her and to let them disappear. Delia wasn't comfortable with the idea of lying to Kiki, but she agreed to keep the secret. Ava thanked Delia, then she started toward the door – while carrying Avery. Silas confronted her, and Ava insisted on taking her daughter with her.

While Judge Walters was in chambers, Carly realized that she'd seen him at the Metro Court with Monica. She told Sonny and Ric. Sonny added that Judge Walters had decided the custody fight between Dante, Lulu, Maxie and Spinelli over Georgie. Ric had read about that case after signing on to work with Diane. Ric recalled that Judge Walters had flip flopped on his decision. Carly wondered if Monica was influencing the judge. Ric confronted Michael and Alexis. Sonny accused Michael of trying to rig the outcome by getting Michael's grandmother's boyfriend to preside over the case. Michael pretended not to know what Ric was talking about. Sonny argued that Michael could hate him, but Avery didn't deserve to be used as a pawn. Michael contended that he was trying to shield Avery from the dangers Sonny's other children and first wife faced. Sonny told Michael to admit he'd fixed the case. Michael refused to admit to anything, and he challenged Sonny to prove it. They argued again over what Michael's motives were. Michael claimed he was trying to protect Avery and that Sonny's suffering was a collateral benefit. Carly stepped in and pointed out that Sonny had a legal right to custody. Michael made a snide remark about Sonny's respect for the law. Carly reminded Michael that he was the one who tampered with the proceedings. Carly argued that it was like the Quartermaines to cozy up to the powerful and pay people off. Michael countered that Sonny would've just hanged the judge by a meat hook. Alexis tried to calm everyone down. Sonny warned Michael that Michael wouldn't get away with this. “I already have,” Michael replied.

Judge Walters walked in, and Ric asked that he recuse himself, due to the conflict of interest. Judge Walters argued that everyone had a conflict of interest – Ric was Sonny's brother and Michael's uncle, Alexis was Ric's ex wife and the mother to Sonny and Ric's children. Judge Walters felt that they should all trust each other to be professional. Judge Walters awarded custody to Michael. Sonny had an outburst. He ordered Michael to admit he was doing this out of revenge. Judge Walters noted that Sonny's children had been endangered while in his care. He signed an order for social services to deliver Avery to Michael. Judge Walters asked Sonny where Avery was. Sonny claimed she was at home with the nanny. Ric scurried off to file an appeal and get the verdict thrown out. Carly pulled Sonny aside and noted that he'd lied – Avery was in New York City. Sonny revealed that he planned to keep Avery in NYC until this was all straightened out. He refused to give his daughter to Michael.

A somber Alexis congratulated Michael and told him she hoped he'd be able to climb out of the slippery slope he'd gone down.

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