GH Update Wednesday 3/4/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/4/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At Kelly's, Olivia meets with Dante and asks about baby Rocco, remarks about baby Georgie but clearly indicates she has called him there for another reason. He asks her what that is. She then informs her son she has some news to share with him and instantly tells him that she is pregnant. Hearing that, Dante spits up his drink and is clearly freaked out to hear that his mom is pregnant.

At the Quartermaine house, Tracy and Ned are with baby Danny while Sam is away.

Sam is visiting Nikolas and Spencer while they are at Shriners hospital in Boston.

Sloane goes to see Jake in his hospital room and tells him he needs an answer on whether Jake will accept his offer. Is he going to do what the new police commissioners needs him to do?

Silas, Kiki, Morgan, Julian, Ava's mom, Delia and baby Avery gather for Ava's memorial service at their old stomping grounds.. Silas is first to speak but appears somewhat awkward as he is clearly keeping a secret form everyone that Ava is very much alive. We then see Ava outside the restaurant spying upon them through the window, unseen wearing a hooded winter jacket.

When the custody hearing re-convenes, everyone is shocked to see that the judge they previous had has been replaced by Judge Walters, the judge who wanted to prevent Maxie from seeing her daughter because of his concerns for her irresponsible life style. Noticing that, Alexis knows that it's not an “accident” and asks Michael what he did. She happens to know this judge is his grandmother's boyfriend. Michael seems aware of that and asks her what her point is. Ric stands up and demands to know why this is happening. Yet it appears there is nothing that can be done about this sudden decision.

Ned and Tracy are talking about what she is going to do regarding all of the charges pending Agassi Luke. While they are with Danny, she remarks to her son that she realizes there is soon going to be one more child in their home. Hearing that, Ned assumes she can only mean Olivia's unexpected pregnancy and demands to know how she could have found out about that. Clearly she has not and is shocked when he tells her about that.

Dante is shocked to find out that his mom is pregnant. He hopes she can tell him that she got a false positive test result. She assures him that she has confirmed it and is very much intending to have this baby. Why does he have a problem with that? He asks her if she intends to tell him who the father is. She clearly hesitates to answer that.

Julian stands up and says what he ants to say about this sister at Ava's memorial service. He mentions that they did not grow up to together which may be for the best because they were not close. Ava listens intently while her brother talks about how his sister was a tough person and let everyone know she did not want any help. She made it clear that she wanted a seat at the table with the big boys. IN the end, he saw that Ava held her own and he respected her. We see Ava appearing to be in awe at what she is hearing from her brother.

In Jake's hospital room, Sloane reminds him that he is being charged with attempted murder by bombing, in addition to kidnapping, shooting a police officer and aiding and abetting an international terrorist. If Jake does not want that to happen, Sloan tells him, he can assures Jake that he will be a free man if he comes and works for Sloan doing what Sloan needs him to do.

While Sam is with Nikolas at Shriners, a nurse rushes to find him and indicates there is an urgent matter involving his son. They are worried and uncertain of what that could mean.

Jake assesses to Sloane that he is being threatened and blackmailed and has to either be on Helena's leash or on Sloane's. Hearing that, Sloane explains that he has been watching Julian Jerome escape the law for too long and he has to take him down. If Jake does not help take him down, he will find someone else to do it. He again reminds Jake that it's obvious DA Baldwin is waiting to put Jake away and will easily do it unless Sloane motivates him not to. Jake then agrees to do what Sloane wants.

At Ava's memorial service, Kiki makes an announcement about what it was like to be Ava's daughter. Her mom raised her alone and gave her a great life and always loved her. They had their issues but Ava was always there for her to help her with her homework to help make dinner together. She talks about how throughout her life, she knew that Ava always believed in her. Kiki breaks down crying while she talks about how she wishes she had a chance to thank her mom for all she did for her. She reflects that her little sister Avery is very important. She tells her “deceased” mom that she promises that even though Avery will not live with her, she will take care of the little one just like Ava has taken care of her.

When Ned assumes that Tracy is already aware that Olivia is pregnant, she is shocked and outraged, assuming that he is the father. She talks about how he has a very serious problem with the women whom he chooses to “play daddy” with. They then talk about Michael's custody battle for Avery where he is very certain Michael will lose the hearing. Tracy, however, tells her son, she happens to know that the hearing may not go as everyone expects. THAT was the baby in question whom she told him they'd soon “have with them”.

In the courtroom, Ric is first very confident that the time spent on this hearing is a waste of time and tax payer's money and that the judge will agree. Clearly, Mr. Quartermaine is going to lose and the infant needs to be returned to Mr. Corinthos, he says. Hearing that, Walters tells Ric, however, that his motion has been denied.

Olivia tells Dante she wants to prepare a dinner for him and Lulu. She goes on talking until Dante demands she stops trying to distract and avoid telling him something. He has asked and not gotten an answer from her as to whom the father of his little baby sister or brother is. She then replies it's Ned Ashton.

Tracy tells Ned that she was eavesdropping upon a conversation where she saw Monica and her boyfriend, Judge Walters, with their heads together. She knew they were up to something. She was listening in on their conversation and found out that Monica is persuading Walters to take over Michael's custody hearing so that Michael will win.

Judge Walters calls Michael to the stand and clarifies that his main concern is the dangerous lifestyle that Mr. Corinthos leads and how it could jeopardize the safety of baby Avery. Michael confirms that as does Alexis.  Judge Walters asks Sonny to take the stand, swears him in and has Alexis cross-examine him. She asks Sonny if he believes he can provide a safe home for his child. He replies yes. Alexis asks Sonny about all of the consequences that have happened to his kids. Ric protests but she talks about how Morgan had to be sent off to boarding school under an assumed name. Sonny protests that Morgan was not in any danger. She asks if that is true, even after his mother was shot in the head after giving birth because of Sonny.

Nikolas returns to Sam after talking to the staff at Shriners. It appears there's no cause for alarm but they both realize how hard it is to be a parent.

Silas gives the speech at Ava's memorial service, talking about his daughter, Kiki whom he's so proud of, whom he's never known until recently and how his daughter has suffered a hardship raising the baby alone. He wished he could have been there for Kiki but is very proud of her now. He remembers Ava asking him to say something good about her in the memorial service and he talks about how Ava was always a fighter. Yet, they all (except for Silas) believe that she finally got herself into a situation she could not get out of when she died. We then hear Delia stand up and talk about being married to Frank Ryan, Pat Ryan and Roger Coleridge, realizing she was not a great mother to her daughter, having given Ava up for adoption when Ava was a baby when Delia got pregnant by accident. She is not proud of her choice but did not know what else to do at the time. Not a day went by when she did not think about her daughter. She regrets that even after Ava went and looked her up and she was reunited with her daughter, she did not have a chance to apologize for not being there for her. She realizes that may be too late but hopes that Ava can somehow hear her say she is sorry. Delia cries. Ava listens intently as she remains unseen.

At Shriner's, Sam has a gift for Nikolas to give to Spencer. Yet she knows he called her there for a reason which he is clearly hesitating to admit to her.

When Elizabeth walks into Jake's room and finds out that Sloan intends to drop the charges against him, she is very surprised and knows that something is up. Yet Sloane assures her there is no catch and isn't this just what she wants?

Dante finds it hard to believe that Ned Ashton is the father of his mom's baby. Yet she affirms that is in fact the case. He seems to know otherwise, however.

Ned hears from Tracy about how Monica is pulling strings to prevent Sonny from having custody of his child. He admits that he sees it as poetic justice that Monica is doing this since Sonny took her son as well as her grandson from her.

At the hearing, Sonny evades Alexis' question about how he has endangered all of his children, intentionally or not. She asks Sonny how, given all of that, he can assure the court that the same thing is not going to happen to Avery.

Morgan then stands up and talks about Ava admitting that they were in a relationship. Things started out where they had some things in common and were seeing each other against the wishes of both of their respective family members. They realized that things would not last. However, he was amazed by how intelligent, classy beautiful and brave Ava was and all that she encouraged in him. He admits he loved her very much. Ava listens and cries.

Sloane tells Elizabeth that he has arranged with the DA to drop the chases because they have concluded that it would not be cost effective to send him back to prison. Elizabeth is happy to hear that and does not question it.

When Olivia informs Dante that Ned is the father of her baby, he tells his mom he will be supportive and not judge but needs assurance that Ned is going to hold up his end. She assures her son of course Ned will. He has really stepped up to the plate. In fact, she admits, Ned has actually kind of “made this his own idea”.

On the witness stand, Sonny admits that he has made some serious mistakes with all of his kids in the past but intends to make things different and keep Avery safe. Alexis tells him she realizes he may “intend” to do that. She asks if he “intended” to get Michael shot. He talks about how Michael was his perfect little boy when he took him from AJ. Sonny admits that he believes that he did the right thing raising his son and keeping him from AJ. Michael turned into a wonderful young man. He and Carly might have had something to do with that and they want a chance to do the same for Avery. However, now Michael is angry and resentful of his father and clearly wants to hurt him, Sonny says. He urges Michael to reconsider what he is doing and understand that no matter how angry he is at his dad, that he cannot do this to Avery. She needs to be with him.

At the end of Ava's memorial service, Silas gets up to leave. Kiki and Morgan go with him and let Delia spend time alone with baby Avery. Delia views the picture of her daughter on the wall and tells the little one she knows it's so hard for a baby to understand. Even when she gets older, how is she going to accept that her mommy is dead? At times like this, there used to be one person who could make her feel better, Delia tells her. That was Delia's mother in law, Maeve Ryan. She remembers Maeve singing Oh, Danny Boy. The little one listens and smiles. As she sings, we see Michael facing Sonny in the courtroom. He then gets up to leave and Walters announces they need to take a short recess and when they return, he will make his decision.

Ric gathers with Sonny and Carly and tells his brother he made a very eloquent speech and he's confident they will win. Yet both Sonny and Carly realize their son might not drop the custody suit or accept it even if they do win. Carly then realizes that she knows the judge and there is a good reason why this may not go in Sonny's favor.

Tracy and Ned talk about what life will be like when they have a new generation of children. She talks about how she wishes her brother, Alan was there. He remarks he wishes Jason could be there also.

Sloane officially drops the charges against Jake and frees him.

Sam returns to Elizabeth who informs her what happened with Jake. They are both surprised although they are not discontented that Jake is free. They talk about Nikolas having his hands full staying at Shriner's hospital with Spencer.

Dante and Olivia sit at the table at Kelly's. He assures his mom it does not matter how it happened as long as she is healthy and the baby is healthy. She tell her adult son she' s excited that he will have a little baby brother or sister. They realize that he always wanted a younger sibling. It's odd that it's happening now but they conclude it's better late than never.

A large portrait of Ava is on the wall. Delia is alone at her restaurant with the baby (or so she believes). Out of nowhere, Ava enters wearing her hooded parka. Delia does not recognize her until she takes off her hood and her hat. She stares at her daughter in awe not knowing what to say or do.

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