GH Update Tuesday 3/3/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/3/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

A guard came into Jake's room at GH. Carly was walking in and overheard the guard tell Jake that the commissioner wondered why Jake didn't want the charges against Jake dropped. Jake dismissed the guard, and Carly walked in. She was curious about what she overheard. Jake replied that he couldn't talk about it. Carly worried that Jake didn't trust her because she turned him in to the police, but Jake assured her that he did. Carly kept prodding Jake for details. She felt bad that she hadn't been there for Jake at the police station, and she wanted to make it up to him now. Jake explained that Sloane wanted him to infiltrate the Jerome crime family in exchange for dropping the charges. Carly was completely against that, but Jake didn't think he had much of a choice. Carly had an idea – she'd hire Diane to get Jake acquitted. Carly added that Diane was brilliant and had gotten Jason and Sonny out of lots of things. Jake didn't want to go to trial and risk losing and getting sent to prison. Jake refused to serve time for crimes that he wasn't responsible for. He also didn't want to take any more charity, so he decided to take Sloane's offer. Carly thought that this was a terrible idea, but she supported Jake's decision. Jake hoped that Carly wouldn't tell anyone about this, and she promised that she wouldn't do anything to put him in danger. Carly left for court. Jake summoned the guard and requested a meeting with Sloane.

Kiki arrived at Ryan's bar in NYC. Delia welcomed her, and they shared a moment and grieved for Ava. Delia felt that her service was too little, too late. She admitted she hadn't been much of a mother to Ava. Kiki assured her grandmother that Ava would appreciate this. Delia had invited Ava's gallery friends to the service, but most of them refused to attend, due to Ava being a murderer. Kiki and Delia both brushed that aside. Delia assumed Morgan wasn't coming, but Kiki replied that Morgan and Julian would both be there. Delia had never met Julian. Delia wondered if Silas would attend.

Sonny and Morgan were at Kelly's talking about the custody case. Sonny explained that it had been hard for him not to protect Michael when Ric cross examined him. Sonny had ignored his instincts because he knew he had to fight for his daughter. Morgan revealed that Delia had suddenly decided to have a service for Ava in NYC. Morgan wanted permission to take Avery. Morgan explained that it would only be one night and that Kiki didn't even know he was asking. Sonny didn't think it was going to work out. Morgan kept making points in favor of Avery going to the funeral – that she'd appreciate it when she was older and that she'd get to meet her grandmother. Morgan also asked Sonny if he could let Ava have this. Sonny was concerned about what would happen if the custody case was decided while Avery was in NYC. Morgan assured Sonny that Sonny would win the case. Sonny hoped so, but he was rattled because the judge sent a social worker out to the house to make sure Avery was being taken care of. Sonny clarified that he passed the inspection. Morgan asked Sonny to do this for Kiki, since Kiki gave Avery up without a fight. Sonny agreed to let Avery go. They hugged.

Julian ran into Michael at the courthouse. Julian wanted to know why Michael was seeking custody of Julian's niece. Michael maintained that he could provide Avery with a safe and stable home. Julian stated that he cared about Avery, and he owed it to Ava to look out for her. Michael thought Avery deserved to be protected from the collateral damage of the mob. He reminded Julian that Danny almost died in the explosion caused by Julian's enemy. Michael wanted Julian to stay away from Avery, but Julian insisted that he was going to protect her. Michael vowed to protect Avery from “thugs” like Julian and Sonny. Michael went into the courtroom.

Alexis was in the courtroom talking to Nikolas, who was at Shriner's Hospital, in Boston. They chatted about Spencer – according to Nik, Spencer was holding his own. Nik had high praise for the hospital staff. Alexis promised to fly out tonight to support Nik, but Nik told her that Sam was there. Sam let Alexis know that Danny was with Monica. The call ended. Julian went into the courtroom and kissed Alexis hello. He told her that the memorial service had been moved to NYC. Alexis felt bad that she wouldn't be able to be there to support Julian, but he understood. Julian spotted Ric walk in, and he asked how Ric was. Ric calmly noted that he'd lost nearly a year of his life, thanks to Julian. Julian left.

Julian ran into Sonny in the lobby. Sonny let Julian know he let Morgan take Avery to the memorial. Julian was pleased, but surprised, given that Sonny wanted Ava dead. Sonny was unapologetic about his hatred of Ava, but he assured Julian that he tried to stop Ava from falling off the bridge. Julian thanked Sonny for saving Lucas from the bomb on the Haunted Star. Sonny noted that he couldn't have done it without Julian and Ava's plan to escape from prison. Julian revealed that he was getting back into the business, which meant he and Sonny would be on opposite sides again. Sonny claimed he was done with the mob, but Julian was convinced that Sonny would be back in the mafia as soon as the custody hearing was over. Things got heated. Sonny was adamant that Duke would not let Julian take over Port Charles, but Julian insisted that the city would belong to the Jeromes again. Sonny vowed to keep what was his – his daughter and his city. “I'm gonna break you,” Sonny spat.

Ric approached Michael and claimed that Michael lost the first round, yesterday. Ric thought Michael looked like a “petulant bully” who was trying to take his father's child, after his father saved his life. Ric advised Michael to drop the case and salvage what was left of his family. Ric warned Michael that Avery would grow up to resent him for this. Michael refused to take advice on family matters from the man who'd kidnapped Michael's mother with the plan to kill her and steal her baby. Ric felt that this was about Avery's future, not Ric's past. Michael added that it was also not about Sonny's need to own and control his children. Michael snapped that Avery was a person, with a right to safety, not a trophy. Ric stated that, whatever Sonny had done in the past, Sonny risked his life to save Michael's. Ric claimed he was going to go after Michael again, but Michael argued that Ric didn't have anything to us against him. Ric noted that Michael was his nephew, whom Ric had always liked. “Really? Because I've always hated you,” Michael replied. Sonny walked in. Alexis took Michael aside. Alexis felt that Michael had done well on the stand and that Ric looked like a bully yesterday. However, Alexis advised Michael to drop the case. She explained that it was almost impossible to legally take a child from its parent. Alexis noted that there were many prisoners who still had legal rights to their kids. Alexis told Michael that in order to win, he'd have to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Sonny was unfit. Michael pointed out that all of Sonny's children had been shot or kidnapped. Alexis replied that Michael would have to prove that Sonny intentionally put his kids in harm's way. Alexis admitted she'd gone to great lengths to keep Kristina from Sonny, but in the end, all she accomplished was alienating Sonny. Alexis didn't think Sonny would ever fully forgive her, and she didn't want Michael to end up in the same position. Michael was adamant that he didn't want or need Sonny's forgiveness, but Alexis warned him that he might feel differently later. Alexis thought that Michael should drop the case, but Michael refused.

Meanwhile, Carly arrived and checked in with Sonny. Sonny told her that Ric was trying to get Michael to back off. Carly was still unhappy that Ric was representing Sonny, and she was afraid that Ric would worsen the rift between Sonny and Michael. Sonny stated that all he cared about was keeping his daughter. He added that they could talk about repairing his relationship with Michael after the case was over. Everyone quieted down as the judge came in. The original judge had been replaced with Judge Walters. Everyone, except Michael, looked surprised.

Back at Shriner's, Nik let Sam know he was glad she came. Sam told him that family had to stick together. Nik had a flashback to finding out that Jason was alive. Nik and Sam talked about Spencer – there was a lot of work to be done, but the doctors were optimistic. Sam handed Nik a small box – a birthday present for Spencer. Nik shifted the discussion to Jake. Sam replied that Jake was now free of Helena's influence. Nik revealed that he'd imprisoned Helena, and that she'd spend the rest of her life in captivity. Sam asked Nik if Helena had said anything to him that could help them figure out who Jake was. Nik didn't understand why Sam cared. Sam talked about what she went through when Jason was missing and presumed dead. Nik grew uncomfortable during Sam's speech. Sam was upset that she didn't get a chance to be with Jason, at the clinic, before he died. She wanted to spare Jake's loved ones from going through that.

Ava and Silas were in her room at NY Methodist in NYC. Ava thanked Silas again for saving her life and taking the risk of not turning her in to the police. Silas stressed that it was important for them to be careful. Ava promised that she wouldn't do anything to get Silas in trouble. Silas was uncertain, due to Ava's actions last night. Ava admitted she overreacted, but she explained that it was hard knowing her daughters were suffering without her and seeing Carly holding Avery. Ava admitted she should be grateful to Michael for saving her life the day Avery was born. Ava wished that Michael had gone through with killing Sonny that night – if Sonny were dead, and Michael were in prison, Avery would be with Kiki. Silas assured Ava that Avery would be taken care of, no matter who she ended up with.

Ava and Silas both hated that Kiki was mourning for Ava. Ava wanted to tell Kiki the truth, but Silas said no. He didn't want Kiki to become an accessory to their crime. Silas noticed that Kiki was calling. Ava begged him to put it on speaker, so she could hear Kiki's voice. Silas agreed after Ava promised to stay quiet. Kiki told Silas about the memorial and asked him to come. Silas regretfully told Kiki that he was in NYC, with his patient. Kiki was surprised, his patient was in NYC. She told him she was also NYC, at Ryan's. Silas promised to be there, and he hung up. When Ava realized that Kiki was just down the street, she became desperate to go to her. Silas reminded her that if she did, Silas and Ava would end up in jail. Ava promised that she wouldn't put Silas in jeopardy. Silas went to talk to the nurse, and his phone beeped while he was out. Ava struggled to get out of bed, then she crawled across the room to get the phone. The text was from Kiki – it said that Morgan was bringing Avery. Ava deleted the text, then she got back in bed. Silas returned for his jacket, and he reminded Ava to stay at the hospital, then he left for the service.

When Julian arrived at Ryan's, Kiki hugged him then introduced him to Delia. Morgan and Avery arrived. Delia and Kiki cooed over the baby. Delia was upset that Avery would never get to know Ava. Julian noted that Avery might not get to know her father, either. Silas arrived. Kiki hugged him and wondered if Ava had engineered things, from beyond, so that Silas could attend. Silas was surprised that Avery was there. Kiki reminded him that she'd sent him a text about it. Ava, who'd used the hood from her parka, to cover her face, peered through the window of the bar.

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