GH Update Monday 3/2/15

General Hospital Update Monday 3/2/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

In the courtroom, when Ric cross-examines Michael, he asks him if he really believes he would be better suited to raise a child than Sonny when he's never raised a child in his life and Sonny has. Although Michael tells him yes, he tells him he believes otherwise. He further reminds Michael, when everybody can hear and where Alexis raises an objection, he's known him for a long time and believes with his track record, a baby would be safer with the people who kidnapped her than with Michael. He remarks knows that Michael would not only be less of a parent to the child than to raise a child than Mr. Corinthos. He is less fit to do so than Franco and Nina Clay.

Nina successfully gets herself checked back into ShadyBrook by faking a breakdown outside her competency hearing. She immediately makes a B line to find Franco in his hospital room. She assumes that he is completely “out” with the lethal injection of LSD Heather gave him. However, he reveals to her that he, just like she, is faking his “need” to stay at ShadyBrook.

Julian is on the phone outside of Kelly's telling his contact it's lucky for Carlos Rivera that he (Carlos) is in prison. Otherwise, that bastard would be nothing more than a stain on ground. He turns around to see Carlos freed from prison and unafraid. He is shocked and horrified.

Ava is secretly with Silas at the hospital in NY where he used to work. He tells her she needs to realize she cannot make herself seen or known anywhere near Port Charles. She needs to have everybody believing she is still dead. There's no other way. If Sonny or his family or anyone knows she is alive and nearby, she's had it. She will either be killed instantly by whoever knows she's there or sent back to Pentonville. Yet she angrily protests that she has to get to her daughter so that Sonny cannot take Avery from her. Silas does not listen yet Ava is not about to accept what he is saying to her.

In the courtroom, while Ric has Michael on the witness stand, he declares that it's obvious, and Michael needs to admit, that his filing this petition has nothing to do with wanting Avery with him or concern for her safety. The whole reason we are all there today, Ric tells everyone, is for revenge.

Jake is in his hospital room talking to Elizabeth who admits she has feelings for him and maybe Ric does have reason for concern. She admits that she and Ric may not be together much longer.

Nina finds it hard to believe that Franco could have “faked” what he did by calling her Phyllis, his belief he cut off his arm and all that he seemed to truly believe was going on with him since he got the LSD injection. Yet he knows exactly what he is doing. She is in awe that he imagined so many things that he did not have to fake. At that point, she slaps him.

Carlos tells Julian that he got released from prison. His lawyer told him the charges against him were not very strong. Julian hears that and angrily tells Carlos he is certain it will be a matter of time before Carlos goes back to Pentonville. Carlos seems smug and confident about his future. However, at that point, Julian pushes him up against the wall and scares him telling him he's going to answer for killing Julian's sister.

Ava is alone in her hospital room looking on a tablet to find the news report she is looking for and accesses coverage of the custody hearing between Sonny and Michael for her baby.

Inside the courtroom, Alexis protests that Mr. Lansing is badgering her client. The judge tells Ric he needs to make relevant points and not insults to the witness. Michael then tells Ric he happens to know of all of the dangers that any child who lives inside Sonny's home will come in contact with. Avery fusses and Carly tells the judge she has to take the little one out her out of the courtroom for a brief time. The reporter covering the hearing finds Carly happily holding the little one, right for Ava to see from her tablet. She is furious and distraught. Yelling that Carly is not the baby's mother. She will be damned if Carly thinks she' going to take Avery from her, she protests, as she gets up to leave her hospital bed to take drastic action with or without Silas' approval.

In Jake's hospital room, Elizabeth admits to him that she has always liked him. That has never ended. He asks her if she is telling him that he might still have a chance with her. She is not certain how to answer that.  Suddenly and unexpectedly, Sloane enters and demands they open the door. She tells him that this is a restricted area. She is not afraid of the fact that he is the police commissioner She believes the only reason he is there. It's to take Mr. Doe back to prison. She tells him she will not let that happen. He has just had brain surgery and needs to rest. Elizabeth gets a call from Nikolas that she takes into the hallway to talk privately, so she is unaware of the conversation Sloane has with Jake inside the room.

Nina is angry with Franco for lying to her. She tell him they are friends and the last time she checked, friends do not lie to each other. He wonders why she is not ok and why she is not impressed by his brilliant theatrical work of art and how convincing he was in fooling everyone. She protests with all of the secrets they shared, she thought they had a relationship of trust and not deception from one another. Now she finds out he is only full of lies. He's just like Silas, she tells him. Just like their marriage. Full of lies.

Ava struggles to get out of bed and falls on the floor when Silas finds her and demands to know where she thinks she is going. She tells him she needs to contact her brother. Julian is the only one who won't let them take her daughter from her.

Julian is ready to hurt Carlos who protests it was Sonny who was responsible for what happened to Ava. They both need to know that Sonny hated her and wanted her dead. Yet Julian knows it was not Sonny who shot and killed her. He was there. He is ready to choke and strangle Carlos.

Ava protests to Silas that she has no choice except to leave. Kiki is not fighting Sonny or Michael for custody of Avery. She will be damned if she will let either Sonny or Michael raise her child. Neither of them are fit to raise her daughter and keep her from her mother. And it appears she is even more infuriated to see that Carly is on television, happily holding the little one and making it public that she is a mommy figure. She's not going to let that happen.

In the courtroom, Ric continues to ask Michael if he merely wants Sonny punished. Michael answers that he merely wants to keep his baby sister safe. He continues to protest that Sonny is a murderer. Ric tells him this whole rage of declaring that Sonny is a murderer is hypocritical. He reminds Michael that he (Michael) is a murderer also.

In Ava's hospital room, Silas tells her there is nothing she can do about the Avery situation now. She tells him if she can't call her brother, she will have to go and find Julian herself.

Carlos reminds Julian that Ava put him up to falsely confessing to the murder of AJ. Sonny killed him yet Ava helped him get away with it and threatened Sabrina and her baby if Carlos did not confess and go to prison. She used the people he loved as leverage against him. He asks Julian what he would do if he were in Carlos' position with that.

In the courtroom, Carly returns to hear Ric state the Michael committed murder. She protests that her son acted in self-defense when Claudia Zacchara tried to kill her and her baby daughter. Michael saved both of their lives, Carly protests. Michael confirms what she is saying by stating that he acted to protect his baby sister from this life of crime. He would do it again. He had to protect his sister Josslyn And that is what he intends to do with Avery. Ric, however, announces that his client is the father of baby Avery. Whereas “Mr. Quartermaine” is nothing to her.

Spencer calls Elizabeth while he's at Shriner's hospital. She tells him she wants to be there for him and for Spencer and they talk.

Inside Jake's hospital room, Sloane surprises him by stating that he does not intend to send him back to Pentonville. They are dropping the charges and plan to set him free.

At ShadyBrook, Nina admits to Franco that she was ready to be released and the courts were likely to believe she was rehabilitated. Yet she threw away her freedom for him. She faked a mental break down and now knows it was all for nothing. He admits that he did in fact lie to her about his situation. But the reason he lied was so that he could be there and be with her in. He then asks if she could unfasten his hand restraints. He admits to her that initially after the LSD overdose, the hallucination was very real but it later wore off. He could not let the doctors know, however, because they'd send him back to Pentonville. She reminds him that she is not a doctor so why did he lie to her? He then replies that if she knew the truth but did not report it, she could have gone to prison with him. He admits that when he knew that she was being released and afraid they would never see each other again, he kind of panicked. He did not know what to do. At that point, it seems she now trusts him and they have re-established the bond they had together.

Elizabeth talks to Nikolas about Spencer's progress at Shriner's and how she wishes she could fly down and be with them.

We then see that it was Nikolas who motivated Sloane to release Jake by rigging the election results for Sloane. That is the only reason Sloane is doing that. Yet he informs Jake that he was able to motivate DA Baldwin to let him get away with intending to blow up the Haunted Star. He knows of Jake's rap sheet and knows how to put Jake to “good use” for him.

Outside of Kelly's, Julian asks Carlos if he wants to let bygones be bygones, given how they have both been wronged. Carlos replies yet. However, Julian clearly does not entirely trust him.

Silas lays down the law to Ava that she is recovering from a gunshot wound and almost drowning. She can't go anywhere. However, she protests Sonny was going to murder her. She can't let Avery grow up with a man who tried to kill her. She can't let Sonny or Michael or Carly raise her daughter. She won't let her daughter grow up to believe that they are the heroes who have raised her. As soon as Avery is old enough, they won't even mention her mother to her and will only tell her how terrible her bio mom is and that it's Carly who's raising her if something were to happen to Sonny. She won't let Carly win. She cries and tells Silas she won't let that happen. She also asks him if he has a plan of his own. After Silas gets done patching her up, does he just intend to have her sent back to prison and forget all about her?

In the courtroom, Ric asks Michael why he keeps saying Avery is his sister. Is it not true that she is a Corinthos and he is not? He affirms yes. Ric further adds now that Michael calls himself a Quartermaine, then it's completely contradictory to say that Avery is his family. He reminds Michael that AJ Quartermaine is, in fact, Michael's biological father and not Sonny. So Michael has no legal rights to her.

Sloane tells Jake he has reasons to pull strings to keep him out of prison. He admits how impressed he was by how Jake so brilliantly handled the PCPD and busted Faison out of custody. He can't help but think what a benefit it would be to have someone with Jake's skill set “on the side of the angels”. Jake asks him just how that's going to work. Sloane is police commissioner. Does he want his own to know that Jake is working against them and he's helping Jake do so? Sloane replies no. His plan is for Jake to be working undercover to spy on the Jeromes.

Carlos tells Julian that he happens to know that Julian is secretly getting the organization back together. He needs a job, he admits to Julian. They used to be friends. Julian may need his help. So he wants to rejoin the alliance they once had.

Ava asks Silas if he is merely delaying her return to prison. Once she's healed, is he going to turn her into the police? Or is he going to let her go?

Franco moves up closer to Nina and they kiss, remembering they need to pick up where they left off before the LSD took over his brain. They both then realize that they have been forced to pretend to be crazy which has been successful for both of them

Sloane tells Jake he needs an informant to help him do what is needed in order to put Julian back in prison. And if Jake does not do it, he can kiss his freedom good bye. It's obvious that Scott Baldwin will nail Jake and send him back to prison. Nobody is going to buy the “mind control” defense for what Jake is charged for. Elizabeth returns, unaware of their conversation. Sloane departs.

Julian is wondering whether to trust the man who killed his sister. Yet Carlos asks him how many times he, himself, was ready to kill his sister, recalling the time he pulled the trigger and Ava's boy toy saved her. In response to that, Julian protests he had no choice. Luke Spencer forced him to do it. Hearing that, Carlos tells him that's his point exactly. They both know what it's like to work for Luke Spencer. The guy is “out there”, he remarks, a total psycho. He admits to Julian he did do what he had to do. But Julian needs to know that Ava would have done the same thing. Julian seems to agree. They then conclude that she is gone now and Luke is out of the picture. Carlos reminds Julian that he (Julian) is back and ready to re-build. He tells Julian if he wants to take over Port Charles, the two of them need to get to work.

Ava admits to Silas that Connie Falconeri is dead because of her. He asks if she regrets doing it or getting caught. She admits both. He admits that regardless of what has happened, she is nonetheless the mother of his daughter. He remembers he once loved her. She admits she loved him too. He tells her that he still cares about her. So he has her back and is not going to turn her in.

In the courtroom, the judge calls a recess and expresses that she urges both parties to ask themselves whether they believe Avery's best interests are served by their continuing to go to battle or if they love her enough to come to a compromise. When she hears no response from either Sonny or Michael or their attorneys, she announces the court is adjourned.

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