GH Update Friday 2/27/15

General Hospital Update Friday 2/27/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Jake is in his hospital room, drifting in and out of consciousness and having more unclear visions. He remembers telling someone they “saved him twice”. Right then Elizabeth enters and asks if he is ok. She tells him after recovering from brain surgery, it's common for one to be disoriented. He admits to her that he had a dream about her. He tells her that she was in the hospital and unconscious and he was telling her she had to get better because she saved his life twice and he had to save her. Hearing that, she is surprised and puzzled that he would have such a dream as he appears equally baffled.

Outside of Kelly's, Julian is on the phone telling someone he intends to re-build his organization from the ground-up and he does not intend to roll over and let Duke Lavery have any power much less take over his territories. He declares he now realizes he is the “last Jerome left” since his sister is presumed dead.

Kiki is inside, lost in thought and engrossing in her phone picture of her mom and baby Avery. Morgan observes how she seems obsessed. She tells him that in the photo, it was only the 2nd time her mom got to hold Avery and she will never be able to again. Julian enters and Morgan expresses discontentment to see him and wonders why he's out of prison. Julian clarifies to Morgan that he was found innocent of all charges and has committed no crime. Julian tells him he was hoping they could set aside their differences long enough to put Julian's sister to rest.

Silas enters a secret hospital room where we see Ava lying in the bed. She is alive and well and opens her eyes to notice him.

As Franco is lying in his hospital bed and hoping that Nina is back, he is surprised when he sees a woman whom he knows is not Nina. He still seems disoriented and as though he has no memory of anything in his life or reality.

Nina is ready for her competency hearing where Alexis is representing her and Nathan is with her. They are confident that they can prove she's made progress and no longer needs to stay at ShadyBrook. However, she notices Sonny outside the courtroom holding a “familiar” baby. The very one she once believed was hers and whom she kidnapped. She sees baby Avery and protests that that is her baby. She cannot let this strange man take her child from her, she tells her brother and her attorney. She becomes hysterical. Nathan attempts to restrain her and get her to calm down and Alexis is concerned, for the first time, that she may not win her case and have Nina declared of sound mind after this.

Olivia makes her presence known when she visits Franco in his hospital bed. He appears completely confused and as though he does not know her yet believes he does and that she is Celeste from the frozen food aisle. She laughs, realizing that is a very normal reaction to what has happened to him and she clarifies to him that she is Olivia Falconeri. Hearing that, he asks if they know each other. She tells him they do. Enough not to like each other. It seems to be “news” to him as he asks her why she is visiting him. She admits the reason is she realized that the two of them have something in common. He asks her what that is. She replies that what his mom did to him, she also did to Olivia. He does not seem to know what she is talking about and only asks her if she knows when “Phyllis” (the name and person he seems to believe is Nina) is coming back.

Outside the courtroom, Nina becomes frantic when she sees the baby whom Michael and Carly are now holding and demands to know why they call her Avery. Sonny declares that Avery is her name and she is his daughter. She tells them all that that is her baby. She attempts to fight Nathan while he restrains her and urges her to stop what she is doing and angrily tells them this is her baby with Silas and they cannot take her from her mom or her dad.

Silas is with Ava as she awakens for the first time and he tells her she is recovering from her injuries and is doing pretty well and assures her he will take care of her.

At Kelly's, Kiki, Morgan and Julian all believe Ava is no longer with the living. Julian does, however, remark that they cannot be completely certain that Ava is dead. The police have not found her body so maybe they should not cut her out yet. He reminds a hostile Morgan that he is her brother and Morgan is “nothing” to her although Morgan coldly tells him he is more to Ava than Julian ever was. Julian reminds Morgan that he (Morgan) has given up on her. If Morgan knew Julian's sister at all, he'd know that she is a survivor. Kiki, however, clarifies to her uncle that they need to know that her mom is gone and they will never see her again.

Ava tells Silas she cannot believe how close she came to dying. The water was so cold and she was sick from getting shot and then nearly freezing. Yet something gave her the strength to pull herself out of the water, stagger to the gas station and call him. He admits to her that he usually does not answer calls with numbers unfamiliar but he had “a feeling” that maybe he should. She tells him she knew she could count on him.

Spencer arrives with his dad and medical staff at Shriner's hospital. They wheel him off the elevator and Nikolas meets with Dr. Nelson. The doctor promises Nikolas his son is in good hands. His team is specifically trained to care for children with burn injuries just like Spencer. Nikolas seems worried however.

Silas clarifies to Ava that she is at Methodist Hospital where he is still technically on staff and a lot of people there owe him favors. When he admitted her, he was able to keep her off of the official records, he tells her, to which she is impressed by how resourceful he was with that. They both realize that it had to be done that way. She had to go somewhere where no one knows her and keep it unknown to all that she is alive, as they realize many people want her dead as well as the fact that she is wanted for murder.

At Kelly's, Julian and Kiki wonder what type of memorial service they should have for Ava given that she did commit murder. . Morgan tells them he bets it will only be the 3 of them who attend. Julian tells him that Avery should be there, if nothing else, so that when she gets old enough, she can be told that she attended her mom's funeral. They all realize that currently Sonny has custody of the baby and might not authorize that. Yet, Julian informs his niece and Morgan that strangely enough, while they were both in prison, he and Sonny did form somewhat of an alliance.

Outside the courtroom, before Nina's competency hearing, all the people who observe her believe she is losing it again, needs to pull herself together and that there's no way the judge will rule in favor of letting her leave ShadyBrook given her behavior right now. She keeps insisting that the baby Sonny, Carly and Michael are intermittently holding and not letting her near, is hers'.

In Franco's hospital room, he appears not to know Olivia but urges her to stay, telling her he's lonely without “Phyllis” there. She faces him, wanting to engage and find out what has happened to him with the LSD Heather gave him, remembering her own experience what that. He seems to believe he is someone else and knows people he does not know and that he lost his arm. Hearing that, she remarks he got off easy compared to what happened to her. She thought she saw the devil when she got injected with Heather's potion. She does, however, assure him that it does get better. One's body does eventually expel all of that poison and then in time, he can get back to whatever “crazy thing” passes for normal with him. She tells Franco that during her recovery process, she was actually able to see and perceive things that no one else could. She could detect whenever someone was a liar and achieved psychic abilities above and beyond what is “normal”.

In Jake's hospital room, he and Elizabeth talk about his having a dream about saving her after she saved him and he tells her he wishes he could do something for her and would like to talk more about it. She warns him that the charges against him are still pending. However, at least Helena no longer has control over him, she tells him. He tells her, however, he realizes that it may be easier said than done to get anyone besides herself and Carly to believe him. Remembering she mistakenly entrusted Ric to represent him, she tells Jake she will find him another lawyer.

Ric represents Sonny in his custody battle for Avery while Alexis represents Michael. Alexis, however, has more pressing concerns about what is suddenly happening to Nina when it appeared she no longer had the lapse with reality and has come to realize that Avery is not her baby. Nathan is equally baffled and realizes they cannot go before a judge with his sister in her present state. Alexis tells them she will get the judge to postpone the hearing. Alone with Nina, Nathan tells his sister they can't go through with it now. It will only make things worse and the only thing to do is take her back to ShadyBrook. Hearing that, she reveals that is the very goal she has. Being told she would not be allowed to even visit Franco if she was freed was clearly not ok with her.

Franco talks to Olivia who tells him what to expect with having visions after Heather injects one with lethal LSD. She also informs him that she is now pregnant (assuming there's no harm in his knowing since he apparently has no clue who she is or anything about her). Hearing that, he “congratulates Momma Celeste” and asks her if the father is Papa John or Chef Boyardee. Hearing that, she concludes he's completely lost all contact with reality and is a total lunatic. She admits to him that the father is Julian Jerome.

At Kelly's, Morgan informs Julian, that Michael is presently suing Sonny for custody of Avery and is using the baby just to stick it to their dad. Hearing that, Julian remarks it's not as if Michael hasn't legitimate concerns for the baby's safety given Sonny's lifestyle. In response to that, Morgan asks Julian how he can say that, how he can judge Sonny and asks Julian if he would believe the same thing if someone wanted to take his baby from him. Julian admits to him that it's true that if someone wanted to take his child from him, he would fight tooth and nail for that baby. And he would win.

In Ava's hospital bed, she asks Silas about Kiki, to which he replies their daughter has had it rough while back in Port Charles planning a memorial. Ava admits she hates that her daughter is grieving and realizes that having to take care of a baby, on top of that, must be a lot for such a young woman to handle. She does confirm to Silas that she does have complete trust in her daughter, to which Silas realizes he has to tell her something and she will not take it well. She asks what that is. He tells her that Kiki does not have custody of Avery anymore. Sonny does. Hearing that, Ava is outraged and asks if Sonny escaped a man-hunt and kidnapped their baby. Silas clarifies it was not quite like that. He got acquitted. She asks how that could have possibly happened when he murdered a man. Silas clarifies that after Sonny escaped, he rushed to the Haunted Star after realizing that Luke Spencer planted a hidden bomb. Sonny removed the bomb and almost got himself drowned in order to save the people on the boat. And, it just so happened that one of the people whom he saved was the governor's daughter. So, the governor granted Sonny a pardon, released him from prison and Sonny is now a free man.

Carly holds and feeds Avery her bottle in the courtroom, before the hearing and protests to Michael that Avery needs all of them in her life. They do not have to be enemies and it does not have to be like this. He coldly tells her yes it does. The judge enters and the hearing commences.

At Shriner's Children's hospital, Dr. Nelson talks to Nikolas about all the staff plan to do to treat Spencer and assures him that they are experts in helping children with burn injuries. The healing process will take time but they plan to do everything for his injuries as well as providing counseling for family members and all that is needed to get Spencer back to the way he was so that he can enjoy being a kid again. Nikolas tells him he's sorry but all of this is so sudden. Spencer just had his 10th birthday and was completely healthy before this. Dr. Nelson assures him that he realizes how this affects the whole family and tells Nikolas he may reach out to the staff for help, as he assures him that is what makes their facility different.

In Ava's hospital bed, after hearing that Sonny got custody of their baby, she tells him she has to get out of there. Even if Sonny gets a pardon from the governor and they believe he's a hero, that does not mean he has the right to custody of her child and she won't let that bastard do so. Hearing that and knowing what Michael is presently doing, Silas remarks to Ava that she might just get her wish.

Outside the courtroom, Nathan takes Nina aside and urges his sister to know that whether or not she goes back to ShadyBrook, she cannot see that child. She is not Nina's. She's someone else's'. Realizing that going back to ShadyBrook is his sister's only option, he admonishes her to know that it's only for a little while longer. The place can't be that bad since she made progress there. And also, he reminds her, one positive thing about going back there is she'll get to be with her friend Franco. As soon as she hears that, once again, she is no longer in distress and reveals she is happy.

In Franco's hospital bed, while hearing him rambling on about things that are not reality, Olivia declares that she cannot let the likes of Julian know that he is the father of her child. She talks about how it was a complete accident and lapse in judgment on both of their parts with she and Julian had their one-time encounter on New Years Eve. She reflects that luckily it appeared that Ned was able to persuade Julian to believe that he (Ned) is the father yet she realizes Alexis may know otherwise.

Alexis sits with Michael Ric tells the judge he is there for Sonny, and the judge asks Michael to take his opportunity to tell the court why he believes that Avery would be best off living with him.

In Jake's hospital room, Elizabeth admits that she thought that Ric could help him knowing that he's a brilliant attorney. Yet, she knows that Ric betrayed his client's trust, undermined him and did everything he could to convince Jake to send himself to prison. She informs him that she and Ric had a falling out last night. He tells her he hopes he is not the reason for the failure of her relationship, to which she assures him Ric is the reason why that's happening. She talks about how up until recently, she's kept her distance from Ric. It took some time after he came back to Port Charles last summer but he convinced her that he's a changed man and his lying and scheming days were behind him and he is now an honorable human being. She was such an idiot, she tells him, believed him and took him back. She now knows Ric only agreed to represent Jake in order to get him sent to prison so that he'd be out of Elizabeth's life. He admitted that Ric wanted Jake out of her house when he suddenly came out of nowhere to her doorstep not long ago when she and Jake were getting close. And the way Ric treated Jake, she tells him, has made her question whether Ric is really the man for her.

In the custody hearing, Alexis asks Michael to tell the court why he is doing what he is doing. He answers that he believes his infant sister is not safe living with Sonny Corinthos. She asks why he feels that way. He tells her that he, his brother Morgan and sister Kristina have all been endangered growing up because they were Sonny's children. Ric then raises objection, protesting that Michael is making baseless accusations. The judge lets Michael explain that Sonny Corinthos and Carly coerced his biological father, AJ Quartermaine to give up his parental rights when Michael was born. He further talks about how when he, Morgan and Kristina were children, they were kidnapped by one of Sonny's business rivals, Faith Rosco. He was about to enter Sonny's limousine when it blew up right in front of him once. Also, he was hit in the head by a ricochet bullet meant for Sonny who him to the coffee shop while in a dispute with a rival crime family. They sent a gunman after Sonny and the bullet ricocheted and hit Michael. He was in a coma for a year. There are police reports to document everything he says. Ric then protests that his client cannot be held responsible for a hit man with a bad aim. Alexis counters that her client was a minor when he was dangerously injured for being too close to Mr. Corinthos. Ric protests that Sonny did not intend to endanger Michael. In response to that, Michael states although that may be true, Sonny did shoot Michael's older brother, Dante Falconeri. Ric protests that Detective Falconeri admitted he accidentally shot himself, to which Michael clarifies Dante lied to protect Sonny. The reason She shot him was because he found out that Dante was an undercover cop who was going to infiltrate Sonny's criminal organization, to which Ric adds it was Sonny's “alleged” criminal organization. Michael states that Sonny always appears “sorry” for what happens to his kids yet nothing every changes. Morgan went to a private boarding school under an assumed name but that did not prevent him from getting beat up by thugs because he was Sonny's kid. He further brings up that his sister, Kristina was kidnapped and almost killed by Joe Scully Jr., another mobster. Sonny knows his children are targets. He keeps promising to keep them safe. Yet it's been proven again and again, that his territory, money and power are more important than his kids' lives.

When Silas informs Ava that Michael is petitioning Sonny for custody of Michael, she wonders why he'd do that. Silas tells her that Morgan and Kiki don't believe it has anything to do with concern for the baby and is merely Michael's way of sticking it to daddy. She concludes she is ok with Michael getting revenge on Sonny and making him suffer. But he's not going to use her daughter to do that. She is not ok with either of them raising her daughter. Hearing that, Silas tells her it does not appear she has a choice in the matter. The courts will either award custody to Sonny or to Michael, unless someone else “steps up”. Hearing that, Ava tells him she will step up. She will get her daughter away from both of them.

Nathan takes Nina back to ShadyBrook and tells her he has to get back to the station. She is very happy, clearly sane and knows what she is doing.

In his room, Franco is rambling and appearing like he's somewhere else while talking to Olivia. However, as soon as she leaves and he's alone in the room, he reveals he knows that she is Olivia.

At Shriners', Dr. Nelson tells Nikolas he believes that healing the mind is just as important as treating the injury. Especially when a child is facing something as traumatizing as this. Their goal is to give Spencer hope and restore his confidence. They call it sending love to the rescue. He leaves Nikolas alone in the room with his sleeping son. Spencer has a breathing tube and bandages and is surrounded by ICU apparatus. His dad assures his son he will be ok.

In Jake's hospital room, he tells Elizabeth that it appears Ric is not a nice guy but he tells her he wants to assure Ric that he (himself) is not a threat to Ric's relationship with Elizabeth. She looks at him and tells him maybe that is not true.

In the courtroom, Michael states that Sonny has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and takes lithium. He went off his meds in the fall of 2013 and had a breakdown. Ric immediately argues that his client has been diligent in his treatment and his medical conditions do not abridge him of the rights as a parent. Alexis asks Michael to again state why he is there. He states that he believes he can offer Avery a better and safer life than Sonny can. The reason is his family, the Quartermaine's, have been upstanding pillars of society for decades. The baby will be surrounded by a generous loving family who do not trade in violence and crime. Most of all, she will have him, he states. He will give his baby sister everything she needs. Sonny responds by saying except for her father's love and addresses Michael telling him he has to know that. Ric then gets ready to cross-examine Michael's testimony.

At Kelly's, Kiki tells Morgan her mom should still be there and raising Avery herself. He tells her, however, all they can do is say good bye and have some closure. Ava would want that, he says. Julian comments that throughout his life, he thought he'd never get rid of his sister and that she was indestructible. He still somehow seems not to believe she is dead.

Ava tells Silas she has to get back to her daughter although he tells her if she makes herself seen anywhere, she will either get killed by people who want her dead or get sent back to Pentonville. Yet she believes that Julian will save her.

Nina returns to Franco who still appears to believe she is Phyllis. She happily reports that they were ready to send her home. But she went wacko before the court hearing, started screaming and crying and going off the wall. And, she admits to him, she faked it so that she could go back to ShadyBrook to be with him. He tells her that is awesome and right at that point, he reveals to her that he is faking it too.

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