GH Update Thursday 2/26/15

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/26/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita


Kiki, Morgan and Silas were at Kelly's. Silas spotted Nathan, and went over and asked about Nina's case. Nathan explained that the hearing was today. According to Nathan, Alexis was going to have Nina's doctors testify that Nina had a diminished capacity when she committed the crimes. Both Silas and Nathan were unhappy that Nina was stuck with Franco, but Nathan gave Franco credit for breaking out of prison and saving Nina's life. Nathan noted that Ava was part of the same prison break. He assured Silas that the police had searched for her, but they'd given up on finding her alive. Silas perked up when he heard that the search for the body was over. He turned to look at Kiki, who was seated across the room. Nathan thought that Nina had made a lot of progress and that she was ready to be released. Silas was pleased; he felt that Nina deserved to get her life back on track. Silas returned to his table. Alexis called Nathan and told him that the judge made a decision.

Alexis was at the courthouse finishing up a phone call with Nikolas. Michael walked up and asked if Alexis was ready to take Avery from Sonny. Michael had already been waiting for an hour, and Alexis pointed out that Michael had another hour before the case started. Alexis assured Michael that she was prepared to represent him, but she warned him that Sonny was going to fight hard. Michael thought it was a good sign that the case didn't get thrown out, but Alexis told him that the courts favored the biological parents and that he'd have a hard time winning custody of his sister. Michael wanted to talk strategy, but Alexis suggested that Michael go drink some herbal tea and calm down. Michael left.

Kiki picked at her food and told Morgan that she couldn't eat while she was planning a memorial for Ava. Morgan asked if Kiki was ready for this, but Kiki thought that it was time to say goodbye. Morgan assured Kiki that Ava was alive in all of them. Kiki pulled up a picture of Ava and Avery on her phone. She felt bad that her sister would never know their mom. Kiki admitted she'd struggled with trying to figure out what Ava would want for Avery, but in the end, Kiki didn't feel like she could sue Sonny for custody. Morgan blurted out that Michael was suing for custody. Kiki was stunned and asked why. Morgan felt that Michael was acting out of revenge. Kiki understood Michael's feelings, but she was adamant that Michael had no right to interfere in Avery's life. Kiki pointed out that Michael hadn't visited Avery or searched for her when she was kidnapped. Kiki decided to focus on the memorial. Silas wondered if Kiki was really ready to do this. He pointed out that Ava hadn't even been declared dead. Kiki didn't think Ava could have survived being shot and falling off a bridge into freezing cold water. Kiki noted that Avery had lost her mom, and would soon lose her father, if Michael got his way. Michael happened to walk in. Morgan charged at his brother and ordered him to stay away from Sonny and Avery.

Morgan pointed out that Sonny had been separated from Avery the whole time he was in prison. Michael was unsympathetic, because Sonny had served three months of a what was supposed to be a life sentence. Michael claimed that he cared about Avery, unlike Kiki and Morgan. Kiki snapped that she took care of Avery and that she loved her. “Why'd you hand her over to a killer?” Michael challenged. Kiki argued that Sonny loved Avery and that Avery had a right to know her dad. Michael told Kiki that he stopped Sonny from murdering Ava on the night Avery was born. Michael maintained that he was the only one looking out for Avery. Morgan noted that Michael had only seen Avery once, on the day he kicked Kiki, Morgan and Avery out of the brownstone. Morgan argued that Michael didn't love Avery and that he was trying to use her to hurt Sonny. Michael reminded Morgan that Morgan had been kidnapped as a baby, that Michael had been shot, and that they'd they'd often been sent away as children, because it wasn't safe to be around Sonny.

Michael vowed to win custody of Avery and never let Kiki, Morgan or Sonny see her again. Morgan punched Michael in the face. Silas jumped in the middle and he chided them about being insensitive to the fact that Kiki was grieving. Silas reminded Michael that he'd spent a year with Kiki and had claimed to love her. Michael pointed out that Ava killed Connie and framed AJ for it. Kiki defensively asked if Michael thought she deserved to die. Michael clarified that he meant that he knew what it was like to lose a parent. Michael left. Silas got a text, and he announced that he had to leave town for a couple of days to consult on a case. He comforted Kiki, then he left.

Kiki stated that she didn't want Avery to grow up not knowing her dad, the way Kiki had. Kiki didn't think Michael loved Avery, and she was afraid of what would happen to Avery if Michael won. Kiki thought that she should have fought for custody and prevented Michael from doing this. Morgan replied that Michael was on a warpath and there was no telling what he'd do. Morgan pointed out that Michael was a single man who worked 24/7. He was sure that no one would give Michael a child. The conversation shifted back to the memorial, and Morgan suggested that they have it at Ava's gallery. Kiki was having second thoughts, and she wondered if it was too soon to have the service. Kiki didn't think Ava was still alive, but she was affected by Silas's uncertainty. Morgan thought Silas wasn't ready to let go, but Morgan felt it was time to put Ava to rest.

Nathan and Alexis arrived at Shadybrook. They chatted as they headed toward Franco's room. Nathan stated that, although he hadn't been a Cassadine for long, he was already crazy about Spencer. Alexis assured him that Nikolas would make sure Spencer got the best care. Nathan thanked Alexis for fighting so hard for his sister, especially while Spencer was in the hospital.

Nina was in Franco's room at Shadybrook. He seemed to recognize her, and she was hopeful, for a moment, until he insisted that she was Phyllis, from Wisconsin. Nina tried to convince Franco otherwise, but she wasn't successful, so she told him that he could call her Phyllis. Nina promised Franco that she wouldn't abandon him. Nathan and Alexis came in, and Nina hugged Nathan. Nathan told Nina he had good news – she was free to go. Nina didn't understand why she was being released. Alexis eyed Franco, with suspicion, but he seemed to be oblivious to everything going on around him. Alexis wanted to talk somewhere else, but Nina insisted on staying there so she could take care of Franco. Alexis explained that the judge was satisfied that when Nina took Avery, she truly believed that the baby was hers. The judge was also convinced that Nina had made a full recovery, so the charges against her had been dropped. Nina was thrilled she was getting released, and she promised to visit Franco often. Alexis interjected that Nina wouldn't be allowed to see Franco anymore, because he'd been her accomplice. Alexis told Nina that she had to meet with the judge as the final step in her release. Nathan promised he and Nina would meet Alexis at the courthouse. Alexis left, and Nathan stepped out of the room to give Nina a chance to say goodbye. Nina told Franco that she didn't know what to do. She added that he was the one with the answers, and she asked him to give her advice. Franco touched her hand and told “Phyllis” that he was confident she'd figure something out.

At Greystone Manor, a grim Sonny was getting ready to go to Avery's custody hearing. Carly came in and told him that Spencer was hurt in a fire. Sonny was shocked and upset. Carly explained that Spencer had gotten Emma safely out of the room, then gone back in to retrieve the gift Sonny got him. Sonny didn't understand why his nephew would risk his life for a replaceable gift. Carly pointed out that, although people tended to treat Spencer like an adult, he was only ten years old. She also assured Sonny that this wasn't Sonny's fault. Sonny wanted to go to GH, but Carly told him he couldn't. She didn't want Sonny to miss the custody hearing and give Michael something to use against him. Sonny didn't think Michael would do that, but Carly maintained that Michael was ruthless, convinced that he was doing the right thing, and unwilling to back down. Carly and Sonny waited for Diane to arrive and were taken aback when Ric walked in instead. Ric explained that Diane was busy and had given the case to Ric. Carly didn't understand why Diane would send Ric, of all people. Ric noted that he was an excellent attorney, in addition to being Sonny's brother. Sonny and Ric rehashed their recent history – Sonny's suspicions of Ric when Ric returned to Port Charles, Luke tricking Sonny into thinking Ric was after Sonny, and Sonny saving Ric's life. Ric asked Sonny to let him repay the favor by being his lawyer. “Like the way you fought for Jake?,” Carly snapped. Sonny wondered what happened and why Carly would bring it up, right now. Ric interjected that it was just a misunderstanding, but Carly countered that it was “classic Ric.” According to Carly, Elizabeth told her that Ric had felt so threatened by Jake that he'd advised Jake to plead guilty. Ric maintained that this had nothing to do with Sonny's case. Ric insisted that he wanted the best for Avery, because she was his niece. Ric offered to ask the judge to postpone the case until Sonny could find another lawyer. Sonny assured Ric that this wasn't necessary, and they shook hands.

Michael went back to the courthouse, and Alexis was there. Alexis spotted his split lip and asked if he'd gotten a latte instead of calming tea. Michael snapped that he wasn't in the mood to joke, while his sister's safety was on the line. Alexis urged Michael to relax. She theorized that Michael was on edge because he now realized that pursuing the case could mean severing ties with his family for good. “I know you don't want to have anything to do with them, right now, but never is a long time,” Alexis stressed. Sonny, Ric, Carly and Avery arrived. Alexis wondered why Ric was there, so he brought her up to speed. Alexis was looking forward to beating Ric again. She accused him of bringing Avery to court to sway the decision, but Ric explained that the judge wanted to see Avery and make sure she was being cared for. Michael noted that he could take Avery straight home, from the court, when he won. Sonny countered that this wasn't going to happen. Alexis urged everyone to save it for the hearing. Michael made a snide remark about Sonny hiring Ric, who'd once held Carly captive and planned to kidnap Morgan. Michael asked Carly if she was really okay siding with the man who chained her to a wall. Carly made it clear that she wasn't okay with any of this. Michael noted that Carly had still chosen to side with Sonny. Carly pointed out that Michael was in this alone, and she told him he didn't have to do this. Michael insisted that he had to, for Avery's sake.

Carly urged him to hold Avery and see what he was fighting for. She placed Avery into his arms. Michael thought the baby was beautiful. While Michael held Avery, Carly talked about how beloved the baby was, by the whole family. Carly pointed out that Avery got off to a rocky start. Carly admitted that Michael and the Quartermaines would love Avery, but she asked Michael not to do anything to deprive Avery of the stability and love that she now had. Carly suggested that Michael let Avery have the love of both families, just like Michael did. “That's my baby!” Nina announced, as she and Nathan walked into the courthouse.

At GH, A distraught Nikolas spoke with Lulu on the phone. Lulu was apologetic; she couldn't come to the hospital because Rocco had a cold. Nik assured her that he understood. Elizabeth walked up and comforted Nik, as he brought her up to speed on Spencer. Spencer had been on a ventilator all night, for smoke inhalation. Nik began to sob as he added that Spencer had burns on his face and body. Spencer was being sedated, so he didn't feel pain. Liz asked about specialists – Nik hadn't spoken to anyone yet. He'd been at GH all night, and he was exhausted. Dr. Obrecht walked up and announced that she had news on Spencer. Nik barked that it was none of Obrecht's business. Obrecht acknowledged that there was bad blood between the two of them, but she pointed out that she was the chief of staff, and that Britt and Nathan, Spencer's cousin, both loved Spencer and would want Obrecht to help him. Liz had stepped away. She asked a nurse how Jake was doing – he was fine.

Nik grabbed Obrecht's arm and hissed that Helena told him Nathan wasn't really Victor Cassadine's son. Obrecht insisted that she just wanted to help. Liz returned and she stepped between them. Nik was still on edge, as he asked Obrecht what she wanted to do. Obrecht explained that it was best for Spencer to be discharged from GH. Nik he accused Obrecht of trying to get back at him for kicking Britt out of his home by kicking Spencer out. Obrecht clarified that Spencer's needs would best be met at Shriner's hospital for children. She explained that it was a hospital that treated all children, regardless of the family's income. Nik stressed that money was no object and that he only wanted the best for Spencer. Obrecht assured him that Shriner's was staffed by world renowned experts and that she'd send her own child there. Liz agreed, and she told Nik that Spencer would receive the best care, there. Nik agreed to let Spencer be transferred. Nik and Liz had a moment alone, and he thanked her for being there for him. She assured him she wouldn't be anywhere else. Obrecht returned after arranging for a medically equipped plane to take Spencer to Boston. She told Nik to let Spencer know what was happening.

Nik went to Spencer's room. Spencer confessed that he was scared. Nik reassured Spencer and told him what was going on. Spencer asked if Nik was coming with him, and Nik assured him that he was. Spencer told Nik he loved him. “I love you too, baby,” Nik replied.

Liz thanked Obrecht for being compassionate to Spencer. Obrecht complimented Liz on being gracious, but she warned her not to let it go to her head.

Silas entered a small room that appeared to be in a hospital or clinic. Ava was inside, asleep on a bed. Silas gently asked if she was awake.

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