GH Update Wednesday 2/25/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/25/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Duke is alone at Kelly's noticing on his phone a news report about Julian Jerome being released from prison. He does not appear happy. He gets up to leave and runs into Anna. He asks her what she intends to do about it.

Alexis is at Julian's home after having sexual encounters. She tells him that she has to break their engagement and go to work. He can see that she is tempted to continue doing what they both want to do. She tells him she has a full schedule with many things to do including representing Nina Clay in her competency hearing.

Nathan is at the station having a phone conversation about his sister's hearing. Yet he is clearly lost in thought and staring at the picture of himself and Maxie in happier times.

Maxie is in her apartment and Spinelli is still there happy to be alone with her and their baby daughter without Nathan. However she is less happy and looking at the same picture of herself and Nathan and wondering how they can make this right.

Nathan is also lost in thought while at work at the station. Dante comes to talk to his partner and they discuss Nina's competency hearing. Right then, “Luke” enters after he's been released from jail. Dante goes to confront him, and furiously demands to know what he is doing there. The guy tells his “son in law” that is not the proper way to greet his father in law.

At the hospital, Lucas is with a nurse about how he spent the previous night wrangled his niece, Josslyn and her past and present boyfriends, although she is only 8. He remarks that she only dated one in order to make the other jealous yet now Cameron's girlfriend dumped him for the boy whom Josslyn was using to make Cameron jealous. He suspects nothing and has no clue what has just happened, when right then, to their sudden surprise, Nikolas and Patrick rush into the ER with Spencer after he's been injured from the sudden fire at Wyndermere. The medical staff urgently rush to get him in and are worried. Lucas diligently admits Spencer and goes with Nikolas into the other room. Patrick and Emma are not far behind them. She tells her dad she is worried and feels guilty for not getting help soon enough for Spencer. Patrick assures his daughter the doctors will do everything they can. She asks if her friend, Spencer is going to be ok. Patrick hugs his daughter.

Spinelli is wondering where he should sleep while in Maxie's home. She wants to establish boundaries with him. However, Nathan is not present.

“Luke” can see how furious Dante is with him while at the station and ask shim why he can’t get over his anger when the two of them used to get on like gang busters. Dante reminds his father in law that he has had a “change of heart” in his demeanor toward his father in law when Luke left him for dead with a rotting corpse and a bomb at the basement of Elm St. Luke continues to gloat and coldly reflects how he can't wait to have a chance, as he knows he will, to endanger Dante as well as Lulu and their baby. He smirks. Dante and Nathan stare at him speechless and horrified at what they are hearing.

Lulu is in her apartment, with Tracy remarking how baby Rocco looks like a little angel when he sleeps. Bobbie comes to see them after she's attempted to find out about hers' and Luke's sister, Pat. Tracy demands to know if she found anything about what could have happened to Luke during childhood to cause what he's now turned into. All 3 women are determined to find out what happened to the Luke they always knew who is now replaced by this evil sociopath.

At the police station, Luke tells Dante he's very certain he will soon be let out of jail and when it happens, he, Lulu and the baby will be the first people Luke visits. Dante furiously lashes out at him while Nathan and the uniform cop restrain him.

Alexis gets on her computer while with Julian and remarks that she's representing Nina as a favor to Nathan whom she's now found out is a fellow Cassadine. He reminds her that he hopes Nina Clay remains locked up because she kidnapped his niece. In response to that, Alexis reminds him that Nina is mentally ill and lets him know that all people have the right to legal counsel. He tells her he realizes that although he wishes the person to represent Nina was not the woman he wants to be with. She also informs him that Michael Corinthos (now Quartermaine) has asked her to represent him and is fighting his dad for custody of Julian's niece. Hearing that, Julian is obviously concerned about the outcome of that.

At Kelly's, Anna clarifies to Duke that there's not much the cops can do to keep Julian locked up. He clearly has not murdered Anthony Zacchara and looks as though he doesn't have much desire or resources to return to the crime organization. She indicates to him that she is no longer the commissioner so this is out of her hands anyway and she doubts that even Sloane would stoop so low as to falsely charge Julian. Hearing that, he tells her if Sloane does not take action with Julian, he might have to take the law into his own hands. Hearing that, she tells him that talking like that to a federal agent and former police commissioner will only implicate him. He asks her if she intends to turn him in for that. She reminds him that he needs to know that anything he admits to her can be used against him as evidence. They are both cold to one another with no interpersonal contact. He wishes her a pleasant evening and leaves. Right then, Anna gets a call from Patrick who informs her that he and Emma have gone to the hospital after there’s been a fire at Wyndermere during Spencer's birthday party and he needs her to take his daughter home while he stays at the hospital to save Spencer.

Nikolas rushes into the OR when the staff tell him he needs to let them do their jobs and he cannot come inside to see the status of what is happening while they try to save his son. He goes outside to see Patrick who assures him the doctors there are good and he needs to trust him. He asks Nikolas to let him go inside and see what is going on. Right then, Nikolas sits alone and looks distraught. Emma comes over to see him. They are both very worried about the status of what will happen to Spencer. She touches Nikolas' hand. He holds Emma in his arms as they are both very worried about Spencer.

While with Julian, Alexis gets a call from an emotional and worried Nikolas informing her what happened to his son.

Spinelli talks to Maxie about why it is that she let him stay in her apartment while Nathan was not there last night. She tells him it was merely an act of charity. Tonight he needs to go elsewhere as she reveals she is not happy and does not want to encourage him to believe that maybe she is considering getting back with him and has doubts about moving forward with Nathan.

Luke continues to gloat, antagonize and taunt Dante who is ready to assault him with only Nathan to restrain him from doing so, as he tells Luke he does not care about the consequences for himself for killing Luke and ripping him apart with his bare hands if Luke goes near his family. Hearing and knowing everyone else is hearing that Luke reminds both cops that an officer of the law has made a blatant death threat which they must report.. Nobody cares about what happens to Luke until Diane Miller enters and tells the cops they better not dare to threaten “her client”.

At Lulu and Dante's apartment, Bobbie informs her niece and sister in law that she looked all over to find any information on where Patricia could be but nobody had seen her in years or had a clue about that. Tracy then tells Bobbie that now is the time for her to tell them what she is not telling them. She explains to Bobbie that people don't just “lose” their siblings. Something happens. Some tragedy. Some argument. Something drove Pat away, Tracy tells her, and Bobbie needs to find out what that was.

After Alexis has left to be there for Nikolas and Spencer, Julian leaves a message urging her to call him and let him know how the little guy is going and to let Spencer know he's pulling for him. Right then, he gets a visit from Duke. He asks him what he is doing there. Duke replies he is there to “save” Julian from himself.

Anna rushes to the hospital to see her granddaughter. She assures Emma that everything will be ok for her and her father. Emma asks her grandma what about Spencer. Is he going to be ok?

Inside the OR, Lucas and the medical staff work diligently to save Spencer yet there is no word. Alexis finds Nikolas, sees how worried and distraught he is and hugs her nephew assuring him he needs to know it will be ok.

Tracy tells Bobbie she can see she does not want to admit to something she knows about hers' and Luke's childhood that caused Pat to get out of dodge long ago. Bobbie then tells Tracy and Lulu that she would really like to remember but was so young that she doesn't have much. They urge her to tell them what she does remember about hers' and Luke's childhood with their parents before Aunt Ruby adopted them. She remembers that their father drank and there was violent. Pat was the oldest and tried to protect them until their mom died and their dad took off. At that point, she and Luke went to live with Aunt Ruby in Florida yet Pat did not come with them. Tracy and Lulu both want to know why.

Diane tells Dante and Nathan that she got a desperate phone call from Mr. Spencer informing her he needs representation. They demand to know why she would even consider representing the likes of this guy. She reminds them that the law allows all human beings certain rights. She knows that her client has been held in the jail cell for days without an arraignment hearing and has been subjected to a medical procedure without his consent. And that, she reminds him, is a violation of his constitutional rights. She tells them that they have to release Luke. Yet they tell her no way. It's not going to happen.

At Maxie's apartment, she continues to affirm to Spinelli that she has a boyfriend. Just because they had an argument does not mean they have broken up. He tells her if that is in fact the case, there should be no “difficulty” with him staying overnight on her couch. She tells him if he stays there, it will give Nathan the wrong idea. In response to that, Spinelli asks her if she's merely concerned about what Nathan may “think” there is something between them or if there really is. Spinelli clarifies that her “request” that he leave and sleep elsewhere has very little to do with Nathan. It's because of her own feelings for him. Hearing that, she asks him where his “sudden confidence in himself” was all those years when she was rejecting him. Spinelli continues to remind her that he can see that she has feelings for him that she is denying and her doubts that Nathan is the right person for her.

At the station, Nathan and Dante both inform Diane of the overwhelming list of abominable crimes Luke has committed. Yet she reminds them that regardless, her client has already served his time in jail. They have denied a bail hearing that he is entitled to. She tells them that her client will be arraigned bright and early tomorrow morning and the cops have to accept that and do their job whether they like it or not. Luke then smiles, smirks and reflects to Dante and Nathan that “she is worth every cent”.

Bobbie admits to Tracy and Lulu that she never knew the reason why Pat did not come with her and Luke when they went to live with Aunt Bobbie. Neither Ruby nor Luke answered when she asked nor wanted to discuss it.

At the hospital, Nikolas cries and asks Alexis how he could have been so stupid not to know the danger his son was in until it was too late. He should have known there were candles and flammable materials in the room, he tells her, while she assures him he did nothing wrong and could not have known about the fire. He talks about how terrified his son was while waiting and wondering if his dad was going to get him out of there. He sobs and tells his aunt that he can't lose his boy.

Duke tells Julian he can see he is now a free man. Alexis has worked very hard on his case. He also knows that Julian's organization is in shambles. Carlos and Johnny are no longer helping him. His crime boss has been found out and is now in jail. Julian's sister is gone. So maybe Julian can redeem himself by handing over his territory to Duke.

Anna talks to Emma who is crying and worried about what will happen to Spencer, attempting to assure her granddaughter that her father and Dr. Jones are in there and will make certain that nothing happens to Spencer. Not far away, Patrick returns to a horrified Nikolas and Alexis who demand to know what has happened. Patrick does not appear optimistic and hesitates to answer.

In response to Spinelli telling her that he is confident that she has feelings for him and having doubts about Nathan, Maxie tells him that he is making efforts to ramp up the tension between her and Nathan. He reminds her that she needs to admit that she still has feelings for him to which she admits of course she does. He is the father of her child and they have a long history together and he means something to her. However, she tells him, what he is doing to her now is not fair. She then demands that he finds somewhere else to say and pushes him out the door. He continues to protest that he wants them to be a family and knows she does too. Inside, she is clearly confused about her feelings.

After the cops reluctantly agree to offer Luke his arraignment hearing and Diane takes her client into the private room, Nathan tells Dante that it's not worth risking getting fired over this. Dante tells his partner that this guy (Luke) is vicious and dangerous and he's concerned that Lulu may not be aware of what her father is capable of.

Bobbie admits to Lulu and to Tracy that with all three of their effort to get through to Luke and to learn about his life growing up on Elm St., they are coming up against a dead end. Lulu, however declares maybe not. She has another idea.

When Duke tells Julian he is running out of options for returning to his previous way of life and may have incentive to be a “kinder and gentler” Julian Jerome, he needs to re-think that. He is not going to roll over and give Duke his territory. He also concludes to Duke that he bets Sonny put him up to this. When he realizes Julian will not budge, Duke goes out the door.

At the hospital, Patrick tells Nikolas and Alexis that the medical team have gotten Spencer sedated. Nikolas asks about the burns which Patrick answers that it could cause organ failure infection and septic shock. Nikolas tells Patrick he needs to go inside and see his son. Right then, they have the boy covered in bandages and protective medical materials in ICU. He remains unconscious. Nikolas walks in with Patrick and is emotional and in a state of crises worried about his son.

Alone in the interrogation room, Luke tells Diane he is depending upon her to do what he needs. He then gets up close enough to privately warn her that she “does not want to know what will happen if she fails”. When he leaves and Diane is alone with Dante, she warns the detective that there is “something seriously wrong” with his father in law and his anger is not going to help him or his family heal.

Lulu reminds her stepmother and aunt that they have all seen clear evidence that Luke is not revealing anything to them and all their efforts to find Pat have failed. So, she believes their next step should be to hire a private investigator. She wants to contact Sam although Tracy raises serious objection knowing how dissatisfied she was with Sam's “work” while in Amsterdam. Bobbie suggests Felicia which Tracy also seriously objects to. They then ask who on earth they should consider.. Right then, there's a knock on the door. They open the door to see Spinelli smiling and appearing very confident.

While Diane is talking privately to Dante at the station, “Luke” addresses Nathan, informing him he knows Nathan is a Cassadine and that while he's found “common grounds” with Helena, he has “no use” for the rest of them. He further tells Nathan how “disappointed” he was in Nathan's efforts to ruin his most recent plans. He tells Nathan he may need to “teach his loved-ones to sleep with one eye open”

We then see Maxie alone in the apartment in a dilemma.

Nikolas gets a chance to be alone in the OR with his son. He holds his unconscious son's hand while Spencer remains covered in medical blankets and bandages, breathing tubes and all and is completely non-responsive. Patrick and Anna want to assure Emma she need not worry. Patrick takes his daughter into the chapel. When Anna is alone, out of nowhere, Duke enters. Their previous “cold and impersonal” exchange is now no longer there. He appears very sensitive and caring to Anna and reveals he heard about the fire and came all the way there to check on Anna's granddaughter and make sure she was alright. He assures his ex that their past differences will never make him stop caring about her and her family.

Julian reaches Alexis and wants to be there for her and her nephew.

Nikolas is alone with his son, assuring him he never needs to be afraid. He promises he will always be there and will never go anywhere. He is his father and will always love him.

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