GH Update Tuesday 2/24/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/24/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Nikolas was at Wyndemere fiddling with Jason's wedding band. Patrick came by to pick up Emma. Patrick apologized for just walking in, and Nik explained that he'd given the staff the rest of week off. They chatted about the kids and Spencer's claim that Emma was the love of his life. Patrick quipped that he hoped the kids kept it G rated. Nikolas assured Patrick that Spencer was a gentleman. Patrick replied that Liz always said the same about Nik. Nik asked about Jake's surgery. Although the operation was a success, Patrick wasn't confident that Helena wouldn't be able to control Jake anymore. Patrick pointed out that they had no idea what the chip's purpose was. He added that Jake clearly had a violent skill set; Patrick didn't think that he (Patrick) or Nik would have the ability to plant a bomb or take on the PCPD, even if someone planted a chip in their brain. Nik had learned from Liz that Jake remembered who he was. He asked Patrick about it, and Patrick explained that Jake had forgotten again, possibly because of the stress of the surgery. Nik was curious if Jake would ever recover his memory. Patrick wondered why Nik was asking so many questions about a man that Nik had never met. Nik revealed that he'd lost his memory, years ago, as a result of a car accident. Nik had been engaged to Emily at the time of the accident, and everyone assumed he'd died. Nik claimed he was wondering if Jake had people waiting for him.

Emma and Spencer danced, unaware that the livingroom was on fire. Spencer asked Emma if she was okay. Emma was surprised that her relationship with Cameron fell apart so quickly. Spencer thought it was a sign that some things weren't meant to be, and other things were. Emma smelled smoke, and they finally noticed the fire. Emma panicked, but Spencer took charge and calmly lead her to the foyer. Spencer suddenly ran back into the room to get the robe Sonny gave him. A large party decoration fell and burst into flames, which trapped Spencer in the room. Emma ran into the other room and told Patrick and Nik what happened. Nik raced to rescue Spencer, while Patrick called 911 and got Emma out of the house. Once Emma was safely outside, Patrick comforted the distraught girl, then he went back inside to help.

Nik cleared the debris from the doorway and found Spencer passed out on the floor. He picked the boy up and covered his face with a jacket. Patrick returned with a fire extinguisher, and he put out the flames that were blocking Nik's way out. Nik and Patrick joined Emma outside and laid Spencer on the ground. While Patrick examined the motionless Spencer, Nik frantically asked if his son was still alive. Patrick didn't answer.

Elizabeth was startled to find Ric in her house when she got home. Ric explained that he used his key. Liz asked where Cam was, and Ric told her that Lucas and Brad took Cam and Josslyn to the mall after Spencer's party. Ric was pleased to have some time alone with Liz because he wanted to discuss Jake. Ric apologized for what happened at the courthouse and he admitted that he might have let his personal feelings influence his advice for his client. However, Ric was still sure that no jury would believe that mind control made Jake commit those crimes. Ric was also worried that Helena might send Jake after Liz and her boys. Liz insisted that Helena was no longer in control of Jake, but Ric argued that Liz had no idea what the purpose of the chip was. Liz scoffed when Ric suggested that Jake might have willingly had the chip implanted in order to use it as an excuse, if he was caught. Liz countered that Jake had been so desperate to be free of Helena that he'd risked his life to have the surgery. Liz blasted Ric for telling Jake to plead guilty, in order to get him out of the way. Ric admitted that he had no right to play God with Jake's life. Ric explained that he thought he lost Liz when he had to go to witness protection and when he was kidnapped by Johnny's men. Ric told Liz that he'd promised himself that if he made it back to her, he'd never let her go. Liz understood that Ric had gone through hell, but she was scared he was going back to his old ways. Ric acknowledged that he'd made a huge mistake, but he wondered if he had a reason to feel threatened. Ric told Liz that if they were going to move forward, they had to be honest. He asked her if she had feelings for Jake that were causing her to doubt her relationship with Ric. Liz fidgeted while Ric questioned her feelings. Cam came home, and Liz seized the opportunity to drop the subject with Ric. Ric, Liz and Cam talked about the party. Cam told everyone he broke up with Emma because he found out that there was someone else who cared about him more than Emma did.

Liz sent Cam up to bed, then she told Ric that she had to go to bed, too. Ric realized this was his cue to leave. He told Liz he loved her and wanted this to work out. Ric added that he noticed that Liz didn't answer the question he asked earlier. Ric left. Later, Liz and Cam went back downstairs. They looked through Cam's gift bag from the party. Cam got excited about something he wanted to give to Emma, but his face fell when he remembered they broke up. Liz encouraged Cam to open up. Cam snuggled against her and told her relationships were hard. “You just said a mouthful, Liz replied.

Sam visited Jake at GH. He was asleep, so Sam was going to leave, but Jake woke up, and he asked her to stay. Sam reminded Jake that, just before his surgery, he'd told her that there was only one ring. Jake remembered saying that, but he didn't know what he'd meant. Sam asked if it could have been a wedding ring. Jake wasn't sure. Jake worried that the surgery might have caused his memory loss to be permanent and that he'd never find out who he was. Sam offered to ask Nik for help finding out who Jake was. She told Jake that Nik was the one who got Helena to admit she was controlling Jake. Jake was curious why Nik would help Sam, and Sam explained that Nik was her cousin. Jake didn't understand why Sam was willing to help him, after all he'd done to her. Sam explained that she and Carly the possibility that Jake had a family. Sam confided in Jake about the time she spent waiting and hoping Jason would come back to her, before she accepted that Jason was dead. Sam didn't want anyone else to go through what she had, so she wanted to reunite Jake with any loved ones he might have. Jake thanked Sam, in advance, for talking to Nik. Sam decided to let Jake rest, so she left.

At Kelly's, Ned was about to eat a slice of pie. Olivia showed up, and she swooped in and stole Ned's dessert. Ned protested, and Olivia told him she was eating for two. Olivia demanded to know what Ned had been thinking when he claimed to be her baby's father. Ned explained that he improvised because he knew Olivia wanted to keep Julian in the dark. Olivia clarified that Ned lied. Ned reminded her that she backed him up. Olivia explained that she'd been caught off guard and didn't know what else to say. Olivia sensed that Alexis wasn't convinced by their story, and she was afraid Alexis would discover the truth. Ned was confident that Alexis wouldn't keep digging. He didn't think Alexis would complicate her relationship with Julian by investigating into whether he had a baby on the way with Olivia. Olivia was grateful that Ned had claimed to be the father, but she was concerned that he might not be ready to stick to the story for nine months, or longer. Ned admitted that he didn't fully think of the long term ramifications before he lied, but he didn't regret his choice. Ned assured Olivia that he was willing to keep up appearances and be as involved as she wanted him to be. Olivia was thankful for Ned's support, and he told her there was no place he'd rather be.

The half dressed Alexis and Julian were at the Jerome penthouse. Julian kissed Alexis' neck and asked what she was thinking about. She sheepishly admitted Ned was on her mind. Julian wondered if she regretted breaking up with him. Alexis was adamant that she only wanted Julian. According to Alexis, she and Ned were friends and companions, but they wanted different things and weren't meant to have a lasting romance. Alexis clarified that she was thinking about Ned and Olivia's baby. Julian assumed Alexis was upset that Ned cheated on her, and he reminded her that she'd cheated on Ned, too. Alexis clarified that she wasn't bothered by that. Alexis was skeptical of Olivia and Ned's claim that they'd just finished having sex when she walked in on them, that day at the Quartermaine mansion. Alexis told Julian that Ned had pretended to be Kristina's father in order to help Alexis protect Kristina from Sonny's world. She wondered if Ned was doing the same thing with Olivia's baby. Julian thought that Olivia and Ned were probably telling the truth. He felt that Olivia was a straight shooter, and he didn't think Ned would be stupid enough to pull the exact same stunt again, when Alexis was involved.

Julian admitted that he'd want to know if he was going to be a father again. Julian loved his relationship with Sam and Lucas, but he wished he'd been able to raise them from birth. Julian was pleased that Lucas was raised in a good home, but he knew Sam had a tough life. Alexis could relate. She wished she'd been able to raise Sam, but she wondered if Sam would have been worse off being raised by a teenaged mother. Julian assured Alexis that she would have been great. Alexis was glad that they were able to be there for Sam and Danny, now. Alexis noted that Julian saved Danny's life, and that he'd even banked marrow for Danny, eliminating the only reason Sonny had for letting Julian live. Julian was just glad he was able to save Danny. Alexis told Julian that even if he didn't get to be a father again, he was an amazing grandpa. Julian pretended to be offended and asked if she was calling him old. They joked around and kissed. Alexis wondered how Julian felt about not being a father again. Julian thought that he and Alexis already had the perfect family and that it was for the best that the baby was Ned's.

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